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Diana Webster

I have around 4 years experience as a web developer, working mostly with in ASP .NET and C#, SQL and React or Angular front-end. Codebar helped me a lot when I was looking for my first job a dev so I guess it's time to give something back.

skills: Angular ASP.NET .NET CORe JS c# SQL React html css

Simon Plenderleith (he/him)

I have been fiddling around with code in one way or another for over 20 years, and I still love it! I'm looking forward to helping folks learn to code.

skills: bash SQL html css javascript node.js docker

Lorenzo Turrino (He/him)

I've attended a bootcamp some 5 years ago and switched career to be a software developer. In the years since I've worked in various roles across the stack. I've attended codebar in the past as a mentor and it was a great experience!

skills: gcp AWS django Cloud Git devops html css javascript python docker

Graham Hay

polyglot dev. "full stack".

skills: Erlang ruby c# javascript python golang

Alex Curran (he/him)

I really enjoy mentoring developers at my company, an iOS and Android agency. I'd really like to help the community more (in particular the refugee community) and using skills which I enjoy sounds like a perfect mix!

skills: iOS ts JS Android React html css

Martin McNickle

Head of Engineering at Float. I've really enjoyed the mentoring that I've done as part of my job. I've also grown more and more frustrated at the lack of diversity in the industry and I'm looking to help with that.

skills: vue.js postgres redis JS Ruby on Rails heroku AWS ruby django React html css python

David Ricordel (he)

Consulting Engineer @elastic

skills: monitoring k8s Elasticsearch Cloud python docker

Agata Jones (She / Her)

I have graduated from Makers (previously Makers Academy) in March 2018. I currently work as a frontend developer at a startup company Wayhome and would like to help others to get their coding skills polished.

skills: Testing Library Enzyme styled-components React html css javascript

Chetan Padia (he/him)

Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, and anything else anyone feels like trying out.

Hugh Cole-Baker (he/him)

I'm a Data Engineer at FanDuel, I saw a call for CodeBar mentors on our internal mailing list and thought it was a worthwhile thing to do. I work on projects in Python and SQL and in the past I've written things in Java and a game for Nintendo DS in C++.

skills: Amazon Web Services rust java Linux SQL devops python

Luke Barnard (he)

Front end web dev mostly working with React. Competent in other C-like languages. Building a decentralised blog platform.

James Rhodes (he/him/his/his)

I particularly like Haskell and Rust. I currently write some Python and some Rust in my day job, and am learning some Clojure too. I also like seeing people achieve new things, and helping them get there when I can.

skills: rust Haskell javascript python

Peter Warner-Medley (he/him)

Currently working as a data engineer at TrueLayer. Lover of teaching and making tech look a bit less like me (I am a white dude 😬)

skills: Scala copy-pasta from stackoverflow Elixir SQL javascript python

Zsolt Sztupak (he, they)

I'm an Engineering Manager based in Edinburgh. Previously I have also been a Teaching Assistant at a university where I realised I like helping people out when I can. I also held ruby tutorials to my co-workers as well.

skills: spring-boot digitalocean c++ x86 assembly functional programming Vanilla javascript Android Ruby on Rails AWS Haskell ruby Ansible terraform c# java c devops algorithms html css docker kubernetes

Tom Dalziel (he/his/him)


skills: webdev Functional Lisp clojure

Francisco Viejobueno Muñoz (he/him)

I code and i sleep :)

skills: Groovy spring Test Ci/CD agile java devops

Taís Massaro (she/her)

Software engineer @ Klarna. Career changer with a background in Graphic Design. Codebar helped me a lot while attending the Fullstack Web Development bootcamp @ Spiced Academy.

skills: Git React html css javascript

Tom Lawrence (He)

I am a backend Ruby developer. Interested in helping people with Ruby or JavaScript

Ben Butterworth (he/him)

I have self taught programming, worked a bit as a software engineer, and went back to university to learn more fundamentals. I know Android, iOS, React Native, React, C++, Java, Python and more. I am most interested in mobile and web.

