Here you can find a list of the 2600 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

I'm here to coach and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

skills: Azure AWS kotlin Linux JS Ruby on Rails node TypeScript ruby java SQL

Jodi Winters (she/her)

I manage a team in BBC News. I have plenty of experience in a bunch of languages and technologies that no one uses anymore! That's life in the tech industry!

skills: JS React php SQL Git html css

Lukasz Szczesiak (he/him/his)

I'm multi-language, multi-paradigm programmer; proficient in Python, JavaScript, with experience in Scala/JVM, and C#/.NET. I've worked on both Windows, and Unix platforms. I'm also running a CoderDojo for kids, using Scratch.

skills: codewars React python javascript

Simon Hafner

I'm an FP evangelist, so I'd like to practice my mentor skills.

Yann Eves (he/him/marquis)

Would love the opportunity to help others, especially those underrepresented, dive into coding. I've little experience in teaching to code, which I hope to gain here, but I've helped community manage at Async Brighton.

skills: GraphQL node React html css javascript

Thomas Ankcorn (he/him)

Puppo dad, coffee snob, foodie, I code with my teddy

skills: AWS Go TDD python node.js html css javascript

Russell Howe (he)

I've mostly worked on infrastructure-level things but have done a fair bit of Java and ruby dev too.

skills: cloud things c Linux ruby java

Kristian Hamilton

Front end for a while. Interests include art, sewing and coding

skills: creative code and generative art Redux React TDD jQuery html css javascript

Kai Wohlfahrt

I have experience with Python, C and a bit of Javascript, and enjoy trying out other languages and introducing various appliances to my Raspberry Pi. I've taught a few short Python courses for beginners.

skills: c rust React TypeScript Scala python SQL Git html javascript

Mario C Kataoka (He)

I have worked as a web designer and have a really strong foundation with HTML and CSS but would like to transition to development

skills: html css javascript

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

skills: OOP functional programming testing rails golang ruby php java python Git

Robert Siemieniec (he/him)

I'm a coach in various server-side programming languages. Mostly focusing on Ruby, Rust, Clojure and Python. I've been coaching and organising workshops regularly for the last 6 years.

skills: RoR clojure JS ruby python

Fabrice Reynolds

I am a full stack developer who is currently working on Node and React apps. I have around 20 years experience in programming as well as dev-ops, music and electronics.

skills: node React python SQL html css javascript

Oliver Caldwell (he/him)

I want to help teach others how to solve problems with technology. I've been building command line tools and things for the web since around 2011 using a plethora of languages and tools.

skills: clojure React ruby java python html css javascript

Julien Fiegehenn (he/his)

I'm an experienced developer working in Perl. I've been training junior developers for the last ten years. I do open source and speak at OSS conferences (mostly about mentoring).

skills: Perl project management mentoring programming basics job search/hiring advice Linux SQL Git html css javascript

Sean Blundell

Fresh Makers Academy graduate looking to both reinforce and share my knowledge through teaching. Seeking to help out anyone enthused or intrigued by Ruby / JavaScript / HTML / CSS.

skills: GraphQL HTML5 node React css javascript

Kye Bracey (he)

Makers graduate, Front End/Games Developer at

skills: Phaser version control React html css javascript

Toby Lorne (he/him)

I am a platform engineer who works on cloud infrastructure using Go and Ruby.

skills: rspec bosh concourse Networking AWS Go ruby bash SQL javascript

Sarah Giblett (She)

I currently work as a software developer contractor

skills: JavaScript/jQuery Umbraco PHP/Smarty PHP .NET .ASP.NET c# SQL html css

Kat Kmiotek (she/her)

Work as automation engineer mainly with selenium, java. Graduated from coding bootcamp

skills: basic python nosql JS Vue React ruby java SQL Git html css

Joby Harding (he / him)

I'm a freelance full-stack developer in Brighton UK and I 💜 building web apps.

skills: laravel Ubuntu TALL Stack nodejs Vue React php javascript

Nazar Hussain

I am an experienced developer, programmer and technical designer. I possess a strong programming and development background with knowledge of all aspects of overseeing and developing projects.

skills: backend blockchain nodejs web ruby

Judith Hartmann (she/her)

I want to become better at teaching. I studied CS and work as a Frontend Developer at Futurice. I used to teach groups of pupils (high school age) in university.

skills: Angular programming React TypeScript ruby python javascript

Jelle Fresen (he/his/him)

I have experience writing Android applications in Java and Kotlin, and I'm currently working on the testing framework of Android Jetpack Compose.

skills: Android kotlin java python bash Git

Craig West (he/him)

I have given talks and workshops at WordCamps and meetups and am working as a freelance trainer. I enjoy making complex subjects simple to learn and have been told I teach well.

skills: wordpress Progressive Web Apps Web Components html css javascript

Taeim Kwon (she/her)

I'd like to improve frontend language skills and share coding experiences with others.

skills: java html css javascript

Sam De Maeyer (him)

Hi, I am a principal front-end engineer working at Smart and I am very eager to share my knowledge with others!

