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Dáre Soniran

i want to improve my data engineering and machine learning experience. i have completed exploratory data analysis and visualisations. I am aiming to find a job with my growing tech skills so would love any opportunity to be able to demonstrate it.

Hieu Cao

I would like to learn more and coach others to learn. Coding can be intimidating and having someone to ask for guidance always helps with the process. I have been working as a Software Developer for 4 years.

Skills: javascript TypeScript php node.js MySql RabbitMQ

Florian Panchout (he/him)

I mostly work on front-end tech (javascript, html, css) and love to teach others. Here is my linkedin for more info:

Alexander Trelore (he/him)

I would like to give back to my local community. My skillset is mostly Go/Docker/Kubernetes/SQL/Python. I'm learning Rust on the side, but not comfortable enough to mentor anyone yet.

Skills: Go docker kubernetes SQL python

Kas Fijolek (she/her)

Help out other people learning to code

Adriano Calvitto (he/him)

I'm currently a consultant at Accenture and have more than 10 years experience working with web technologies. I'm trying to get into volunteering for Codebar following a recommendation from an friend and ex-colleague, which is also a coach on Codebar.

Skills: TypeScript nodejs html javascript css php AWS React api design API Security

Karl Xu (He)

I'm a DevOps Engineer. Wanna know Codebar learning environment a bit.

Ben Dickinson (he/him)

Hi! I work at Torchbox as a senior developer and I've been doing Python, SQL and web development for the last 10 years. I'm focused on backend development now, but I like to keep my hand in with CSS and Javascript as well.

Skills: python SQL django wagtail html css javascript

Mathew Robinson (He/Him)

I’ve previously been involved with women who code in Cincy and just generally enjoy helping people get into and learn technology skills. I used to run a learn programming twitch stream and I’m active in open source as well.

Luke Mengell

I have been working in the software industry for just over half a decade. Hobbies include guitar/music in general, badminton, running and psychology.

Skills: c# Angular TypeScript html css

Fang Matchima (she)

I'm a software engineer with experience in Angular, Java, and iOS Development, which is my current role. I want to work at codebar because I enjoy teaching people and inspire them about what they can create and when they feel empowered.

Skills: iOS (Swift) TypeScript Angular java python css javascript

Robert Siemieniec (he/him)

I'm a coach in various server-side programming languages. Mostly focusing on Ruby, Rust, Clojure and Python. I've been coaching and organising workshops regularly for the last 6 years.

Skills: ruby RoR python clojure JS

Alvis Kalarikkan (He/Him)

I am Junior front end developer, I would love to give back and teach react, typescript.

Deniss Starevics

Passionate about programming!

Ella Su

I enjoy helping people :) I've mainly been working on mobile applications (iOS, Android), and have recently started working in backend.

Hellen Ward (She)

Organiser for codebar Brighton.

Skills: html css javascript React

Anyul Rivas (He/him)

I've been a mentor in other events, and would like to help people starting to code

Skills: javascript TypeScript java kotlin css AWS kubernetes docker Ci/CD

Angus Pettifer (he/him)

I am a Python engineer designing data pipelines for a behavioural analytics start-up. I like solving fun problems and I like helping people solve problems. The most interesting questions come from people who feel safe to ask the "stupid" question.

Rodrigue Kayembe

Makers student

Skills: java ruby

Marcos Silva (he)

I like mentoring people and the tartget audience is in sync with me. I have 10 years of professional software experience and gave some talks and classes in the past.

Julian Festing (He/Him)

I've been learning html and CSS remotely for ~3 weeks. Looking to improve my abilities in a collaborative environment where I can learn from more experienced individuals. I am a 24 years old and currently have a temporary job editing a website on a CMS.

Skills: html ruby javascript

Elias Neuman (he/him/his)

First time at codebar, Anca told me about this event, sounds cool, I'm here to help

Manssif Boutebina (he)

I've been a Software Devloper for 3 years and since that time I've been developing web application and mobile cross-platform applications.

Skills: JS php Next.js React.js laravel docker c++

Matej Filković (he/him)

Hi, I'm a senior software engineer currently working at Google in London. My aim is to help through coaching.

Skills: javascript TypeScript python golang java

Pavel Isaev

I like to teach coding in different formats. I've been teaching Python at university and at Django-girls in Helsinki. Codebar seems like another great opportunity to help people with coding.

Joko Sanyang (she/her)

Front end developer. Founders and Coders grad.

