Here you can find a list of the 3012 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Dr Pawel Orzechowski (he/him)

I have worked in programming and education for over 10 years. Recently at CoderDojo@StormId and CodeClan. I currently teach programming at Business School@University of Edinburgh. Python, JS, Swift/Android, Flutter. I worked as a mobile dev and head of UX

Ioannis Latousakis

Coach; Python, DBs, Java, React, Go

Skills: python java React c# SQL Go

Yuqing Wang (she/her)

I am a Data Science bootcamp graduate, with experience in teaching Data Science with Python. Training as a web developer at Founders and Coders. Ask me about bootcamp experience and my guinea pigs.

Skills: python SQL css html javascript

James Renwick (he/him)

I previously worked at Thomson Reuters as a Front end engineer on an AI project which would read leases for lawyers and use AI to highlight important information. I've since been with Butternut Box for over a year now as a senior front end engineer

Skills: html css javascript TypeScript React Angular (a little)

Julian Blundell (he)

I am a freelance back end developer, been working in the Brighton area for 15 years. My specialties are Sql and NoSql database design and implementation, php/mvc frameworks and reasonable JavaScript/jQuery

Skills: SQL nosql database php mvc javascript jQuery

Anitha Dharaneedharan

I am a software engineer with 4plus years experience in Javascript and React. I would like to help junior developers with blockers or bugs

Skills: javascript TypeScript React html css node.js

Duncan Brown (he/him)

I'd like to post a job advertisement

Naomi Pearse (she)

I am a junior software engineer, strong in Front-end developement.

Skills: html css javascript React.js Git github

Ademola Fabuyi (he)

I work as a full-stack consultant, so I generally get thrown into situations where I need to learn on the fly but my main knowledge base is around web development and cloud computing solutions.

Skills: python javascript TypeScript React SQL cdk Jest css html

James Lomax (He/him)

Mobile Software engineer at Citymapper. I have experience with C, C++, Java, JS, Python, Rust, SQL, AWS, Kotlin, Android and various other things. Currently a mobile (Android) developer, with experience in back-end, data science, and embedded systems.

Skills: c c++ java javascript python rust SQL AWS embedded pandas docker kubernetes Git CI Linux Android kotlin

Nathan Lisgo

JavaScript and PHP are my main skills. I have experience with the Drupal platform.

Kye Bracey (he)

Makers graduate, Front End/Games Developer at

Skills: javascript React Phaser html css version control accessibility


Just started my coding journey and looking for some help and motivation

Skills: javascript SQL python React php Symfony

Hugo Cheyne (He/ him)

Help people with Data Engineering & Data Analyst related skills - mainly writing SQL and building data pipelines & data visualizations.

Darryl October (he/him)

Hi! I was recommended to codebar by a friend. I am a senior Front End Developer and so I would like to skill share with others. I am originally from the UK, but I have lived in Barcelona for 7 years.

Skills: TypeScript javascript React ReactNative expo Nextjs tailwind Storybook Angular mui Responsive html css nodejs

Michelle Steele (She/her)

Dotnet / JS / Ruby full stack developer at Avalara.

Skills: TDD Git javascript HTML/CSS ruby React Dotnet/C#

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

Skills: ruby python php java golang Git testing OOP functional programming rails

Oliver Mattos

I want to be a coach

Daniel Easterman (he/him)

I am a full stack developer specialising in Python, Django and Flask.

Skills: python django Flask

William Frankish (he/him)

Full stack developer at Oxford Computer Consultants. [email protected] is also me.

Skills: html javascript css TypeScript React c# python (if necessary) java (if necessary)

David Ricordel (he)

Consulting Engineer @elastic

Skills: python docker monitoring Cloud k8s Elasticsearch

Chetan Padia (he/him)

Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, and anything else anyone feels like trying out.

Emil Virkki (he/him)

I'm interested in coaching :)

Steve Honeyman

I’m a front-end developer and designer with a passion for web standards, layout, typography and graphics. I believe that anyone and everyone should be able to code and that building sites should be easy and fun.

