Here you can find a list of the 2689 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Alberto Fernandez (he)

I work with Perl and as a personal project with Python and Django

Marion Berton (she)

I used to be a codebar student and I now work at the company 15Gifts (as a front end developer) which will be hosting codebar :)

Rob Pickering (they/them)

Well aged hacker. Progressed from low level (assembler) through most C like languages (C, C++, bit of Java) to full stack Javascript these days. Node, React with WebRTC are my most familiar environments.

Joana Ferreira (she/her)

Hey, I'm a Software Engineer at Freetrade, happy to help!

skills: kotlin c++ TypeScript python java

Irufan Ahmed (he/him)

I have 5+ years of experience in scientific software development (mainly Fortran). But I have also used Python and Matlab in the past for a number of projects and I would love to contribute to Python programming.

skills: Fortran Matlab numpy scipy python Git

Paddy Hamilton

Hello 👋, I am a self taught front end developer working full time for 7 years. I’ve worked at small startups building products from the ground up and large tech unicorns. I’m currently working at Pawprint with Kat Kmiotek. Would like To help people :)

Harry Adams (He/Him)

I would like to both improve my ability to coach others and to create positive learning environments. Skills that I can apply in my professional role

Farah Dianputri (she/her)

Want to improve my learning by teaching Python. I'm part of an algorithms book club where we peer-learn CS fundamentals together.

skills: python

Mark Bird (he/him)

I'm an experienced Python and SQL developer with some experience with JavaScript and C#.

Grace Zaborski (She/her)

Hi there! My name's Grace, I'm working full-time as an Associate Software Engineer after having completed a four month Software engineer training programme. I'm always learning and would love to start teaching now too.

Matthew Hughes

I have been a software developer for about 5 years now. Though firmly in the backend. I'm happy programming in: * Python (particularly with Django) * Perl * C As well as plenty of experience with git

James Lomax (He/him/his)

Software engineer at CityMapper. I have experience with C, C++, Java, JS, Python, Rust, SQL, AWS and various other things. Mostly a backend and embedded systems dev (with a little Android and Vue.js experience).

skills: embedded pandas kubernetes CI docker c++ AWS c Linux rust SQL python java javascript Git

Blanc Swan

AI, Deep learning, NLP

Florentin Bekier

iOS developer at Infomaniak

Valentin Perignon

Still a student, I worked a lot with web technologies (mainly JS, React). I am now a student at Infomaniak as an iOS developer

Stephen Neithardt (He/They)

I’m looking to do mostly coaching in order to help get this industry up to parity. Or closer at least... I have a background as a physicist and define myself as feminist in life. I also do lots of creative work outside my job!

Philippe Weidmann

Working as an iOS dev @ Infomaniak Passionate about app development

Thomas Moret

Je suis passionné de technologie depuis longtemps et je fais aussi un peu d'électronique (MicroBit, MSP-430, Raspberry PI). Je suis également membre du Hackerspace de Lausanne.

skills: Informaticiens & electriciens

Ricardo Reves (he)

Je suis actuellement etudiant a l ecole 42 Lausanne, dont la pedagogie est base sur le peer learning, nous sommes a la fois professeur et eleve 😉, vous trouverez mes projets sur et

skills: CSS/Sass c++ c Angular nodejs php TypeScript python javascript html jQuery

Pau Ortega Puig (he/him)

I've done some brief sessions on the teams I've been in about - TDD - Git - Vue Testing Library Which have been well received. I can teach PHP, JS and Vue and the basics of most any OOP language, as well as basic XP practices.

Michalis Daniilakis

Cloud-native web applications, AWS, Databases, Java, Python, NodeJS.

Allistair Crossley

I've been a startup CTO, an Engineering Manager, Technical Architect, and Engineer in my career and have worked on lots of projects over the years in various tech biz. Hope to support/help those learning engineering with their projects/goals.

skills: systems architecture basic-react AWS php python django javascript html css Bootstrap

Colette Wilson

I am a recently qualified web designer looking for work in the industry and always eager to learn new skills & network.

Kimberley Cook (She/Her)

I am a freelance web developer. In my spare time you'll probably find me cycling, bouldering or snowboarding.

