• Tomasz Wegrzanowski

    I make awesome things for fun.

    skills: everything

  • Nicky Chorley

    Developer at Springer Nature.

    skills: Linux SQL TDD java python Git

  • Richard Westenra (he/him)

    I've been doing front-end development since 2009, specialising in interactive data-visualisation and responsive webapps. Originally from New Zealand, but I've been in London since 2011.

    skills: accessibility wordpress Photoshop d3 javascript React html css Git usability

  • Jo Franchetti

    I'm a front end web developer and developer advocate

  • Jon Kelly (he/him)

    I'm a full-stack Javascript developer (also C++ & C#). Currently interested in functional languages and technologies that build resilient web apps (they do exist!). Helping others to learn programming is always fun, and usually teaches me something, too.

    skills: c# Angular nodejs Dbs Elm javascript c++

  • Oliver Turner

    I switched careers to webdev when I was nearly 30. Self-taught, I *wish* something like Codebar had existed back then! Love helping folks to learn, mad keen on JavaScript/Node and CSS.

    skills: javascript React sass html css node

  • Sam Plews (he/him)

    I'm a developer mainly working with EE. Mostly a backend dev but sometimes call my self a "full stack" since I got the basics of HTML/CSS/Browser js down, just not very good at making things pretty. Enjoy explaining things as I learn more in the process.

    skills: nosql c# nodejs javascript html Git

  • Ryan Hanna

    Started learning to code in 2012. Changed career to full time developer in 2013. Excited to share. Mobile app developer at Nexercise.

  • Andy Trevorah

    I'm a developer at gitter.im where I make web things all day.

  • Alexander Kustov (he)

    To put it simply an Orphist... to be more precise an entrepreneur, to better describe it I believe in advancing technology for humanity every day, by helping innovation teams building tech products.

    skills: ruby javascript html css

  • Emmett Walsh (he/him)

    I've been a developer for a little while now, after taking a conversion via Makers Academy

    skills: Sinatra OOD pair programming ruby javascript TDD

  • Jodi Winters (she/her)

    I'm a contract software developer, typically working end-to-end with teams on quite large scale systems for companies. Some of the web sites I've worked on include BBC News, sega.com, totalwar.com, and restats.decc.gov.uk. Mainly PHP & Javascript.

    skills: JS php html css

  • Sam Phillips (he/him)

    JavaScript & Ruby engineer. Ask me anything!

    skills: ruby javascript html CSS / SCSS SQL MySql Git rails

  • Mark Everitt (he/him/they/them)

    Web (mostly server, some browser) + game software developer and one time Quantum Information Scientist.

  • Matthew Blewitt (he/him)

    Studied philosophy at university, self-taught software engineer, currently working for Techspace. I enjoy helping people reach their potential, and giving back to that which has given me so much.

    skills: PostgreSQL terraform ruby javascript rails devops

  • Jason Lee

    Experienced Ruby, Rails, Javascript programmer. Beginner Coach. Founder & CEO of Rotaville.com & Big.first.name.

    skills: ruby javascript rails html css Git

  • Ben Scott (He/him)

    I'm a web developer, currently working at the BBC. Front-end HTML and CSS is my specialty but I'm more than happy working on the back-end using PHP and doing ops work too.

  • Makis Otman

    Makers Academy alumni and currently a Software Craftsman at 8th Light. I enjoy helping others when I can as it also helps me learn more about my skills as a developer.

  • Alex Jahraus

    I’m a junior Ruby on Rails / Frontend developer at notonthehighstreet.com. I enjoy both teaching and learning very much. Previous coaching experiences include RailsGirls and Codecademy.com

    skills: ruby javascript html css Git

  • Mark Dessain

    Python developer working in finance. Keen to help support and mentor enthusiastic individuals or groups.

    skills: javascript java html css python

  • Claudio Ortolina

    I'm a developer at New Bamboo here in London, but in a previous life I used to work in marketing. Being a developer makes me happy and I want to help other people feel the same way.

  • Charlie Egan

    I'm a junior Ruby developer that's recently moved to London. I tutored with Codebar the last two summers (2014, 2015) while I was on internship. I've also done demonstrating at my university for computer science courses and Code First Girls.

    skills: heroku/hosting ruby rails Git

  • Daniel Ngo

    I'm a graphic designer and web developer that enjoys sharing what I know about front-end development, ux design, web typography, preprocesses, techniques and just general workflow productivity.

    skills: wordpress email javascript html css shopify vue.js node Git

  • Andrew Suffield

    I'm an SRE at Google in London, and I believe in the value of a broader, more diverse industry. I try to help out with efforts to improve this when I can.

  • Tim Stamp (he)

    Security & Software DevOps Full Stack Engineer. Coding for 15 years. https://stampy.me

    skills: Security ZF2 Symfony c Linux php javascript bash html css

  • Andrew Gray (He)

    I'm a full stack developer. I wrote my first code on a Commodore Pet in 1980. I feel very old.

    skills: Elixir Scala SQL Haskell listening cooking javascript kotlin java html Graph rust

  • Magnus Henoch (he/him)

    I program in Erlang by day, and in Emacs Lisp by night. I look forward to helping people learn more about programming.

  • Giuseppe Capizzi

    Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a software engineer at Pivotal Labs. I'm from Italy, but I've been living in London for 6 weeks now :) I know Ruby pretty well, but I can also help out with a bit of HTML, CSS and JS :)

    skills: clojure php ruby javascript html css python

  • Lukas Maciulis

    Im passionate developer with more than 7 years of experience. Started as PHP developer and recently switched to Ruby.

  • Margo Urey

    Web developer using ruby, rails, javascript, html, css and anything else I can learn

    skills: ruby javascript rails TDD html css

  • Ollie Baker

    I'm a freelance developer based in Brighton. I like to make games and all things interactive. I use JS/HTML/CSS, Unity and Haxe.

    skills: haxe c# javascript html css

  • Danielle Vass

    i'm an android developer occasionally writing some webapps. Used to teach kids to code.

  • Hugo Darby-Brown

    Developer at built by buffalo. My specialties are in Sass, CSS animations, transitions and transforms. I would really like to pass on some of my knowledge to people that are eager to learn.

  • Kriszta Matyi (she/her)

    Product designer turned full-stack web developer familiar with Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML & CSS. Currently working as a front-end developer at a digital agency in London.

    skills: javascript ruby html css Git

  • Leo Cassarani

    Developer at Geckoboard

  • Chris Oatley

    I am a Makers Academy graduate currently working for Datanauts in Brighton. Would like to become a coach to pass on some of the knowledge I've learned and help create some new coders!

  • Jay Eastaugh

    Head of the software team at DC Storm, started there working primarily on UI and over the last 4 years have worked into my current position. I live with my Wife over in sunny Worthing, no pets and no children yet.

  • Kevin Daniells

    Full-stack developer, who also wrangles data to make it look pretty. I enjoy breaking complex issues down into understandable pieces and watch my students gain new skills.

    skills: wordpress Meteor ruby AWS javascript rails postgres css node

  • Germain Souquet

    Front end developer in a startup, always eager to learn new things and to share my passion with others

    skills: javascript html css

  • Andrea Pigato

    would-be entrepreneur, web dev, latest tech enthusiast and physicist

  • Clair Griffiths

    Associate Software Engineer at Not on the High Street. Started as a Codebar student with no prior experience, so I know both sides of the Codebar story pretty well!

    skills: ruby rails html css

  • Alex Pounds

    I'm a web developer with nearly a decade of professional experience. I like Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and semantic HTML & CSS.

  • Giancarlo Galliani (He)

    I started learning how to Code in the beginning of 2016 and realised I loved it. After attending Codebar as a student, I'm eager to contribute as a coach! :)

    skills: Redux HTML5 php CSS3 javascript React

  • Charlotte Jackson

    I'm a front-end dev in Sydney. I'm mostly into CSS and I'm passionate about mentoring and learning.

    skills: JS html css Git

  • sas stevens

    Tired of being the only girl in the room. Actively working to change that. Currently heading up development over at tilt.

  • Dave Gurnell

    Brighton-based functional programmer, building web applications with Scala and Javascript. I boulder, play piano, and run in my spare time.

  • Jazzy Gasper (She/her)

    Coaching. I am a recent graduate from Makers Academy

  • Kendall McCarthy

    As a woman who has been the only female technical member of staff at companies I've worked for, I'm really interested in outreach efforts to under-represented groups. I have experience in web development (HTML/CSS/Rails), C/C++, Ruby, and Java.

  • Giulia Alfonsi

    I am a front-end/javascript developer working in Brighton.

  • Daniel Burrell

    Java developer moonlighting as a connoisseur of HTML & CSS.

    skills: Angular java html

  • Kai Chan Vong

    I'm a designer/front-end/programmer. I've learned through SICP, Python, Ruby and Javascript. I'm still learning – but believe I'm able to teach basics and encourage people to be mindful with their code so that in the future it'll be a joy to play with.

  • Kevin McCarthy

    I'd like to help people learn to code by creating a safe environment. I have experience with coaching and training from my time at Amazon where I was a coach, trainer and Instructional Designer. Currently working as a developer at AND Digital.

    skills: ruby javascript TDD html css

  • Kristian Hamilton

    Front end web developer from OLX, working professionally for 7 years plus. Interests include art, sewing and coding

    skills: javascript html css

  • Paul Whitehead

    I work for Buffalo in Brighton & before that for 2 other agencies. I have been working with PHP for 7 years. In recent months I have been using Ruby & Rails for work & personal projects.

    skills: CLI Dev Ops Symfony wordpress php ruby javascript rails html css Git

  • Kimberley Cook (She/Her)

    I am a freelance web developer. In my spare time you'll probably find me cycling, bouldering or snowboarding.

  • Christoph Gockel

    Software Craftsman at 8th Light.

  • Pablo Vicente

    I am software developer. My goal is to become the best software developer I can and to work with interesting people

  • Andrea Mazzarella (he/him)

    Help out in any way I can, possibly as a coach. I am currently studying at Makers Academy, 2 weeks away from graduation :)

  • Marcel Cutts

    I like building stuff, and sometimes people even pay me to do it. Currently making people fit through Zombie based storytelling.

  • Nico Saueressig (he/him)

    Software Engineer at Shutl/eBay. Graduate of Makers Academy March 14. I believe teaching others is really teaching myself how to be a better developer.

    skills: Sinatra clojure Swift ruby javascript rails

  • Camille Baldock

    Software engineer, mostly Ruby and Javascript. I am interested in making technology more diverse. Don't be afraid to ask me anything :-)

  • Samir Talwar (he/him, they/them)

    I take things apart, and sometimes I even put them back together.

  • Matt Paul

    A graduate of Makers Academy, I would like to be able to help some people out who have taken an interest in coding, and solidify my own learning through teaching of others

  • Spike Lindsey

    Ruby/JavaScript developer at MA. If it moves, test it. If it doesn't move, test it, just in case it moves.

  • Dan Barber

    Web developer/designer at New Bamboo.

  • Paul Anderson

    I've been a web developer since 1998, most of my experience being in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS.

  • Rabea Gleissner

    General Assembly graduate, currently going on various Java adventures as an apprentice at 8th Light.

    skills: scss ruby javascript java html css

  • Raul Gracia

    Ruby On Rails Developer. Always taking from the community, so I want to give something back too. Loves helping people and showing them what can be done with technology. Enjoys meeting new people and discussing programming. London lover.

  • Matt Button

    Tallish chap. I sing cheesy 80s songs, and I'm terrible with names.

  • Tsvetan Nenov

    Hi , I'm Tsvetan, I have 10 years of experience working with php and JS . I want to register as a coach in the Barcelona codebar workshops, because I think the industry needs to change and become more equal.

  • Matijs Brinkhuis

    I'm a freelance front-end developer living in Brighton. I'm proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I know a fair bit about back-end integration as well. Slowly getting the hang of coaching.

  • Robin Tweedie (he/him)

    Currently @ Skyscanner, previously @ Songkick.

    skills: MySql vim Go ruby javascript rails java c++ html css python

  • George MacRorie

    Brighton based Golang developer looking to help out as best I can. I have been a developer in digital publishing, analytics and peer to peer social networking for the past 3 years.

  • Giuseppe De Santis (he/him)

    Junior web developer @ Parliament Digital Service

    skills: ruby javascript html css

  • Tom Sabin

    Ruby on Rails developer at Unboxed Consulting. Always learning; aspiring to become a full stack developer.

  • Ryan Durling

    I am an MSc student at Birkbeck University of London. Before University, I was a developer at Thoughtworks. I like Chicken and Doughnuts (plain or powdered no jelly).

  • Swathi Kantharaja

    Product Manager. Former Ruby Developer.

  • Samatar Axmed

    Student at Founders and Coders.

  • Khalid . (he/him)

    I'm tying to polish my web-dev skills, primarily trying to improve my css, react, and d3 skills. I am an entrepreneur and a hobbyist programmer. I would also love to help to mentor in order to give back to the community.

    skills: functional programming Full-Stack JavaScript Game Development

  • Ed Kerry (He)

    Junior web developer keen to help more people gain these exciting skills!

  • Mark Woodbridge

    I'm the co-founder of a tech startup but also help out with a voluntary one-on-one numeracy/literacy project. Keen to help anyone who's interested in empowering themselves via technology!

  • Alex Roche (he/him)

    I'm a Full Stack developer at Akkroo, and have spent the last five years getting my hands dirty in everything from servers and databases to front-end frameworks. I've also got a passion for maths, hashing out problems and fixing things!

    skills: php javascript React html css jQuery

  • Maël Estevez

    Just travelling the universe on a tiny blue dot.

    skills: CSS / SCSS c c# javascript java c++ html

  • Gareth Weaver

    AngularJS, CoffeeScript, JS, jQuery, Canvas, sass, CSS3, HAML, HTML5, Photoshop, Github. I'm a front-end developer and designer with over 5 years commercial experience.

  • Neil van Beinum

    Looking to help with either HTML/CSS or Ruby/Rails at a beginner level.

    skills: ruby javascript rails html css

  • Igor Czerwinski

    Frontend developer with a little bit of experience in this and that. Most recently HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A lot of people helped me to get to where I am now so I want to pass that gift on :)

  • Donna Zhou (She/Her)

    Previously ran Codebar Berlin, now back in sunny Sydney.

    skills: Ruby on Rails ruby

  • Hasan Ahmed

    Software Developer at eg+ Worldwide. Creator of wazbi.com. I enjoy sharing my knowledge to new comers.

    skills: c# HTML5 wordpress SQL php CSS3 javascript jQuery

  • Duncan MacKenzie

    I’m a web developer at Public Health England (PHE), and like coding in modern full-stack JavaScript, especially with new features inspired by Python and Ruby.

  • Ben Fitzgerald

    I have been a software engineer for the over 6 years, working on a large variety of projects in a lot of different technologies. I saw this project in the makeshift newsletter and I think it is great! I would like to join and help.

  • Phyo Wai Win

    A software developer working at Shutl

  • Alejandro Garcia Angada

    I'm a Frontend engineer coming from Spain. I have worked 4 years at trivago and now I moved to the UK to work in Ticketmaster. Always looking for challenges and love to teach people.

    skills: Redux HTML5 Angular Flux Tooling javascript React Webpack css

  • Christien Guy

    Website maker over at The Unit

    skills: Angular scss Vue Js javascript html css

  • Eli Schutze (she/her)

    Find me @elibelly ! Love to help people get into tech.

  • Jessie Shi

    I am a director and front-end consultant. I enjoy share my knowledge and learning experience with others, I also enjoy learning.

  • Uku Taht

    I'm a young software engineer looking to give something back to the community and learn by teaching.

  • James Riley

    Javascript and Ruby Developer on the SupaDupa.me team. Have built and worked on many web applications, at various companies over the past few years. Helping bring juniors up to speed has opened my eyes to the joys of coaching, so I'm wanting more!

    skills: MySql ruby javascript rails AngularJS html css Git

  • Rowan Manning (he/him)

    I’m a Node.js and front end developer at Financial Times. I care about open source, accessibility, testing, and progressive enhancement. I love to teach and learn!

    skills: javascript node.js html css

  • Michael Harrison (He/him)

    I work mainly with JavaScript, particularly Express and React frameworks. I also know Ruby. I am a Makers Academy graduate and used to be a software tester.

    skills: ruby javascript React TDD

  • Conor Cussell (Mr)

    Full Stack JavaScript Dev

    skills: javascript html css

  • Chuka Ebi

    I would like to use my current development skill set to help others who are struggling. I attended Makers Academy and have a minor in Computer Science. I love video games and epic fantasy novels(Sabriel is my fave!).

    skills: c ruby javascript Git

  • Dmitry Kandalov

    I have been programming and trying to get better at it since DOS times. I'm currently working with Java and JVM languages such as Kotlin.

  • Lauren Spencer

    I'm a music academic turned developer and a lifelong geek. I love how programming languages have rich histories that influence their structures and uses, and I look forward to chatting code with you soon!

  • Steffen Schwark

    Experienced software engineer. Always happy to help.

    skills: ruby javascript rails html css

  • Bryan Yap

    Full stack web developer and Open Source enthusiast working at Alliants Ltd. During my free time, I am long time member of AgileVentures (agileventures.org) and technical lead of project codenamed WebsiteOne at AgileVentures.

  • Robin Van Rijn

    Cambridge based User Experience Designer and Front End Developer. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Keen to help others learn. Background in animation and graphic design.

    skills: ux design javascript html css

  • Dominic Fox

    Before I started working as a programmer, I was a PhD student in the English department at De Montfort University and led undergraduate seminars. The lack of diversity in my industry worries me, and I'd like to help to do something about it.

  • Pascal Hartig

    I'm a recovering Open Source addict and work as an engineer at Twitter.

  • Brendan Soffientini (him/he)

    I can help out with Javascript (plain, jQuery, React, node), Ruby (Rails), HTML/CSS, API's and other web-dev related topics.

  • Daniel Gillespie (he/his)

    I changed careers to become a developer. I currently work with JavaScript as a full stack, freelance dev. React is my current choice for personal learning.

    skills: MongoDB wordpress javascript React node.js ES6 html css

  • rocco righi (he/his)

    I started coding 2 years ago and after attending Makers Academy I landed a job at the BBC as front end developer. I work with AngularJS and React and Javascript in general. I also have some experience with ruby and ruby on Rails.

    skills: Ruby on Rails ruby javascript React AngularJS

  • Edgar Ribeiro

    I'm Node.js Software Developer

    skills: javascript node.js

  • Martin Briano (he/him)

    I'm a Software Engineer from UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). I moved to Barcelona in 2013 to do a Master in Security and High performance computing. Now I'm running the BCN office of Lemonade software development, a Belgium company.

    skills: coaching testing DB training organising stuff roller skating acrobatics Actor (a long time ago) programming java html css

  • Sofia Pohjalainen

    Front end developer at Ticketmaster.

    skills: Redux HTML5 Hapi.js javascript React node.js Express css

  • Daniel Steele (him/he)

    Ruby/Rails/HTML/CSS/Javascript Full Stack developer that had recently started his own web development agency and loves helping newbies into the space

  • Ryan Maffey

    Junior Front End Developer at Redweb

    skills: scss javascript Gulp html css

  • Cedric Kisema

    Hello, I would like to support students in learning about the tools that make software development such a joy. I have over 4 years professional experience and enjoy making apps for fun! Look forward to teaching! Cedric

  • Zac Colley (he/him)

    interested in making fun stuff and helping people get into and use tech

    skills: JS arduino React sass css node

  • Ethel Ng

    Makers Academy alumni / Full Stack developer at ustwo

    skills: ruby javascript React node.js html css Git

  • Alex Addison (he/him/they)

    I like coding because it's like an open-ended puzzle. I like working with a broad group of people, I love to support people and mentor them.

    skills: c# general object-oriented code javascript

  • Alexis Lui

    I want to mentor students on html, css, node js and vanilla js. I've just completed an 8 week bootcamp at founders and coders and would love to share my knowledge with someone who would really benefit from good mentoring/ coaching.