Roisin Farmer (she/her)

I am a senior full stack developer working with various technologies. I had a pretty traditional path with an MEng in Software Engineering I love hearing everyone's different route into tech

Skills: AngularJS java javascript SQL Angular React

Evie Skinner (she/her)

Hiya coders! I'm a polyglot developer with 4.5 years' experience. I was bootcamp-trained and used to be a student at Codebar. I can help you with .Net, Azure, Vue, React, TDD, interview preparation, CV tips, and more :->

Skills: c# ruby TDD SQL javascript html css Vue React TypeScript node.js MongoDB docker Azure java public speaking postgres terraform AWS testing devops

Jennifer Barnes

I’ve been working as a dev for 18 months

Skills: python Ci/CD

Tom Butterwith (he/him)

I'm a Group Engineering Manager at living in Edinburgh. I'm familiar with Java, Python, and Javascript having built high throughput, distributed systems.

Skills: JS React java python distributed systems interviewing CVs

Fabiola Cabrera (She)

Self-taught web developer

Ian Dickinson (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer and team lead at Epimorphics. My team focuses on building web applications for data management and data visualisation. I've heard about the great work that Codebar is doing, and am happy to help if I can.

Skills: javascript Vue web development Ruby on Rails Git html css python

Guy Bushnell (he)

I'd like to help people get into writing code. I have a degree in computer science from UEA (1990) and am a director of a software company based in Norwich. I still have a love of coding and want to use some of my knowledge to assist others.

Nazar Hussain

I am an experienced developer, programmer and technical designer. I possess a strong programming and development background with knowledge of all aspects of overseeing and developing projects.

Skills: nodejs ruby web backend blockchain

Dave Swift

I graduated from a web development bootcamp in 2017. Since then I have worked as a software engineer using a range of technologies including the Rails and Ionic frameworks.

Skills: ruby rails SQL html

Elisabeth Haubold (She)

I actually started out learning to code by attending Codebar workshops in Edinburgh. Since then, I got a job working as a backend developer on a cloud-native application and about half a year ago I transitioned into a DevOps role.

Skills: kubernetes terraform javascript java css html some react and node.js

Anca Lita (She/Her/Hers)

I'm a self taught Python engineer, having worked as a backend engineer in conversational AI for the past 2y 1/2. Prior to my current role, I had worked in programmatic advertising for 6 years after graduating in anthropology.

Skills: python Git Flask TDD redis Kafka RabbitMQ OOP docker

Tom Waddington (He/him)

I've been coding in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript for 15+ years. Keen to teach Rails, but can help with JS too 🙂

Skills: Ruby on Rails rails ruby javascript TypeScript API database

Michael Cheah

I think coding is a skill anyone can find useful and want to introduce and get people interested in it. I've been a software developer for a few years and can comfortably teach Python and Golang. Could do Matlab or C++ for beginners if needed

Skills: python golang c++ Matlab Git Linux bash

Leaf Rogers (he/him)

I’d love to help people learn web technologies that I know well, with anything from beginner level HTML/CSS/JavaScript to professional and high-traffic web apps/sites. From me you’ll get patience, kindness, and hopefully some mutual learning!

Skills: html css javascript nodejs accessibility web performance web standards user interfaces HTTP principles version control software engineering CDNs Databases working in cross-discipline teams line management contracting in the UK interviewing CVs expressjs api design TypeScript

Rowan Marshall (he/him)

Hi, I'm Rowan. I'm a backend developer mostly working with Java and Kotlin, but I love experimenting with any new programming languages. I'm also a blogger, ukuleleist, and beer enthusiast.

Skills: java python kotlin Git

Fran Solo (she/her)

I'm a Front-End Dev at and have been coding for the best part of 10 years. I enjoy helping other people learn and get into tech and was recently recognised through an industry award.

Skills: React javascript html css Vue sass Less Git TypeScript Ruby on Rails

Josh Blumberg (He/Him)

I career-changed from marketing to software development in 2020, and I'm really keen to give back by helping others on their journey to becoming engineers. I currently work as a product engineer for tiney, an ed-tech company, mainly in React, JS, and TS.

Skills: javascript TypeScript React

huxley millard (they them)

Soon to be Senior Developer at The financial times

Skills: React node TypeScript css html Webpack GQL AWSCertfied

Juel Braganza (She/Her)

Software Engineer with 2 years industry experience.

