Virtual Workshop

Thu, 04 Jul 2019 18:30 to 21:00

We would like to see more students getting the chance to learn! In-person workshops are great but have limited space. Virtual codebar workshops are global! The sessions are explorative while the community grows, and they are designed to be self-organising. Please fill out the registration link below, so we have a sense who are joining. Student eligibility criteria, code of conduct and attendance rule still apply. Join us virtually at on Thursday at 6:30pm(UK time) (just copy paste the link in google chrome & firefox 60+, no additional software needed on Desktop). Please read the rules-of-engagement first! And if you haven't already, join codebar slack here, and join channel #virtualcodebar

*NOTE* - The Discord virtual codebar channel is always LIVE and there for you. Think of it as a place to go meet other learning buddies when you are trying to learn at home. People on its voice channels are actively engaged and open to talk right there and then! No more feeling unsure about whether you can reach out to someone to ask a question or wondering whether they are available. If they are on, they are game 🙂. As you can imagine, it will take some time to have enough people for this to become an anytime anywhere thing. You are encouraged to schedule sessions for the time being. More information in the channel’s ‘rules-of-engagment' section.

codebar organised virtual workshops are scheduled every Thursday evening at 6:30pm and Sunday morning at 9 30am UK time. Also, please feel free to self-organise sessions in the Discord channel. It might help to announce them in Slack too. Happy learning!




Accessibility information:


Join us every Thursday at 6:30pm (UK time) @, also at #virtualcodebar in slack.
6:30 - 7:00pm Virtual water cooler
7:00 - 9:00pm Workshop
9:00pm - Quick debrief


A big thanks to all of our sponsors for making the event possible!