  • Claudia Menting (me)

    I just completed the CodeClan course and found nothing more valuable than having a good surrounding of teachers, mentors and people willing to help you learn. Still a novice programmer but willing to help wherever I can!

    skills: JS html css

  • Julia Friesel (she)

    i'm a mentor at a coding school and would like to help out with workshops in berlin

  • Ruben Rizzi (he)

    I used to teach web programming and offer training support to students in the Brooklyn college on a majority of languages. I am a full stack developer with seven years of experience and an iOS developer with one year of experience

    skills: Swift objective c javascript React node.js css jQuery

  • Louie Christie

    Web developer. Web development bootcamp graduate. Computer science graduate. Youth work experience.

    skills: CSS / SCSS javascript html

  • Jamie Brown

    Web developer working at notonthehighstreet.com. Javascript and ruby.

  • Chris Sherry (he/him)

    Web Application Engineer at WeAreBase

    skills: CSS / SCSS Linux SQL php javascript

  • Kadi Kraman

    I am a Software Developer at a scientific programming and consultancy. I love coding, I'm glad I've found a job that is also a hobby and I would love to help other keen guys and girls join in on the fun. Best at JavaScript (HTML, CSS etc) and Python.

    skills: Linux Angular nodejs ruby javascript React html css jQuery python Git

  • Paolo Fabbri

    Learn and

  • Dan Hart

    Full stack lead developer at uSwitch. Working with Clojure, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Node and most things in AWS.

  • Robin Newton

    I'm a software engineer in Cambridge. I've worked with C, C++, Java, Python and a smattering of Javascript and Perl.

    skills: c java c++ python

  • Karlotcha Hoa

    I like maths, writing code, teaching and cats.

  • Dmitri Grabov

    Software engineer with abour 10 years experience. Started out as self taught before doing an MSc in Computer Science. Been working in startups the last few years. Main language at the moment is JavaScipt

  • Glynn Phillips

    Front end developer at Nature who is keen to help out with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Tom Ashworth

    I'm an engineer at Twitter, working on the front-end of TweetDeck. I'm into Node, Flight and anything else I can get my hands on.

  • John Small

    Rails coder and tester at the BBC

  • David Ricordel

    IT Engineer that creates solutions to solve problems.

    skills: docker Shell monitoring python

  • Rob Whittaker (he)

    I am looking to offer help and advice with Ruby and Rails. I work for thoughtbot and have many years of web development experience. Want to share and help as much as possible.

  • Alex Robertson (He/him)

    Studied at Makers Academy. Now working as a front end developer for AND Digital. Experience with javascript, angular.

    skills: Angular javascript

  • Simon Douglas

    Currently a Junior Developer with Tesco Bank after graduating from CodeClan's 16 week course. I'm looking to join in with helping at codebar to share in my enthusiasm for all things tech and code related.

  • Jamie Webb (He/him)

    Web developer at DueDil who loves coding (mostly front end web stuff). Have taught basic programming concepts to students while at University.

  • Laura Wilson

    Full stack dev, currently working in React and C# at Movebubble. Previous experience in Ruby on Rails

    skills: Sinatra ruby javascript rails React html css node

  • Han Fakira (he)

    Developer at Sky Network Services. I am looking for opportunities to help improve and consolidate my knowledge and skills. I am a former maths teacher.

  • Neil Lyons

    I can help students with HTML & CSS, the command line, version control, and Python. I am a Python Developer. Here is my website http://neillyons.io

  • Robert Fay

    I've worked in web and software development for around eight years, and now provide enterprise development and consultancy services through my own company. I specialise in the Salesforce.com platform, but can help with HTML, CSS, JS, Python and Java.

  • Alex Tercete

    I've founded a volunteer programming course in Brazil while I was at university, which I ran for two years. I have great interest in teaching people to program, and recently I've been thinking how I could help to increase diversity in tech. So here I am!

  • Claire Mitchell (she/her)

    I'm a software engineer at Deliveroo and a massive fan of JavaScript. Talk to me on Twitter!

    skills: Redux javascript React html css twitter pep talks node

  • Mateu Adsuara

    I started programming as a hobby around 17 years ago. At that time I also was into video-game hacking. Much later, I realised I could make a living from my hobby and took it seriously. I'm currently working for 8thLight and liking functional programming

    skills: Electronics Exteme Programming Erlang Property-based testing Object oriented Design patterns functional programming Android clojure SQL Haskell SOLID php vim Elm ruby javascript TDD java html css Git

  • Josh Hill (he/him)

    Cloud plumber @Pivotal. Enjoys crafting code, encouraging others to learn and being sincerely silly

    skills: Go ruby javascript html css Git

  • Steve Bradshaw

    Professional developer with 20 years experience

  • Alex Handley

    Code, coffee and climbing.. ask me about any of them.

  • Tatiana Soukiassian

    I am a Junior Developer at Government Digital Service, working on gov.uk. I love Ruby!

  • Jacqueline Currie

    Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Equalitist.

  • Matt Oakes

    I'm a mobile development consultant working in Brighton

  • Aleksander Sumowski

    Learned about codebar from a fellow Thoughtworker. I enjoy teaching and coaching and one of my most best moments in career was being a coach in RailsGirls in one of our offices.

  • Jeff Taggart

    I'm a software engineer working for Pivotal Labs. I love mentoring and helping people achieve their goals. Don't be afraid to ask me anything.

  • James Liu (He)

    I've worked as Manager & Python Developer in the fields of 3D/VFX and medical education. I'm also very interested in data science, machine learning and deep learning. Passionate about person development and learning; I enjoy helping people learn!

    skills: Linux command line machine learning deep learning python Git

  • Zoe Gagnon

    Javascript, Ruby, Command line, version control

  • Bruno Girin (he/him)

    I've been coding for 20 years with a variety of technologies. I'm currently working with Elixir and Elm and I have experience with Java, Python, HTML and CSS.

    skills: Elixir SQL Elm API java bash html css python

  • Noemi Lapresta (she/her)

    My name is Noemi and I have worked as a software developer and QA engineer. I can assist in questions regarding software development, software architecture and testing strategies. My day-to-day work is in Ruby, but I am also confident in Python or Go.

  • neil patel (he/him)

    Self-taught web developer Currently Alexa Skills developer. Building voice-based applications. Would love to help out junior developers from diverse backgrounds.

    skills: Bootstrap heroku HAML ruby javascript rails TDD Alexa Skils html css Git

  • Ronan McCabe (he/him)

    I'm a full stack JavaScript developer who did the Founders & Coders bootcamp in May 2015.

  • Mike Nelis

    Background mostly in C, C++, Python. Can also find my way around Javascript if needs be.

    skills: c Unix Linux c++ python Git

  • Jeremy Stevens

    I'm an Android dev at TouchSurgery, working on an app used by surgeons to practice procedures outside the operating theatre! I'm looking to help others get started, and to expand my own knowledge, as there's always more to learn :D

    skills: coaching Android java

  • Razvan Spatariu

    UI Developer with experience in CSS and CSS pre-processors / HTML and others as such

    skills: JS sass html css jQuery

  • Anthony Weber

    I'm a frontend developer who loves coding

  • Aiden Wright (He/Him)

    I would really like to get excited about coding again. I'm a front end developer and would like to continue focusing on front end technologies.

  • James Elderfield

    I am a computational biology PhD student. I work mainly with C++ and Python but love learning new technologies whenever I can!

  • Paul Mitchell-Gears

    I've done server side development with Java, C++, C#, Python and PHP. I've done clientside development with Javascript. I have done relational database design primarily using MySQL, and basic Linux command line. And source control using Git.

  • Alex Rudall

    Hi there, I met some of the Codebar coaches at RubyConf in Bath on Friday - I've been a full-time Rails developer since July last year, and I'm always trying to learn as much as possible. I really like teaching others what I know and helping them :)

  • Jerome Pratt

    I'm a Makers Academy alumni who recently converted from a career in media sales to one in web development. I would like to coach at code bar as I want to take the chance to help others who wish to change careers, as well as learn more through teaching.

  • Tom Davies

    Professional software engineer with industrial experience in F#, C# and Java

  • Rosy Tucker

    Software developer at ThoughtWorks, working with whatever languages come my way.

    skills: JS Mobile ruby React html css node Git

  • James Hunter

    Former web designer, current web developer, not quite as lost as I seem.

  • Phil Lee

    Hello. I'm Phil. A Ruby programmer since late 2009. Originally based in Newcastle I have only recently moved to London. Raul asked if I was free to attend codebar to offer something back to the community. To which I said "yes" and wanted to find out more.

  • Frederick Cheung

    CTO at dressipi

  • Laura Porter

    Web/front-end developer for 14 years. Recently started with Ruby. Currently working at Nature Publishing Group, and in the past have worked for the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and a few startups.

  • Fabrice Reynolds

    I am a full stack developer who is currently working on Node and React apps. I have around 20 years experience in programming as well as dev-ops, music and electronics.

    skills: SQL php javascript java html css

  • Sarah Mogin

    I got into development a little late myself so am a great example that it's never too late! I went to a bootcamp - App Academy - and have taught/TA-ed at a few RailsBridges. Nowadays I mostly work in JS.

    skills: command line version control HTML & CSS ruby javascript

  • Scott Riley (he/him)

    I'm a Ruby/Javascript dev, picking up Elixir in my spare time. I was a student at CodeClan a year ago and really enjoy teaching and helping others learn to code.

  • Bob Whitelock (he/him)

    I've been programming for about 4 years now, using various languages and technologies. Currently I work for Alces Software (alces-software.com). I'd like to help out teaching people and sharing what I know :).

    skills: Redux Sinatra Linux command line SQL Zsh vim Elm ruby javascript rails React java bash html css python Git

  • Stefan Buschmann

    Interested in open source, computer graphics, games, and exciting development problems in general. My main programming languages and frameworks are C++, OpenGL, QML, and sometimes node.js. I work as a researcher and lecturer at Potsdam University.

  • Kayra Alat

    I'm full stack but I feel at home with Python.

  • Kelvin Smith (he/him/his)

    I'm a software developer with a preference for Ruby and Elixir. Working for Cultivate in Edinburgh.

    skills: Elixir ruby javascript rails Phoenix html css

  • Juan Monetti

    This is Juan, a Software Engineer from Argentina. Currently living in London and working as a full stack developer. I am also working in a TDD workshop and I really enjoy coaching.

  • Raf Mosiolek (he)

    I am a self-taught Junior Front End Developer. HTML, CSS and JavaScript with ES6+ standards are my to-go tools!

    skills: HTML5 CSS3 javascript sass ES6 Git

  • Edward Withers

    Software developer. Learning ever still. I like Go!

    skills: Go ruby javascript

  • Brandon Hawkes

    I'd like to teach people coding! I'm a Creative Technologist and I do a bit of everything.

  • Jozef Maxted

    I'm interested in becoming a coach in the Brighton area. I currently work here: www.theunit.co.uk as a full stack web developer. Outside of work I have hundreds of side projects and experiments ( mostly unfinished! ) that I tweet about here @jozefmaxted

  • Jonny Arnold

    Currently working at Reevoo. I want to share my love for programming.

  • Maf'j Alvarez

    I'm a front end developer and ux designer - a small NGO in Brighton. I've just finished an MA in Digital Media Arts at Brighton Uni and my dissertation focused on female digital artists and their relationship with code. I'd like to help out!

  • Nicolò Taddei

    I currently work at Ticketmaster. I heard a lot about CodeBar and always wanted to try to help. I would like to coach some basics of HTML/CSS or if someone is interested I could do some NodeJs

  • Pranath Fernando

    I'm a web developer and i'm interested in becoming a coach for you. I really love the work you are doing to bring coding to people that are more under-represented in our industry.

  • Ellen Cubbin

    I'd like to volunteer as a mentor for HTML/CSS. I've never mentored coding before. I've got about 14 years experience in web development though. (ASP/PHP/Python/HTML/CSS etc). I did a talk on Django and Python at the SheCodes Tech in Ten event in March.

  • Nina Regli

    Work on my rails project

  • Fernando Diaz

    Ruby Developer, Agile practitioner and Shutl Engineer

  • Simon Fry

    Developer at LostMy.Name.

  • Jarkyn Soltobaeva

    From student to an organiser and coach. Reach out to me if I can be of help.

  • Ania Bebb (she/her)

    After doing bits of FreeCodeCamp and creating helpful code (in python) to help the charity I worked for, I decided to redirect my career towards programming. I am currently doing ConstructorLabs course.

  • Dean Richer

    I want to help people to learn how to code. I work as a front-end/dev-ops developer in London.

  • Emily Bertwistle (she/her)

    I'd like to help people with frontend projects / JavaScript / HTML & CSS. I'm from Founders & Coders, where I've done lots of mentoring too. I'd also be interested in learning Python :)

    skills: javascript node.js html css

  • stephen kenny

    Location based mobile, database (SQL & NoSQL), some web services & thin client desktop. I'm the ex-CTO at Betfair, Property Investment Market trading exchange, Stocknet online stock trading, Education Support systems (Archimedies 1980s & 90s),etc.

  • Peter Trizuliak (He)

    I want to help with Ruby or Java or JavaScript related topics

    skills: ruby javascript React java

  • Alex Bazlinton

    JavaScript, Java, Ruby, HTML + CSS

  • Garrett Coakley (he/him)

    I've been in some form of web development for nearly 20 years and enjoy giving back and helping others learn. I've been both a frontend and backend developer, and I currently work as a UI designer in education.

    skills: php user experience information architecture javascript html css python

  • Alex Bokii (she/her)

    I am a front-end developer at Oxford Computer Consultants where I build UI with HTML/CSS and Javascript. I started to work with web-technologies a few years ago, and I'd be happy to help people who are interested in this area to pick up new skills.

    skills: javascript html css

  • Daniel Quinn

    I'd like to help out where I can. I'm a young(ish) white, male, native-english-speaking software engineer with 18 years of professional experience that would like this industry be a lot more diverse. Too many people in my field look like me :-)

    skills: django Linux javascript html css python

  • Keomony Khun (She)

    I am ex-developer, currently a home maker for 4 years trying to get back to work. I am trying learn to code again. I am looking for a safe environment to start.

  • Ludwik Grodzki (he)

    Here to teach clojure.

    skills: clojure SQL Redshift BigQuery bash Git

  • Sarah Barber

    I'm a java web developer right now with 4 years of professional experience. I also have another 2 years of basic IT training experience, when I trained teachers in a college to use technology to enhance their learning. I want to improve diversity.

    skills: javascript java html jQuery

  • Tara Ojo

    I'm a front-end dev, worked with HTML/CSS/JS/SASS/AngularJS

  • Chris Rogers

    I'm a web Developer mainly (both front and backend) focusing mainly on PHP and platforms such as Wordpress and Magento. I have experience in Photoshop, Maya and Unity3D also. I like to teach and find enjoyment in others learning.

  • Marty Stepien

    Junior Developer who pivoted her career from Architecture to Web Development!

    skills: Angular Photoshop javascript TypeScript TDD html css

  • Rory Campbell

    I've worked on a variety of open source programs (on my github) and work as a frontend dev. I'd like to help others learn and meet more people to discuss tech with people outside of my job.

  • Sanjay Purswani

    Graduate of Makers Academy and currently employed there.

  • Joel Carr

    I am a front-end developer contractor/freelancer. I have worked at startups, advertising agencies, and charities. I have been working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for 5 years now.

    skills: javascript html css

  • Nicole Pellicena Tredway

    I recently completed the coding bootcamp at Makers Academy and would like to meet some London coders and solidify and build on what I learnt on the course. My focus is on back-end development specifically in Ruby and Javascript.

  • Jacopo Nardiello

    Programmer who recently relocated to London from Italy. I mainly work with PHP and Javascript, still like to play with many other languages. I run the Kaizen Coding Dojo, a meetup for professionals where we practice TDD with Katas. I'm a TDD evangelist.

  • Denise Yu (she/her)

    nodeJS developer who wants to dockerize all the things

    skills: dogescript heroku docker ruby javascript rails TDD bash node Git

  • Tomas D'Stefano

    I'm a Ruby developer since 2007. I love to help people and making them more happier with technology. I love to teach and learn everyday.

  • Tanja Pislar

    Lurking in an infinite pool. Writing software fiction. Drawing still life objects. Playing out of tune.

  • Nishita Singhal

    JavaScript Developer at Marvel Prototyping

  • Mario Gintili

    I'm a junior engineer at Workshare. Makers Academy alumni. Co-founder of http://www.codecards.io/ and aspiring craftsmen :)

  • Suzanne Hamilton (she/her)

    Developer at Softwire. I mostly work in Java and Scala, and I'm also learning Ruby and front-end web dev.

  • Maloney Liu

    Product engineer

    skills: ux SQL ruby javascript rails html css Git

  • Dāvis Viļums

    I am php developer who started to take focus on FrontEnd

  • Javier Ramirez

    Web developer, daydreamer and all around happy person.Interested in all things internet and how it's reshaping our culture and society.

  • Lisa Potapova

    Web dev with 5 years commercial experience. I moved to London from Lithuania 3 years ago. Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery, PHP, MySQL.

  • Matteo Belfiore (he/his)

    Front-end developer with a 7 years’ experience working building UIs and digital interactive experiences. I favour semantically structured markup, accessibility, CSS, and JS. I'd love to give back part of what I learned so far, and learn new things too.

  • Chris Mason (he/him)

    Currently working as a product developer at AND Digital. Primarily an Java/Android developer, I also have experience as a full stack web developer. Have done a bit of everything really!

    skills: Android Angular javascript React java

  • Chun-Kit Chan (he)

    Hi, I'm a graduate software developer at BBC. I enjoy working with both frontend and backend technologies. I believe in a diverse community and would like to help out in anyway I can.

    skills: php React.js javascript html css

  • Mark Shildkret (he)

    I am here to help anyone that needs help. I am strong in ruby (and rails) as well as javascript (and a few frameworks, react not included). I guess I want to work on my mentoring and teaching skills. I am friendly and oopen, hope I can be of help!

    skills: Backbone Angular SQL ruby javascript rails OOO html css

  • Phil Hubert (He)

    Currently doing iOS Development with Handy but enjoy a breadth of programming/data analysis work.

  • Raihan Kibria (he/his/they)

    I'm a professional developer and was wondering if I can help others learn programming.

    skills: javascript c++ python

  • Matt Davidson (he/him)

    I like working in Python and Java.

  • Christopher Alden (he/him)

    I am a developer and technology director at Work & Co and I would love to contribute as a coach and help with technical training and career development.

  • Andre Luiz Carvalho (he/him)

    I'm a software engineer with well over 10 years of experience, currently at Work & Co. I have been working mostly with mobile development for iOS. I have worked with Python and Ruby on Rails in the past as well as a few Javascript small projects.

    skills: iOS Swift python Git

  • Matt Lubel

    I am a fullstack javascript developer who loves learning new technologies and helping other enthusiastic coders on the road to building cool things!

    skills: javascript node.js python

  • Zooey Miller

    I'd like to be a coach!

  • Robert Tyree (he)

    Most experienced in vanilla JavaScript, with a few React projects under my belt. I'd be happy to help with HTML5, CSS/Sass or jQuery too! I've taught English to international university students, so I'm quite comfortable guiding learners.

  • Sandy McMillan (he)

    I'm currently an instructor at CodeClan in Edinburgh. Before that I had been a programmer for many years

    skills: c c# SQL ruby javascript java c++

  • Matyas Karacsonyi

    Hello! I love the idea of this group, and I would like to join you as a coach. I am a programmer and have more than 3 years of professional working experience. I have a lot of experience in web development and some experience in hybrid mobile application

    skills: Symfony django MongoDB PostgreSQL php Ionic Angular2 Linux System Administration javascript AngularJS jQuery python

  • Jarrod Bennie (He)

    Assistant instructor @ CodeClan, Edinburgh.

    skills: JS c# ruby java

  • Chris Cooper (he/him)

    I am a soon-to-be graduate of Makers Academy. I would like to sign up as a coach and start contributing to the community!

