Here you can find a list of the 3171 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Lisa Quatmann (she/her)

I'm an organiser for Django Girls, working at MPB -- I learned about codebar from our UK office. I don't code much these days, but I'm sure I remember enough to help out some beginners.

Skills: python django

Julian Nagele (he/him)

Software engineer currently using C++. Earlier experience in python and functional programming, taught undergrad courses in compilers. I'd like to stay in touch with early career programmers, hopefully offer some help, and generally connect with people.

Adriano Calvitto (he/him)

I'm currently a consultant at Accenture and have more than 10 years experience working with web technologies. I'm trying to get into volunteering for Codebar following a recommendation from an friend and ex-colleague, which is also a coach on Codebar.

Skills: TypeScript nodejs html javascript css php AWS React api design API Security

Damian Bemben (He/Him)

My main skills are within Python, fastAPI/Flask and machine learning. Working as a software dev for Windscope inside the Eagle Labs office in Southampton! I also have a business doing 3D printing and design in Blender, creating landscapes.

Sam Ryan (He/him)

Exciting/inspiring projects with exciting/inspiring devs! I'm a junior dev with experience in JavaScript, Python and some PHP

Skills: javascript React python

Nico Clack (he/him)

I've been mentoring at Coder Dojo Brighton for 2 years, teaching young people to program in Scratch, Python and JavaScript. I think volunteering at codebar will be interesting to see how mentoring adults will compare to young people.

Hannah Baker (she/her)

I've been a developer at Cogapp for just over a year. My main experience is with PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, a bit of React.

Ayan Azimkulov (He)

I'm a Technical Art Director working in a gaming company. My main focus being Unreal Engine (C++, python, blueprints, hlsl, rendering and animation). Recently I'm into generative AI and machine learning.

Skills: python Unreal Engine c++ HLSL Blueprints

Alex Villanueva (he/they)

I have a professional background in music, sales team management, & life coaching. I completed the Founders and Coders bootcamp ~2.5 years ago and I'm looking to volunteer as a coach to give back to the community, and also because I enjoy & miss coaching!

Skills: TypeScript React React Native Next.js RTL Cypress Redux Contentful Unbounce TanStack Query Stripe

Mudra senjaliya (she)

Hello, I am a software developer comfortable in the javascript/typescript ecosystem. I have 7+ years of industry experience and have worked in various industries and projects.

Jethro Swanson

I'm happy to work on whatever the students are passionate about. As for me: 4th yr comp sci student (u of m), worked at Richardson Int. (BI software Dev) and MB Hydro (Cloud Platforms). Also LGBT member ❤️

Tom Atkinson (He)

I have mentored a number of events at codebar and I want to get back involved. I have been in the industry for around 5/6 years working on DevOps and cloud and automation and now have been a data engineer for the past two years.

Nicolas Cian

I'm a full-time web developer with 10+ years of experience mostly in Ruby Backend, currently working on a Winnipeg start-up company. I would like to help the community of new developers and transmit my passion for what I do.

Skills: web development backend Databases

David Zacek (he/him)

I have worked as a software engineer for a bit over 2 years. I would like to use some of that experience to help people who have not been as fortunate as me in having access to the traditional paths into coding.

Skills: python java Git Linux algorithms

Yannis Jinadu (He/Him)

Currently, a software engineer working predominantly in Python and interacting with AWS, GCP, Heroku and MongoDB. I would mainly want to help with Python work and anything to do with AWS.

Skills: python AWS

Seb Mititelu

Been teaching Java for University students in their Year 1 & Year 2. Have been teaching data science & data visualisation for Uni of Southampton & also been teaching & currently teaching for Open Classrooms career shifters JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

Leziga Bakor

I have worked on different python projects as a developer as well as a quality assurance engineer. I have intermediate to advance skills using python and have worked with different frameworks. I also hold an AWS certified developer associate certification

Skills: python AWS Jira Flask FastAPI Excel macro

Chris Joyner

Data Science, Python, some web development (e.g. Django/Flask, html/javascript/node js)

Leighton Blackburn (he/him)

I am a backend software engineer, and would like to help introduce programming / software engineering to everyone I can!

alvin albin

Basic to advanced programming concepts. Any language. Anything.

Adam Duggan

Self taught developer. 5 years experience in full-stack Javascript dev. Background in Social Work. Value mentoring and demystify concepts and providing encouragement and support to others starting out.

Skills: React node.js javascript Git CSS/Sass Firebase web performance MongoDB

Rafael Ferreira (he/him)

It is my first time being a coach here and I'm quite excited to participate and meet new people. I'm a techie, I've had the chance to work in a variety of domains and technologies and excited to share that with more people.