Skills: html css javascript React PostgreSQL Redux

Suse Graham (she/her)

FE development I've worked as a FE developer for the past 6 years. I worked with: React - Vue - JavaScript & TypeScript - CSS - HTML

Joshua Mo (He/him)

Hey there! I have knowledge of React/MERN stack, Typescript and Rust. I also contribute to an open source project called Shuttle.

Luna De Ferrari (she)

Python student, R teacher.

Zan Zver

Python is my go-to language. I do have industry and uni experience with it. In uni, I have 2+ years of demonstrating experience, helping beginners with Python, algorithms, etc...

Skills: python c# java SQL Linux Git AWS nosql docker MongoDB ml DL

Juliana Nocchi Dobal (she/her)

Full-stack junior developer.

Skills: Basic Ruby and JavaScript

Tom Mclaughlin

Interest in teaching across the full stack. Previous experience with CodeFirst:Girls. Working as full-stack engineer currently

Patty O'Callaghan (she)

I can help as a coach :)

Skills: javascript html css php tensorflow.js python SQL Drupal laravel React machine learning Artificial Intelligence

Monica Mateiu (she)

I graduated Codeclan in early 2019 and now I’m a full-stack Rails developer working for Shopify.

Skills: rails React javascript html accessibility

Rose Bonner (she/her)

We developer at Neontribe

Skills: html css React javascript TypeScript Git

Dayo Akinsola (he/him)

I am currently working as a Junior Software Developer on Global's Early Careers Programme (a job I found through codebar festival).

Mike GM1WKR (him/he)

CodeClan, ex-ITU nurse. Junior Dev with University of Aberdeen. Enjoy working with beginners. Experienced with Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers, AX25 radio networking, Linux, basic server admin.

Skills: python javascript java php html css React

Neil Hawkins (he)

I work at Cogapp. I am open to helping with most languages.

Skills: javascript React python AWS Git

Sem Gebresilassie (He/Him)

Teach, discuss and learn the basics of Fullstack development.

Skills: TypeScript javascript nodejs php frontend backend SQL

Jonay Pelluz

I am a full stack developer, I like teaching new recruits :-)

Dipo Ogunmodede (him)

I'm a front end developer so happy to cover fundamentals of front end development, positioning, box-model, type coercion in Javascript for example

Simon Hafner (He/him)

I've seen most things backend.

Skills: Android kotlin Jetpack Compose rust Scala Haskell PureScript javascript

Aman Agrawal (he/him)

I have been a Teaching Assistant in university helping first-year computer science major students with tutorials and introduction to programming. I know C++, Python and Golang

Skills: programming data structures algorithms

Tom Carmichael-Mhanna (he/ him/ his )

i’d like to sign up to coach beginners to coding in the online events. I’ve been coding just under a year- i completed the Harvard CS50x course, and Makers bootcamp. happy to coach students in javascript, ruby and (maybe) python :)

Skills: ruby javascript

Steven George

Help students from under-represented backgrounds learn to code

Skills: python data science SQL

Hai Nguyen

I'd like to do all stuffs data related

Skills: python java machine learning data science data wrangling

Harpreet Dhanda (She)

First time attending so quite opened minded

Abdirizak Obsiye

I'm Abdi. Developer at the Ministry of Justice and I have written in Ruby on Rails, Python and so on. I started as an IT apprentice and now a Dev. We hosted Codebar at the Ministry of Justice and I was one of the hosts and coaches. I found it rewarding.

Rachael Marshman

Lead Product Manager keen to pay-it-forward and leverage my learning journey to help inspire at Codebar. Won 4/4 hackathons at Avalara and believe in coding's power to transform. Currently driving innovation & exploring AI's potential.

Skills: Prompt engineering ChatGPT Plug-ins Combining media types (image / video / audio)

Alex Nicol (He/His)

I'm a developer with about 10 years of experience. I'm French but been in Brighton for 8 years. I'm most comfortable in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Elm and Python. I've also been mentoring and coaching developers as part of my roles.

Renata Svaboviciute

I'm a Javascript developer and I'd like to help others who are just starting out their coding journey.

Skills: javascript React TypeScript html css

Danny Currie (he/him)

I'm a Technical Lead, working mainly on Frontend (JavaScript, TypeScript etc.), and also run my company's Graduate Software Engineering programme, so always looking to meet and work with new developers!

Ghazian Azfar

Hey I've recently graduated a Computer Science degree and started working in the industry for about 4 months now. Was a teaching assistant back in school and mainly taught Python!

Rupert Redington (he/his/they)

I've taught some javascript in the past and am comfortable with it.

Skills: html HTTP javascript Next.js github actions GraphQL

Alice Lieutier

I am a software engineer at Facebook. I really like to share my experiences and help out beginners to show them that code can be easy and highly rewarding. On the tech side, I really like to work with web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) and Python.