  • Leke Abolade

    current Makers Academy student, Nov 16', software development bootcamp. Interested in helping others learn web development!

    skills: iOS ruby javascript

  • Peter West (he/him)

    For the last 3 years I've run http://summerofhacks.io/ (4 full day events from hack days to workshops). Last year we ran a Railsbridge event, similar to codebar, for women only. I also coached at CoderDojo for 6 months.

  • Ankoor Patel (Sir)

    Hi! I'm a frontend developer, currently using React, Backbone, Handlebars etc,.

    skills: Backbone javascript React CV advice html css

  • Asif Hafeez (he/his)

    I am a Full Stack Developer, recently graduated from Makers Academy.

  • Alex Fakhri

    I've studied at Makers Academy and I'm looking for my first Junior Developer role. Wanted to keep myself skills sharp and keep improving and also improve by trying to pass on the knowledge to others.

  • Evelyn Utterson (she/her)

    I'm a Ruby Developer based in Edinburgh, and have some experience in JavaScript/React. I am interested in learning other languages and frameworks, and helping others with less experience than me.

    skills: ReactJS HTML5 Ruby on Rails ruby javascript css

  • Jasal Vadgama

    I've been in the industry for the last 10+ years and have seen the evolution from frames-based layout to where we are today. I enjoy mentoring developers and would like to help people learn the core of front-end development.

  • Katia Panter (she/her)

    I used to teach Computer Science at A-level and am now trying to start a career in tech.

    skills: JS ruby html css python

  • Steve Brewer (he/his)

    I'm a Ruby and front end developer at FutureLearn

    skills: HAML ruby javascript rails sass html css

  • Agata Sumowska (She/her)

    Junior developer working with React and C#

  • agata krzywda

    Love React, Redux and JavaScript

  • Hugo Rut

    Web developer here in London. Coding is my passion, always looking to hone my skills and play with new technologies. I want to help more people discover how great programming is!

    skills: php ruby javascript html css

  • Michael Craddock

    I'm a Front End Developer at Redweb helping out as a coach

    skills: scss php javascript Gulp html css

  • Matt Crouch

    HTML/CSS, JS I've covered a few workshops at university at an entry/mid level for different tech such as HTML/CSS, PHP and ActionScript in the past. I'm a web developer working from home for a company in Poole.

  • Barry Bloye

    I'm a freelance Front-end web developer, working with several of the terrific digital agencies in Brighton. Previously with NixonMcInnes and publishing company Taylor & Francis.

  • Halima KOUNDI

    I currently work as a full satck web developer in a digital agencye in London mainly in SqlServer, .net, javascript, jquery . I am willing to learn my craft and help others like me who changed carreers to progress in the industry.

  • Dan Rees-Jones

    Ruby and JavaScript programmer and ex-professional musician. Blue Peter badgewinner.

  • Ptolemy Barnes

    Developer-in-training, with a background in teaching. A student myself, I enjoy working with other students to discover simple solutions to difficult problems.

  • Nick Jacobs

    Software developer/tech project lead with over 25 years experience, mostly in financial services. Skills-wise, I am most proficient in Java and server-side development, but have done quite a bit of web front-end development over the years.

  • Alexander Buck

    Keen to learn and contribute!

  • Patrick Riggs

    I've been a web developer for the combined period of about 13 years or so. Recently returned to the field after a 7 year professional absence due to burnout and am very happily back!

  • Joshua Fleck

    I'm a tech lead at Simply Business where I do most of my development in Ruby on the back-end of many Rails applications. I've done quite a bit of mentoring, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to help people learn to improve their coding skills!

  • Steve Kim

    I'm a software developer from 8th Light. A colleague told me about codebar and I'm interested in helping out.

  • Alexander Bobin

    Maker of websites, eater of pies

  • Pawel Badenski

    Software development consultant and trainer

  • Mark Taylor

    Developer at a software consultancy.

  • Adigo Atabo

    Full stack Ruby on Rails web development, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SAML

  • Ben Hughes

    Software Engineer at Skype, love all things JavaScript and looking to share the knowledge.

  • Vikki Read

    I'm a full stack web dev, with a Java/python/C background, and I'm now a big fan of javascript. I'm also really into helping people learn to code so I'm involved with a few organisations that are helping make that happen :)

  • Davide Cassenti

    Passionate about Internet and social networks – as well as good food just like every Italian – I've over 10 years of experience with HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

  • Andrew McDonough

    CTO and cofounder of Tribesports; developer, mostly ruby

  • Cosku Cinkilic

    I would like to mentor new comers and learn from everyone. I am coming form a architecture background ( building architect ), I was working on algorithmic model, using environmental data to shape the architecture and build small robots.

  • Jam Creencia

    Having gone though a career-change myself, I'd like to help others navigate the first steps in their coding journey. I am now a front end developer and can help out with JavaScript-y stuff.

  • Daniel Rozenberg (he/him)

    Software engineer at Google; I'm a generalist with a lean towards back-end systems, but I can also help with basic front-end and scripting languages. I ♥ Python! (and there's lots of love for other languages too)

  • Gordon Blackadder (He/Him/His)

    Python, python for data science, scientific python. Mp Ph.D. was principally done in python and now I am a data scientist at Asos. Previously I programmed in C++ for a software company.

  • Alex Ware (he/him/his)

    Would like to coach/teach. Full stack dev at the Grauniad. Looking to jump in and get helping.

  • William Frankish (he)

    Languages: html, javascript, typescript, c#, java I have not done anything like this before but am interested in trying

  • Louis P (he)

    Currently living in London, I am a network software engineer at Cloudflare. Originally from France, I also lived in SF. My daily job is building automated systems, analytics tools in Python, Java and Go.

    skills: Go java python

  • Thorben Louw (he/him)

    I'm an experienced full-stack dev who mostly codes in Scala and Java, but also Javascript/CSS/HTML, Python, Kotlin and C++. Hoping I can share the things I love about programming - it's absorbing, rewarding, empowering! - and learn in the process too.

    skills: Scala javascript java html css python

  • Phuong Huynh

    I'm happy to help mentor CSS, HTML, or JavaScript stuff. I've helped mentor Perth Web Girls in the past which was mainly HTML and CSS.

    skills: Angular javascript React html css

  • David Rhodes (he/him)

    Fell in love with the pure creativity of code and switched to the #000 side. Combine client-facing skills and user advocacy along with love of making. Currently contracting on React/Node.js projects and looking for a role that combines client-facing skill

    skills: Redux HTML5 MongoDB d3 CSS3 javascript React TypeScript Express sass In-line Styling Hapi Joi

  • James Thompson

    Currently I spend most of my time in the high performance data analysis and visualisation space, mostly maritime geospatial, but also moonlight in a ton of different areas including web dev and arduino programming.

  • Pavlo Mitin

    Experienced software engineer living in Reading.

    skills: ruby javascript

  • Christian Vielma

    I'll be coaching some sessions, especially at King. I have experience developing in Java, Javascript, Scala among other languages. See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cvielma/

    skills: Scala javascript java

  • Brent Atkins (he)

    I have been coding for around the last 12 years, primarily .NET and JS, and complaining about lack of diversity in industry for nearly as long.

  • Ceri Shaw (she/her)

    I've been a developer for 14 years, I've worked in VB, C# and most recently in Ruby. I'm a member of women who code, help run code workshops aimed at a diverse audience and I love helping people learn to code.

    skills: c# agile ruby VB

  • Katie McGinley (she/her)

    I'm a frontend developer, so my specialty is javascript/html/css. I am working on learning more about the backend, but I'm not confident enough to teach that side yet.

  • Gary Carmichael (he/him)

    Web Developer at Scottish Government, Digital Engineering

    skills: ruby javascript java html css

  • Tarik Miri

    I am a .NET developer interested in refreshing my Java skills which is the main language I studied in university. I have experience as a full stack developer and have worked on different kind of applications: medical, e-commerce, public sector, etc.

    skills: c# javascript java html css

  • Craig Morton (he/him)

    I work at CodeClan as an instructor, taking students from little to no programming knowledge to their first job in 16 weeks. I have experience teaching Ruby, Java and JS, mainly in terms of web dev. We also teach some frameworks at the end of the course.

  • Jacob Savage (he/his)

    I teach computer science and what to get more people into it.

  • Nick Smith (He)

    I'm a Django dev

  • Lawrence James (He)

    I'm currently a Drupal developer based outside of Brighton. A friend suggested I see if I can help out as a coach. I use PHP heavily and also maintain the JS/CSS/HTML on a regular basis.

  • Junyuan Xue

    Full-stack developer and graduate from Makers Academy. Passionate about Ruby and JavaScript!

  • David Basalla

    Ruby, Rails, some Python, some Javascript, React, WebGL

  • Jonathan Fielding

    I want to help developers working on anything responsive, javascript, node.js and performance related

  • Andrew Campbell (Andy)

    I want to help mentor

  • Tommy Crosby (they)

    Developer, maths geek, various shades of LGBT, interested in communication systems, data storage, API design, pretty UX, and teaching.

    skills: sysadmin and general faffing JS SQL php bash

  • Ken Alex Fassone

    I've been a coach once in the rails girls event. I'd like to practice more as I want to focus on my coach skills and help other people on their first steps into programming. I'm currently a full stack developer for carwow, I can help with rails, meteor .

  • James Cox-Morton

    I've been working professionally as a web developer for 8 years, most of that time split between Ruby and Javascript. I enjoy sharing the joy of coding and want to help make development a more inclusive and diverse field.

  • Geza Kiss

    I am a software engineer.

  • Nicholas Jackson

    Development manager, polyglot coder and geek, keen to help with coaching. TDD enthusiast, worked on the front end re-architecture / ui separation for marksandspencer.com. Rebuild of M&S mobile app in swift and android.

  • James Cuthbert

    Lead Software Engineer at ASOS looking to help others learning to code.

  • Jolyon Russ

    I enjoy teaching people to code. I'm a full stack contractor working predominantly in Javascript, but have also dabbled in Ruby and used to be a Flash developer.

    skills: javascript React sass html css

  • Kanke Ishaku

    Software Developer

  • Ju Liu

    Italian. Currently learning english @noredink. I like Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript and Machine Learning. I climb a lot.

  • Asier Barrenetxea

    I am a software developer who loves programming and learning. They say you haven't learnt anything well enough until you teach it to somebody, right? I would like to challenge myself to do so. If it's for a good cause even better!

  • Ramana Kumar

    I'm doing a PhD in formal verification of computer programs. And I still think computer programming is one of the most fun activities in the world.

  • Simon Mullen

    I live in Cambridge and Ive been involved with Strawberry Fair and the Strawberry Shorts Film Festival for many years. I also have quite a strong coding and mathematics background.

  • Tim McDonald-Bell

    Ruby on Rails teacher at http://steer.me.

  • Chris Zetter

    Software engineer that likes Ruby and building things for the web.

  • Felipe Seré

    My name is Felipe and I am 25 years old. I moved to London to become a Software Craftsman with 8th Light. Before London I was a software developer in Germany, where I mostly wrote RESTful APIs in Java. Now during my apprenticeship I am learning Ruby.

  • Adam Howard

    Ruby/Javascript/iOS developer working in the industry for the last 5 years

  • Ina Tsetsova (she)

    I'm a dev, who recently graduated from Makers Academy

  • Laurent Curau

    Software developer at AlphaSights. Interested in OOP, BDD and agile principles.

  • Ben Lovell

    I like code and tea.

  • Fabien O'Carroll

    I'm Fabien I work at Left Logic, I enjoy all things javascript, hacking on raspberry pi's and creating too many git repos

  • Ron Naba

    Developer in training

  • Patrick Sinclair

    I'm a senior web developer with plenty of Ruby as well as HTML/CSS/JS experience. Working for lostmy.name, a small startup making personalised children's books. Have previously mentored at Young Rewired State.

  • Olu Niyi-Awosusi (they/them)

    Learnt javascript, node, d3, hapi and react at Founders and Coders. I like lists, stickers, markdown, Bee And PuppyCat and CSS.

  • Tina Zhang

    Hi, I'm currently a financial researcher and am thinking about doing a career change into software development. I heard about codebar at a silicon drinkabout event and can't wait to attend a workshop.

  • Rob Miller

    I'm a Ruby developer working for a marketing consultancy way out west in Chelsea. Although my primary love is Ruby, I'm also proficient in HTML and JavaScript, so am happy to coach anything. Feel free to ask me anything!

  • James Condron

    Ruby and Perl hacking devops engineer/ sys admin/ owner of many screwdrivers. Linux kernel and rails contributor.

  • Craig Anderson (he)

    I'm a Python/Django web developer from Australia looking to do his bit to bring more balance to the tech industry.

    skills: django python

  • Ben Parsons

    Currently a Partner Engineer at Facebook. Developer for 10+ years. Mostly web, front-end/backend, some Android.

  • Alex Scott

    I'd like to start coaching new students. I'm currently on the course with Makers Academy. I've done a bunch of coaching in the past on non techy stuff and want to continue this :)

    skills: ruby javascript

  • Tyler Beebe (She/Her)

    I'm about a year into my tech career and I have gained a lot from this life change. I'd like to help give back and make sure others have the opportunities to succeed that I had!

  • Gilles Kurt


  • Edgar Dewsbery (He)

    Graduate and mentor at Founders & Coders. I'm currently working as a frontend developer at WCRS.

    skills: svn javascript node.js html css Git

  • Kurtis Kemple (he/him)

    Looking to help others with anything Node/React/GraphQL/JavaScript related. Also able to assist with interview prep/speaking proposals/career advice/etc.

  • Alison Barnett (she/her)

    Ex-CodeClan, working in Ruby on Rails/ ionic /Angular apps (and a bit of Sass and Go) for 15 months, happy to try anything new but if I can help out as a coach would be good to start off with one of these.

  • Tom Spencer

    I would like to practice Javascript, Ruby and build applications with like minded members of the community.

  • William Cruickshank Cruickshank (he/his/they)

    I've coded as an amateur and a student for more than 20 yrs. Went pro last year via WDI at GA. I want to be a part of a more inclusive, balanced work environment, and tweeting stuff probably isn't going to get me there. This has a better chance imo.

    skills: Elixir functional programming Scala ruby javascript rails Phoenix html css jQuery

  • Jack Newberry (he)

    I want to be a coach, or at least come along and find out if I want to coach. I volunteered to coach 7-11 year olds via codeclub in New Zealand. Now I'm employed at Pivotal London and I'm not free to coach school children during the day.

  • George Corney

    I get excited about graphics programming, ed-tech, VR, physics (and lots of other things too!). Prior to moving to Oxford I was working as a graphics programmer job for Microsoft. Now I'm working on side-projects and freelancing here and there

    skills: haxe javascript WebGL Shader Languages c++ Git

  • Connor Mendenhall (he/him)

    I'm a software developer at 8th Light. We've worked with Codebar in London and we're excited to host the upcoming meetup in NYC.

  • Gilmore Davidson (he/him)

    Front-end developer and Emoji Grinch


    I'm a front end dev but my goal is to become a full stack developer, I'd like to learn more backend languages

  • Matt Sutton (he/his/him)

    I'm a front-end developer in Sydney who's passionate about accessibility and functional programming.

    skills: JS functional programming html css Git

  • Wesley de Souza (he)

    I'm a Brazilian web developer living in Brooklyn, NY, currently working for Work & Co. I've worked for other large companies, such as Booking.com, and I wanna help to reduce the imbalance in the tech industry.

    skills: javascript html css

  • Oliver Phillips (He/him)

    I just graduated from the Founders & Coders bootcamp, and also just mentored the next cohort for a week. I want to keep teaching and helping people who are learning to code. I have lots of HTML/CSS experience, and a reasonable amount of React.

    skills: accessibility Redux testing javascript React TDD html css

  • Allison Levine (She/hers)

    I'd like to coach. I'm a freelance web developer with experience in Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, and WordPress.

    skills: wordpress javascript html css

  • Nick Marshall (He/him/his)

    cis white queer male. I want to share knowledge, nurture diverse voices and encourage compassionate, critical problem-solving. I'm an ex-GA TA and a mainly-backend web engineer.

    skills: Dev Ops SQL HTML/CSS  JavaScript Flavored Javascript Yelling Unintelligible Whiteboards ruby rails

  • Harrison Booth (He/Him)

    I have worked in Ruby, Java, and Javascript, with knowledge in Rails, React and a little in Angular. I did the CodeClan 16 week programming course.

  • Dan Abramov

    Working on React at Facebook. Co-created Redux. Happy to help. :-)

    skills: Redux javascript React

  • Sehinde Raji (He)

    I have worked on Wordpress, Laravel and craft cms and I know JavaScript, Vuejs, css and HTML. I have a portfolio and I have worked for an insurance company and I worked on their website

  • Dylan Buckley

    I am a JS / Swift Developer. Previously ran a coding working startup in NZ / UK, so have a deep passion for teaching people how to program at all levels (6-70). Currently building sparedesk.co. I have been involved in a number of diversity organisations.

    skills: Swift javascript html css

  • Dominik Kundel (he/him)

    I'm a web developer and currently a developer evangelist at Twilio. In the past I taught a variety of workshops for all levels of coding expertise. I'm passionate to teach people new things whenever I can.

  • Ryan Brooks (he/him)

    I have 12 years of professional software dev experience, and for the past 3 years I've been organising JSOxford and OxRUG community events and running full-day workshops for novices & experts. I'm keen to teach, and help out wherever my skills are needed.

  • Kaushik Chaubal

    I am a software developer with an industry experience of 5+ years. I am primarily focussed on JAVA but I use NodeJS, JS, HTML, CS, Mongo and other cool toys when I am doing any sort of personal or open-source projects.

  • Bernat Orell

    Hi, I am a Front End developer and I am interested in mentor here because a friend told me that it is a very nice environment where I can help people to grow and have a sense of community.

  • Ian Foote

    I'm a Senior Python Developer, mostly working with Django. I'm interested in introducing other people to one of my passions.

  • Raimo Radczewski (he/him)

    I'm an organizer at the Berlin Software Crafters Community and love to support people getting into tech. I've been a workshop trainer in the past, mostly JavaScript and XP-Methods. I'm a calm and patient person when I'm teaching. Would love to help

  • Karolin Siebert (she)

    I am a front end developer.

  • Andrzej Dyjak

    Software Engineer.

  • Jacques Coney

    Front-end Developer at M&S

  • Sam Mason (he/him)

    I'd like to share my interest in computers with those who would otherwise be unlikely to experience how useful code can be. I've been doing software/computer related things for a variety of commercial, academic and voluntary organisations.

    skills: c PostgreSQL javascript c++ html css python Git

  • Sohil Pandya

    JavaScript and Node dev

  • Alex Curran (he/him)

    I really enjoy mentoring developers at my company, an iOS and Android agency. I'd really like to help the community more (in particular the refugee community) and using skills which I enjoy sounds like a perfect mix!

    skills: iOS Android Clean Code

  • Michael Henretty (he)

    I am a professional web developer, working for Mozilla. I would love to mentor beginners and to be an ally for creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

  • Bradley Reeder (He)

    I'm currently a full stack javascript developer at Founders & Coders, a web development bootcamp in London. I have some experience coaching and helping run the course, and am eager to build on this by helping beginners to javascript.

  • Maggie Allen

    A bootcamp grad who wants to keep learning by teaching others. I love the tech community and I want to help it grow and to challenge the perception of women in tech. I've just graduated Makers Academy. I program in Ruby, Rails, and Javascript.

  • Adam Craddock (He)

    We have spoken to Charlotte Jackson about the possibility of hosting some codebar nights in July. I'd like to attend to get some experience in how codebar is run whats involved.

  • Elena Tanasoiu (she/her)

    I'm a Ruby on Rails developer working at unboxed.co. I'm interested in coaching people and helping them develop their skills.