Skills: html css scss javascript React postgres

Philippe Guyard (He/him)

I started coding in 1986. After a career in academia modelling population genetics in Fortran and C++, I now work as a CTO for 2 companies. I still code every day.

Skills: SQL python pandas django wagtail html css heroku ETL statistics javascript data analysis

Joel Hassan

I'm trying out mentoring as a way for me to give back to the community. I've worked as a teaching assistant at my previous university (Helsinki Uni), where I mentored students at programming workshops. I now work as a software engineer at

Skills: html css TypeScript React SQL javascript

Gavin Downs

I'm an experienced front developer and I'd like to try and give something back to the community, in particular trying to help young people to get going with coding. This is becoming increasingly important to me.

Aidan Walters-Williams (he/him/they)

Hey there, I couldn't fit everything I wanted to say into this box so here's a gist!

Marika Kwiecień (she/her)

I'm fairly new here, moved to Finland last year, along with my wife. I've been working in IT for the last 15 years, mostly as a full stack engineer and manager. I'm developing my own idea, which requires me to learn data science and machine learning.

Thomas Marano (He/Him)

I currently work as a software engineer and would love the opportunity to code with students. I learnt how to code 5 years ago and have had various coding roles since then. I have worked primarily in JavaScript / TypeScript and Elixir.

Paul R (he/him)

I teach source control and testing classes in a university once a year and would like to improve there. I've been a software engineer for 9 years with a master in electronics. I am now a full stack developer working on medical devices.

Skills: python AWS (CloudFormation) docker Docker Compose bash GNU Make c c++ Git jenkins Arch Linux gitlab qt react (a bit) Perforce Matlab signal processing

Tara Galloway (she/her)

I'm a little rusty on my JS but I think I could be a good asset in a little time. I studied it at bootcamp in 2018 and have since been working in GO, almost 5 years in my current position at Vet AI where I'm a mid-senior level backend developer

Skills: Go

John Medina (He/him)

Mainly back-end services written in Java, Golang, Node.js, and Python. Recent experience in service orchestration working with Docker. Strong SQL knowledge too.

Skills: java golang node.js python docker SQL Back-end Services Scala

Carmelo Carrillo (He/his)

I’ve been a developer for five years. I’d love to help others to make it into the tech community. It will be nice to know a little bit more about the project and see how me and a group I colaborate with could help.

Uros Cirkovic (He/him)

I have recently seen that one of my ex-colleagues (Capucine Rosset) is a coach at Codebar Barcelona and as I myself was working as a teacher in a coding bootcamp for over 2 years I would like to volunteer and assist in your program.

Oscar Chen (he/him)

I am a software engineer working at Bloomberg on our financial analytics platform. I primarily work with C++ and Python, and a little JavaScript. As a self taught programmer, I hope to help others on the same journey!

Skills: c++ python Git can coach beginner javascript and HTML

Curtis Turk

I'm currently working on a radio show episode music finder and web scraper. I've completed a Makers bootcamp and i'm looking for my first dev role I've done a bit of everything from bike mechanic to commercial manager

Skills: TypeScript MongoDB PostgreSQL React node ruby Sinatra Jest

Steph Paterson

I work as a full stack developer, mostly doing React/Typescript. Having recently learnt to code and made a career change I'd love to help others to do the same!

Skills: React TypeScript javascript

Jack Talbot (He/They)

I'm a Principal Engineer at FanDuel working across 30+ teams with a direct responsibility for delivery of the various payments integrations at FanDuel.

Yaroslav Polosin (he)

I'm a junior full stack dev at Ghyston and would like to see and participate in events. I enjoy teaching others and have been running coding clubs in the past

Skills: webdev React html css javascript TypeScript unity c#

Andrew Buchan (he/him)

Self taught dev with 13ish years commercial experience. I used to run Python workshops (some with CodeClan) and now work for a hip wee green startup in London. Love coaching, and want to give a little back to the community.

Skills: python architecture javascript

Jack Webb-Heller

I'm a professional software developer and SaaS co-founder with 10 years of experience building and designing web applications. A friend attended Codebar as a student, and suggested I apply as a coach. It looks like a great project!

