Here you can find a list of the 3171 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Nicolas Beney (he/him)

Full stack senior developer. Started programming at 12 and still loving it! Volunteering with young people at various CoderDojo and CodeClub events. Looking forward to help young adults too, especially from under-represented communities.

Skills: python java Scala c++ html css javascript SQL Git Linux React Haskell

Charles Umesi (he)

Python Developer, and Lecturer / Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) in Coding and Cyber Security at Croydon College. Also knowledge of data science, machine learning, computer vision, web development, HTML and basics of CSS, JavaScript & C++.

Skills: python django html pandas numpy seaborn Plotly Dash scikit-learn TensorFlow Keras Face-Recognition OpenCV Matplotlib (2D & 3D & images & computer vision)

Adekola Akano (He/Him)

I have years of experience as a native android and iOS engineer. I have developed, deployed and maintained several mobile applications. I would like to work on anything related to native mobile applications but with priority to the android side.

Skills: Native Android iOS java kotlin Swift

Andrew Steel (he/him)

I'm a software engineer, specializing in frontend technologies professionally.

Skills: javascript css html c Linux React TypeScript Unit Testing Git Shell scripting

Freedom Chuks (He)

an Experienced software engineer with 5+ years experience specializing in cross-platform app development with Kotlin. Enthusiastic about both code architecture and design. Passionate mentor to students, dedicated to fostering growth

Skills: kotlin java Android iOS Git bash

David Ricordel (he)

Consulting Engineer @elastic

Skills: python docker monitoring Cloud k8s Elasticsearch

Nils Bussas

I'm a software engineer interested in sharing my knowledge and connecting with people. Currently, I work as a C++ developer on chargers for electric vehicles. In the past I've worked on self-driving vehicles and endoscopes.

Skills: python Go c# Java (quite rusty) JS (basic) Git Linux C/C++

Jon H

I've been in software for 22 years. I've done mentoring professionally and also outside of work. I mostly do enterprise PHP but I can Duck-Duck pretty much anything. My backend TypeScript is alright too. Happy to help eager tech learners!

Skills: php javascript TypeScript docker Ci/CD Test Automation TDD Unit Testing Browser Testing

Sam De Maeyer (him)

Hi, I am a principal front-end engineer working at Smart and I am very eager to share my knowledge with others!

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 javascript EmberJs

Alex Hort-Francis (He/him)

I've just finished a bootcamp course in full-stack web development (MERN stack). While I'm applying for junior developer roles I want to keep busy. I enjoy researching new technologies and explaining technical concepts in accessible ways.

Skills: html css javascript React node Express ChatGPT Git

Salvatore Dininni (he/him/they)

Hello,my last two years in the IT industry have been difficult and challenging, and I wished I had someone that could have coached me. I would like to help your students as an assistant coach. Thank you for your time. Regards Salvatore Dininni

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 php laravel React Git github Bootstrap TypeScript

Brittany Blankinship (she/her )

various data processing, analysis, visualisation and presentations in R and RMarkdown

Skills: R statistics Data Visualisation

Ruben Galvao (He)

Lead software developer at Artlist I specialize in computer graphics, with over 15 years of experience. On a day to day, I mostly work with c++ and various computer graphics APIs and shaders. Happy to help with anything, even if not listed here.

Skills: c++ c# Swift python java javascript rust DirectX OpenGL OpenCL CUDA ml React Metal Vulkan Git Jira Plus Many Other Things

Craig West (he/him)

My bio is at and I work mostly with Python at this time but have worked with WordPress and JS Frameworks.

Skills: python HTML/JS/CSS

Peter Warner-Medley (he/him)

Currently working as lead data/platform engineer at Lyst. Lover of teaching and making tech look a bit less like me (I am a white dude 😬)

Skills: python copy-pasta from stackoverflow Elixir AWS databases/SQL Total newbies first code javascript/typescript React (nothing too fancy) cloud infrastructure (mostly AWS) CS basics (beginners data structures algorithms complexity etc)

Lionel Rowe (he/him)

Love coding, love to teach and learn. Currently: freelance full-stack web dev; previously: account manager in localization industry. Tech bg mainly in JavaScript and Ruby.

Jodi Winters (she/her)

Very senior dev in BBC News. I have plenty of experience in a bunch of languages and technologies that no one uses anymore! That's life in the tech industry!

