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Ryan Hanna

Started learning to code in 2012. Changed career to full time developer in 2013. Excited to share. Mobile app developer at Nexercise.

Nicky Chorley

Developer at Springer Nature.

Skills: python Linux Git SQL java TDD Scala kotlin

Alexander Kustov (he)

To put it simply an Orphist... to be more precise an entrepreneur, to better describe it I believe in advancing technology for humanity every day, by helping innovation teams building tech products.

Skills: ruby css html javascript

Mark Everitt (he/him)

Web (mostly server, some browser) + game software developer and one time Quantum Information Scientist. Full time Node.js between 2012-2022, and since then Ruby and Scala (but I still love JS).

Skills: node.js JS ruby Scala c++ rust SQL c

Sam Phillips (he/him)

JavaScript & Ruby engineer. Ask me anything!

Skills: ruby javascript html CSS / SCSS SQL MySql Git rails

Jason Lee

Experienced Ruby, Rails, Javascript programmer. Beginner Coach. Founder & CEO of &

Skills: html css javascript ruby rails Git

Andy Trevorah

I'm a developer at where I make web things all day.

Jon Kelly (he/him)

I'm a full-stack Javascript developer (also C++ & C#). Currently interested in functional languages and technologies that build resilient web apps (they do exist!). Helping others to learn programming is always fun, and usually teaches me something, too.

Skills: javascript nodejs Angular Elm c++ c# Dbs

Richard Westenra (he/him)

I've been doing front-end development since 2009, specialising in interactive data-visualisation and responsive webapps. Originally from New Zealand, but I've been in London since 2011.

Skills: html css javascript Photoshop Git wordpress React d3 accessibility usability

Mark Dessain

Python developer working in finance. Keen to help support and mentor enthusiastic individuals or groups.

Skills: python javascript html css java

Daniel Burrell

Java developer moonlighting as a connoisseur of HTML & CSS.

Skills: java html docker kubernetes helm

Dave Gurnell

Brighton-based functional programmer, building web applications with Scala and Javascript. I boulder, play piano, and run in my spare time.

Charlotte Jackson

I'm a front-end dev in Sydney. I'm mostly into CSS and I'm passionate about mentoring and learning.

Skills: html css JS Git

Makis Otman

Makers Academy alumni and currently a Software Craftsman at 8th Light. I enjoy helping others when I can as it also helps me learn more about my skills as a developer.

Hugo Darby-Brown

Developer at built by buffalo. My specialties are in Sass, CSS animations, transitions and transforms. I would really like to pass on some of my knowledge to people that are eager to learn.

Jay Eastaugh

Head of the software team at DC Storm, started there working primarily on UI and over the last 4 years have worked into my current position. I live with my Wife over in sunny Worthing, no pets and no children yet.

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

Skills: ruby python php java golang Git testing OOP functional programming rails

Alex Jahraus (he/him)

I’m a Ruby on Rails / backend developer at I enjoy both teaching and learning very much. Previous coaching experiences include RailsGirls and

Skills: ruby javascript html css Git

sas stevens

Tired of being the only girl in the room. Actively working to change that. Currently heading up development over at tilt.

Paul Whitehead

I work for Buffalo in Brighton & before that for 2 other agencies. I have been working with PHP for 7 years. In recent months I have been using Ruby & Rails for work & personal projects.

Skills: ruby rails php wordpress javascript html css Git CLI Dev Ops Symfony

Jo Franchetti

I'm a front end web developer and developer advocate

Skills: html css

Oliver Turner (he/him)

I switched careers to webdev when I was nearly 30. Self-taught, I *wish* something like Codebar had existed back then! Love helping folks to learn, mad keen on JavaScript/Node and CSS.

Skills: html javascript React css sass node

Nico Saueressig (he/him)

Freelance Software Developer, now based in Germany. Formerly Software Engineer at Shutl/eBay. Graduate of Makers Academy March 14. I believe teaching others is really teaching myself how to be a better developer.

Skills: ruby javascript rails Sinatra clojure Swift

Paul Anderson

I've been a web developer since 1998, most of my experience being in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS.

George MacRorie

Brighton based Golang developer looking to help out as best I can. I have been a developer in digital publishing, analytics and peer to peer social networking for the past 3 years.

