Generation: 6 Week Software Engineering bootcamp, leading to L4 apprenticeship

Have you ever wanted to develop a game, build a website or create a new platform? Becoming a software engineer allows you to do all of those things. Every business needs software to function and software requires people who can build it.

By joining the 6 week Tech Talent Accelerator programme, you’ll spend 6 weeks building core IT and coding skills, and afterwards you’ll be connected with hiring employers to progress to a L4 Software Engineering apprenticeship. Previous grads have gone on to work at Salesforce, Depop, Unilever, Financial Times, Westminster Council and more.

What we’re offering…

  • Fully remote delivery
  • Free 6 week programme leading to paid software engineering apprenticeship
  • We connect you with hiring employers when you graduate
  • Mentor support during and 6 months post programme
  • You continue to receive any benefits while on the programme eg. Universal Credit or JSA
  • We can provide you with a laptop/internet if you don't have these at home

Curriculum includes

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Coding & programming languages (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
  • Projects for your portfolio including website and app development
  • Employability skills: Behaviours and Mindsets to be successful in the end role
  • Mock interviews & personal development plan Please visit our website to view full eligibility requirements and check out our other programmes too.

The programme is currently running in London, Manchester and Yorkshire. Please use link below to apply for your area.

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Closing date
15 Nov 2021

Posted by
Hannah Matthews (she/her)

Published on
24 Sep 2021