  • Matt Wilson (he/him)

    I'm a full stack web / mobile developer. I enjoy working with front end JS frameworks (Angular, Knockout etc), back-end APIs and services (I've mostly used .NET for this) and mobile dev (interested in dabbling with both native and hybrid apps)

  • Beth Fraser (she/her)

    I work at CodeClan, a coding bootcamp in Edinburgh, and love helping other learn to code.

  • Gabrielle von Koss

    I'd love to work with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript and AngularJS. Having recently graduated from a 12-week development bootcamp has allowed me to work on a number of projects that are heavily based on these technologies, and I would love to share and learn!

    skills: Ionic ruby javascript rails AngularJS html css

  • Jennifer Spencer

    I completed a degree in Mathematics 4 years ago. Right now I am working towards a career change, into software development. So far, I have been completing Codecademy's online courses in HTML & CSS, Python and Java. Just looking for the next step.

  • Maria Ntalla

    My background is mainly Java but I am now working with Ruby and Golang a lot more and thoroughly enjoying it! :)

  • Jonathan Pickard

    Ruby, JS and AngularJS.

  • Richard Baker

    I'm Server Team Lead at 3 Sided Cube, a mobile agency. I specialise in building high scale web applications, but I also have experience building apps for iOS. I'd like to help others learn to code.

    skills: Linux Swift SQL Objective-C php javascript node

  • Linh Nguyen My

    Learn how to design beautiful interactive websites. Recently have undertaken a CodeFirst:Girls course in Advanced Ruby which took place at level39 in Canary Wharf over 8 week period. Having finished now, I would like to further develop my Ruby skills.

  • James Brady (He/him)

    Previously did a couple of startups in the UK, then moved to the US and did the silicon valley thing. Now back in London and want to make tech more inclusive!

  • Izabela Jelonek (she/her)

    I am a full stack engineer at Big Health. I learnt programming thanks to Codebar and CodeFirstGirls.

    skills: SQL javascript html css python

  • Chris Radford

    I work as a senior dev at BorrowMyDoggy, primarily working on our Rails (web) or RubyMotion (iOS) apps, in the past I worked on large scale PHP applications (yes, they exist). I love helping people learn and solving interesting problems.

    skills: iOS php ruby rails

  • sophie plimbley (miss)

    I want to learn to be better at javascript (like most :)). I also want to give back by helping to teach HTML and CSS. I worked as a front end dev at a digtital agency for a year on big media brands. Now i'm a product owner for WP in the News landscape!

  • Vicky Gray

    Recent graduate of Makers Academy - interested in continuing to learn about code, and helping others to do the same :-)

    skills: ruby javascript html

  • Alexander Troup

    I'm a C# Web Developer with 4 years of industry experience. I want to expand my programming skills to encompass more languages and paradigms, like Python, Ruby on Rails, and Scala. If I fit well I might be interested in tutoring, if I can!

  • Emma Beynon

    Junior Developer at the Government Digital Service. Makers Academy alumnus.

    skills: ruby javascript rails html css

  • James Bliss

    I'm a Lead Front End Developer at redweb.

  • Nicholas Papacostas

    Heyo! My name is Nick, I'm from New York and I just moved to London. I'm working as a software developer for The Guardian and am looking for ways to get involved in my local tech community. I've volunteer-taught programming before and would love to help!

  • Ralph Saunders

    I'm interested in getting people experimenting with JavaScript, Canvas, and other visual interactive aspects of web technologies. I'm a seasoned front-end developer for Redweb – an industry leading digital agency. I also write for Web Designer Magazine

    skills: Karma Codeigniter Flask Jasmine Angular javascript Gulp html css

  • Guanglun Wu

    Founder and managing director of Graphere, a technology and startup consultancy. Full-stack developer.

  • Ioana Serban

    I work as a Software Engineer in Test at eBay. Most of my past experience is with coding Java and I'm currently working with Scala and Swift, but I'm happy to pitch in as an instructor for any topic.

  • Damon McMinn

    Self-taught dev with a desire to help others self-teach and learn from them in the process. Node.js the biggest badge I wear, but geek out on most things. *nix all the way.

  • Diana Castillo

    Front-end developer at Shutl.com, eager to learn and willing to help others learning! :)

    skills: basic js html css

  • Sam Marshall

    I've been working as a web developer for about two and a half years, working mainly in javascript focused on clean, functional code. I'm interested in other languages like Clojure and Golang. I'd love to help teach under-represented groups in tech

  • Benoit Mangili

    Software engineer, JS, iOS, .NET, etc.

  • Sam Han

    8th Light Resident Apprentice. Previously have a few years of Java experience at a company in Birmingham. Currently learning about good software practices such as TDD and writing clean code at 8th Light. Ruby / Java

  • Alexandra P

    I am a web developer, I have learn as autodidact and always though of sharing and learning together

  • Will Pillar

    Lead PHP Developer @ graze.com

  • Spen Taylor

    I'm interested in picking up a few JS tricks and shaking the rust off of my Ruby skills. Ultimately though I'd like to coach others!

  • Jack Bush

    want to become more active in and give back to the tech community. background in design, travel and development.

  • Andy Pearson

    I saw a few of you present at Bath Ruby Conference today and was instantly excited by what you are doing. I've recently been running a "Code Club" for my colleagues and was starting to wonder how else I could help others learn! I have run out of chars :(

  • Mina Gyimah (she/her)

    Software engineer at Pusher. Learnt to code and changed career 2 years ago (and once a Codebar student!), now I share my knowledge with others who want to learn.

    skills: javascript node.js html css Git

  • Naomi Ceder

    Interested in LGBT diversity, trans woman, helped organize Trans*Hack in US, active in Python community, speaking about transitioning & gender in tech world at cons in US, Germany, UK. Member of PyLadies, tutorials at coding events for women.

  • James Baxter

    Java web developer with frontend and design experience from Brighton

  • Matt Freestone

    I've been writing code since I was a kid - I'm from the ZX Spectrum generation. I've worked for several large banks and software companies writing all kinds of applications. More recently I've managed development groups in the UK and India.

  • Ross Huggett

    engineers first!

  • Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)

    Former charity communications person turned software engineer. Makers Academy alum. Particularly interested in tech for good and inclusion in the tech industry.

    skills: ruby javascript TDD html css Git

  • Christo Fogelberg

    Geek. Bootstrap (a little). JavaScript. NodeJS. Life. To be completed.

  • Andreas Holley

    Software Engineer Intern at ARM, most experienced in Java, have experience with Ruby/Python/PHP/JavaScript/C/C++. Minor experience with frontend website tech (HTML/CSS)

  • Alex Good (he/him)

    I run a small software consulting company (makerlabs.co.uk), I'm a feminist and I find the gender imbalance in engineering roles distressing and would like to help address it.

    skills: Swift Go javascript java python

  • Lin Taylor (she/her/they/them)

    I'm a data scientist, first came to codebar as a student, now a coach :). I used to run codebar Cambridge.

    skills: python

  • Nik Caplen

    I work at a start-up in Kemp Town that makes financial & trading software. I like the finance world as a programmer because almost any crazy algorithm you can think of has probably been used somewhere in the industry.

  • Jack Stevens

    I am a full-stack JavaScript developer at Funding Circle; I contribute regularly to open source projects and love helping others learn to code. Diversity ftw. More types of people = more awesome ideas.

  • Dan Brown

    I'm a developer for Made by Many, who is hosting the next Codebar. I like teaching, but don't get to do it often!

  • Vanya Yaneva

    I am a software developer with experience mainly in C, OpenCL Java and C#. I find coding to be a special activity in allowing one to build creative, fun and useful things very quickly. I think that everyone should have the knowledge to be able to do this.

  • Helen Natasha Moore

    I design and build websites using WordPress.

  • Srikanth Kunkulagunta

    Ex makers-academy & in-house developer at techstars.

  • Thomas Brand

    Ruby Developer, Pivotal Labs Engineer, cucumber member, bass player.

  • Jessica Leach

    Front End development skills and interest in experimenting with education

  • Oliver Joseph Ash

    I want to help others learn to code.

  • Mike Gardiner

    I like building things in software and helping other people build things too.

  • Igor Garcia

    Java developer @ Powa.com. Amateur musician (drummer), cycle activist, born in Brazil, living in London since June 2012.

  • George Sheppard

    I'm an experienced Ruby & Rails developer looking to help out / share some of my skills as a coach.

  • Najaf Ali

    I'm a Ruby developer with around seven years of experience building web applications. I'd like to take any opportunity I can to pass on my skills (be they as they are) to anyone who wants to learn and hope I can do so through codebar.

  • Paco Rosa

    You cannot master your skill if you cannot teach it :) I'm not after any job, I just want to share my experience and help others to learn coding. There is plenty of katas to make together out there!

    skills: c# ASP.NET SQL SOLID html css Bootstrap. TDD (starting) jQuery

  • natalie braginsky (she/her)

    i love using html/css/js as creative tools and exploring the huge space of what they make possible. my other main tools are python and supercollider. using them i create generative music, visual art, poetry, and art that can only exist on the internet.

  • Jeffrey Starke (he/him)

    I met Android in 2011, fell in love in 2012, and we've been together ever since. On a mission to change the world!

    skills: Android RxJava kotlin java Unit Testing Git

  • Josh Marantz (he/him/they)

    Studied and mentored/coached at DevBootcamp NY. Worked frontend at Sesame Workshop and currently working fullstack for Thelab. I enjoy social dancing and singing in my spare time!

    skills: Angular ruby javascript rails React basic functional programming

  • Shahjada Talukdar (He)

    I would like to join as a Coach. I have been working with Software Development for more than 7 years. Would like to share some of my experiences with others...

  • Javier Buzzi

    Principal Software Engineer, living here in Barcelona, i'd like to give something back to the community, meet some other like minded people, maybe even friends..

    skills: Linux docker CI AWS javascript Azure sass Shell postgres gcp css devops redis python Git

  • Helen Root (She/her)

    I am a recent graduate from Electronic and Information engineering at Imperial, where I learned to use C++, Python, Swift and MatLab. I now work as a software developer, mostly using JavaScript. With codebar I want to encourage people in their projects.

  • Ryan Lynch (he/his/they)

    I'm a developer @ Squarespace currently with 9 years of professional experience. I've also been a part time bootcamp instructor for 4 years currently @ Thinkful. Committed to help.

  • Alex Foster

    Keen frontend developer working with ReactJS. I like to use lots of Javascript, HTML and CSS.

  • Imran Sulemanji

    JavaScript, React and React Native engineer at Formidable Labs. General Assembly instructor and Bootcamp alumni.

    skills: ruby javascript React React Native

  • Alan Ionita (his)

    I've just recently graduated from a local coding bootcamp (Northcoders Manchester) and I'm looking to embed the knowledge I've picked up by coaching others, helping them overcome problems I've experienced and new ones.

    skills: Redux MongoDB PostgreSQL nodejs javascript React Firebase html css

  • Dean Chapman (he/his/they)

    I'm a developer and architect. I'd like to help someone get some joy from coding and improve my ability to teach at the same time.

    skills: Scala clojure javascript java

  • Dean Hetherington (he/him)

    I'm a full time software developer (primarily Javascript), done a bit of teaching as a uni module and really enjoyed it. Find that teaching helps myself as much as others. You can't really teach something until you fully understand it yourself.

  • Andrew Romear (he, him, they)

    I would love to code with new people, learn some new languages, teach some beginners and learn from some experts.

    skills: Unix ruby javascript rails TDD java sql jquery Git

  • Andrés Lucas Enciso (He)

    Front-End Team Lead at RedPoints, Barcelona.

    skills: JS php React D3js Dataviz css node

  • Ruggero Ferretti

    I'm a keen software engineer (thanks dad for the ZX Spectrum), using mainly Python and Java and with a string interest in IoT, futsal and pizza.

    skills: Linux php java python

  • James Cooke (he/him)

    Used to help organise London Django meetup group where we worked to increase diversity (hard) and implement a CoC (easier). I'd like to help improve the diversity of the programming industry because I think it's losing out by being white male dominated.

    skills: Linux SQL bash python

  • Cameron Moss (he)

    I work with Elixir and React-Native mostly. I am self-taught, but enjoy the challenge of trying to teach what I wasn't taught.

    skills: Elixir c# Angular SQL ruby javascript React GraphQL java react-native html css python

  • Niall Coleman-Clarke (he/him)

    20 year old, still in college but hopefully going to university next year. I have 4 years programming experience and love it!

    skills: javascript Lua python

  • Callum Davies

    Teacher of CS. Love to code.

    skills: ruby java python

  • Harriet Ryder (she)

    Hi! I work at Northcoders which is a coding bootcamp in Manchester. I love teaching code, but I do a bit less of that in my job now than I used to so hence signing up to coach at Codebar. I love code, yoga, reading, and learning foreign languages!

    skills: command line AWS javascript React html css Git

  • Ten-Young Guh (he/him)

    Python, Command Line, Git (only if short of volunteers, JavaScript) For the 2016-2017 year, I tutored at Landmark High School for ScriptEd! We taught basic web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript with jQuery) to an under-resourced high school.

  • Geoffrey Chong

    I want to work on my teaching ability. I've developed brochure sites for small to large companies using HTML/CSS/JS, worked on large scale React applications as well as designed UI/UX for startups.

  • Nicole McCabe (she/her)

    Software Engineer at 8th Light.

  • Oliver Dore (he/him)

    12 years experience in the digital industry. Passionate about scalable HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Focused on performant and accessible web applications using React/Redux, AngularJS, next.js, using modern tooling - ES6/Babel/Webpack etc.

    skills: accessibility javascript web performance html css

  • Matthew Keller (he/him/his)

    Full-time programmer looking to give a little back.

  • Alex Swan

    I've done some teaching/mentoring in the past and I'd love to do more!

  • Hugh Greene (he/him)

    Based in Edinburgh, I've been a professional software developer for over 20 years, My knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git is not deep but probably enough for the codebar tutorials; my Ruby and Python knowledge is minimal.

    skills: c testing c# XML Groovy OO design Mercurial Artifactory documentation javascript kotlin java c++ html css Git

  • Katerina Pascoulis

    Founder of Personably, a start-up helping fast growing teams onboard their new hires. Learnt to code at Founders & Coders! Worked at as a fullstack developer for a year freelancing between the two.

    skills: JS html + css React GraphQL node

  • Alice Wu (she/her)

    I'm a front-end developer consultant.

    skills: ruby javascript bash html css jQuery Git

  • Daniele Occhipinti (he)

    I would like to coach in Javascript/Java/HTML/CSS. I have already coached in the past and gave a lightening talk at one of the Codebar events. I work as a Software Engineer at Government Digital Services (GDS).

    skills: software engineering javascript java html css

  • Hugo Jobling (Him/He/His)

    I am interesting in learning through teaching

    skills: functional programming Redux javascript React html css

  • Bryce H

    I enjoy dabbling in many programming languages but the ones I've stuck with are listed in the 'Skills' section. Having spent over a year trying to learn programming alone I am aware of how helpful it can be discussing a problem/idea with someone else.

    skills: c arduino javascript html css python

  • Ellie Hamilton (she/her)

    I am interested in coaching. I work at notonthehighstreet as a ruby and frontend developer

  • Sean Blundell

    Fresh Makers Academy graduate looking to both reinforce and share my knowledge through teaching. Seeking to help out anyone enthused or intrigued by Ruby / JavaScript / HTML / CSS.

    skills: HTML5 ruby javascript css

  • Robert Pemberton

    Having recently gone from knowing nothing about code to landing a front end developer job I know how hard this journey can be and hope to help others achieve their own goals.

  • Jev Belikov

    I am a researcher with a focus on Distributed Systems and Parallelism in Programming Languages and a certified Software Carpentry instructor.

  • Akin Sowemimo (He)

    I'm a soon to be bootcamp graduate, and aspiring fullstack developer who programs in javascript with node.js and React. I'm an ex-doctor and hoping to become one of the 2.5% of developers who are black (according to SO ^^)

  • Piotr Berebecki

    JavaScript Developer at Founders & Coders

  • Alan Carter (he/him)

    Developer at Government Digital Service

    skills: c# Scala SQL full stack web development java

  • Martin K.

    Front-end / web developer at Global Radio

    skills: CSS/Sass javascript html

  • Luke Twyman

    I've been a freelance developer & designer for 10 years, I focus on creative coding projects involving visuals, audio, interactive experiences & data visualisation. I enjoy teaching people creative skills so figured I'd try this!

  • James Lawson (he/his)

    (github.com/jameslawson). I'm a Web Developer at the BBC working with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Also work with Node.js, Scala, python. Have experience with React.js, Angular 1.0.

  • Khaterine Castellano (She)

    I am mobile developer with 4 years knowledge in Objective-C and Swift (iOS) and Java (Android)

  • Cy Iurinic (they/them)

    Front-end Developer and Designer with more than 5 years of experience with Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, SASS.

  • Gabor Javorszky (he/him)

    I'm a freelance software engineer mostly working with WordPress / WooCommerce sites with 5 years experience. I used to be a contributor to Ghost, and currently working with Laravel on my own idea.

  • Andrew Parker (he/him)

    I'd like to work on my 1:1 coaching abilities and help others learn to code. I've worked at a number of different places that pair program and so am familiar with working through programming problems with others.

  • Sian Robinson Davies (she)

    I'm a Teaching Assistant at CodeClan and completed CodeClan's 16 week course.

  • Diego Tiscornia (he/him)

    I have been a developer/maker/hacker (in the legal sense of the term) for the last 20 years.

    skills: Electronics computer security sysadmin maker programming

  • Julian Blundell (he)

    I am a freelance back end developer, been working in the Brighton area for 15 years. My specialties are Sql and NoSql database design and implementation, php/mvc frameworks and reasonable JavaScript/jQuery

    skills: nosql SQL php mvc database javascript jQuery

  • Garrett Andersen

    I'm an Artificial Intelligence researcher at Prowler.io. Most of my programming experience is related to doing AI stuff in Python.

  • Felix Harrison (he/him)

    I am a full stack developer with a keen interest in C#, JavaScript and Ruby. I always looking to expand my knowledge and skills by meeting new people and learning new things!

    skills: c# ASP.NET ruby javascript rails React html css node

  • Henrik Gyllensvärd

    Got a master's degree in Computer Science 2014 at from Lund University and have worked as an Android Engineer since.

    skills: Android

  • Abhi Chugh (he)

    Full-stack software developer working in finance - although more familiar with server-side/back-end work than UI/front-end.

    skills: c# ASP.NET SQL WPF WCF WebAPI OWIN javascript AngularJS java

  • Kelvin Gan

    I'm a dev Chinese dad of two wonderful girls, so codebar is a strong cause for me. I miss running my Code Club since starting work at GOV.UK. Helping others to learn to code is an awesome thing I want to do more of!

  • Jake Wright (he/him)

    Computer Science graduate and Software Developer at graze.

  • Mike Masey (he/him)

    I'm a developer at Yoyo, a digital agency based in Tunbridge Wells. I do both frontend and backend (c#). I've been doing web development for about 7 years.

    skills: c# Npm javascript Gulp html css Git

  • Olivier Laviale (he)

    Hi, I had nice speech, but it didn't fit so here it is: https://gist.github.com/olvlvl/8bb76a23c5b43a3a54e43dfa1ddd6e25

  • Dan Q (he/him)

    I hack HTML/CSS/Ruby/JS/SQL. And PHP if I must. Stuff I've done: Three Rings (volunteer management), OxUni library websites, put little red tractors on milk, freedeedpoll.org.uk, contributed to WordPress codebase, de-facto Ruby MOTP implementation...

    skills: Security JS SQL php hacking ruby html css jQuery

  • Shariff Inayat

    Been a web developer for 10 years, doing both front-end and back-end. Happy to introduce more awesome people to this industry.

    skills: Databases javascript node.js TDD html css python Git

  • Jim O'Donnell (he)

    Front-end developer at zooniverse.org

    skills: accessibility javascript html css

  • Campbell Allen

    Help the people write the codez

  • Marten Veldthuis (he/him)

    I've coached at RailsGirls Groningen before, and organised yearly Code Retreats. I love helping out.