Skills: html css php React Git SQL Unity/C# Love2D JS/node

Hugh Cole-Baker (he/him)

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at, I work on projects in Python and SQL and in the past I've written things in Rust, Java and many years ago a game for Nintendo DS in C++.

Skills: python SQL Amazon Web Services java Linux devops rust Cloud

Helen Khor (she/her)

I currently work for Accenture as a frontend / UI developer. I am obsessed with design systems to scale products faster whilst providing a consistent user experience. I want to give back time to codebar after having spending many years as a student.

Skills: html css sass javascript React.js

Nikos Vlachos (he/him)

I would like to enhance my Data experience and journey, network with curious and intriguing professionals, and offer/share my knowledge to younger participants. In the past I have worked in managerial and mainly tech related roles.

Skills: SQL python Power BI

Jason Umahi (he/him)

Web Developer skilled in Next.js, React, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, Astro, Firebase. I'm passionate about creating innovative, user-friendly web apps that make a positive impact.

Skills: Next.js React TypeScript javascript html css TailwindCSS Astro Firebase Supabase

Nazar Hussain

I am an experienced developer, programmer and technical designer. I possess a strong programming and development background with knowledge of all aspects of overseeing and developing projects.

Skills: nodejs ruby web backend blockchain

M Shangol Haider

I am comfortable with using Python, HTML, CSS, C++. Currently working as computer vision developer

Julian Blundell (he)

I am a freelance back end developer, been working in the Brighton area for 15 years. My specialties are Sql and NoSql database design and implementation, php/mvc frameworks and reasonable JavaScript/jQuery

Skills: SQL nosql database php mvc javascript jQuery

Fernando Junior (he/him/they)

I've been working with development teams for the last few years. Mostly trying not to break everything around =)

Skills: ruby nodejs javascript docker Test TDD shellscript deploy heroku java testing

Isaac Raskin (he/him)

I am an alumnus of Founders and Coders, a javascript boot camp in London and Nazareth. I currently work for a music tech startup called Beatchain as a senior developer. I'd love to coach people in node, react, next.js, react-router, typescript etc.

Skills: html css javascript node React Next.js react-router Redux TypeScript styled-components GraphQL

Yang Shen (He)

I have been working in the IT industry since 2010, as a full-stack developer for years and as a freelancer / open source developer since 2020. Recently I'm working with vue, miniprogram. I'm also good at C and Java, and know a little about C# and Python.

Skills: java c Linux algorithms javascript web VueJs

Andrew Gray (he)

I'm a full stack developer with data science and system integration tendencies. Also chef and mixicologist. I wrote 6502 assembler on a Commodore Pet in 1980. I feel very old.

Skills: Scala java html SQL javascript kotlin rust Elixir Haskell css Git REST golang progressive-enhancement Do-not-use-React

Adrian Rogers

I like robots and the code community in Barcelona and all the funky stuff they're making.

Skills: Front end!

Jez Johns (he/him)

Primary teacher trainer, now on tech Educators full stack boot camp, and joining their staff at end. Python & VBA in past. Want to help where I can. Seeing this as like I used to do.

Crawford Wynnes

Happy to support diversity in technology

Skills: ruby rails basic Javascript

Damilola Aigoro

I'm a skilled front-end engineer (React, React Native, Typescript, and Next.js) seeking to collaborate on Codebar projects. I'm passionate about accessible web experiences and enjoy mentoring others.

Skills: React React Native Next JS javascript TypeScript css Headless CMS (Contentful Sanity) Web Performance Optimization UI/UX

CJ Taylor (she/they)

I work as a learning technologist in the Division of Medical Education at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. My main duties are to undertake technology based projects and create digital resource learning materials, tutorials and digital assets.

Guy Bushnell (he)

I'd like to help people get into writing code. I have a degree in computer science from UEA (1990) and am a director of a software company based in Norwich. I still have a love of coding and want to use some of my knowledge to assist others.

Kasia Banas (she/her)

I teach data science for health and social care. My main language is R.

Skills: R

Scott Riley (he/him)

I'm a Ruby/Javascript dev, picking up Elixir in my spare time. I was a student at CodeClan a year ago and really enjoy teaching and helping others learn to code.

Jack March (he/him)

I'm an iOS Engineer with 3 years experience, I'd love to help others on their journey in iOS development or programming in general. Skilled in Swift and Objective-C

Chris Bassi

I work as a Lead Full-Stack DevOps Engineer at BT and currently lead a team of 10 engineers. Mentoring is one of my passions.