Dhaya Benmessaoud (he/him)

I'm a frontend engineer at Algolia. I build the UI libraries that help developers create snappy search experiences.

Skills: html css javascript React

Abay Ibrayev (He/Him)

Love to work with people with the same interest in tech and make connections. I already participated as a coach a couple of times when Codebar visited our IMG Arena office and want to continue!

Skills: html css javascript React Next.js

Beth Gaković (she/her)

I’ve spent 4 years as a tech trainer & in curriculum R&D. I start my first full time Software Engineer role this May and would love to keep supporting others in their journeys. I’m interested in however I can help, particularly with live events & content.

Skills: javascript TypeScript node React SQL docker (some) AWS services being a rubber duck

Issy Szemeti (she/her)

I want to teach people how to program and help open people’s minds to the possibility that they can be good at programming. I work as a full stack software engineer, primarily with ReactJS on the frontend, and Java/Python on the backend

Skills: python SQL React TypeScript

Jez Johns (he/him)

Primary teacher trainer, now on tech Educators full stack boot camp, and joining their staff at end. Python & VBA in past. Want to help where I can. Seeing this as like I used to do.

Mary Lo (she/her)

I love sharing how I learn coding and guide people to understand the logic:) Happy coding!

Skills: TypeScript java kotlin

Tom Vaughan (he/him)

I'm a senior/lead software engineer with significant experience working with the public sector in consultancy environments. I'm deeply passionate about mentoring and lowering the barrier to entry to an industry which has been so good to me over the years.

Ian Alexander (He)

I've worked in mobile development across the start up world for ~10 years. I started the mobile team at Octopus Energy, and have worked across a variety of Octopus products.

Skills: Swift Android iOS kotlin Kotlin Multiplatform

Masha Shevchuk

I am a frontend developer at an e-pharmacy and would like to pass some of my skills to others. They say, if you want to master something, teach it. Hoping to learn as much from you as you do from me!

Skills: React/Nextjs TypeScript Jest Playwright html CSS(+SCSS/tailwind) JS

Keith Harrison (He, him)

I'm a software developer with over 20 years experience

Pablo Joyce (he/him)

I have just finished a Makers BootCamp, heard about codebar from my cohort, love what you do and been encouraged to join as a coach. I’m far from expert but have been told it’s fine to just help with basic stuff. I know some Ruby, JS, HTML and CSS.

Skills: JS css html Git ruby

Kapilan M (he/him)

software engineer @ a leading UK fintech. studied computing (ai + ml) @ imperial. I have a passion for teaching and I run career workshops for sixth form students and special needs students in the computer science and interview skills space.

Skills: python java postgres Javascript etc

Luke Edgar

I have done some codebar coaching in the past at Google and I'm always happy to help out.

Skills: kotlin java javascript python Android

Bethany Griggs (she/her)

Local senior engineer and open source contributor. Hosted workshops internally and at conferences, and authored an introductory Node.js book. Most familiar with JavaScript and web development, Node.js, but have experience in other languages too.

Salvatore Dininni (he/him/they)

Hello,my last two years in the IT industry have been difficult and challenging, and I wished I had someone that could have coached me. I would like to help your students as an assistant coach. Thank you for your time. Regards Salvatore Dininni

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 php laravel React Git github Bootstrap TypeScript

Hisham I (he/him)

Work in medical research/robotics and have frequently found myself in the deep-end having to learn new languages/tech stacks. Always enjoy learning or teaching with people who share my enthusiasm for all things software and tech

Skills: c# python Git c++ unity

Timo Sand (He/him)

I've been coaching with Nodeschool Helsinki for a few years, as well as Rails Young people Helsinki and Code Curious Berlin a few times. I want to improve the distribution of different kind of people in the tech scene.

Skills: Software Development hiring/interviewing people management consulting (software) leadership Infrastructure as Code Ci/CD TypeScript javascript node.js

Marta Dabrowka (she/her)

I did CodeClan over three years ago and I'd love to give back to the community. I'm predominantly a web developer with experience in React/Gatsby/Rails/Node, so these are the areas I'd like to work on.

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