  • Samuel Boguslawski

    I am a full stack web developer at CareerFoundry. I like to help and share knowledge. I also like to learn new skills.

  • Chris Holmes

    Ruby on Rails developer at Unboxed Consulting interested in learning, teaching and improving.

  • Kaitlyn Tierney (she/her)

    Full-stack Apprentice Developer at Happy Bear Software, freelance writer/editor/photographer, former zoo librarian, internet enthusiast

    skills: ruby rails getting rustier by the day with javascript and python html css

  • Calum Ryan

    I'm primarily a front-end developer and care very much about user experience design and making the web a much nicer, accessible place for everyone.

  • Chris Lucas (he)

    I'm interested in becoming a coach. I thought I'd try and get involved in the process of helping others to code. I've been coding with Python for around 5 years - four years as a researcher at CERN, and one for a startup in London. I also love teaching.

  • Rhys Jackson

    Data Analyst and wannabe JavaScript developer. Often work with node.js/Meteor

  • Jack Hardy (he/him)

    I have just graduated from Makers Academy, where I have learned Javascript, ruby, ruby on rails, angularjs, ionic, css, html. I am keen to teach others valuable information I have learned on my training.

  • Matthew Glover (he)

    I'm a former lawyer and current student at Founders & Coders.

    skills: Node.js plus a bit of Ruby javascript html css

  • Philipp Schuegerl (he)

    Current: Qubit - Senior Software Engineer working on Java backend of a reporting pipeline. Before: Microsoft US - Software Engineer II working on the Bing Ads backend in C#.

  • Stuart Quin (he)

    I'm interested in helping out with teaching/training. I've previously helped out at Makers Academy and helped host an event for the Stemettes. http://stuartquin.com

  • Lorenzo Turrino

    Yet another fresh graduate off Makers Academy, I'd love to help other people learn some coding and improve my own skills while doing that!

    skills: (learning) React Angular Ruby on Rails javascript

  • Laurie Clark-Michalek (he/him)

    Bit of everything really

  • Erika Pheby

    Javascript lover! Makers academy grad.

  • Kyle Buttner

    I've just graduated from Makers Academy and am excited to get involved as I've heard great things from other Makers students!

  • Nick Colley (he/him)

    I'm interested in frontend development and design, specifically performance, accessibility, design systems etc

  • Luke Guppy

    A front-ender, currently doing lots of work with integrating data into UIs.

    skills: javascript (vanilla angular) Front-end workflow (gulp) html css

  • Emily Oliver (she/her)

    Picking fun projects to learn 2 codeee

  • Mic Cassano (he/him)

    Front-end dev @GetPiTop and Makers Academy alumni

    skills: javascript React html css

  • Emma Baddeley

    I've just finished Makers Academy web development bootcamp where i've focused on Ruby and Javascript, but also have a working knowledge of html and css/sass, as well as web development frameworks such as Rudy on Rails, Angular JS and Node/Express JS.

  • Zak Nitsch (He/him/dude)

    I spent 3+ years doing front end web development in Toronto and relocated to the UK at the end of 2015 where I have transitioned into web application development. Happy to help coach folks on anything front end web related such as HTML, CSS and JS

    skills: Clojure(Script) javascript html css

  • Gareth Smith ("He" or "They")

    I'd like to help with whatever I can. I'm an engineer at pivotal, where I've worked on linux container technology, back end stuff in java and go, and front end stuff in swift. I've also been a postdoc, taught undergrad CS, and built various other apps etc

  • Tom Bull (he / him / it)

    I've been programming for 25 years - and teaching coding for more than ten.

  • Tormod Smith (everybody)

    Just finished Founders & Coders Boot Camp, looking to learn more and practice existing skills.

  • Mari-Ann Meling

    Would love to help coach! I have experience in Javascript, Ruby, rails and HTML/CSS

  • Tom Barnes

    Developer at Springer Nature. Ex music industry but always wanted to program, studied at Makers Academy, now unquestionably addicted.

    skills: xp pair programming ruby node.js TDD kotlin java bash Git

  • Octavian Rotari (he)

    I'm a web developer from Italy, I currently moved to Edinburgh, I'll be very happy to meet other fellow coders like me here and share with them my knowledge.

    skills: Ruby on Rails ruby javascript rspec sass Gulp grunt html css Git

  • Burhan Ali

    I have been a software developer for more than ten years and have mentored a number of junior developers in that time. I am very interested in increasing diversity in the tech industry, which draws me to codebar.

    skills: pl/sql c SQL javascript java html css python

  • Neil Kimmett

    I'm a freelance iOS developer, but also know bits of HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python and Javascript. I would love to help people learn, it would give me joy in my heart <3

  • Lee Moody

    Developer at the Financial Times.

  • Jeremy Keith

    I like to teach HTML and CSS.

  • Natalie Akam

    Developer at Trainline and Makers Academy graduate

    skills: ruby javascript TDD html css

  • Luke Fribbens

    Being a coach

  • Tim Stone

    HTML, CSS, Ruby. FED for a number of years!

  • Amalia Cardenas

    I am just starting my programming journey. I would like to work on improving my CSS and HTML. Eventually I would like to move on to JavaScript. I would also like to give back and help the community in any way that I can.

  • Paul Bullivant

    I'm a developer with several years experience

    skills: Sql Server c# MySql ASP.NET javascript html css jQuery

  • Salvatore Zappalà

    Hi! I've been a programmer for the last 6 years of my life. I love programming and I love to share this passion with others. Other passions include traveling and photography. I want to help people to learn how to program.

    skills: backend frontend php javascript node.js vue.js

  • Ray Benitez

    I enjoy programming and helping people to program. I am a retired IT consultant and software project manager. Now, I make embedded software and hardware for fun.

    skills: javascript html css python

  • Nelson Correia

    I've written some code. So much more I want to learn. Would love to join you guys! (is there a waiting list for tonight?)

  • Sam Foot

    Hi! I'm a freelance developer who work/lives in Poole. I have specific knowledge in iOS/Android and .NET. Not sure who/what help you need and happy to help in anyway that I can. Let me know if you want to have a further chat! Cheers Sam

  • Amal Kakaiya (him/he)

    I want to help introduce and encourage people to get into the industry that I love! I work as a mobile developer at a tech startup and have a degree in Comp Sci. Coding can be difficult as times, but when it works, it's so rewarding.

    skills: Android php React.js javascript java

  • Lucy Oliphant

    Improving my JavaScript skills ideally. I would like to work on basic JavaScript projects or exercises.

  • Ben Paddock

    I am thinking about offering myself as a coach to help others in the Birmingham area. I simply enjoy coding and many other aspects of IT.

  • Michael Josephson

    Developer based in Manchester, happy to try to help at any events.

  • Jag Reehal

    I'm a developer in Cambridge who has experience in developing responsive apps.

  • Paulina Stypinska

    I'm a full-stack developer, working with Javascript.

  • Steve Lydford

    I can help with C#, web and cloud technologies and software design. I have worked as a professional developer for over 15 years, currently as a Software Craftsman at Codurance.

  • Nadav Rosenberg

    Recent graduate of Makers Academy, March 2015 cohort. Previous experience includes sales management, and strategy consulting.

  • Samuel Parkinson

    Developer at graze.com. Interested in sharing my understanding of developer tools like git. I'm a fan of running through "Learn Python the Hard Way" to teach the basics of programming (even more when it's on a Raspberry Pi).

  • Lee Jordan

    I'm a front end web developer who has worked for lovefilm, amazon and graze.com. The web development community is great at sharing knowledge and expertise and I enjoy doing the same.

  • Jane Trimmer

    I want to work on advanced programming, eg. OOPHP,and code testing. I have done basic php, javascript and am very proficient in html, css. Have done some sass

  • Karim Cheurfi

    I would like to work on JavaScript, especially Plain JavaScript to be able to create my own web applications. I have interned at an agency in Brighton before and I would like to expand my knowledge ans skills in JavaScript programming.

  • Daniel Hollands

    I'm a PHP, Ruby and (soon to be) JavaScript developer.

  • Kornelia Szabo

    Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks, recent Makers Academy Graduate and I also finished two Code First: Girls coding course and attended codebar for a while, so familiar how scary it is to start coding.

    skills: JS ruby TDD html css

  • Jessica Rose

    Looking to help coach at the first Brum event to help out

  • Shaban Karumba

    I've been a Software Developer at Funding Circle for almost 18 months now, I have experience programming in Ruby using Test Driven Development. I enjoy mentoring people as I can help people learn programming and the possibilities it can open up.

  • Tijmen Brommet

    I'm a Ruby developer at the Government Digital Service.

  • Siri Loof

    Mid-weight frontend developer at The Unit in Brighton. I started out as a student of Codebar so I'm excited to now coach others!

    skills: javascript html css

  • David Wickes

    Graduate of Makers Academy, developer at Mergermarket

    skills: Lisp SQL ruby javascript html css

  • Tomino Dostal

    I have been a developer for almost a decade and I gathered good knowledge of html, css, js and other technologies. I enjoy helping people and code ar sounds like great opportunity to get together and give back to the community

  • Edd Trent

    I'm the DevOps guy at Claromentis, doing a bit of everything!

  • Luke Corpe

    Web developer, hardware hacker.

  • John Stevenson

    Developer in the community, loves discovering new things and helping people get the most out of technology

  • Rebecca Appleyard

    I am a developer who enjoys working in Ruby and JavaScript. I am a work for the Parliamentary Digital Service and I am keen to help other people learn to code too!

  • Craig Blaszczyk

    I'm a gay Web Developer / CTO currently working for a startup in Shoreditch. I'm knowledgeable about web technologies, mostly Python/Django, SQL and NO SQL databases, Puppet, Fabric, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS3, etc.

  • Claire Tran

    Software engineer at Gumtree(/eBay). I have experience in Java and Ruby on Rails webapps. Previous experience with coaching include RailsGirls, RailsInstallfest and WomenWhoCode. I'm also a WomenWhoCode co-organiser.

    skills: ruby rails java html css

  • Amanda

    I have several years' rather patchy experience as an ASP.Net developer. I also enjoy web applications development using MVC or Umbraco and the most modern possible CSS, HTML and JavaScript tools I can get hold of. I am very keen to take up coaching.

  • Erika Jonikaite

    I am interesting in learning new programming concepts as well as sharing the knowledge that I already have with others.

  • Theo Inglis

    I am mainly a frontend web developer, mostly angularjs. Have done c#/wpf quite extensively too in a previous job.

  • Josh Crowder

    Founder of Serious Fox a Design and Development Boutique. Full-stack developer. HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby

  • Linnea Strid

    I'm a designer and frontend developer at Serious Fox, a small web development agency in London. I work mainly with HTML and CSS

  • Cosmin Stamate

    1st year PhD student at Birkbeck in artificial intelligence. I know how to code in: html, css, javascript, php, python, ruby, java, scala, haskell, prolog, erlang, bash, matlab Love what you are doing and more than happy to help out!

  • Rachel Black

    Working a developer after attending codebar and Founder & Coders last year, excited to help coach others learning to code.

  • Isaac Seymour

    I've just graduated from Oxford with a bachelor's degree in mathematics. I taught myself to code, and did internships involving Android, Python/Django, and ASP.NET over my summers. I'm now working for GoCardless in London, where I'm picking up Rails.

  • Shanthi Pendleton

    Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, other interests include knitting, horses, and books

  • Sebastian Torrente

    I am spanish, studied Physics (wanted to be a Mad Scientist when I was a kid) and work now as QA. After listening to the Brighton Codebar team during a Ruby Conference I became aware of Codebar and decided to help.

  • Trisha Paul

    Working as a Ruby developer! Recent grad from the US.

  • Mike Street

    I am a front-end developer for a Brighton agency and have over 5 years commercial experience in building websites in all shapes and sizes. My expertise lay in HTML and CSS (including Sass & Less) although I can do some javascript/jquery.

  • Martin Edwards

    I've done front end development work for around 10 years now, with brief spates of tech management. My experience is mostly around HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, accessibility practices, basic PHP, basic MySQL, API integration. Hope that helps!

  • Graham Lewis

    Once upon a time... I was a Java developer. Now for the happy ending - these days I do mostly Ruby, Rails and web-stuff! I love creating things - and I love helping others create things.

  • Carlos Alonso Pérez

    I'm a software engineer really passionate about development and very interested in the community, sharing and learning!

  • Jack Franklin

    I'm a Ruby and JS developer for GoCardless in London and I've also got a Computer Science degree from the University of Bath. I spend a lot of my time writing tutorials on http://javascriptplayground.com/.

  • Duncan Mortimer

    I've fairly recently made the move from research to software development --- now working for ThoughtWorks, a software consultancy. Happy to help out in any way I can!

  • Peter Fine

    Data Scientist at 15gifts with a background in machine learning, experienced in Python, R, Java and Matlab, with some C++ and html/js

  • Dawid Sklodowski

    Enthusiast of innovation, focused on constant improvement of skills and knowledge in field of software development and supporting processes. Developer @SimplyBusiness

  • Modestas Urbonas

    Front end developer at Madgex based in Brighton

  • Alex Hill

    Mathematician and philosopher turned programmer (usually C# or Javascript.) Have been appalled by the lack of diversity in all the fields I've worked in, and want to make a positive difference.

  • Peter Cook

    Data visualisation designer and builder. Happy talking HTML, SVG, CSS, JavaScript and D3.

  • Gemma Hentsch

    Freelance developer and lone gun currently pretending to be an employed person at StoryStream

  • Adam Yeats

    Software Engineer at Ocasta Studios in Brighton. I write JavaScript and Ruby.

  • Simon Willan

    I am a full stack developer in Brighton with a refined focus on PHP and Back End development. I have been developing websites and games for 5 years...and I have a programmer beard. Looking forward to giving back to the community!

  • Jo Summers

    Hello! I am a CS AI graduate, and have recently started running a code club. I would really love to be involved in teaching grown ups HTML too!

  • Alastair Lockie

    JavaScript developer at Brandwatch

  • Alena Ruprecht

    Vagabond, sailor, developer. Loves sleeping on strangers couches.

  • Pete G

    I make things and help people learn how to make things...

  • Alan Hampson

    Developer for 10 years who likes teaching.

  • Apostolis Taxintaridis

    junior web designer/developer diving into RoR

  • David Wright

    I am a technician/Demonstrator and software trainer. In my day job I teach HTML/CSS, Flash and in the evenings I teach Adobe Illustrator to fashion designers. I am passionate about web development and programming and want to pass on this skills to others.

  • Justine Courty (they)

    Close to graduating. Interested in infosec, dataviz and ai. Can teach what I've listed in skills + a whole lot more technologies and tools at a basic level.

    skills: Linux numpy googling d3 python

  • JB Steadman

    I work in London for Pivotal Labs.

  • Matt Gradidge

    Developer at Reevoo

  • Sun-Li Beatteay (He)

    I just want to help out students who want to learn more about programming and advance in their careers. I am a full stack developer who has previously worked on distributed systems and decentralized applications.

  • Maia McCormick (she/her)

    I learned how to program at the Recurse Center, and have been a backend engineer at Spring for 3 years (working mainly in Python and Go, some Javascript). I want to help others get as excited about code and problem solving as I am!

    skills: JS SQL Go javascript golang python Git writing

  • Patrick Allen (he/him)

    Designer and front-end dev and hopefully I can lend a supportive hand.

    skills: JS html css

  • John Edmonds-Bell (he)

    I've loved programming since I wrote my first program in BASIC back in the 80's. Now I"m a Freelance Full Stack Developer and my hobby is my job. The best bit, there's always something new and fun to learn. My passion is for webby stuff

    skills: c# SQL javascript VB html css

  • Sophie Koonin (She/her)

    I'm a software engineer at John Lewis using React/JS/Kotlin. I want to help others learn!

  • Kevin Letchford

    I have not done it before, i am a front end dev that goes to meetups run by Mike Masey. He asked if anyone would like to help out . I thought it would be a interesting thing to do.

  • Callum Whyte (he/him)

    I am a senior developer who first started off in the industry self taught and without any university degree I want to share the wealth of knowledge I have gained over the years with others from a similar position as I was once in

  • Dan Meek (he/him)

    Front end developer

  • Kevin Ansfield (he)

    I'd like to be a coach. I have 15 years experience in the web development industry as a full-stack developer across many different programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. My current focus is predominately JavaScript based web technologies.

  • Thomas Gaskill (he/him)

    Developer at Yoyo, specialising in Frontend (SASS, Babel, Webpack) and Backend (C#, .NET, MVC, Umbraco CMS, UCommerce).

  • Matt King

    I love learning and sharing knowledge collaboratively! I am a graduate of Founders and Coders Nazareth and have mentored at campuses in both Nazareth and Gaza. I am currently the course facilitator for the London campus.

  • Hannah Tucker (She)

    I’ve just finished a JS boot camp (full stack JS) and am interested in mentoring!

  • James Forage

    20 years digital experience, working for multi-national management consultancies and award-winning London digital agencies. Now part-owner of Yoyo Design, a creative digital agency specialising in Umbraco, Ucommerce and Sitecore

    skills: c# ASP.NET SQL OOD VB.NET

  • Nick Kotowski (He)

    I just moved to BCN and work as a remote JS/React Native developer for a Swiss company full-time. I self-taught myself coding at university while doing economics and started working as a developer exactly a year ago.

    skills: JS React Native html css

  • Luke Vinton (he/him)

    I love codebar's focus on coaching to the under-represented; as a society and industry we need that! I am a data architect/analyst, with a web dev background using a number of languages, technologies and platforms.

    skills: JS c# mvc spark data science ts ng python

  • Guilherme Nobre (he/his/they)

    Python was my main language a few years ago but now I've moved to mostly Java & JavaScript (Node).

  • Brian Wehrle

    I like working with others and helping people learn to code!

    skills: c# BDD javascript TDD java python

  • Ana-Maria Kadar (she)

    I'm a developer, who mostly worked with web technologies, such as: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS I like helping other people learn coding, I volunteered before at GoBridge and Codebar also

  • Mohamed Oun (He/Him)

    HTML, JavaScript (And ES6+), React, Node.js, Python, Django. Those are mostly the technologies I'm experienced in and can probably teach.

  • Eduardo Bautista

    I'm a software engineer from Mexico, currently immersed in the JS ecosystem here at Berlin! 😋. I've always found the taste for sharing knowledge from both sides of the pipe (teaching and learning)!! And I've found that teaching you always learn more 💪.

    skills: JS ecosystem!

  • Jack Lewin

    Software Developer at Sky, mostly into JavaScript.

    skills: wordpress javascript React html css node Git

  • Dave Brotherstone (he/him)

    JavaScript, databases, python, bit of scala, git.

  • Santiago Rueda Montoya

    Saludos, soy desarrollador web... me considero todavía estudiante, pero podría ayudar con las bases de html5, css3, javascript, jquery y Vue JS. No cumplo con las condiciones de sus estudiantes, aunque soy extranjero latinoamericano.

    skills: JS HTML5 CSS3

  • Eva Marques

    Codebar seems really interesting to me because I miss teaching and I feel that I should be sharing my knowledge. I currently work as a developer at Palatinate Tech. I have a degree in software engineering and close to 4 years of working experience.

  • Bryce Liu (he)

    Software engineer at Google

  • David Richards (he/his)

    I currently build mobile apps and back-end services for Ocasta. I have experience building for web, mobile, wearable and also maintain a number of side projects.

    skills: javascript node.js kotlin java html css

  • Padma Edirisinghe (She)

    I am interested in learning anything including codes. I have experience in R, python, HTMl, Java in basic levels

  • Lori King

    python, django

  • Sam Murray (He/him)

    Developer at Made by Many. Skills: JavaScript, Elixir, React, React Native

  • Beatrice Farias

    I am a self taught junior android developer. I love learning and discovering something new every day.

    skills: XML java WebdriverIO

  • Zsolt Podoba-Szalai

    Passionate about mentoring, life-long learning and food. Mostly food.