Ollie Baker

I'm a freelance developer based in Brighton. I like to make games and all things interactive. I use JS/HTML/CSS, Unity and Haxe.

skills: haxe c# javascript html css

Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

I'm here to coach and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

skills: Azure kotlin node AWS Linux Ruby on Rails SQL TypeScript ruby JS java

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

skills: golang testing OOP functional programming php rails ruby python java Git

Bradley Taylor

All-round web developer, with lots of experience with general web technologies and WordPress (among other things)

skills: php wordpress React javascript html css

Lorenzo Turrino (He/him)

I've attended a bootcamp some 5 years ago and switched career to be a software developer. In the years since I've worked in various roles across the stack. I've attended codebar in the past as a mentor and it was a great experience!

skills: gcp Cloud docker AWS devops python javascript html Git

Cassie Evans

Developer at clearleft. Previous design/motion graphics experience. codebar Brighton Organiser

skills: a11y GSAP web animation svg Jamstack 11ty JS html css Vue

Daniel Clarke (he/him)

Programming enthusiast.

skills: javascript html css

Pete West (he/him)

I've been coaching with codebar for several years. I've also taught at a Code First Girls course. I've coached at free workshop and hack day events for 4 years.

skills: php ruby JS python html css

Lawrence Hunt Hunt (he)

I'm a Full Stack Developer at Bright Analytics, a Data Visualisation platform. The bulk of my experience is in JS but I'm also interested in Python and Ruby. I'm open to working with students on everything from kata to apps!

skills: nodejs ruby python React javascript

Jonathan Kerr (he/him)

I've a dev and I work for the government. I write mostly in Python

skills: sqlalchemy Flask SQL python

Josh Hudson (He)

I am a Web Developer at We Are Tilt in Brighton and since being a student at Codebar last year i thought i'd come back as a tutor and coach people to become web developers and improve their skills as mine have been helped so much by Codebar

skills: javascript html css

Samm Lavelle

I've been working as a Front-end developer for over 4 years at digital agencies in Brighton. I mostly work on creating custom WordPress themes from scratch, and love finding ways to shoehorn css animation into any design I can.

Emily Bertwistle (she/her)

I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer, always keen to learn new things :)

skills: node.js javascript html css

Dean Richer

I want to help people to learn how to code. I work as a front-end/dev-ops developer in London.

Dara Hak (he/him)

Software developer since 2012, mostly using C++ and JavaScript. I learned a lot from welcoming communities and I simply want to give back.

skills: c++ nodejs javascript

Pat Graczyk (She)

Learning from scratch, a total beginner!

Iain Bean (he/him)

I'm a senior developer at Cogapp. I like being creative with JavaScript and CSS.

skills: Next.js Gatsby TypeScript React javascript html css sass

Helen Root (she/they)

I work as a freelance full-stack web developer for a state start-up in the French governmental incubator When I'm not at my computer I do theatre and near-constantly listen to music/podcasts. Can chat to you in English, français and русский.

skills: python javascript html css

Dale Blackburn (he/they)

I'm a full stack developer currently working for @15gifts.

skills: Perl automation TypeScript node.js React javascript html css

Pranav Kasetti (He/Him)

I love coding! :P

Alex Fedenczuk (he/him)

Senior Consultant (specialising in software engineering) working with Typescript, React, Python and various AWS services.

skills: MongoDB AWS TypeScript python django React javascript

Daniel Crook (He)

Hello! I was recommended to join as a coach and thought its a great opportunity to help out the community. I have 8 years coding experience professionally in finance industry - in lots of languages from java, python, to web ! :)

skills: nosql c Linux rust SQL web python java

Juha-Matti Santala (he/him)

I've been teaching 500+ people to learn programming in Uni Turku, Aalto University, Rails Girls, Django Girls, Boost Summer of Programming, mehackit, codebar and Koodimentori courses/workshops. I currently work as a developer advocate at Futurice.

skills: bash Redux frontend SQL backend ruby python React javascript html css Vue Git

Luke Barnard (he)

Front end web dev mostly working with React. Competent in other C-like languages. Building a decentralised blog platform.

Bogdan Protsenko (he)

I'd be happy to coach people in front end related topics. I'm a mid level developer with around 4 years of experience.

Kin A

Career switcher, 2 years in tech as a front-end developer

skills: javascript html css

Esko Luontola (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer with coding experience since 2000. I'm a specialist in TDD and wrote the tutorial I've also coached beginners at Rails Girls and wrote the tutorial

skills: frontend ux TDD devops backend

Jacopo Colò (He)

I'm happy to help out with Codebar Oslo!