skills: HTML5 CSS3 EmberJs javascript

Rodrigue Kayembe

Makers student

skills: ruby java

Peter Warner-Medley (he/him)

Currently working as a data engineer at TrueLayer. Lover of teaching and making tech look a bit less like me (I am a white dude 😬)

skills: copy-pasta from stackoverflow Elixir Scala python SQL javascript

Pascal Edouard

Hi, I'm a DevOps Cloud Engineer based in Edinburgh and looking to promote automation and infrastructure as code. Always available to help new developers, to share tips and tricks with best practices of coding.

skills: Ansible agile c Linux devops terraform c# Cloud java python bash Git html javascript

Michael Cheah

I think coding is a skill anyone can find useful and want to introduce and get people interested in it. I've been a software developer for a few years and can comfortably teach Python and Golang. Could do Matlab or C++ for beginners if needed

skills: Matlab Linux c++ golang python bash Git

Alex Fedenczuk (he/him)

Consultant (specialising in software engineering) working with Typescript, React, Python and various AWS services.

skills: django AWS MongoDB React TypeScript python javascript

Florian Rathgeber (he/him)

I'm leading the team of codebar hosts at Google. Sometimes I also get to coach \o/

skills: c Linux c++ python bash SQL Git javascript

Adedayo Adedapo (He)

Code Writing

skills: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) HTML/HTML5 MySql Bootstrap php jQuery Git javascript

Michelle Steele (She/her)

Dotnet / JS / Ruby full stack developer at Avalara.

skills: HTML/CSS Dotnet/C# React ruby TDD Git javascript

Atanas Kozarev (he/his)

I used to give private lessons in programming for 1st year Business students who had a compulsory programming module that was difficult to pass, it was a fun way to practice. CYF:

skills: listening being patient programming fundamentals coding basics coding fundamentals pseudo code data structures algorithms

Edward Stevinson (he/him)

Currently working as a Solutions Engineer at Eigen Technologies and have a background in machine learning. Most keen to assist with Python projects but happy to offer up my rusty Java knowledge if asked!

skills: python

Chris Hallson (he/him/they)

Lead Engineer @ IntelliSenseIO Passionate about helping people start a career in tech or helping people learn and improve their programming skills.

skills: c React java python SQL node.js javascript

Yang Shen (He)

I have been working in the IT industry since 2010, as a full-stack developer for years and as a freelancer / open source developer since 2020. Recently I'm working with vue, miniprogram. I'm also good at C and Java, and know a little about C# and Python.

skills: algorithms VueJs web c Linux java javascript

Sam Plews

I'm a developer mainly working with front end stuff. I enjoy explaining things as I learn more in the process.

skills: nodejs JS React Git html javascript

Darren Vong (he/him)

I am interested to sign up as a coach, having taught w/ similar initiatives like Code First: Girls. I remember how tricky it felt when I first started learning to code, now that I know a bit more about coding myself, I'd like to help others to do the same

skills: React python javascript

Ioannis Latousakis

Coach; Python, DBs, Java, React, Go

skills: Go c# React java python SQL

Kylo Robinson (He)

I am a front end developer, most interested in JavaScript. I can teach beginners vanilla js, and react js. I work in a university environment and enjoy teaching others, as well as learning from tricky questions!

skills: React javascript

Rowan Marshall (he/him)

Hi, I'm Rowan. I'm a backend developer mostly working with Java and Kotlin, but I love experimenting with any new programming languages. I'm also a blogger, ukuleleist, and beer enthusiast.

skills: kotlin java python Git

Jose Salguero (he/him)

I'd love to share/learn/help with web development

skills: Ember Software Development software architecture React javascript

Chetan Padia (he/him)

Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, and anything else anyone feels like trying out.

Fernando Junior (he/him/they)

I've been working with development teams for the last few years. Mostly trying not to break everything around =)

skills: nodejs Test shellscript deploy heroku testing ruby TDD docker java javascript

Ali R. Keles

Go, Python, Docker, Kubernetes

skills: kubernetes golang docker python

Robert Jones (He / Him)

I’m a dev that changed career from physics and maths teacher to software, and appreciate the struggle it entails, intellectually, energetically and emotionally. I’d like to support others in their journey.

skills: Questioning pair programming BDD DRY Redux Formik basic Clojure CircleCI vim Tmux eating all the things React Hooks React ruby TDD html css javascript

Daniel Crook (He)

Hello! I was recommended to join as a coach and thought its a great opportunity to help out the community. I have 8 years coding experience professionally in finance industry - in lots of languages from java, python, to web ! :)

skills: web c Linux rust nosql java python SQL

Julian Blundell (he)

I am a freelance back end developer, been working in the Brighton area for 15 years. My specialties are Sql and NoSql database design and implementation, php/mvc frameworks and reasonable JavaScript/jQuery

skills: nosql database mvc php jQuery SQL javascript

Matthew Blewitt (he/him)

Studied philosophy at university, self-taught software engineer, currently working for Heroku, a Salesforce company. I enjoy helping people reach their potential, and giving back to that which has given me so much.

skills: rails devops terraform Go PostgreSQL ruby SQL javascript

Mario Vela (He/him)

I have been a software developer for a few years in different startups. Worked with backends, databases and data pipelines. I love to see creative ways in which technology solves real problems.

skills: TypeScript javascript

Margarita Kopniczky (she/her)

I have only participated as a coach once at one of the codebars hosted at Google a while ago. Going to the Code First: Girls course was really important in my career journey and now it is time for me to give back to the community. Looking forward to this!