  • Matt Gallagher (he/him)

    3 years commercial development experience. Proficient in C# and Java. Comfortable with Python. Familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

  • Philip London (He)

    I’m wallet lead at blockchain.com. I can help with all Frontend technologies

  • Emily Taylor (she/her)

    I've worked for 2 years as a developer and have experience with iOS, Java & Spring, C# &.NET and SQL. Mostly I enjoy front-end development, particularly javascript and js web frameworks. When not at work, I play rugby!

  • Kat Lynch

    Hi! I'm a full stack web developer currently working with Elixir/Phoenix and React. I also have experience with Python, Ruby, React Native and SQL.

    skills: Elixir SQL terraform ruby AWS javascript React React Native Phoenix python

  • Michael Walker (he)

    I work as a Software Engineer at Softwire. Since I've been there I've been lucky enough to work on all kinds of different projects and with loads of different languages.

  • Ka Lok Cheung (he)

    I am a trainee consultant at Sparta and have done code in Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and Cucumber

  • David Zhou (he/him)

    I am a developer who likes learning and teaching. My favourite languages are c, c++ and... english.

  • Anna Rudzińska (she)

    I am an enthusiast of Python with a background in bioinformatics/computational chemistry. Currently I am leaving life sciences and moving to pure software development.

    skills: Perl bash Google Cloud Platform python

  • Olivia Graham

    Working as a software developer for ~4 years, looking to help more women get into coding

  • Kay Lovelace (she/her)

    i like writing code and talking to people

  • Sabina Bejasa-Dimmock (she)

    I've presented at WWC ruby workshop, I have dev experience in ruby and python, I've worked at three startups and larger VFX houses as a developer.

  • India Amos (she/her)

    I'm a recent graduate of the full-stack JavaScript Grace Hopper Program, and I was a teaching fellow there for the past three months. I've been working with HTML and CSS since ~1998, and I've used Git regularly for more than a year.

    skills: javascript html css Git

  • Julian Cook

    Self taught software developer who loves learning new languages and writing clean code.

  • Andrew Potter (He)

    I currently work at United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre as a Web Developer and want to help minority groups to learn how to code.

  • Anirudh Apparaju

    I have worked for 4 years as a software development engineer at Amazon. I have worked on anti fraud systems and natural language processing systems (Alexa). I like to use C++ but can work with scripting and other languages.

  • Etienne Mustow (he/him)

    British-Nigerian, Makers Academy Graduate

    skills: ruby node.js TDD html css

  • Steven Shingler

    I'm a software development manager for the Alexa Knowledge Graph team in Cambridge.

  • Jan Saganowski (he)

    Signing up to be a coach. Have 5 years industrial experience as a software developer using Java, C++ and Python

  • Ned Howley

    Web, C#, Java, SQL

  • Edward Haigh (he/him)

    I'm a self-taught developer who, after several years of self study, landed a back-end developer role - I'm eager to pass on what I learnt, the mistakes I made, and how I'd do it differently if I had the chance.

    skills: c# html python

  • Oliver Smart

    I am scientist who now develops in python (but in many other languages in the past). Helping people who want to learn is always fun.

    skills: Perl html python

  • Maciej Nowakowski (he)

    Self-taught web developer. I love teaching people React and Meteor. From time to time I organise the coding bootcamps in Canary Islands .

  • Sven Sauleau (he/him)

    Sven is a software engineer living in France and mostly working with Golang and JavaScript. OSS enthusiast and one of the persons behind Babel.

  • Rob Aldred (he/him)

    I have around 15 years experience working with a wide variety of languages and all manor of projects from games to large websites. I love code and really want to help improve the diversity in tech.

  • Chris Power (he/him/they)

    JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, C, C++, Java

  • David Edwards (he/him/his)

    I'm a professional engineer who would love to mentor people in Java, Javascript, Ruby, or general code practices!

  • Aram Simonian

    I have ~20 years' experience as a VBA programmer and I'm currently attending Makers Academy, a coding boot camp (Sept-Dec 2017). I have some knowledge of SQL, Ruby, JavaScript and PowerShell. I enjoy mentoring and this is a good way to do it!

    skills: PowerShell SQL ruby javascript Visual Basic for Applications html

  • stella h

    Working on something creative to improve my skills & hope to help others along the way.

  • Andrew Dowell (he/him/his)

    Makers Academy graduate now working at SpringerNature. Got a few side projects written in Kotlin - an app to arrange events. Want to learn more about Kotlin and also share my knowledge of Java/Scala/Ruby/NodeJS/JavaScript/HTML/CSS

  • Edward Hartwell Goose

    I've been a software engineer for about 7 years now, now head of engineering at a startup. I'm hoping to share some of my skills with others!

    skills: JS php Git

  • Simon Dobson (He/his)

    I'm from the UK and studied Computer Science at University there. I then began working as a QA Engineer and I like to write code! Now I work at Typeform in Barcelona

    skills: ruby java APIs

  • Richard Kirsch (he)

    CTO of London-based startup Pass The Keys, full-stack developer, self-taught but wish I'd had more help! Python and Django are my first coding loves, and remain so. Enthusiastic about almost everything else.

    skills: django python

  • Tahseen Malik

    I am a full stack developer with over 3 years of experience. I am passionate about everything web and that includes all the code that goes into creating it. These days I write most of my code in javascript and it is my preferred programming language.

  • Adam Vollmer (he, his, etc)

    Volunteer coaching, mentoring

  • Ali Hamdan

    Work as a Cyber security consultant - work with Python/C#, some Web development

  • Oliver Skånberg-Tippen (he/him/they)

    I want to help people learn what can be such a gratifying skill!

  • Maya Rosecrance (she)

    I'd love to mentor other women in tech!

  • Paul Ferguson

    Help build peoples confidence in frontend languages and skills, something I been working with for many years.

  • David Halewood (him)

    Having been a coach, mentor and educator for over 10 years I have a wealth of experience helping others achieve their goals. With my new found knowledge of best practice coding principles I feel that I can offer a lot to new coders

  • Callum Oakley

    I'm a developer at Pusher in London, where we build things that people use to build awesome webapps. I've worked with a variety of languages and tech, mostly JavaScript, Python, Go, Haskell. I'm keen to help out!

  • Mike Pearson (he)

    I'm an ex maths teacher, 65, working in the university maths dept on risk and evidence communication & maths education making data vis and web tools in Clojure/js/HTML/CSS/git. Happy to help in those areas. Also in python. I'd be a beginner there too.

  • Nick Riddell (him)

    Front end JavaScript developer and CodeClan alumni

  • David Marland (he/him)

    I am a full stack Web Developer at Bloomberg, covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including Node/React) and PHP. I started 15 years ago copy/pasting bits of script. I'm a fan of Information Architecture and love talking URLs.

  • Kamil Wojtczyk (he)

    I'd like to work on teaching HTML&CSS, JS, PHP, CLI and VCS -related topics. I'm a full stack developer just now with an aim to become a team leader/mentor at some point.

  • Dan Strong (he)

    I'm a DevOps engineer, do cloudy stuff, AWS, networking, Terraform. I have decent Python and I'm interested in functional programming (maths background you see). Oh, and I have a vague understanding of how git actually works.

    skills: Linux docker terraform bash TCP/IP python Git

  • Izzy Harris (she)

    have reasonable knowledge of python and ruby, enough to teach a beginner. only a little bit of javascript. trying to work on learning HTML/CSS

  • Róbert Papp

    3+ years of Android, lots of Java/Web before; currently at Trainline. I've actively contributed to Glide (Android image lib) for 3 years & helping user issues. Personal projects: http://www.twisterrob.net/project/

    skills: JS Android java html css

  • Natalie Seeto (She / Her)

    JavaScript and Node.js dev. Founders and Coders alumni. Believes the best way to learn is to mentor :)

  • Samuel Tan (he)

    I'm a social coder who was educated as a software engineer but only develops these days in my spare time.

  • Alessandro Simi (he/him)

    I'm a software engineer with almost 10 years of working experience. I worked with Java, Scala and various web and cloud technologies and I would like to share my knowledge to everybody would like to take it.

    skills: Scala SQL javascript java html css

  • Jennifer Georgevich (they/them/theirs)

    I used to teach full stack web development at App Academy and enjoyed it. I'd like to be a resource for people learning how to code.

  • Paul Jones

    I'd love to consolidate existing software development practices and tooling repertoire, as well as learn and interact with others.

  • Jonathan Sharpe (he/him)

    I am currently a senior software engineer at Pivotal Labs in London. I have previously attended a Codebar unconference.

  • Bjorn Johnson (he)

    Helping people with whatever they want to learn.

  • Chris Lloyd (he/him)

    I'm a PHP + JavaScript web developer, and I like helping people learn how to do things.

    skills: php javascript html css

  • Piotr Zielinski

    I'd like to share my 20+ years of coding experience and get people enthusiastic about the possibilities programming has to offer.

  • Marielle Volz (she/her)

    I currently work on Node.js/Front end JS/PHP and in the past have developed with Django/python.

    skills: django php javascript node.js html css python

  • Zee Zali (he)

    I'd love to contribute to the Codebar initiative and help people that are keen to learn programming. I could help out with the HTML, CSS and JS tutorials. I'm an Interface Developer, currently working at Ansarada.

  • Katie Peterson

    Hi, I am Katie. I have recently graduated from General Assembly's web development immersive course in Sydney and I start work at Thoughtworks in a few weeks. I love learning and teaching people how to code.

  • Maurizio Folcini

    Android development

  • Naomi Meyer (she/her/they)

    I am a Web Developer who loves learning new technologies, thinking through complex puzzles, and building innovate tech tools that benefit people around the world.

  • Felix Brann (he/his)

    I'm a 31 year old professional software developer. I've been coding since I was 13. I want to do some volunteering and I like the idea of being able to use my skills to help someone. I like teaching people stuff.

  • Harini Janakiraman

    I am a Senior Software Engineer working on building large scale data engineering solutions and realtime data streaming platforms. Would love to mentor and coach students.

  • Meggan Turner

    I've done a little bit of tutoring as a Teacher's Assistant at General Assembly, so I'm quite comfortable teaching the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I'd love to use my skills to help bring more underrepresented people into the tech community! (:

    skills: javascript html css

  • Martyn Hoyer

    Front end engineer at Ticketmaster, specialising in HTML, CSS, accessibility and usability.

    skills: accessibility html css usability

  • Bill Glover (he, him)

    Technology Architect / Mentor – always learning. I'm not a developer by trade but love to tinker, hack and explore technology. Overcoming frustration and discovering something new is an experience well worth sharing.

  • Julia López

    I'm a developer and I'd like to coach and teach other people.

  • Pedro Chambino

    I am a Software Developer from Portugal with 4 years of work experience and recently joined carwow. I am interested in improving my English and coaching skills, and help someone get started in coding. I have coached on a RailsGirls event once in Porto.

  • Simona Cotin (she/her)

    I am a developer advocate at Microsoft and previously worked as a full stack developer with Angular and Java. Enjoyed mentoring at organisations like women who code or ngGirls and started speaking at conferences in 2016.

  • Diego Frata (he)

    Full-stack dev with over 14 years of experience. I have done it all: e-commerce, internet banking, social apps, real-time trading engines, sports betting, ML/AI... you name it! Expert in C# but proficient in many other languages.

    skills: c# Angular SQL F# javascript TypeScript html css python Git

  • Rodrigo Senra (He)

    Brazilian, married with a 4 ys-old newborn baby, 20 years in the software, loves to teach

    skills: python

  • Edwin Toh

    I'm a web developer working at Work & Co. I used to part time lecture at a tertiary institute in Singapore. Passionate about imparting knowledge and web!

  • Betty Naudeer (she)

    small amount of knowledge in various languages

  • Tom Russell

    Ruby, Rails, Devops, JS (some react, some angular). Bash scripting, anything else I can!

  • ira santiago (she/her)

    I'm currently a Developer and Work & Co and I want to help get more women into coding! I taught an intro to HTML/CSS workshop similar to the one provided by codebar and was able to get a couple of women interested enough to try to enter the field! :D

  • Quinn Leong (they/them or he/him)

    I've spent the past year teaching at App Academy. I am really excited about being able to help teach the codebar workshops as a way to continue encouraging folks from underrepresented groups to be involved in tech!

  • Patricia Carbajal (she)

    I'm a front end developer at a startup called Kinnek. I work with javascript, html and css on a daily basis. I also studied and worked with ruby on rails, although I haven't looked at it in a while:)

    skills: Angular Ruby on Rails javascript React html css

  • Larry Williamson (He)

    Full stack engineer, I.T. generalist and Creative Technologist. I can build a computer, fix IRQ conflicts, rewire your network, design, deploy, develop, etc. According to others, I am a "wizard."

  • Gabriel DeFazio (they)

    I'm trying to enroll in your workshops, actually!

  • Daniela Huppenkothen (she/her)

    I'd like to coach students in Python. I write open-source scientific software (all in Python) both for my job (data analysis of scientific data) and in my spare time, and I love teaching.

  • Guillaume Marceau (he)

    Hi Codebar, I just met Kim at Brooklyn Roaster in Brooklyn and she told me about codebar.io. Professionally, I am technical lead which means I coach engineers for a living. Previous, I was with racket-lang.org studying how to best teach programming.

  • Georgie Luhur (she/her)

    Co-organiser of codebar Sydney

  • Rich Taylor (he/his/they)

    Front end, middle tier and back end things.

  • Ramzi Ramzi (He him)

    Computer Science teacher and graduate, Python I enjoy most. Have developed a webapp using JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

  • David Kelley

    Happy to answer questions, help people understand their code and drink beer!

    skills: php ruby AWS javascript python

  • Jamie Lui

    I found it fun coaching and it was a fun night. I am a java developer professionally.

    skills: java

  • John Smith (he/him/they)

    Coach at graze.com

  • James Weaver

    Coach from graze.com

    skills: iOS Swift php javascript

  • Eva Sanchez Guerrero (she/her)

    Spaniard LGTB identifying as a woman, diversity advocate.

  • Marco Alabruzzo (he)

    I've 7 years of experience in web development, the technology that I like/know most are JS (ES6 with react, vanilla but also the old jQuery) and Python (mostly Django but also flask).

  • Ellen Schallig (she/her)

    Astrophysics PhD student Python python python and hardware things

  • Erik Erskine

    I'm a freelance web developer living in Brighton.

    skills: html css

  • Martin McNickle

    I've really enjoyed the mentoring that I've done as part of my work at FanDuel. I've also grown more and more frustrated at the lack of diversity in the industry and I'm looking to help with that.

  • Henrique Alves

    I like to share knowledge and empower people. I have done workshops, talks at conferences and meetups.

    skills: Front-end javascript React

  • Tor Harrington

    I am an IT professional with over 10 years of experience working with a broad range of technologies and projects such as client server, integrations, web development, bits of mobile, dev ops, etc. I have worked for private and public enterprises & startup

    skills: ux c JS c# SQL php analysis infrastructure VB html css

  • Jose R. Garcia

    PhD in Parallel Computing, UAB Currently backend developer at King

  • Carolina Martinez

    Python coach. It is my first experience as a programming coach.

  • Albert Fernández Marsal

    I love programming. It's my job and my passion.

  • Duncan Garmonsway

    I use code to help government govern. Scientists, historians, everyone can write code to think faster and better.

    skills: R

  • Jaspar Gupta (He/him)

    To contribute to the ever growing tech community, meet new people and support a friend. Been working commercially as a professional developer for 2 years now, have worked with some amazing technologies like MongoDB and some awesome modern frameworks.

  • Joey Scott

    I am a graduate of Founders & Coders bootcamp, like using JavaScript and Node.js!

  • Jonathan Tsang

    I currently work at pivotal on cloud architecture software. I have worked on rails projects in the past.

    skills: ruby TDD golang

  • Rebecca Reed (She, Her)

    I want to help people learn HTML and CSS. I have a degree in Computer Science and have worked in digital agencies, specialising in front end development for corporate and commercial clients.

  • Michael Cleary

    I'm primarily a ruby on rails developer with some experience of ember and other js frameworks

  • Andrew Porter

    Linux sysadmin/engineer

  • Joe Dickinson (he/his)

    I've been working as a Ruby developer for about 2.5 years. I'm most comfortable teaching people the basics of OO programming, data structures and how to conceptualise things to do with coding.

  • Colin Turner (He/him)

    I've been teaching myself to code for the last 9 months. Most recently I've been doing a course (almost finished) in web development at Makers Academy. My interest is helping to teach those would like to code and need help getting started.

  • Micaela Rava (she/her)

    i am looking forward to improve my mentoring/knowledge sharing skills and also being able to do this in an inclusive environment.i'd be comfortable talking about frontend stack: html/css/javascript! also design related topics like layouting, color, type.

  • Alex Jukes (he)

    I'm a current student at Makers Academy, which I joined from a successful start up (where I was on the content side of things) while also dabbling in freelance web design. If there's anything I can do to help increase diversity in tech, I'm on board.

  • Stef Vaessen (he/him)

    Backend Developer at HelloFresh building microservices in Python and Go.

  • Michael Bell (he)

    Front End Development Responsive Web Design

  • Win Dalmijn

    Assist people with frontend and backend support. Fullstack developer at HelloFresh.

    skills: ReactJS Symfony php ruby AngularJS

  • Angel Ramirez

    CSS style, BEM, Angular and Rails pretty new to react.

  • Madeleine Smith

    Currently doing an apprenticeship in software development at Sainsbury's. Have been learning JavaScript for the past 3 months at work so that's my strongest. Also have a basic knowledge of Java, Python and PHP :)

  • Joe Clark (he/him)

    I'm a Javascript (and associated tech) developer, looking to come and support Codebar. I used to mentor at CoderDojo in Brighton.

    skills: javascript node.js java html css

  • Ashwini Mani

    Recent Makers Academy Graduate who loves to teach Ruby and Javascript. I believe that teaching is the best way to learn about the subject and also about oneself.

  • Gil Goncalves (he/him)

    I volunteer to be a mentor, I've mentored at a DJango Girls before and I spent many hours at a coder dojo to teach kids how to code. I love teaching and helping people!

  • Anita Woodruff (She/her)

    I took part as a coach when Codebar gave a session at Google as I work there as a software developer. I'm also taking part in a Googler Teaching Googler to Code program. I really enjoy helping people learn coding skills and want to get better at it.

  • Naz Malik (he/him)

    I'm currently a student at Makers Academy, learning Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. and loving it. I'd be happy to work on anything - right now just keen to learn as much as possible and teach whatever I can.

  • Caroline Hatwell

    i'm a codeclan student! i want to supplement my learning and meet other learners from groups underrepresented in tech

  • Siwei Kang

    I am a software engineer at Skyscanner. I am passionate about coding and get more people excited about coding as well.

  • Paul Walczewski

    React / Startup / Javascript / Node

  • Anushree Subramani

    I'm a budding developer interested in learning and teaching coding

    skills: nodejs React

  • Paul Byrne (He)

    I mainly do Ruby on Rails, and also front end stuff with JavaScript, React, jQuery etc. Happy to do Html, Css, JavaScript, or anything in that sphere :)

  • Scott Fitzsimmons (He)

    JavaScript developer +10 years I build mini games in my full time job

  • Astrid Novicky (she)

    I would like to improve my python and JS skills. I took some online course in bash, python and JS. I really enjoy coding it is a lot of fun and am happy to meet some similar minded, nice people

  • Anda Popovici (she/her)

    I am a software developer at Scott Logic in Edinburgh. I'd like to volunteer as a coach or to help with running the workshops in general. I've done mostly Java but also some frontend work like JS and HTML/CSS.

    skills: SQL frontend javascript java html css Git

  • Terrence Wong (He/Him)

    I'm working on a project to make a command line version of flashcards. My idea is that I want to run it as a githook so I can practice Spanish while I work. I work as a frontend developer so if someone needs help in that area I'm happy to help!