Cal Nicklin (He/him)

I am a self-taught software engineer in Brighton. I've started presenting code 'stuff' to my company non-technical team, and have presented at a local school. I've found it hugely fulfilling and I'd love to do more.

Jon Wyatt

I'd like to coach front end. I'm an experienced professional developer, and have mentored and coded with many junior devs and also volunteered at Code Your Future.

Skills: Front End html css javascript React node.js accessibility Git

Owen Kosman (he)

I'd like to mentor/coach through running workshops. I'm currently a software engineer at Starling Bank developing our own core banking platform. As an Indonesian having non-computer science background, I'd like to help people like me excel in tech.

Jared K (he/him)

Looking for devs!

Xavier Zhou (he)

As a senior developer I’d like to share my knowledge and provide coaching to others

Matt George (he/him)

We're setting up a chapter in Cardiff, Wales. Been working as a developer since 2017 and I've spent the last few years working as a web developer focusing on Typescript React and Python Django.

Skills: TypeScript React python bash

Jade Carvalho (she/her)

I have 2 years' experience working as a full stack developer, with a good understanding of UX and design from my previous career in digital marketing.

Skills: HTML & CSS javascript React python django

Danny Buckley (He)

I am a passionate software engineer that’s been in the industry for about 4 years now. I now lead product development for a startup. I would like to contribute to hopefully make this industry more diverse.

Pavlo Marchuk (He)

I would like to try myself as a coach ones and decide after.

David Griffiths

I'm a professional PHP, Python and Javascript developer working in Cardiff. I was assistant A' Level Examiner in Computer Science for the WJEC and a secondary school teacher for many years. I would like to see how I might be able to help.

Rory Tisdall (he/him)

I am a data scientist with extensive Python programming experience. I am signing up as a coach because I appreciate the charity and believe that programming skills are an excellent way to help under represented individuals get a step up in the world.

kaily newman (She/her)

I do python and data engineering. I learned also javascript in bootcamps. My current techie hobbies are low level coding.

Barny Dathan (he/him)

I support new developers to start careers in tech. I'm interested in networking with the tech community and support aspiring developers.

Ryo Yamazaki (he/his/him)

I am organising an Android developer community in Japan. I hope that through this activities with codebar, I will be able to recognize and learn about the skills and knowledge that I lack.

Skills: Android kotlin java python

Alex Cerda (she/her)

I've been an engineer for 4 years - at the FT for 7 months. It's my first time coaching, but I would like to help beginner coders in JS, HTML and CSS. As a self-learner, I'd love to help others learn from scratch too.

Skills: javascript html css React Vue Express Jest Cypress

Romarjo Zeka

I have been working as a software engineer for the past years, focusing on backend development around Java ecosystem.

Skills: java spring AWS serverless software architecture Microservices

Mun Wai Kong (he/him)

i've been referred to be a coach by my colleagues at Grabyo. Happy to help where ever I can. I come from a backend developer background although I have not actively coded for a few years!

Ryan Hancock (he/him)

8 years of software engineering in the workplace. Bsc in Computing

Minseo Kim (she/her)

I have been working as a software engineer for 4 years. I have specialty in Java programming and I want to share my knowledge with others.

Skills: java backend engineering MySql

Sami Dalzell-Matthew (she/her)

I am a frontend dev working at Olio, did a software apprenticeship through 2020. I can use, react, react native, javascript and typescript

Razieh Behjati

I have worked as a software engineer for more than 10 years.

Skills: python rust java

Keziah Quarshie

I am an enthusiastic python programmer, computer science teacher and love to learn new technologies. I have just recently finished and software engineering and devops bootcamp and would love to share my knowledge with others.

Jon Knight

I have 30 years commercial experience as a developer. Experience of multiple tech stacks, DBA, sysadmin. Happy to help with just about anything.

Richard Huston (he/him)

I am a Senior Solution Architect at Alfa.

Luke Riou

Id be interested in mentoring or coaching. I’m a junior software developer at an asset finance software company. I’ve beeb developing in Java for the best part of two years.

Feyikemi Agboola (She)

I'm a front-end developer with 5 years experience. I really value the ability to not perform web development work but also help others improve their craft because I've gained so much from others sharing their skills and knowledge.

Skills: TypeScript javascript React html css

Anna Conti Lorenzo (she/her)

I've spent a year at ERNI as a React Frontend Developer, with five years' experience in Angular. Passionate about frontend development, I enjoy crafting seamless user experiences. I also love mentoring others in their coding journeys.

Robert Villa

Frontend Developer at ERNI with 4+ years in React. Also skilled in Node.js as a backend developer. Former bootcamp professor, teaching programming and JavaScript web dev.

Aiden Arnkels-Webb (He/They)

Hi, I'm Aiden, currently a Systems Architect & Entreprenuer with a background in Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure.