Jak Marshall (he/they)

I enjoy helping others discover the joy and sense of empowerment that comes from learning how to code! I also have experience in teaching. I ran lab sessions for R, SQL, and Java when I was doing my Masters/PhD and I loved it!

skills: R MongoDB SQL. Python

Chris Hallson (he/him/they)

Lead Engineer @ IntelliSenseIO Passionate about helping people start a career in tech or helping people learn and improve their programming skills.

skills: java c SQL React javascript node.js python

David Terry (he/him)

I'm a Berlin based software engineer. I have been working as a professional developer for ~5 years now. I am self taught and queer and I would love to help others get started with software development, for both fun and profit :) :)

Aishah Omar (she/her)

I did a bootcamp in 2020 and am now working as a developer

skills: node SQL React html css TypeScript javascript

Davinder Singh Baweja (he)

I am a student/ Intern at CodeYourFuture, learning web developing. Before starting at CodeYourFuture, I was pursuing engineering in sciences in Belgium, and have 2 years of experience of that course and am familiar with C,C++ , java,Matlab,html,css,JS

Alexander Blair (He)

I finished Makers in October 2017, and since then I've worked as a backend developer at Funding Circle. At codebar I'd be happy to help with any problems, from working on basics, solving katas etc. to helping someone trying to build out an application

skills: ruby html css javascript

Stephen Young (he/him)

I've been a programmer for 10 years and currently work as a software engineer at StatsBomb who provide sports analytics. I feel I should be doing something to help underrepresented people in tech so I would like to coach at codebar.

skills: command line clojure AWS Git java html css javascript

Nick Ridgway (He/Him)

I am a Generalist programmer currently working in the games industry as a Build Engineer. I like learning programming languages that teach me something new. Recently I have worked in Rust, C#, Groovy, Python, Java, Javascript, C++, Batch, SQL, and more.

Alejandro Do Nascimento (he/him)

I'm originally from Venezuela and I've been working as a software developer for the past ~9 years. I got to do a lot of mentoring since some years ago now, and I find it an amazing experience.

David Berry (he (subjective)/him (objective)/his (dependent possessive)/his (independent possessive))

I am a Computer Science graduate with strong interests in theory, Mathematics, and paedagogy. I believe in Socratic questioning as a learning/teaching style. I am most confident with the following languages: Python 3, Standard ML, Coq, Java 11, and C11.

Phil Vigus

I'm a full-stack developer with Mumsnet and a graduate of Maker's Academy. My languages of choice are JavaScript and PHP, and I love helping people to learn.

skills: laravel node php Git React html css javascript

Matt Pocock (he/him)

I'm a lead developer at Yozobi, living near Oxford. I use Typescript, React, CSS, and Node.js at my day job. I'm also a core contributor to the XState state management library. I also spent 6 years as a voice coach.

skills: AWS React TypeScript javascript node.js

Adam Romines (he/him)

I like all things JavaScript and have worked on Vue.js and Ember projects in the biotech and cybersecurity industries.

Oleg Stadnichenko (hi/him)

I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I've been a software engineer for 10+ years. I'm interested in mentoring on the topics of programming languages, databases, version control, or any other technical themes.

skills: interviewing Git java SQL algorithms docker

Ju Liu (he/him)

Italian. Learning English @noredink. I like Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript and Machine Learning. I climb a lot.

skills: Elixir Elm vim rails ruby bash Git web html css javascript

Andrew Wilson (He/him)

I'd like to help people think better about the world around them. Programming is a fun way to do that.

skills: c# React javascript python

Andy Wooller (he/his)

Hi I'm Andy! I like coding, rock climbing and dogs!! I've been coding for roughly ~10 years. I studied Computing at Bournemouth University. Spent 3 years as a web developer in an agency and the last 3 years as a freelance React and React Native dev.

skills: JS Android Ci/CD AWS React Native Git java Linux React html css TypeScript docker

Oliver Turner (he/him)

I switched careers to webdev when I was nearly 30. Self-taught, I *wish* something like Codebar had existed back then! Love helping folks to learn, mad keen on JavaScript/Node and CSS.

