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Crafter (Software Engineer)

Take the first step to prepare for a career as a consultant at 8th Light.

At 8th Light we consider software development a craft. Our team of expert developers and designers hold the title of "Crafter" to reflect our commitment to quality, our emphasis on continual learning, and our belief that software is truly a craft - something that we take pride in and pay great attention to.

A Crafter has experience building software and many have done so in a professional setting. This individual typically possesses the following skills and traits before joining 8th Light as a paid apprentice:

An understanding of at least two programming languages.
A basic understanding of Test-Driven Development.
Professional working experience.
Avid learner. Highly driven to improve their skills.

We are fully committed to building the best team. One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is through our apprenticeship program. Not only do we spend time and energy providing guidance and training to our apprentices, but we also compensate them during this period. While they aren't a billable member of a client project, they're still part of the 8th Light team and we believe they should be paid in that role.

The apprenticeship for this position is an intense period of learning focused on becoming a disciplined, skilled, well-rounded software crafter capable of delivering high-quality software as well as consulting with our clients.

Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, apprentices will embark on a process designed to hone their programming, client services, collaboration, leadership, and communication skills. They are expected to learn on their own while committing to and completing a variety of projects in different languages. They learn to lead by example, provide and receive honest feedback, and answer the questions a client doesn't ask.

Towards the end of the apprenticeship, apprentices will spend time shadowing and pairing with crafters on client projects. The apprenticeship period will conclude with a demonstration of the apprentice's work that will be evaluated by a review board comprised of 8th Light crafters.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, the individual will join 8th Light's team of developers and designers as a Crafter. In this role, expectations include:

Pair and collaborate with teammates to deliver quality software.
Mentor apprentices and client employees based on 8th Light best practices.
Work with clients to report progress and plan future projects.


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Closing date
31 Dec 2018

Posted by
Claudia Richman

Published on
22 Jan 2018

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