Here you can find a list of the 3222 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Tomasz Wegrzanowski

I make awesome things for fun.

Skills: everything

Dean Richer

I want to help people to learn how to code. I work as a front-end/dev-ops developer in London.

Emmett Walsh (he/him)

I've been a developer for a little while now, after taking a conversion via Makers Academy

Skills: ruby javascript TypeScript devops

Nicky Chorley

Developer at Springer Nature.

Skills: python Linux Git SQL java TDD Scala kotlin

Germain Souquet (he/him)

Passionate about the web

Skills: html css javascript React.js Unit Testing Git TypeScript open source & many more

Richard Westenra (he/him)

I've been doing front-end development since 2009, specialising in interactive data-visualisation and responsive webapps. Originally from New Zealand, but I've been in London since 2011.

Skills: html css javascript Photoshop Git wordpress React d3 accessibility usability

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

Skills: ruby python php java golang Git testing OOP functional programming rails

Sam Plews

I'm a developer mainly working with front end stuff. I enjoy explaining things as I learn more in the process.

Skills: html javascript nodejs Git JS React

Magnus Henoch (he/him)

I program in Erlang by day, and in Emacs Lisp by night. I look forward to helping people learn more about programming.

Daniel Crook (He)

Hello! I was recommended to join as a coach and thought its a great opportunity to help out the community. I have 8 years coding experience professionally in finance industry - in lots of languages from java, python, to web ! :)

Skills: java python SQL nosql web c Linux rust

Oliver Turner (he/him)

I switched careers to webdev when I was nearly 30. Self-taught, I *wish* something like Codebar had existed back then! Love helping folks to learn, mad keen on JavaScript/Node and CSS.

Skills: html javascript React css sass node

Kristian Hamilton

Front end for a while. Interests include art, sewing and coding

Skills: html javascript css React TDD Redux jQuery creative code and generative art

David Ricordel (he)

Consulting Engineer @elastic

Skills: python docker monitoring Cloud k8s Elasticsearch

Jorge Vas (he/him/his)

Senior Engineering Manager, creative and detail-oriented. Geek. I fix things that aren't broken.

Khalid .

I am a long-term hobbyist, Ex-Software Engineer at a FAANG company, Recurse Center Alumni (Fall, 2015). I took a sabbatical for personal development and travelling. I'd love to help to mentor in order to give back to the community.

Skills: Full-Stack JavaScript functional programming Game Development java python distributed systems

Jodi Winters (she/her)

Very senior dev in BBC News. I have plenty of experience in a bunch of languages and technologies that no one uses anymore! That's life in the tech industry!

Skills: html css php React Git SQL Unity/C# Love2D JS/node

Tsvetan Nenov

Hi , I'm Tsvetan, I have 10 years of experience working with php and JS . I want to register as a coach in the Barcelona codebar workshops, because I think the industry needs to change and become more equal.

Samatar Axmed

Student at Founders and Coders.

Martin Briano (he/him)

I'm a Software Engineer from UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). I moved to Barcelona in 2013 to do a Master in Security and High performance computing. Now I'm running the BCN office of Lemonade software development, a Belgium company.

Skills: java html css programming testing DB coaching training organising stuff roller skating acrobatics Actor (a long time ago)

Andrew Gray (he)

I'm a full stack developer with data science and system integration tendencies. Also chef and mixicologist. I wrote 6502 assembler on a Commodore Pet in 1980. I feel very old.

Skills: Scala java html SQL javascript kotlin rust Elixir Haskell css Git REST golang progressive-enhancement Do-not-use-React

Scott Riley (he/him)

I'm a Ruby/Javascript dev, picking up Elixir in my spare time. I was a student at CodeClan a year ago and really enjoy teaching and helping others learn to code.

Karan Thakkar (he/him)

I work as a Mobile Engineer at Skyscanner, building the React Native infrastructure enabling other teams within the org to use it. Previously, I have lead the Web team at Crowdfire back in India.

Skills: React React Native html javascript css node Express Hapi Git

Emily Bertwistle (she/her)

I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer, always keen to learn new things :)

Skills: javascript node.js html css

Brendan Soffientini (him/he)

I can help out in many web-dev/programming areas like Javascript, Ruby, Python, APIs, Git, AWS, etc.

Craig Richardson (he/him)

I'm a Senior Tech Lead working with Python and Django

Skills: python django

Matthew Blewitt (he/him)

Studied philosophy at university, self-taught software engineer, currently working for Heroku, a Salesforce company. I enjoy helping people reach their potential, and giving back to that which has given me so much.