Skills: java SQL TypeScript spring javascript agile

Amina Ba (she/her)

Hello! I'm Amina, a former marketer turned coder. Self-taught and Makers Academy graduate, I'm now navigating my first tech role while coaching beginners in coding. Excited to share the journey and make coding fun and accessible for you!

Skills: python javascript Flask Express API React PostgreSQL MongoDB Git github Pytest Jest Playwright Unittest

Henry Mortimer (he/him)

I'm currently a security engineer but have worked on many different projects from web dev to robotics. I love helping making things easier for people to understand.

Skills: golang java python JS kotlin Git Linux Security docker Cloud Nix Shell scripting Ci/CD

Julian Cook (he/him)

Self taught software developer since 2011 who loves learning and making other coders lives easier.

Skills: java javascript docker TypeScript AWS

Simon Hafner (He/him)

I've seen most things backend.

Skills: Android kotlin Jetpack Compose rust Scala Haskell PureScript javascript

Luiz Felipe Santos (he/him)

I'm a Brazilian who just graduated from a coding BootCamp in London looking to help and get help from other developers.

Malik Piara (He/him)

A friend of mine recommend me codebar. I'm graduating university this summer and built many things, among them a mentoring platform. My life's mission is to use tech to enable people to be whoever they want to be. Codebar is aligned with that mission :)

Skills: javascript React css frontend development user experience UI Design

Kurre Ståhlberg (he/him)

I want to do something concrete to support minorities. I know programming well so this seems like a natural way be a better ally.

Daniel Jackson (He/Him)

I am a developer that enjoys visual problem solving 🙂I have worked as a frontend developer for 4 years and currently specialise in React. I have worked in a digital agency, a small startup, and now am part of the team at Artlist! 🟡

Matthew Lee (He/him)

I'd love to coach some students interested in python, AI, DevOps and/or AWS. I am an experienced MLOps engineer.

Skills: python AWS ai PyTorch docker Linux

Esko Luontola (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer with coding experience since 1999. I created the TDD MOOC at the University of Helsinki: I've also coached beginners at Rails Girls and wrote the tutorial

Skills: frontend backend ux TDD devops

Daniel Yuschick

Lover of chocolate, tattoos and bridging the gaps between design and development.

Skills: html css javascript React Web Accessibility

Caroline Hatwell (she/her)

I am a Software Engineer at AND Digital. I've worked with a few stacks now, but I am mostly a Javascript/Python developer. I became an engineer after attending a bootcamp in 2017, and I love encouraging other new programmers

Essi Jukkala (she/her/they)

I have a M.Sc. (Tech) from Aalto University in Game Design and Production. Currently I am employed full-time at Supercell as a game programmer. In addition to game development I am interested in computer graphics and computer networks.

Skills: c c++ Git Linux unity Swift iOS clojure c# Xcode

Nahiyan Ahmed (He/Him)

Currently a junior technical consultant based in the UK. Over the past 2 years i've had the fortune of learning from other experienced developers in the industry and I want to pass the knowledge on.

Skills: python golang docker kubernetes AWS serverless SQL sqlalchemy

Klara 13 (she/her)

Junior developer trying to help out a bit and learning in the process.

Skills: javascript html css vue.js WP React (beginner) sass php

Enoch Osarenren (he/him/his)

My goal is to contribute by helping others get up and running. In the past, I have mentored a lot of potential tech enthusiasts and young professionals. I have also sat on different panels as a reviewer.

Skills: javascript php laravel VueJs Process Automation TypeScript docker kubernetes Databases.

Wendy Huang

frontend stuff i'm a web dev on React

Philippe Guyard (He/him)

I started coding in 1986. After a career in academia modelling population genetics in Fortran and C++, I now work as an IT manager and Django developer. I still code every day.

Skills: SQL python pandas django wagtail html css heroku ETL statistics javascript data analysis AWS

Jazzy Gasper (She/her)

Coaching. Makers Academy graduate, front end developer.

Skills: html css javascript

Manuel Gonzalez Garcia de Blas (he/him)

I am currently working as a teaching assistant teaching software development.