Charlie Strange (He/Him/They)

Having had experience in IT at many levels, I'm currently settled in web development (PHP/JS) in the Tech-for-Good sector. I'd like a crack at supporting and assisting new coders.

Skills: PHP (Laravel) SQL JS (ReactJS Vue.JS) sysadmin Agile development

Gabriel Martínez Matínez (he/his)

I'm a junior full stack developer!

Skills: ruby rubyonrails rails javascript html css

Vivien Penel

PHP/Symfony API Rest/Postman Web Scraping with Python

Deniss Starevics

Software engineer / cloud developer. Interested in coaching others and giving back to community

Skills: python version control HTML/CSS javascript SQL AWS Cloud devops

Alistair Kane

I am currently a technical assistant at CodeClan in Glasgow. Happy to help with anything.

Tom Rowbotham (he/him)

21 year old Junior Android Developer at Gousto. A recent graduate studying software engineering. I have experience using Java, Kotlin and Android and a small amount of Python, HTML, CSS a bit of javascript.

Skills: java kotlin Android

Craig Richardson (he/him)

I'm a Senior Tech Lead working with Python and Django

Skills: python django

Maduri Vassaramo (She)

Full-stack developer at Vinterior

Skills: ruby rails javascript React

Alfie Lamerton (He/Him)

I would like to help those interested in the tech field as a coach, but I'm open to suggestions for how I could help. I'm a 4th year Computer Science student at UWE, with experience in tutoring and software engineering.

Skills: backend Front End python java javascript TypeScript c React AWS Tutoring

Jack Joynson (he/him)

Happy to get stuck into anything! Primary: Javascript, Node, Typescript, CI/CD, Github actions, AWS, Azure, Bash/Sh scripting. Secondary: React, HTML, CSS, GCP, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, C# .NET, Jenkins.

Illarion Kopeika (he)

Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS, a bit of JavaScript

Sierra Brader (she)

I'd enjoy helping people learn to code in my free time (in EN or ES). I work in the data science/engineering field, previously in software engineering. I also worked as a teaching assistant and gave private lessons to a colleague's daughter.

Skills: python SQL some JavaScript & PHP basic HTML & CSS

Ewan Huntesmith-Dimchenko (he)

Self taught, thanks to Codebar. Worked as a full stack, currently I'm a test engineer. Python >Javascript >Bash>C#(. On spectrum (ASD) & have ADHD

Adam Jenkin (He/him)

I'm a technical director at Zone Digital and have a background in web and database development. I started as an apprentice and would like to help support and guide others in coding and digital careers.

Skills: c# .NET SQL javascript python

Irie Railton (he/him)

I want to help people to find the joy in coding and gain valuable skills. I am a recent masters graduate from UEA and while I am job hunting I thought this would be a good way to spend my time and put my skills to use.

Skills: python Go javascript F# c# SQL

Rado Kosiada (he)

Learning and practicing JS, HTML, CSS. Coworking with other developers, exchanging experience and knowledge, tutor less experience coding newbies.

Milcho Milchev (He/him)

Hey! I’ve been a video game developer for 10 years. Apart from that I recently started learning to be a full stack dev with React+Typescript+Golang

Skills: c++ c# Unreal Engine TypeScript React golang

Sam Edwards (he/him)

Hi there, I'm Sam, a Senior Software Engineer at ITV. I've worked in similar roles at startups, consultancies and Sky UK. I'm a mentor of under-represented cohorts trying to get into tech, one of my mentees told me about codebar - so here I am!

Skills: React javascript TypeScript Koa Express Streaming Team Processes

Sunali Seth (she/her)

Working for Lego Inc as a Developer for 4 years using ReactJS, Javascript, AWS and GraphQL.

Skills: ReactJS Git GraphQL javascript css debugging

Dean Richer

I want to help people to learn how to code. I work as a front-end/dev-ops developer in London.

Chris Lloyd (he/him)

I'm a PHP + JavaScript web developer, and I like helping people learn how to do things.

Skills: html css php React TailwindCSS laravel javascript nodejs Git

Nikhil Palavalasa (He,him)

I am a software programmer with a decade of experience as a Backend engineer & Full stack developer. I enjoy sharing my knowledge & experiences with other programmers & learn about their own experiences.

Omar Ali (He)

Software Engineer with Infinity Works. Hoping to help out on the night if needed.

Aly Said

I would like to help educate/coach. I have tutored some introduction to programming and programming language courses when I was at University and have done 8+ years of professional software development since then.

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