Spike Lindsey (he/him)

SRE at Wealthsimple

Matijs Brinkhuis

I'm a freelance front-end developer living in Brighton. I'm proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I know a fair bit about back-end integration as well. Slowly getting the hang of coaching.

Gareth Weaver

I'm a frontend engineer with over 12 years commercial experience.

Skills: React javascript node jQuery sass css HAML Git Gatsby Next ES6 Astro html

Kriszta Matyi (she/her)

Product designer turned full-stack web developer familiar with Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML & CSS. Currently working as a front-end developer at a digital agency in London.

Skills: javascript ruby html css Git TypeScript

Kendall McCarthy

As a woman who has been the only female technical member of staff at companies I've worked for, I'm really interested in outreach efforts to under-represented groups. I have experience in web development (HTML/CSS/Rails), C/C++, Ruby, and Java.

Andrea Pigato

would-be entrepreneur, web dev, latest tech enthusiast and physicist

Marcel Cutts

I like building stuff, and sometimes people even pay me to do it. Currently making people fit through Zombie based storytelling.

Christoph Gockel

Software Craftsman at 8th Light.

Steffen Schwark

Experienced software engineer. Always happy to help.

Skills: ruby javascript html css rails

Rabea Gleissner

General Assembly graduate, currently going on various Java adventures as an apprentice at 8th Light.

Skills: html css scss ruby javascript java

Jodi Winters (she/her)

Very senior dev in BBC News. I have plenty of experience in a bunch of languages and technologies that no one uses anymore! That's life in the tech industry!

Skills: html css php React Git SQL Unity/C# Love2D JS/node

Giulia Alfonsi

I am a front-end/javascript developer working in Brighton.

Margo Urey

Web developer using ruby, rails, javascript, html, css and anything else I can learn

Skills: ruby rails javascript html css TDD vue.js react-native

Kimberley Cook (She/Her)

I am a freelance web developer. In my spare time you'll probably find me cycling, bouldering or snowboarding.

Lauren Spencer

I'm a music academic turned developer and a lifelong geek. I love how programming languages have rich histories that influence their structures and uses, and I look forward to chatting code with you soon!

Kai Vong (He/Him)


Ollie Baker

I'm a freelance developer based in Brighton. I like to make games and all things interactive. I use JS/HTML/CSS, Unity and Haxe.

Skills: html css JS

Jacqueline Currie

Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Equalitist.

Cedric Kisema

Hello, I would like to support students in learning about the tools that make software development such a joy. I have over 4 years professional experience and enjoy making apps for fun! Look forward to teaching! Cedric

Alex Rudall (he/him)

Hi there, I've been a Ruby on Rails/JS developer since 2014, and I'm always trying to learn as much as possible. I like teaching others what I know and helping them :)

Dan Hart

Full stack lead developer at uSwitch. Working with Clojure, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Node and most things in AWS.

Samir Talwar (he/him, they/them)

I take things apart, and sometimes I even put them back together.

Maël Estevez

Just travelling the universe on a tiny blue dot.

Skills: c c++ c# java html CSS / SCSS javascript

Paul Mitchell-Gears

I've done server side development with Java, C++, C#, Python and PHP. I've done clientside development with Javascript. I have done relational database design primarily using MySQL, and basic Linux command line. And source control using Git.

Kadi Kraman

I am a Software Developer at a scientific programming and consultancy. I love coding, I'm glad I've found a job that is also a hobby and I would love to help other keen guys and girls join in on the fun. Best at JavaScript (HTML, CSS etc) and Python.

Skills: python javascript css html jQuery Angular React ruby nodejs Linux Git

Phyo Wai Win

A software developer working at Shutl

Tatiana Soukiassian

I am a Junior Developer at Government Digital Service, working on I love Ruby!

Jerome Pratt

I'm a Makers Academy alumni who recently converted from a career in media sales to one in web development. I would like to coach at code bar as I want to take the chance to help others who wish to change careers, as well as learn more through teaching.

KJ D (he/him)

Full-stack developer

Skills: javascript css Git MongoDB django ReactJS Flask nodejs relational databases php rails CMS

Karlotcha Hoa

I like maths, writing code, teaching and cats.