skills: sass node React html css javascript

Kylo Robinson (He)

I am a front end developer, most interested in JavaScript. I can teach beginners vanilla js, and react js. I work in a university environment and enjoy teaching others, as well as learning from tricky questions!

skills: React javascript

Eduardo Suarez (he)

I have 4 years of experience as a Software Developer, mainly using Python and Django.

skills: django python

Paul Gibbs (he/him)

Team lead/senior developer at a WordPress agency. I'm new to coaching but want to try it and give back.

skills: wordpress javascript (not React) php SQL html css

Gonçalo Morais (He/him)

I can help with front end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and full stack (in Ruby on Rails), but I’m happy to pair on other things as well!

skills: ruby html css javascript

René Flores (he/him)

I'd like to share the learning principle 'learn by doing and learn by teaching'. I think that one of the best things about knowledge is the ability to share it. I'd say that I prefer not to limit myself as a teacher or a student but better to be both.

Jared Khan

Hoping to be helpful! I work at Five AI, writing Python code for the testing of self-driving cars. Previously, I studied Computer Science in Cambridge and wrote code for iOS apps as an intern at Yelp

skills: Swift Git html css javascript python

Caro Appleby (she/her)

Clojure developer by day, Python hacker by night

skills: clojure devops/linux JS etc (beginner only) python

William Tai (He)

I have worked on ML backend projects. I want to work on helping people get started on projects.

skills: SQL python

Dave Gillard (he/him/they)

I'm new to teaching, but have broad industry experience, mostly PHP/SQL/AWS, so happy to help/teach whatever I can.

skills: CSS (Bits of Sass/Less) JS (Bits of ES6 Node) MYSQL/POSTGRES (Bit of Mongo) UNIX (Some AWS) and other bits and bobs php React html

Amber Wilson (she/her)

HTML/CSS/JS and everything around & in between!

skills: Humour Sleeping html css javascript

Chris Zetter (he/him)

Software engineer that likes Ruby and building things for the web.

skills: Ruby on Rails heroku AWS ruby SQL React html css TypeScript javascript

Michael Hull (he/him)

I am an engineer, I've worked in a fair few domains over the year, but mainly focus on Python, git, C, web-stuff and dabble in a bit of Haskell.

skills: web'y things (front and backend) Haskell Git c algorithms maths python

Xavier Defontaine (He / him / his)

I studied logistics and supply chain bachelors, worked in live music gigs as an assistant and finished a bootcamp in Dec 2021 - now got a job as Junior Frontend Web Dev at Endeavor Streaming. I am also native french so can either speak french or english!

skills: ruby React TypeScript javascript

Henriette Hettinga (She)

Self-learner Python and Django. March 2020 graduated Ironhack Web Development bootcamp (JS, React, Express, Node, MongoDB, Heroku).

Matthew Smalley (he/him)

Computer Science Teacher at an all girls Secondary School and 6th Form. Part-time Python coding contractor. Part-time PhD researcher in building physics modelling. Former building services engineer/sustainability consultant. Self-taught coder.

skills: python

Bradley Taylor

Front-end developer interested in creating accessible, semantic interfaces. Interested in giving coaching a go.

skills: php html css javascript

Jamie Larchin (she/her)

I'm a Front End Engineer from Australia, now living in London. I'm extremely passionate about user experience (UX) and accessibility (a11y). I love volunteering as a coach in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

skills: accessibility Responsive Design user-centred design testing React html css javascript

Aaron Linton- Chambers (He/Him)

I want to work on developing my Html and CSS skills. I am a trainee full stack developer and I am currently studying a CSS and Html module.