  • Sergio Garcez (he/him)

    I'm a python developer and would like to teach python.

  • Roberta Goodhead

    .Net and JavaScript developer for 8 years.

  • Till Schneidereit (he/him)

    I work for Mozilla Research, doing some C++, JS, and Rust on the SpiderMonkey JS engine and web embedding concepts.

    skills: JS Rust (some) c++ html css

  • Erika Nitsch (she/her)

    I used to be an academic archaeologist, but I taught myself R because I loved programming and statistics. I'm now a data scientist at a Cambridge startup using Python. I want to help people learn programming and/or become more quantitatively skilled!

  • Eduardo Urso

    I want to be part of something that can have good impact in people's lives as well as dedicate myself to learn more about coaching and influencing people to do what can change their lives.

  • Daniel Berzon (He)

    Ruby, ROR, Html, CSS, Java, Javascript jquery knockout, PHP and wordpress Freelance web developeer since 2005 collaborating mainly with codeface ltd. Previously full time java developer for Oyster partners in London

  • Tom Fuller (he/him)

    I am a Makers Academy graduate, with some experience in Ruby, Rails, Rspec, JavaScript, Jasmine, C#, Unity, I want to help beginners get through the hardest part of their coding journey, the beginning!

  • Miles Bland

    Full-stack developer with an addiction to anime, manga and JRPGs. Building cool stuff for the web with my friends @builtbybuffalo.

    skills: wordpress Craft Ruby on Rails Front-end ruby

  • Oscar Barlow (he/him)

    I'm a recent Makers grad, looking for a job, and in the meantime wanting to spread the joy of coding to beginners.

  • Bryony Watson (she/her)

    I have just finished the software development course at Makers Academy. I want to show students how fun coding is, and I want to improve my ability to explain code. I've learnt Ruby, Javascript and Swift so far, and am excited about learning new languages

  • Jakub Kadlubiec (he)

    I would love to coach students in the following areas: .NET development (C#, F#), JavaScript development (Node.js and browser), database design and querying, Python scripting, Cloud (Azure, AWS)

    skills: backend SQL Cloud REST .NET javascript

  • Freyja Nash (She/her)

    I've been doing front endy stuff since the beginning of this year. I have a cheeky website, check it out freyjanash.co.uk. I love me some javascript and have been teaching myself React more recently.

    skills: javascript Humour html css

  • Adam Jack

    Hi, I'm a Front End Developer and would like to teach people what I know about HTML, CSS and Javascript and learn some things myself on the way.

  • Libby Odai (she/her)

    Improve my programming skills, through teaching other and being taught myself.

  • Alkesh Vaghmaria

    Ruby developer, currently at Friday (wearefriday.com). 8 years experience in Ruby, and I'm still loving it.

    skills: SQL vim ruby rails TDD java html Git

  • cassie Evans

    Digital Artworker at Net Natives, Learning Javascript, helping tutor HTML and CSS

  • Ka Lan Leung (he)

    improve on mentoring,

  • Raphael Leung

    Jr developer at UK Parliament working on data and search. I enjoy the concept of reading

  • Derik Evangelista (he, him)

    I'm a software engineer at Pivotal, with previous experience as a computer science teacher.

  • Tom Natt

    I've been a developer for many years

  • Jack Kelly

    I am currently enrolled at Makers Academy software developers bootcamp.

    skills: OOD ruby TDD

  • Dan Pelensky (he/him)

    Resident Apprentice at 8th Light. Makers Academy alumni.

  • mary newing (she)

    i have a degree in computer science and lots of years of experience a professional developer. My current fav tech is PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS

  • Nicholas Lydon

    I'm a brummie living in London. I work as a .NET developer for a financial company

  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Product Developer. Experience with Ruby, JS and Elixir.

  • Erce Kalabalikoglu (he)

    i'm a makers academy graduate and interested in front end technologies. I can support people who are interested in coding

  • Kristian Knevitt (he)

    Been working as a dev for 1.5years and looking to both help out some new devs just starting out and also help consolidate what I know by helping to teach others.

  • Funmi Adewodu (She/Her)

    I'm a graduate of Makers Academy and former student at Codebar. I currently work as an iOS developer at Starling Bank. I'm passionate about coding and helping others get into Tech.

    skills: iOS Android Swift ruby javascript java CSS. html

  • Jaime Caballero (he, she)

    I've worked with small and large companies both full term and frelancing, and now want to share the knowledge I've got from the community.

    skills: ux frontend Performance sass css

  • William Taylor

    I'm a full-time software developer, in the past I've working with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Angular.js as well as git etc.

  • Chris Odeon (He/Him)

    I'm a full-stack ruby/rails web developer based in London.

    skills: HAML CSS3 ruby rails jQuery

  • Blake Farha (he/him)

    I want to help coach students in Frontend and Back End Development

  • Lucy Grey-Gardner (she/her)

    I study Industrial Engineering at the TU Berlin with a focus on communication systems. At Uni I've learnt Java, C and some Matlab and would happy to share any skills I have with new programmers and encourage a wider variety of people to develop these.

  • Dominic Shahbazi (He/Him)

    I am currently working as a junior software engineer at N26 bank. I specialise in Java, with my experience based around backend development.

  • Umar Farouk Umar (His highness)

    I'd like to teach programming and the art of thinking functiaonlly. I am an Engineering Team Lead at DueDil and on a daily basis work with a spectrum of technologies and stacks - ranging from python & php to html & CSS.

    skills: php java html css python

  • Marco Steffensky

    I want to support anyone who's interested in learning how to code!

  • Joseph Wynn (he/him)

    I'm a developer at BBC News, and I'd like to share my experience and encourage people to have fun coding!

    skills: ruby javascript React Git

  • Luis G. Valle

    Android Developer @ Novoda

    skills: Android java

  • Temitope O. Ajileye (He)

    I have a year of experience in a software company in oxford. (C#, JavaScript, Sql ) I'd like to help as coach if needed.

  • Bonnie Appleton (she/her/they)

    Developer at Photocrowd, working with Python, Django, HTML, CSS

  • Xavier Cambar (he)

    I'm a lead software engineer working on business applications at PeopleDoc. I'll happily teach HTML/CSS/JS to the students. I once used to be a teacher, for 2 years at SupDeWeb, Paris, and I've been an engineering/project manager for the past 4 years.

    skills: Design patterns JS Elixir OOP php FP ruby html css

  • Elise Boyd (she/her)

    I'm an Australian Product Designer with some front-end coding skills, mainly HTML/CSS. I'd love to learn more JS and command line, and meet some nice folk in Berlin! :)

    skills: Product Design html css

  • Michael Robinson

    Attended uncodebar in October. I'd like to help others learn python and encourage diversity in the tech community. I particularly enjoy open source projects relating to data mining.

  • Tim Chipperfield (he/him)

    I'd love to be a coach. I'm a recent graduate from Makers Academy and I'm looking to solidify some of my existing skills by helping others to learn them.

  • Simon Chettle

    First time coach, senior software engineer, most experience in PHP, but also general web development and devops

  • Ana Burman (Mrs)

    I am an entrepreneur passionate and about health and wellbeing. I am also an Information Systems researcher. My latest venture is a platform to improve welfare and wellbeing amongst Universities students using secure messaging and AI.

  • Tom Barrett (he)

    Full-stack developer currently on the Founders & Coders bootcamp.

  • Sergio Sola (he)

    I am developer with extensive experience working with PHP and Python.

  • Egga Hartung (she)

    I'm all about quality in software development. Did all the things, been in all the places. I love to make people smile.

    skills: Refactoring Software-Architecture Quality Code agile TDD

  • Diana Aspillera (she/her)

    I'm interested in learning how to teach. I have been making websites since the 90's and want to share my skills and experience with others.

  • Agusti Bau (he)

    I'm working as a backend developer, I do love technology in general, I did create a mobile app back then which got many downloads, and now I participate to few hackathons every year.

  • Tom Stuart (He/His)

    About to graduate from Makers Academy. Previously worked as a Data Analyst and Physics Tutor. Experience in Ruby/Rails/Rspec as well as JS, Node, CSS and HTML.

  • Rylan Gooch

    Recent graduate of Makers Academy, where I learnt how beneficial pairing and coaching can be as a way of compounding knowledge. I'm keen to give back to the developer community.

    skills: OOP ruby javascript

  • Ioanna Lampropoulou (she)

    HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, TDD

  • Simone Duca (he/him)

    I'm a frontend dev at the Zooniverse.

  • Shaun A. Noordin

    If you want to learn about web development (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc) or just coding in general, then I'm happy to help! I'm a web/front-end developer by profession, but I'm really just honing my coding skills so I can make video games.

    skills: c# Video Games .NET javascript React html css

  • Adam Smith

    I'm an experienced iOS developer for a lighting company in Brighton I have a background in Java, Android and eating cake. I enjoy teaching and I'm looking forward to passing on some skills!

    skills: iOS Android SQL java html

  • Luke Murphy (He)

    Hey! I am trying to get my girlfriend to one of these events after I met one of the organizers at a screening of CODE in Berlin. So, I thought maybe I could be a coach and then she would have to come. I worked as a Python programmer since 3 years.

    skills: GNU/Linux Haskell python Git

  • Graham Hay

    polyglot dev. "full stack".

  • Felix Rodriguez (He)

    Intro to Docker

  • Dawn Budge (she/her)

    I am a senior developer with a particular interest in client-side technology and node.

  • Tam Borine (n/a)

    javascript/node just starting out, I've done a little ruby with sinatra

  • Jamie Derrick (He)

    It would be great to help the community by sharing my skills and knowledge. I've managed development teams and developed websites and applications in PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc etc. I'm now growing a small web agency.

  • Jon Pepler

    Computer Science graduate from the University of Southampton. Have been working at @Ubxd since. I love sharing programming skills with others.

    skills: Ruby on Rails ruby java html css python

  • Flora Harvey (She/her)

    Recent graduate of Makers Academy. Keen to do some coaching in Javascript/Ruby as Codebar helped me so much when I was starting out!

  • Andrew Clarke Clarke

    I help out with LNUG and have mentored at the NodeTogether event recently. I'd like to improve my mentoring skills.

    skills: CI javascript node.js bash devops Git

  • Julian Krispel-Samsel (he)

    I'm first and foremost a frontend guy with a background in Arts & design (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) but have plenty backend experience (with rails, node.js and many other languages/platforms, some obscure, some not so much).

  • Fergus Orbach

    A recent graduate from Makers Academy looking to help out and pass on what knowledge I can

    skills: OO ruby javascript TDD

  • Caroline Green

    Developer at GDS. I've been working in the industry for four years now since graduating with an MSc in Computer Science, after completing an MA in Psychology. It would be great to be able to share what I know.

    skills: javascript css python

  • Daniel Clarke

    I'm an English teacher who's taught myself frontend development by working through the first 200 hours or so of Free Code Camp's curriculum. I'd love to help you learn it too.

    skills: Teaching javascript html css

  • Adam Labi


  • James Harries (he/him)

    Been working as a dev since 2006 - I've worked on tons of different projects, across a bunch of different sectors with a variety of different languages. Currently working at Buyapowa in Farringdon, working on their referral marketing platform.

  • Michael Baldry (he/his)

    I've been developing software professionally since 2003, working with some household names as well as many small start ups. I'm mainly a Ruby/Rails developer these days and am keenly learning Elixir.

    skills: Elixir testing ruby rails

  • Gabriel Perales

    I'm a Spanish IT guy who has come to London to attend to a training course, and like to share my knowledge with people passionate with technology and who wants to learn about how to code. In the past I was working as a JavaScript developer :)

  • Maria Romero (she)

    I just finished makers academy and I'm looking for an opportunity to practice what I have learned with others

  • Sam Rose (he)

    I've worked on a couple of SRE teams at Google, but currently work as a SWE on the Android Studio team.

  • fareena hussain (she)

    want to learn to code html css and animation video editing

  • Danielle Vass

    Mobile developer

  • Bertram Greenhough (He/Him)

    Coaching and Mentoring

  • Matt Sharp (He)

    Budding software engineer. Currently studying at Web development bootcamp. Html, CSS, JavaScript, SAS, SQL, VBA.

  • E Keane (They/She)

    javascript, css and html, python

  • Steven Kingston (he/him)

    Signing up for Qubit Codebar event, should be able to help teach with HTML, JS, C# and Java

  • Mike Steel (this/that)

    Signing up for Qubit Codebar event - 8/6/16. happy to teach JS, HTML, CSS

  • Mahmud Hussain

    I am working with JavaScript and Java at the moment. Have ruby experience. I have used frameworks including Sinatra, Rails, Angular, node, dropwizard. I would like to spread the little knowledge that I have to help fellow coders

  • Jim O'Brien (he/it)

    I've always wanted to be a teacher - if my mum hadn't put me off the idea from a young age, I probably would be one now. Instead, I became a professional software engineer, but am now finding myself taking on more coaching/teaching responsibilities.

  • Oliver Caldwell (him/his)

    I want to help teach others how to solve problems with technology such as JavaScript and a suite of CLI tools. I've been building web based applications since around 2011 using a plethora of language and tooling but mainly focusing on JavaScript.

    skills: Linux vim javascript python

  • Alice Boyd-Leslie

    Been going to codebar for just under a year. Currently an intern at Built by Buffalo

  • Tom Arnfeld (he/him)

    I'm a young software engineer currently working at DueDil with a variety of experience from e-commerce to large scale data engineering. I've been very lucky to work with a selection of incredible people so far and would like to give something back :-)

  • Tom Phillips (He/him)

    Formerly a chemist, now a Data Scientist at DueDil. I want to help increase the diversity of the tech industry.

    skills: data analysis SQL python Git

  • Shane Oston Stowe

    Full stack developer, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript

  • Daniel Easterman (he/him)

    I am a front end developer at Bookatable and want to give something back by teaching others.

    skills: Ruby on Rails ruby javascript jQuery

  • Irene Canuti (She/her)

    I am a Makers Academy alumni. I love Javascript and worked in Ruby (Rails) but I am always interested in learning something new: mobile development, Arduino Language, Alexa, Chatbots etc. hardware and 3D printing are my passions.

    skills: javascript html css

  • Edmund King

    I want to help teach people to code - an empowering and engrossing skill. Currently I work for Academia.edu, specializing in infrastructure automation and back-end development. I can teach python, ruby, lua, java, html & css basics, linux and more...

  • Anthony Goodier

    Self taught Front End Designer currently working at pulselive.com for some of the biggest names in sport including the Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup and the upcoming Premier League site.

    skills: accessibility Performance sass html css

  • Tanya Powell (she/her)

    Software Engineer at Gamesys, lover of reality TV and sprinkling a little magic wherever I go

    skills: C++ (if I remember how!) javascript java html css

  • Mattia Spinelli

    Im just curious about your organization. Right now i learning nodeJS

  • Kellen Green

    High level Python, JavaScript, and CSS developer.

  • Marcin Tiela

    Software Engineer, working mostly with C/C++ some C# and python as well.

    skills: windows clearcase c c# Linux c++ Git

  • Jo Hornsby

    Hello! I am j-ho! &:D And I am a Splunk Sustaining Engineer.

    skills: c# PowerShell java c++ python

  • Joe Wong

    Java developer at Brandwatch.

    skills: SQL java html

  • Mollie Stephenson (she/her)

    I'm a Makers graduate and currently a resident apprentice at 8th Light. I'm really lucky in that I get to spend so much time learning, and have had so many people help to teach me, and I would love to support someone else to feel like that.

  • Bradley Taylor

    Front-end developer interested in creating accessible, semantic interfaces. Interested in giving coaching a go.

    skills: php javascript html css

  • Beat Richartz (he/his)

    I want to help build a diverse engineering culture - only when worked on by diverse teams technical products can become the all-encompassing change agents we envision. I am working at Pivotal Labs, were we teach devs through pairing day by day.

    skills: object-oriented-design functional programming TDD

  • Lucy Clarke (she/her)

    Currently studying ruby

  • Dominic Huxley (he his)

    I've been a developer for 15 years, freelancing. Now running business in shoreham. Mainly Wordpress development now. Lots of front-end experience - HTML, CSS, SASS, jQuery. Pretty capable in PHP.Some teaching experience - web design at HMP Ford.

  • David Molinero

    Mentor at Shutl

  • Joseph Morrow

    I'm a developer and designer with 4 years' combined professional experience.

  • Anne Kohler (she)

    Hi, I'm Anne a junior developer. :) My pre-dev background is in languages, teaching and customer support. I've recently moved back to Germany after living in the UK for the past 5 years.

    skills: Karma Angular nodejs php PHPUnit Ionic javascript TypeScript html Mocka SASS/CSS

  • Karen GARCIA

    I learn Wordpress & Html. It's to learn how to code with Html/css/htlm5/php for my activity.Thank you

    skills: Etsy html (basics) wordpress

  • Hrishi Mittal (he/him)

    Full-stack developer and founder of Learnetto

    skills: SQL R ruby javascript rails html css Git

  • Nasser Dahmani

    I've been working on java, spring boot, aws, sql

  • Rob Young

    I would like to be a coach for people learning with Python.

  • Paul Craig (him/his)

    Always thought working with computers is easier than it sounds like, but harder than it should be. Currently working as a developer for the Government Digital Service.

  • Giamir Buoncristiani

    I would like to help people with Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I have a background on Computer engineering studies and I worked as a freelance web designer in the past. I recently graduated at Makers Academy, a web development bootcamp in London.

    skills: Flask Sinatra MongoDB MySql PostgreSQL nodejs php ruby javascript rails AngularJS html css jQuery python

  • Amanda Tjernlund (she/her)

    I work as a junior software developer at a financial tech company.

  • Giacomo Sorbi

    I would like to guide beginners both in what is already done (web dev, versioning, etc) and in some new field: with the friends from Founders and Coders we have started what they called *uncompetitive* competitive coding, also to better in interviews.

    skills: competitive coding software design testing ruby javascript html css python Git

  • Holly Priest

    I'm a Software Engineer at Facebook, working in Hack/php. I also have experience with Java, Python, Js/React/Angular and functional languages. As well as programming and CS theory, I love drawing and writing.

  • Ben Webb (he)

    I do Python backend web development for open data projects. I don't do a lot of CSS/javascript day to day, but I'm reasonably familiar with them. I use the linux command line and git a lot.

    skills: javascript html python Git

  • Anna Lucking (She/her)

    I'm a recent graduate of Makers Academy, looking to build on my skills by coaching. Currently looking for my first junior dev role!

    skills: ruby javascript html css

  • Henry Turner (He)

    I guess I'm an experienced Ruby and web developer by day, but like to sleep during the night.

  • Jo Pearce (they/them)

    I'm a language agnostic developer with an interest in simplicity and education. I've worked in both web agencies and the city for the last 20 years and I'd like to apply my problem solving experience to helping other people solve problems of all kinds.

  • Mindy Preston (she/her or they/their)

    I'm a software engineer at Docker.

  • Madeleine Linder

    I taught myself to code using online resources, going to meet-ups (eg codebar) and completing short courses. (eg Code First: Girls). I'm currently working as a junior developer at Made by Many, and want to help others learn to code.

  • Adrian Redgers (Mr)

    I can teach Java, SQL & Maths. I have trained and practised as a coach / mentor / class teacher in a girls school in West London.

    skills: Mathematics SQL java

  • Fabrizio Colonna

    I'm a sysadmin, a developer and i've also done teaching and tutoring in the past. I'd like to participate in more social activities, learn new things and share my knowledge

  • Charlie Allen

    After going through a Web Development bootcamp at the end of 2015 I started working as a Developer in early 2016. I'm still new and learning, but really enjoy helping others to learn as well!

    skills: Ruby on Rails ruby sass html css

  • Anna Holland Smith (She)

    Software Engineer at the BBC

    skills: Scala ruby javascript

  • Dafin Aziz

    Hi! I have been a LAMP developer in a past life. I am now retraining as a Ruby/RoR developer. I am a recent coding bootcamp graduate and am a volunteer coach at their womens' coding workshop. I would love to be a coach at beginner to intermediate level.

    skills: scss javascript rails

  • Simon Adcock

    I'm a Front End Engineer in love with web technologies, open source projects and web performance. Big fan of JavaScript, especially digging React and Redux at the moment.

    skills: CSS / SCSS javascript React html

  • Sigute Kateivaite

    mainly Android stuff..

