• Pete Smith

    I am a programmer and qualified teacher keen to try coaching in Oxford. I love to code, make games and servers as well as help others learn how to do the same.

    skills: python c# Unity3D

  • Jack Gill (He/Him)

    I'm currently working as a React Native developer for TrustedHousesitters in Brighton. I have worked previously in the games industry. I'm interested in helping anyone and everyone learn to code!

    skills: Pixi Phaser ReactNative java c++ c# javascript Unity3D

  • Andor Merks (he)

    I'm specialized in emerging / creative tech: AR / VR / WebGL. Among these my main interest is WebGL, and I wanna help people who wanna know more about it on any level. https://www.andormerks.com/

    skills: Unity3D WebGL

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