Skills: c# python Cybersecurity IT Systems Architecture

Michael Barham (he/him)

I'd like to find a team of people I can make a difference to, specifically helping other to learn

Mustafa Kyorov

Full-stack software developer, core technologies: - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - React - Node, Express - SQL, NoSQL

Pau Ortega Puig (he/him)

I've worked in the tech industry for 10 years, and I've grown thanks to a lot of people in my career. I want to give that back to the community.

Skills: JS php OOP xp testing

Eduardo Quintana

I have 8 years of experience developing web apps on .NET. I have worked as a Full-Stack developer, but I prefer backend development. My interest is in sharing my C#, .NET or general programming concepts knowledge.

Skills: c# .NET RESTful APIs gRPC testing

Kelvin Cheung (He)

Studying Master of Advanced Computer Science. I will be able to teach basic and advanced Python. I am new to Cardiff and want to have more practice on communications!

Zara Siddique (She/her)

I'm currently completing a PhD in AI Ethics. I've worked as a machine learning engineer and web developer so happy helping with anything in those areas. I ran the DjangoGirls workshop at PyCon UK in Cardiff last year.

Skills: python ai ml web development javascript HTML/CSS React.js


I look forward to joining the codebar team so i can share my knowledge with people who are passionate about diving into to the world of programming and help them realize there ideas into reality.

Skills: Backend Enginner python javascript golang c++ ReactJS

Zain Bee

I'm a WordPress Developer and have been using it since version 2.1 around 2006.

Skills: php css html WP Database Advanced Custom Fields various WYSIWYG Editors (Elementor etc.)

Hilla Abramov (she/her)

I would be keen to sign up as a coach in Python. I retrained in software & data engineering after 7 years in the TV and film industry. I have project-based experience in building industry-grade data solutions using Python, SQL, and cloud technologies.

Jay Mayer (he/him)

I would like to help people learning to code. I am a regular volunteer with CodeYourFuture in Manchester

Skills: java React html css Git SQL docker kubernetes

Ben Fernandes (he/him)

Helping people learn to code!

Kiran Randhawa Kukar (she/her)

I have experience in Ruby, Python, Kotlin, Scala, Java, Typescript and Javascript. I'm a career switcher, I spent 10 years working in the charity sector in various roles. I retrained as a dev in 2021 and started work in 2022.

Harrison Van Oort (He/him)

I’m a Business Intelligence Engineer with 10 years’ experience both with a tech company in Washington, DC and at Amazon. I live in Edinburgh and could attend any event in the city. Thank you!

Skills: python SQL html css

Kieran Sweeden (He/Him)

I'm interesting in helping others in the early stages of their web development journey. I'm a full-stack bootcamp graduate who's been working as a Junior Full-Stack Developer for over 2 years.

Skills: html css javascript node.js AWS python

agostino Masci

I have several years of experience programming and can be a coach.

Skills: python cpp html

Mina Lui (she/her)

I am a developer at softwire and keen to assist in coaching

Keith Douglas

I was an instructor at CodeClan, teaching and coaching novice programmers. I really like helping people with their coding quests!

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

Skills: ruby python php java golang Git testing OOP functional programming rails

Sandy McMillan (he/him)

I'm currently a Senior Developer at AND Digital. Previously I was a Senior Instructor at CodeClan

Skills: ruby javascript c c++ c# java SQL

Germain Souquet (he/him)

Passionate about the web

Skills: html css javascript React.js Unit Testing Git TypeScript open source & many more

Peter Trizuliak (He)

Happy to help with JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS or Node.js

Skills: javascript React html css node.js

Bela Hamid

I began my career as a software developer in 2021 after attending a coding bootcamp. I used to attend Codebar as a student and would like to come back as a volunteer coach.

Skills: React javascript html css

Sophie Mann (They/She)

Full stack Ruby and React

Andrés Lucas Enciso (He)

Principal Design System Engineer at Adevinta Spain Staff Front End UI engineer at Adevinta Global OpenSource Projects Maintainer.

Skills: React D3js Dataviz css node.js tailwind TypeScript

Kay Lack (she/her)

i like writing code and talking to people

Joshua Allwood (He / Him)

I am a Senior React Engineer working in Brighton. Specialising in JavaScript development.

Skills: JS React Redux Jest Wdio

Chetan Padia (he/him)

Mostly using Typescript/Javascript with HTML, CSS, Git and Linux. I also have experience with Kotlin, Swift, Java, Clojure, Python and more.

Simas Janusas (he)

Coding is fun and exciting! My main focus is Python language, especially in area of Data Analysis and ML. I have intermediate skills in HTML, CSS, have created a several website layouts with it. Also, used Python Flask.

Skills: python SQL pandas html css

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