Skills: ruby rails devops terraform PostgreSQL javascript SQL Go

Morgan Roderick (he/they)

Enthusiastic cook and amateur photographer

Skills: html css javascript Git Unit Testing software engineering

KJ D (he/him)

Full-stack developer

Skills: javascript css Git MongoDB django ReactJS Flask nodejs relational databases php rails CMS

Bruno Girin (he/him)

I've been coding for 25 years with a variety of technologies. I'm currently working with Node.js and Python and I have experience with Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and APIs.

Skills: java python html css bash API SQL javascript node.js svg Git Continuous Integration

Gordon Blackadder (him)

I'm a machine learning data scientist at ASOS

Skills: python data science machine learning

Alexis Lui

I want to mentor students on html, css, node js and vanilla js. I've just completed an 8 week bootcamp at founders and coders and would love to share my knowledge with someone who would really benefit from good mentoring/ coaching.

Danielle Vass

i'm an android developer occasionally writing some webapps. Used to teach kids to code.

Lori King (she, her)

I like building stuff and vegan ice cream.

Skills: Python (including pytest framework pandas Numpy) java kotlin

Daniel Rozenberg (he/him)

Software engineer at Google; I'm a generalist with a lean towards back-end systems, but I can also help with basic front-end and scripting languages. I ♥ Python! (and there's lots of love for other languages too)

Jazzy Gasper (She/her)

Coaching. Makers Academy graduate, front end developer.

Skills: html css javascript

Claire Mitchell (she/her)

I'm an Engineering Manager now but my background is in web development so my heart still lies with JavaScript!

Skills: javascript React Redux node html css twitter pep talks

Daniel Ngo

I'm a graphic designer and web developer that enjoys sharing what I know about front-end development, ux design, web typography, preprocesses, techniques and just general workflow productivity.

Skills: html css wordpress email Git shopify javascript vue.js node

Paul Ferguson

Help build peoples confidence in frontend languages and skills, something I been working with for many years.

Wilson Wan

Software Engineer

Skills: python c# javascript TypeScript

Pablo Brasero (he/him)

Full stack web developer

Skills: ruby python javascript Linux Databases SQL Ember

Ania Bebb (she/her)

After doing bits of FreeCodeCamp and creating helpful code (in python) to help the charity I worked for, I decided to redirect my career towards programming. I am currently doing ConstructorLabs course.

Lorna Noble (she/her/they/them)

BDD and Specification by Example enthusiast. Current Ruby - Rails user.

Skills: ruby rails html SQL php

Josh Marantz (he/him)

Studied and mentored/coached at DevBootcamp NY. Worked frontend at Sesame Workshop and currently working fullstack for Thelab. I enjoy social dancing and singing in my spare time!

Skills: javascript React Angular ruby rails python django html css

Raimo Radczewski (he/him)

I'm an organizer at the Berlin Software Crafters Community and love to support people getting into tech. I've been a workshop trainer in the past, mostly JavaScript and XP-Methods. I'm a calm and patient person when I'm teaching. Would love to help

Sarah Mogin

I got into development a little late myself so am a great example that it's never too late! I went to a bootcamp - App Academy - and have taught/TA-ed at a few RailsBridges. Nowadays I mostly work in JS.

Skills: HTML & CSS javascript ruby command line version control

Hasan Ahmed

A passionate Software Developer. Creator of I enjoy sharing my knowledge to new comers.

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 javascript jQuery php wordpress SQL c# ASP.Net MVC Sql Server

Sam Phillips (he/him)

JavaScript & Ruby engineer. Ask me anything!

Skills: ruby javascript html CSS / SCSS SQL MySql Git rails

James Liu (He)

I've worked as Manager & Python Developer in the fields of 3D/VFX and medical education. I'm also very interested in data science, machine learning and deep learning. Passionate about person development and learning; I enjoy helping people learn!

Skills: python command line Linux Git machine learning deep learning

Brent Atkins (he)

I have been coding for around the last 12 years, primarily .NET and JS, and complaining about lack of diversity in industry for nearly as long.

Stephan Klinger

I'm interested in mentoring on the topics of Python, Django, JavaScript and Angular. I have previously mentored/coached at OpenTechSchool, OpenTechSummit. Last summer I taught creative programming for kids (Scratch, Microbit, RaspberryPi).

Skills: python django Flask javascript Git

Peter Trizuliak (He)

Happy to help with JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS or Node.js

Skills: javascript React html css node.js

irina iskrenova (she)

in love with all js related, full-stack wannabe

Pete G

I make things and help people learn how to make things...

Jo Franchetti

I'm a front end web developer and developer advocate

Skills: html css

Matt Davidson (he/him)

I like working in Python and Java.