Ina Yoon (she)

Would love to coach in HTML/CSS and introduction to Javascript :)

Chris Neuroth (they)

human in tech, worker-owner at with-humans, coach at global day of coderetreat, organizer of humansConf and SoCraTes. Likes capybaras and prefers to eat the rich, not animals.

skills: Testing / (A)TDD / CI/CD TypeScript javascript

Daniel Steele (him/he)

Ruby/Rails/HTML/CSS/Javascript Full Stack developer that had recently started his own web development agency and loves helping newbies into the space

Ben Webb (he/him)

I do Python backend web development for open data projects. I don't do a lot of CSS/javascript day to day, but I'm reasonably familiar with them. I use the linux command line and git a lot. I've started using docker more recently.

skills: Git html javascript python docker

Paul Aikman

Full stack dev turned Dev Manager. Still codin'!

Laura Durieux (she)

I am a young front-end and back-end developer. I have a bachelor in Web Design and Development and won a silver medal in a national competition in 2019 as a Web Developper. I'm from Belgium and I can't wait to try help people to code !

Pauline Nemchak (she)

Not too sure yet

Owen Davis

Experienced in React, React Native, node.js, Python, Django and embedded systems. I also have a background in education, and value the idea of sharing these skills.

skills: React Native django arduino Raspberry Pi React node.js python

Pascal Edouard

Hi, I'm a DevOps Cloud Engineer based in Edinburgh and looking to promote automation and infrastructure as code. Always available to help new developers, to share tips and tricks with best practices of coding.

skills: Ansible agile Cloud terraform c# bash Git java c Linux devops html javascript python

Xavier Vergés (he/him)

25+ years at IBM in Barcelona. I like Python, node.js and teaching.

skills: Git node.js python

Hunor Márton Borbély (he)

I'd like to practice teaching. I'm a developer for a several years and I had presented at meetups but I don't have much experience with teaching. I would also have a few words regarding the teaching materials, as jQuery in 2019 is a bit obsolete.

skills: frontend React html css javascript

Erdinc Mutlu (he)

Software engineer at Luno. Open source contributor, hackathon lover.

skills: Git TDD Linux SQL html python docker golang

Craig McLeod (He/him)

Most comfortable with React JS, some vanilla JS, a bit of Java and Spring Boot. Exposure to Vue and Ruby, although haven't used them in quite a while.

Yang Shen (He)

I have been working in the IT industry since 2010, as a full-stack developer for years and as a freelancer / open source developer since 2020. Recently I'm working with vue, miniprogram. I'm also good at C and Java, and know a little about C# and Python.

skills: java c Linux web VueJs algorithms javascript

Karina Klinkevičiūtė (they/their)

I am a Python developer and would like to be a mentor.

skills: python

Swetha Charles

Typescript, networking, distributed systems, web dev

skills: Networking distributed systems Web Dev TypeScript

Deniss Starevics

Software engineer / cloud developer. Interested in coaching others and giving back to community

skills: HTML/CSS SQL AWS Cloud devops version control javascript python

Simon Hafner

I'm an FP evangelist, so I'd like to practice my mentor skills.

Kye Bracey (he)

Makers graduate, Front End/Games Developer at

skills: Phaser version control React html css javascript

Alec McEachran (he/him)

I am a front-end developer and test-drive development expert. I have >15 years in the industry. Until recently I was a Senior Software Engineer at Google. In a past career, I was a professional Maths teacher in England.

skills: C# (Unity) algorithms maths testing test-driven development IOC entity systems code architecture React Redux ThreeJs WebGL TypeScript javascript

Jeff Francis (he)

I’m a full-stack dev based in Berlin. I changed my career from Business to software & enjoy the struggle that comes with it -- intellectually, energetically & emotionally. I'm here to support others in their journey. Anything MERN stack is my favourite!

skills: html css TypeScript SQL & NoSQL DB javascript node.js React.js docker

Max Andrew-Beale (He)

I want to coach at codebar! I have past experience with tutoring in IT and Maths, and I've been retraining in web dev over the last 8 months or so. I would like to help beginners in javaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP and Design concepts.

Jessica Leach

Front End development skills and interest in experimenting with education

Ali R. Keles

Go, Python, Docker, Kubernetes

skills: python docker kubernetes golang

Craig Barratt (He)

I want to help people to learn to code or improve their digital skills.

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