Mike Jeuga (he/him)

Software Engineer and Bootcamp grad. I was a student at Codebar London and now a coach. I can help with Ruby, Python, Javascript, html and CSS. Writing Go on the job at the moment.

skills: Go ruby python javascript html css

Emanuele Gorga (He)

I graduated at Makers Academy in November 2018 and worked since then mainly as a Backend Ruby On Rails Engineer at a Fintech company. I also enjoy the Frontend side of Web Development

skills: APIs Ruby on Rails ruby javascript html css

Pavel Isaev

I like to teach coding in different formats. I've been teaching Python at university and at Django-girls in Helsinki. Codebar seems like another great opportunity to help people with coding.

Jacob Thwaites (he/him)

I'm a software engineer from Edinburgh. I currently work mostly with TypeScript and C#, but have experience with lots of different technologies

skills: c# TypeScript python React javascript html css

Luke Marris

I am a Research Engineer at Google DeepMind. I am comfortable with Python and HTML/CSS.

skills: TensorFlow python html css

Amin Rahman

I want to help people overcome any fears or mental blocks they have in doing coding. Whether it be for passion or career, I want to enable people to self-study confidently and engage with any developer community wherever they are.

skills: XML JSON php javascript html css

Willem Labuschagne

I like solving problems.

skills: c# SQL Any web/mobile stuff php TypeScript java React javascript html css

Teemu Leivo (He)

I'm working as a software engineer with a variety of technologies. For example C#, Java, Scala, Python, HTML and Javascript.

Fang Matchima (she)

I'm a software engineer with experience in Angular, Java, and iOS Development, which is my current role. I want to work at codebar because I enjoy teaching people and inspire them about what they can create and when they feel empowered.

skills: iOS (Swift) Angular TypeScript python java

Alice Carlsson (She)

Developer, Project Manager, and Creative Technologist

Andrew Perry (he)

I already enjoy mentoring people within scouting but I have had limited opportunities to mentor people in technical matters. Electronic Engineering background, now a Cloud Engineer and have done some frontend, so a jack of most trades

Nazar Hussain

I am an experienced developer, programmer and technical designer. I possess a strong programming and development background with knowledge of all aspects of overseeing and developing projects.

skills: nodejs web backend blockchain ruby

Waleed Sannoufeh

I'm working on a bit of Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Flutter.

skills: python

Sarah Wilsoncook (she)

I am a Fullstack Javascript Developer in Berlin, originally from New Zealand.

skills: Nextjs Expressjs GraphQ swelte ReactJS javascript html css

Steve Hawkes (he)

Front end dev with 15+ years experience, having begun as a LAMP developer. Despite many recruitment initiatives our industry is still male-dominated, this needs to change. I am also a qualified workplace trainer and Scrum Master.

skills: php MySql wordpress TypeScript JS React html css jQuery

Franco Colman (he)

an E-commerce in vue

Robert Purcea (he)

mid front end, mainly javascript

skills: Ember React

Edward Stevinson (he/him)

Currently working as a Solutions Engineer at Eigen Technologies and have a background in machine learning. Most keen to assist with Python projects but happy to offer up my rusty Java knowledge if asked!

skills: python

Poppy Rodgers (she)

Rails developer at Resolver.

skills: rails ruby coffeescript javascript html css

Jaco van Biljon (He / Him)

Currently work in the construction industry and learning to code to make a career change to Front-End Software Developer. Learning Javascript / React by working on personal projects.

Michal Pekar

I am a front end developer @ Madgex. I love video games, board games, food, whisky and experiencing new cultures. Also, my golf coach said that I have great hand to eye coordination.

skills: JS Svelte node.js React html css

Gerald Pharin (He/him)

I'm a social volunteer who has taught a lot of ladies at multiple Django Girls workshops in Ghana and organised code camps for women and children. I'm good with Python/Django, Javascript/ReactJS and Swift/iOS.

skills: python django ReactJS VueJs Swift iOS java Android javascript html css

Louay Alakkad

Full stack development/cloud architecture

Fran Haines (she/her)

I work as a Front-End Developer at a digital agency in Bristol and have been coding for the best part of 10 years! I enjoy helping other people learn and get into tech and was recently recognised with an industry award.

skills: React javascript html css Vue sass Less Git Bootstrap jQuery

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