  • Martin Doychinov

    I'm student front end developer at Redweb. I love coding HTML CSS and JavaScript.

  • Marty Gormley

    Front End Developer (JavaScript, HTML & CSS). Previously I organised events for LGBTQ+ individuals in tech in Berlin

  • Paul Roberts

    Creating dynamic maps in JavaScript, using Scala and Java to create stable server applications.

  • James Gorrie

    I have worked volunteering and teaching tech for the past few years to absolute beginners to programmers just trying to fill in the blanks or up their knowledge in a certain field.

  • Susie Coleman

    I started programming at University as part of my course. I'm now a software developer. I love coding and I want to pass on this enthusiasm.

  • Philip McMahon

    I'm a software developer at the guardian. In october I helped out with running a programming workshop as part of Ada Lovelace day, which was great. I'd like to help more people with learning programming as part of a codebar workshop.

  • Natalia Baltazar

    Client-side developer at the Guardian.

  • Zhivko Siderov

    I am a Front-end Developer, familiar with Javascript, Html, CSS, React.

  • Dominic Hauton

    I'm a third year Computer Science student at Bath, currently on work placement in London. I have developed in Java for 2 years now and have taught Java to multiple people both at work and at university.

  • Tim Robertson

    In the near future I'd like to help others as a coach :)

  • Michał Kreft

    I can help with anything related to git, html, ruby, iOS development or generally with everything :)

  • Georg Lysen

    As part of my job as a tester, I have tinkered a bit with python and shell scripts,

  • Lorin Thwaits

    I've been teaching and coding for 17 years now, and really love it.

    skills: SQL javascript rails node

  • Kate Wilkinson

    Junior Developer

    skills: ruby javascript rails html css

  • Charlie Hadden

    I write code sometimes

  • Owen TM

    Learnt to code at Founders & Coders. Now leading a small dev team at Fat Lama. Good at Javascript (Node/React/Redux), OK at Elm, Java, Clojure...

    skills: Redux Elm javascript React java node

  • Zara Syversen

    Been attending Codebar as a student for over 1 year. Just landed my first job as a front-end developer and now I want to give back some love by being a coach.

    skills: HTML5 CSS3 javascript jQuery

  • Alex Sunderland

    Principal Ruby Engineer at Notonthehighstreet

  • Lewis Jones

    I have worked in IT for 2 years as a senior application support engineer primarily with SQL database. I have just graduated from Makers Academy Bootcamp and have learnt ruby, rails, Javascript test driven development and how to write clean code.

  • Bernat Rafales

    Ruby on Rails developer at NotOnTheHighStreet.com

  • Mathilda Thompson

    I really enjoy helping people learn programming skills that are fundamental in todays world. I was previously a teacher at General Assembly and now work at ThoughtWorks.

  • Jay Stewart

    I want to coach and host with Frank @ http://www.wearefolk.com/!

  • Frank Clark

    Former organiser of codebar Bournemouth. Eager to help people learn and share how fun development can be.

    skills: Linux MySql php HTML / CSS Javascript / Jquery Composer Bash Scripting Git

  • Zan Markan

    Mobile lead @Pusher. I spend my days hacking and bantering.

    skills: Android ruby TDD kotlin java Git

  • John Wesley

    In the past I've worked for various development labs from running tutorials at Reading University to working on enterprise middleware @ IBM. I've always enjoyed teaching & coaching, not just in the nuts and bolts of programming, but the thinking part too

  • Rob Oles

    Ruby stuff :)

  • Adam Wright

    Improving my coaching and mentoring skills

  • George Good

    Help teach people

    skills: ruby javascript rails

  • Gareth Jones

    Software Engineer, interested in helping out with workshops and coaching.

  • B Mehta

    Javascript, HTML and CSS

  • Tony Green

    Looking forward to doing some coaching. I am a ruby developer with experience in html, java, sql and some other stuff.

  • Jake Smith (He, Him, Jake, Sid)

    I'm an app designer / developer for DabApps. Javascript / CSS ninja.

    skills: animation Angular Npm canvas javascript React Less sass Processing css node

  • Jake Howard

    Apprentice software developer at Dabapps.

  • Tekin Suleyman

    Ruby developer, builder of things, and organiser of the North West Ruby User Group.

  • Phu Ly

    Head of UX at Notonthehighstreet with over a decade of experience building web stuff and a particular passion for all things frontend. Chat to me about HTML, CSS and JS :)

  • Robert Jones

    I want to teach awesome front-end stuff

  • Paul Robinson

    Happy to coach whoever wants coaching. I'm a senior software engineer at notnnthehighstreet.com, and have over 25 years experience of writing code in various forms, 20 of those in industry. I specialise in web applications and unix-style tools.

  • Jonathan Coltman

    Software engineer of over 10 years. Specialising in Java (could coach in other languages though!)

  • Dennis Sandmark

    Software Engineer currently working with Angular/Front end at notonthehighstreet.com in London.

  • Yvette Cook

    After having the amazing opportunity to attend Makers Academy, and now work as an iOS Developer, I want to share some of my luck around. I worked as an alumni helper at Makers Academy after graduating, and enjoyed helping people find the answer themselves

  • Henry Stanley

    Rubyist and Makers Academy alum, now working on cloud things at Pivotal. Was a biochemist in a former life.

    skills: xp ruby javascript TDD html css Git

  • Mathieu Dutour

    I'm a fullstack developer at Enki in London. Having a general engineering background, developing help me find elegant and quick solution to very general problems and I'd like to give this passion to solve problems through code to others.

  • Chris Mckenzie

    I'll be a coach.

  • Hristo Georgiev

    I've worked as a teaching assistant and tutor at undergraduate and graduate courses and absolutely loved it. I've also organized voluntarily tutoring sessions for small groups of students.

  • Phill Bailey

    Coaching HTML/CSS

  • Lucy Fang

    Software Engineer, Yogi and ThoughtWorker into experimenting with new technologies and learning with others. skills: ruby, javascript, java, clojure,

  • Franziska (Franzi) Sauerwein (she/they)

    I want to share my knowledge and help others learn

  • Gijs Kruitbosch

    I help make the front-end (buttons 'n stuff) of Firefox. I'll try to help you write HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Patryk Nowak

    I want to help people with their front end skills (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Currently I am front end developer at London based agency.

  • Jay Davis

    I'm a front-end developer and am keen to share my experience and knowledge.

  • Jesus Prieto Colomina

    I'm a backend ruby developer with experience in javascript via backbone.js mainly interested in concurrent and functional now.

  • amy yang (her )

    I was first introduced to coding via codebar almost a year ago. Now I am working as a junior dev, writing code and learning / growing everyday. I want to help other people to do the same.

    skills: gitflow pair programming ruby javascript TDD

  • Simon Plenderleith

    HTML, JavaScript, Version Control and I could probably do an Introduction to Python.

  • Mike Passey

    Always wanted to get involved with teaching coding

  • Razel Villanueva

    At university I used bootstrap for my final year project but it was very much self-taught as responsive web design wasn't a main topic at the time. I would like to enhance my HTML5 and CSS3 skills as well as learn JS.

  • Nick Banford

    Help more people learn to code. Previously volunteered at a CodeClub for children.

  • James Miller

    I would love to share my knowledge of Ruby and (some) JavaScript with others!

  • Sandrine Zhang Ferron

    I did Makers Academy and am working now on a startup

  • Raluca Puichilita (She/her)

    Full-stack developer, with an interest in front-end design

  • Florence Okoye

    I program primarily in web development languages (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) and C++ (including MATLAB).

  • Jeff Alstott

    Coach. I know data science: Python, R, Matlab, statistics.

  • Ash Richards

    Worked the web for the last 15 years, initially design & HTML / CSS / JS, more recently working with Wordpress / Magento / Drupal / PhoneGap (phone apps) and Meteor JS. Hoping to help with coaching and pass something on.

  • Sara O'Connor

    Ruby and JavaScript. Learning to code full time right now. Coming from kids' book publishing. Proudest accomplishment so far: The Story Adventure live-writing website for kids: https://communitygeek.com/content/sara-oconnor-feverbee-podcast-23

  • Jack Wearden

    Hackathon & JavaScript usergroup organiser

  • Joel Hoskin

    3rd year Computer Science student, into hacking for social change and start ups. http://www.joelhoskin.co.uk/

  • Poppie Simmonds

    Coaching in Birmingham. 2nd year Computer Science student. Have mentored young people at Young Rewired State previously, and often get involved in outreach programmes with uni.

  • James Christie

    Javascript and Ruby

  • Alexander Wong

    I'd like to teach some Ruby. I have some experience as an analyst programmer in the City and more recently completed Makers Academy to gain an insight to more modern viewpoints on tech. Currently working at Lloyds of London, but hoping to join a startup

  • Oli Cairns

    Economics grad and freelance developer. Interested in Python, Javascript and Ruby on Rails

  • Alex McAuliffe

    I'm a Dev who needs to be more personable and enjoy helping others. I've got experience in a load of different languages such as Java, C# (and other .Net Languages), Javascript (and Node) among other things.

  • Daniel Gogarty

    I'm a recent graduate from Brighton University with experience in Java, PHP and git. I enjoy constantly playing with new languages, and have been working heavily with html and css recently.

  • Pedro Maltez

    Ruby and JavaScript developer, looking to coach.

  • Bruno Marnette

    I code mainly with javascript and python. 3 years of experience in software development, was until recently at Palantir, and now CTO in a tech startup.

  • Vanessa Virgitti (she)

    A Makers Academy graduate, still looking to learn more and improve. Working mostly in Javascript at the moment but keen to expand my knowledge on anything!

  • Peter Clarke

    I am a biologist and python coder. I founded the python users group at the Wellcome trust genome campus. I have been programming in python for more than 10 years and have run a number of courses. I have set up the Cambridge biocoders group.

  • James Milner

    Hello! My name is James. I generally like to work on web (mostly front end) and mapping applications. My favourite language is Python but I end up writing a lot of JavaScript! I'm hoping that I can share some of what I've learned with others.

  • Mikhail Dubov

    Learned to code at Makers Academy in 2014 and currently work as a Software Engineer at Alphasights.

  • Martin Blackburn

    I am a front-end developer at Madgex. I work mainly in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but know a little PHP too.

  • Jones Agyemang

    I am Ruby on Rails dev. I have presented technical talks and hands-on workshops for university students in the past.

    skills: Ruby on Rails ruby rspec cucumber Puppet Elasticsearch devops

  • Bibiana Cristòfol

    I am a Makers Academy alumni (Dec'14). I work in Django and Python.

    skills: django python

  • James McNeil

    Developer at Equal Experts

    skills: Angular docker kubernetes javascript React java

  • Dmitri Akatov

    Web Developer. In a previous life an Oxford University Computer Science PhD

  • Mickaël Vieira

    I've been working in the tech industry for more than 10 years and I like sharing my knowledge.

  • Antonio Eusebio De Abreu Goncalves (he)

    Love to code, paint, cook, chat, meet new people and have a good time.

  • Andrew Betts

    Director of FT Labs at the Financial Times. Know PHP, JavaScript, CSS (&Sass), HTML. I run a public polyfill service at cdn.polyfill.io, and currently interested in web components, ES6 modules and ServiceWorker.

  • Shahmir Javaid

    Working in the industry as a tech lead, and always had the passion for teaching.

  • Brice Fernandes

    Fell in love with programming while studying a different topic and never really looked back. Trying to make up for lost time by learning as much as I possibly can :-)

  • Alexander Mason

    Front End Developer

  • Chris Woodham

    Developer for iCrossing

  • Ruth Earle

    I hav just completed the 12 week immersive web development course with Makers Academy. I am now in search of the right company to start my career in solving real world problems by building awesome software.

  • Rich Plastow

    Ten years experience as a web deveoper

  • Josh Emerson

    I'm a front end web developer working at Mendeley in London (http://www.mendeley.com/). I've recently run a workshop teaching non-coders how to make a website (https://www.joshemerson.co.uk/blog/webtastic) and I used to run a Code Club at a Primary School

  • Alex Barlow

    Developer @madebymany working on iOS, Javascript and Ruby applications.

  • Matteo Meli

    Hi all! I make videogames at BossAlien in Brighton!

  • Ivan Sanchez

    Interested in building things from nothing and helping others ("See one, Do one, Teach one")

  • Christoph Sassenberg

    Software Developer

  • Andrew White

    CTO of Unboxed Consulting and Ruby on Rails Core Team member

  • Jana Lyon

    I'm a front-end developer for iCrossing.

  • Kirstie Whitaker

    Researcher at the University of Cambridge studying adolescent brain development. Passionate about replicability and reproducability in all scientific output. Codes in python and is weirdly good at bash.

  • Helen Sherwood-Taylor

    I've been a developer for over 15 years. I work with Python and various web technologies. I want to help people learn to code!

    skills: web javascript html css python

  • Michal Wrobel

    I'm a software developer at Simply Business. I write code in: Ruby, CoffeeScript and GO. I enjoy solving problems, reading and cooking.

  • Ricky Tonini

    Python, JavaScript. Scala dabbler.

  • Alessandro Morandi

    Developer, music lover and maker

  • Leo Shaw

    I'm a developer - mostly Ruby + Rails for the last few years but I've also done C++ and Java. I'd like to help other people get into building great software and of course consolidate my knowledge.

  • Mandy Eastaugh

    I currently work as an MI analyst primarily in SQL Server. In previous roles I have used Oracle SQL, ASP.net, HTML, CSS and Clarion 6.

  • Mike Harris

    Developer: ruby and javascript. Rails and node. Angular.

  • Djordje Popovic

    Java developer working in the media industry. Interested in practical programming events such as code dojos, hackatons, etc...

  • Harry Biddle

    I'm a C++ and Python developer that builds in-house software. I'm really interested in good code and in computer science education. I've run courses before in IT and canoeing (!) at a summer camp in London. Thought this looked cool!

  • Ian Compton

    I'm a back-end systems developer working in Brighton, I code at work in go, .NET & JavaScript and confuse myself thoroughly with Haskell at home.

  • Robin Spottiswoode

    I'm a former web developer working at DC Storm Brighton.

  • Tim Perry

    I'm a tech lead and the open-source champion at Softwire. I do lots of open-source dev and technical speaking and so on.

  • Tim Reed

    I'm a front end lead at digital agency Zone. I have over 5 years experience in building websites and apps. I have a passion for animation, design and interface and accessibility. Working with: Grunt, GSAP, jQuery, Wordpress, Umbraco

  • Tom McTiernan

    Developer at Softwire

    skills: Android web back-end

  • Mat Jenkins

    I am a software engineer at DC Storm, a tech company in Brighton, as well as a freelance web designer, something I have had a passion for since I was young. My main strengths are in web design and Javascript!

  • Andrew Walker

    var Andy = ({job: function(job) { this.jobTitle = job; return this; }, interests: ['JavaScript', 'Ruby', 'Rails'], personality: 'Über geek'}).job('Developer')

  • Kentaro Wakayama

    JavaScript Developer at Brandwatch and human being

  • Antonio D'Ettole

    I'm a developer with mostly frontend experience. I currently work for Brandwatch in Berlin, but I'm visiting the Brighton headquarters for a few days. Some coworkers told me about the event, I like the idea so I thought I'd join!

  • Thomas Parslow

    I'm a freelancer developer in Brighton.

  • Ollie Silviotti

    I'm a JS/CSS/PHP developer currently working as a senior developer for @15gifts

  • Evangelos Giataganas

    Well organized, hard worker, technology efficient, responsible, trustful, programmer

  • Kevin Plattret

    Software Engineer at Deliveroo

  • Irina Voinea

    I'm a software engineer with a few years of experience in the industry. I have studied CS in the past, and worked on several interesting projects since then. I'm looking forward to helping others develop their programming skills.

  • Georgi Georgiev

    Business school grad and former startup founder - turned into Ruby on Rails web developer. Currently working as a developer in residence at TechStars in London.

  • Irene Papakonstantinou

    Hi, I'm Irene. I'm a Software Engineer at Facebook. My interests lie in programming languages, functional programming, software design.

  • Shagun Madhikarmi

    iOS developer at ustwo London. Been working here at ustwo for 5 years (one of my first jobs out of uni). Been learning some Ruby as well via BDD and test automation. I'd like to help coach as I did coder dojo last year and brush up my web skills

  • Chris Jeffery

    I do web development in JavaScript and Python. I love Test Driven Development, and sometimes help people to learn TDD at events with other groups like LSCC. I'm big on cycling and coffee and learning things.

  • Nishitha Ningegowda

    Consultant, developer at ThoughtWorks

  • Richard Pullinger

    Developer for a large media company. Likes getting lost.

  • Pericles Theodorou

    I have been working with Ruby and Rails for the past 1.5 years in both big teams(20 devs) and small teams(5 devs). The past 4 months I got more active with Javascript, Coffeescript, jQuery and Angulat.js

  • Nico Castro

    My background is in Advertising and Graphic Design, but I recently made the transition to web development. Looking to learn more and meet other women who code.

  • Nayeem Syed

    Rails Developer and Docker/Deis Based DevOps.

  • Baris Balic

    I love video games, bouldering and coding. Currently writing Ruby/Javascript/Python and missing elements of Clojure!

  • Akash Bhalla

    A Ruby/Rails developer with 7 years experience, currently working at Shutl. I've helped create a similar program to CodeBar called Ruby Fridays in Uganda :)

  • Paul Fitzgerald

    Looking to pass on some knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python or Ruby/Rails.

  • Karl Freeman

    Freelance software developer #ruby

  • Franz Sittampalam

    freelance front-end engineer / tight-rope walker, records everything.

  • Hanna K

    Ruby developer at Nature

  • Jake Coxon

    I'm a front end developer for an energy company. I am 21 years old and have been programming for over 9 years

  • Mohnish G J

    A programmer who cares about his craft. Blogger. One could find out more about me via http://mohnishjadwani.com/ .

  • Jesper Kjeldgaard

    Ruby developer from Denmark, working and living in London.

  • Lydia Shepherd

    Software developer, moving to London and heard about codebar.io at silicon milkroundabout

  • Winna Bridgewater

    Focusing on JavaScript and Ruby.

  • Chris O'Dell

    Lead API Developer at 7digital. Reads fantasy & sci-fi. Learning European Portuguese & how to play Cello. Software Gardener. http://about.me/ChrisAnnODell

  • Despo Pentara (she/her)

    Software engineer. Founder of codebar. Works mostly with Ruby and Rails.

  • Matt Gray

    API Developer at 7digital

  • Sreelakshmi Rajasekharan

    I have around three years of experience in the Tech industry. I am a polyglot programmer. I have worked with startups and conglomerates. What can I coach to others? 1. Professionalism 2. Programming - Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++

  • Daniele Polencic

    Lead Front-end Developer

  • Iulia Raluca Ionita

    Ruby on Rails Developer @EXPLOVIA by day and Co-Founder @bitcharest by night

  • Drew Neil

    I love to teach. My speciality is Vim.

  • Oz Huner

    I'm a ruby developer

  • Jairo Diaz

    I am a ruby on rails developer, volunteer coach and table tennis player.

  • Fraser Deans

    UI/UX Designer at Shutl

  • Volker Pacher

    Senior developer at shutl

  • Rosa Fox

    Developer at Happy Bear Software. I am a Music Informatics graduate living in Brighton. I co-organise Codebar Brighton and am happy to mentor HTML, CSS or Ruby.