• Agustin Bonelli

    Hi! I'm Agustin. I work at Foundry and do mainly C/C++ systems development with a bit of python here and there. Would love to help people get started in programming and supporting them in working through exercises or projects.

    skills: c Matlab c++ python

  • Helen Sandison (she)

    Technology engineer with coding experience in Matlab, R, currently learning image processing and machine learning. Interested to find out more and join!

    skills: data analysis R Matlab

  • michela bonfieni (she/her)

    I'd be happy to contribute to reduce disparities in access to tech. I have experience working on language data with Python, Matlab and R, and as a tutor.

    skills: R Matlab python

  • Andreu Gallofr√© (He/him)

    In codebar I want to use my skills to enable new people to do awesome stuff! I'm a 4th year student of computer science in UPC. I went to a lot of Hackathons across europe and EEUU. I also work in CAPSiDE as a python developer

    skills: Matlab gcp AWS Linux c++ java Perl python Go

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