Skills: html css JS React Next.js Express SQL PostgreSQL

Shafiqul Islam

I am a Software Developer mostly focused on Frontend. Recently, I got AWS Certified Developer Associate certification and also actively working on Backend. I have a portfolio website that has some of my past works:

Skills: javascript TypeScript css scss React Angular node JS AWS

Chris Thompson (He/Him)

I have a degree in Maths/Computer Science from the University of Leeds and have been involved in software development for several decades. I am currently developing in Dart/Flutter but have used other languages.

Skills: Dart Flutter Linux Git VSCode

Dr Pawel Orzechowski (he/him)

I have worked in programming and education for over 10 years. Recently at CoderDojo@StormId and CodeClan. I currently teach programming at Business School@University of Edinburgh. Python, JS, Swift/Android, Flutter. I worked as a mobile dev and head of UX

Matt Hammond (He/Him)

Recent Graduate of the Makers Academy Bootcamp. Most recently I've been using the MERN stack to build web applications. Interested in honing my technical skills further.

Skills: html css JS ruby rails React node SQL MongoDB Next TypeScript

Moustafa Khairi (he/him)

I would like to participate as a coach. My main experience is in Data & AI, so, I can help with Python related projects.

Julian Festing (He/Him)

Coach at La Fosse Academy

Skills: javascript React

Alex Mark (they/it)

Teach stuff! I've done a bunch of mentorship stuff at university and really enjoyed it, so I wanna do more

Francis Sunny

I am a Software Engineer and a master in AI and Applications, with working experience in Python, R

Skills: python machine learning data analytics data science

Shubham Gangpuri (He)

I am a software developer with expertise in mobile app development. I worked with business market leaders in construction engineering, iOT and finance sector. In spare time, i work on my edTech product

Skills: Android java Spring Boot AWS MySql Angular Ionic kotlin

Mike Brewer (He/Him)

I am currently working in a programming role and would like to give back to the community and help get people excited about code. I have teaching experience from my time as a freelance English teacher and would love to apply this to coding.

Skills: html css javascript TypeScript python

Christy Campbell (he/him)

I've been a software engineer for about 10 years now, mostly working in Java but also Typescript/JS, Python and a mix of other things

Yuxuan peng

full stack dev

Skills: ts Next SQL Figma RESTful JS

Jon Durrant (He/his/him)

IT prof for 30 years. Worked at Director of IT Architecture for global corps. Own projects are Robotics and IoT projects on Raspberry PI Pico and PI. Code in C/C++, and Python. Develop courses for Udemy.

Skills: c c++ python node JS html java ROS2 Ansible Linux Bourne Shell Scripting Data & IT Strategy

Al Morgan (He/him)

I'm an ex CodeClan data instructor and did a PhD in brain imaging before that. Happy to help on any data projects.

Daniel Crook (He)

Hello! I was recommended to join as a coach and thought its a great opportunity to help out the community. I have 8 years coding experience professionally in finance industry - in lots of languages from java, python, to web ! :)

Skills: java python SQL nosql web c Linux rust

Emil Virkki (he/him)

I'm interested in coaching :)

Kristiana Sizinceva (She/her)

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. Ive been working as a developer - mostly in frontend for 8 years with various agencies and startups. And have a Bsc degree in Computing Science

Skills: html css sass javascript php Web Accessibility basic Laravel interested in UX/UI.

Ali R. Keles

Senior developer

Skills: python docker kubernetes golang

Geraint Guan (he/him)

I'm interested in contributing as a coach and helping out. I'm currently the head of developer operations at a local start-up ( I've worked across the back-end and front-end of web application development as well as tooling/infrastructure.

Skills: php javascript TypeScript GraphQL MongoDB REST APIs AWS python Julia React Tailwind CSS tRPC

William Frankish (he/him)

Full stack developer at Oxford Computer Consultants. [email protected] is also me.

Skills: html javascript css TypeScript React c# python (if necessary) java (if necessary)

Fiona Lewis (she/her)

I have been a developer for 1 and half years. I have taken a break and gone into IT infrastructure, however I am now back where I started and taking a second look into coding. Language agnostic, able to help beginner coders and help with algorithms.

Samuel Woolf

I saw the talk at the Async Meetup on Thursday 11/01 I'm interested in trying some coaching to support the community. I've been coding as a hobby for some years. I develop fullstack MERN apps

Skills: html css JS React Redux Toolkit Git nodejs expressjs MongoDB Mongoose

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