• Hrishi Mittal (he/him)

    Full-stack developer and founder of Learnetto

    skills: rails html css javascript ruby R SQL Git

  • Duncan Garmonsway

    I use code to help government govern. Scientists, historians, everyone can write code to think faster and better.

    skills: R

  • Joe Heywood

    I work as a Senior Data Manager. I manage birth cohort research data for the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL.

    skills: python R SQL

  • John Li (He/him)

    Passionate about everything tech and computing, especially Data Science. Worked in Media/Analytics roles using R and Python. Scientific background. Looking forward to helping others gain a deeper appreciation of what can be done with data.

    skills: python R SQL

  • Zanete Hussain (She)

    In short, I love SQL. I'm currently working as a product manager (analytics) at lyst. I'm also an ex engineer, working in languages such as python, is and php. I would love to share my passion with someone who's yet to discover the power of sql.

    skills: php analytics javascript python R SQL

  • Robert Penner (he)

    JavaScript dev at Work & Co | easing functions author | formerly VICE, Adobe, Disney Canada

    skills: javascript React TypeScript d3 math ruby R Git

  • Maxime BRIENS (he/him)

    I'm working as a machine learning engineer, so I could work on python, R, and maybe on databases & SQL too ! I've never done courses like that in the past. I came in Oslo for my very first job and I started last month, so it is very new to me.

    skills: Databases machine learning python R SQL

  • Helen Sandison (she)

    Technology engineer with coding experience in Matlab, R, currently learning image processing and machine learning. Interested to find out more and join!

    skills: data analysis Matlab R

  • michela bonfieni (she/her)

    I'd be happy to contribute to reduce disparities in access to tech. I have experience working on language data with Python, Matlab and R, and as a tutor.

    skills: Matlab python R

  • Anna May (she)

    I work as a data scientist, and I'd like to help others learn how to code in Python, especially women like me who need some encouragement to start programming.

    skills: python R

  • John Bell (He)

    I have recently started working as a data scientist. Prior to that I was a teacher. I'm interested in doing good stuff with data.

    skills: python R SQL Git PostgreSQL

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