Leo Campbell

I am commercial developer looking to help with some coaching.

Richard Phillips-Kerr (he/him)

Software Engineer at BBC World Service & CodeClan grad. Best at JS (React), CSS & design, though I love thinking through any problem! The work Codebar is doing to create opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech to learn code is really important

skills: React html css javascript

Chipo Mapondera (She)

I transitioned to software engineering after a career in fashion marketing, and I’m having more fun than ever! Happy to share my knowledge and learn from others!

skills: html css javascript

Jonathan Markland (he)

Heya, i'd love to become a coach at codebar. I currently work for OpenMarket and jumped at this opportunity. I've been a developer for two years and often just find myself surrounded by people who 'wish they did what i do' so i'd like to make it happen!

skills: Scala java python

Vova Artsiukhou (he)

Software engineer with 8+ years of experience, mostly working on infrastructural services and distributed systems (using Python, C++, Go).

skills: c++ golang python

Bozena Vuckovic (she/her)

Past Codebar student turned coach

skills: JS Express MongoDB PostgreSQL node React html css

Ian Dickinson (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer and team lead at Epimorphics. My team focuses on building web applications for data management and data visualisation. I've heard about the great work that Codebar is doing, and am happy to help if I can.

skills: Vue web development Ruby on Rails python Git html css javascript

David Terry (he/him)

I'm a Berlin based software engineer. I have been working as a professional developer for ~5 years now. I am self taught and queer and I would love to help others get started with software development, for both fun and profit :) :)

Maria Olanipekun (she/her)

Junior Software Developer

skills: SQL React beginner Ruby and Python node html css javascript

Jonathan Morgan-Jones (He/Him)

I'm an irregular coder, with a background in systems administration. I'm freelance web developer with 30 years in IT, 15 of which has included IT support.

skills: Coding [PHP; visual basic; javascript] IT support IT history

Graham Hay

polyglot dev. "full stack".

skills: golang c# Erlang ruby python javascript

Gonçalo Morais (He/him)

I can help with front end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and full stack (in Ruby on Rails), but I’m happy to pair on other things as well!

skills: ruby html css javascript

Germain Souquet (he/him)

Passionate about the web

skills: React.js Unit Testing open source & many more TypeScript Git html css javascript

Tim Wisniewski (he/him)

Being able to build software has opened many doors for me in my career. I recognise that a good deal of privilege gave me the opportunity to learn and improve my knowledge, and to make a career out of it. This box has limited characters :(

skills: ruby docker python css javascript

Eleanor Wintram (she/her)

Node/React engineer, some experience in Laravel/PHP

skills: node React TypeScript php javascript

Jimmy Shah (he/him/his)

At codebar, I would like to help teach both Python and Git. I use both daily as a Data Scientist at Cargo, and want to help bridge the gender and diversity gap in tech. Previously, I served as a Diversity Peer Advisor and conducted physics research.

Masha Cernivec


skills: ruby html css javascript

George Webster (He/Him/His)

For the past 8 months I've been running a training course at work and so when I heard about this I really wanted to get involved, it sounds like an exciting opportunity to help people get into tech.

skills: ReactJS html css javascript

Nigel Tart (He)

Codebar Brighton organising team. Computer Science degree in 92. Teaching for 25 years (maths and, more recently, computing). Retraining in data science.

skills: Confident to coach python/Numpy/Pandas and *basic* HTML

Carlos V

I don't know what to write here

skills: php TDD DDD jQuery Unreal Engine 4 Hexagonal Architecture docker python Git javascript

Lukas Scholtes (he/him)

Hi, I'm a data scientist working at a startup. I've been in industry for just over 2 years. Primarily work with Python, some experience with DBs. I really enjoy teaching and I'd love for others to benefit from what I've learned :)

skills: Data Science/ML basic Django python SQL Git

Mohsin Niazi (he)

I am self taught developer with 3 years experience. Would be happy to teach Python/Javascript/Html/CSS/Java/Scala or any backend related stuff.

skills: Scala java python html css javascript

David Ricordel (he)

Consulting Engineer @elastic

skills: docker monitoring Cloud k8s Elasticsearch python

Bruno Girin (he/him)

I've been coding for 25 years with a variety of technologies. I'm currently working with Node.js and Python and I have experience with Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and APIs.

skills: java python bash API SQL node.js svg Git Continuous Integration html css javascript

Jennifer Eiss (She/her)

I'm a front-end developer (largely self-taught).

skills: html css javascript

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