Jessie Shi

I am a director and front-end consultant. I enjoy share my knowledge and learning experience with others, I also enjoy learning.

Alex Pounds

I'm a web developer with nearly a decade of professional experience. I like Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and semantic HTML & CSS.

Nina Regli

Work on my rails project

Nicolò Taddei

Senior Engineering Manager at DAZN Amsterdam

Skills: javascript nodejs React html css

Ellen Cubbin

I'd like to volunteer as a mentor for HTML/CSS. I've never mentored coding before. I've got about 14 years experience in web development though. (ASP/PHP/Python/HTML/CSS etc). I did a talk on Django and Python at the SheCodes Tech in Ten event in March.

Ethel Ng

Makers Academy alumni / Full Stack developer at ustwo

Skills: html css javascript Git ruby node.js React

Charlie Egan

I'm a junior Ruby developer that's recently moved to London. I tutored with Codebar the last two summers (2014, 2015) while I was on internship. I've also done demonstrating at my university for computer science courses and Code First Girls.

Skills: ruby rails Git heroku/hosting

Jarkyn Soltobaeva

From student to an organiser and coach. Reach out to me if I can be of help.

James Riley

Javascript and Ruby Developer on the team. Have built and worked on many web applications, at various companies over the past few years. Helping bring juniors up to speed has opened my eyes to the joys of coaching, so I'm wanting more!

Skills: ruby javascript MySql html css Git AngularJS rails

Maf'j Alvarez

I'm a front end developer and ux designer - a small NGO in Brighton. I've just finished an MA in Digital Media Arts at Brighton Uni and my dissertation focused on female digital artists and their relationship with code. I'd like to help out!

Magnus Henoch (he/him)

I program in Erlang by day, and in Emacs Lisp by night. I look forward to helping people learn more about programming.

Tim Stamp (he)

Security Architect & Full Stack Engineer. Coding for 15 years.

Skills: php javascript c Linux html css Security bash python cryptography

Robert Fay

I've worked in web and software development for around eight years, and now provide enterprise development and consultancy services through my own company. I specialise in the platform, but can help with HTML, CSS, JS, Python and Java.

Nicole Pellicena Tredway

I recently completed the coding bootcamp at Makers Academy and would like to meet some London coders and solidify and build on what I learnt on the course. My focus is on back-end development specifically in Ruby and Javascript.

Sanjay Purswani

Graduate of Makers Academy and currently employed there.

Rory Campbell

I've worked on a variety of open source programs (on my github) and work as a frontend dev. I'd like to help others learn and meet more people to discuss tech with people outside of my job.

Jacopo Nardiello

Programmer who recently relocated to London from Italy. I mainly work with PHP and Javascript, still like to play with many other languages. I run the Kaizen Coding Dojo, a meetup for professionals where we practice TDD with Katas. I'm a TDD evangelist.

Nick Jacobs (He)

Software developer/tech project lead with over 30 years experience, mostly in financial services. Skills-wise, I am most proficient in Scala and server-side development, but have done quite a bit of web front-end development over the years.

Skills: Scala FinTech project management java Databases web apps

Tomasz Wegrzanowski

I make awesome things for fun.

Skills: everything

Robin Newton (he/him)

I'm a software engineer in Cambridge. I've worked with C, C++, Java, Python and a smattering of Javascript and Perl.

Skills: python c c++ java

Denise Yu (she/her)

nodeJS developer who wants to dockerize all the things

Skills: node javascript ruby dogescript TDD docker heroku Git rails bash

Mateu Adsuara

I started programming as a hobby around 17 years ago. At that time I also was into video-game hacking. Much later, I realised I could make a living from my hobby and took it seriously. I'm currently working for 8thLight and liking functional programming

Skills: ruby javascript php java clojure Erlang Haskell TDD Property-based testing Exteme Programming Elm html css Object oriented functional programming Git vim SQL Electronics SOLID Design patterns Android

Dan Rees-Jones

Ruby, Elixir and JavaScript programmer. Ex-professional musician. Blue Peter badgewinner.

Skills: ruby Elixir javascript React Vue Git Unix vim

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