Kara Stubbs (She/Her)

Like react.

Skills: JS React css Styled Components vim VSCode

Martin Kozhuharov

Front-end developer at Global Radio

Skills: html CSS/Sass javascript

Jam Creencia (she/her)

Having gone though a career-change myself, I'd like to help others navigate the first steps in their coding journey. I am now a front-end developer and can help out with all things JavaScript.

Skills: html css javascript React Ruby on Rails

Mark Everitt (he/him)

Web (mostly server, some browser) + game software developer and one time Quantum Information Scientist. Full time Node.js between 2012-2022, and since then Ruby and Scala (but I still love JS).

Skills: node.js JS ruby Scala c++ rust SQL c

Matteo Belfiore

Front-end developer with a 7 years’ experience working building UIs and digital interactive experiences. I favour semantically structured markup, accessibility, CSS, and JS. I'd love to give back part of what I learned so far, and learn new things too.

Chris Mason (he/him)

Currently working as a product developer at AND Digital. Primarily an Java/Android developer, I also have experience as a full stack web developer. Have done a bit of everything really!

Skills: java Android javascript Angular React

Giancarlo Galliani (He)

I started learning how to Code in the beginning of 2016 and realised I loved it. After attending Codebar as a student, I'm eager to contribute as a coach! :)

Skills: React Redux php javascript HTML5 CSS3

Alex Tercete (he/him)

I'm very passionate about increasing diversity/inclusivity in tech!

Skills: html css c# javascript TypeScript python R Git Linux React

Rick Henry (he/him)


Claudia Menting (me)

I just completed the CodeClan course and found nothing more valuable than having a good surrounding of teachers, mentors and people willing to help you learn. Still a novice programmer but willing to help wherever I can!

Skills: html css JS

Fabrice Reynolds

I am a full stack developer who is currently working on Node and React apps. I have around 20 years experience in programming as well as dev-ops, music and electronics.

Skills: javascript css html SQL React node python

Shahjada Talukdar (He)

I would like to join as a Coach. I have been working with Software Development for more than 7 years. Would like to share some of my experiences with others...

Hugo Jobling

Mostly harmless

Skills: Computers

Amalia Cardenas

I am one of the codebar Barcelona organizers.

Alex Jahraus (he/him)

I’m a Ruby on Rails / backend developer at I enjoy both teaching and learning very much. Previous coaching experiences include RailsGirls and

Skills: ruby javascript html css Git

Kristján Oddsson (He/Him)

I'm from Iceland, now live in London and work at GitHub. I used to help run meetups and nodeschool in Iceland and would love to help out at Codebar.

Skills: javascript ruby html css python

Ryan Lynch (he/his/they)

I'm a developer with almost a decade of professional experience. I've also been a bootcamp instructor and trainer. Committed to help.

Skills: javascript nodejs TypeScript React kubernetes AWS html css sass SQL nosql docker golang Elixir

Bruno Beloff (they / them (two-spirited person))

Would love to teach Python, C++ and a little bit of software engineering. Programming in C / Unix since 1980 (seriously). Lectured in software engineering at U of Sussex. Now director of - writing IoT firmware in Python and C++.

Mark Shildkret (he)

I am here to help anyone that needs help. I am strong in ruby (and rails) as well as javascript (and a few frameworks, react not included). I guess I want to work on my mentoring and teaching skills. I am friendly and oopen, hope I can be of help!

Skills: ruby rails SQL javascript Backbone Angular html css OOO

Laura Wilson

Product Engineer at Intercom.

Skills: javascript rails html css React React Native Ember

Rob Whittaker (he)

I am looking to offer help and advice with Ruby and Rails. I work for thoughtbot and have many years of web development experience. Want to share and help as much as possible.

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails javascript React.js React Native Git html css

Alex Fedenczuk (he/him)

Senior Consultant (specialising in software engineering) working with Typescript, React, Python and various AWS services.

Skills: python django MongoDB javascript TypeScript React AWS

Daniel Quinn

I'd like to help out where I can. I'm a young(ish) white, male, native-english-speaking software engineer with 22 years of professional experience that would like this industry be a lot more diverse. Too many people in my field look like me :-)

Skills: python django Linux Git devops

Frederik Ring

I'm a self taught programmer that has been benefiting a lot from patient, smart and friendly people that helped me get running 10 years go. I like doing the very same now.

Skills: javascript css html nodejs golang Linux python

Katia Panter (she/her)

I used to teach Computer Science at A-level and am now trying to start a career in tech.

Skills: html css JS python ruby

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