Here you can find a list of the 2751 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Susheel Shivaprasad (he/him)

I am a graduate from Le Wagon's coding Bootcamp and have TA'd and taught there since. I would like to be involved with the community to help out where it is needed and to give back where I can.

Skills: HTML/CSS SQL javascript python ruby

Kate Westbrook (she/her/they/them)

I'm a dev, interested in helping others (particularly those underrepresented in tech) to learn. My background is in education & I've brought that to my new job, running a sustainability hackathon (

Skills: React Native javascript TypeScript React

Nikita Koselev (They)

I help people to become a part of the OpenSource society. I also show how to use OpenSource to fight racism, underrepresentation and burnout issues.

William Jacob-Crankshaw (he/him)

I'm an Associate Engineer at the LEGO Group mainly working with JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, React, Jest, Cypress and Github. Before joining the LEGO Group I was a Chef for 14 years

Matthew Williams

An experienced JavaScript / TypeScript developer that wants to contribute more to the local Norwich tech scene by coaching!

Skills: Testing. node javascript TypeScript React

Daniel Jackson (He/Him)

I am a developer that enjoys visual problem solving 🙂I have worked as a frontend developer for 4 years and currently specialise in React. I have worked in a digital agency, a small startup, and now am part of the team at Artlist! 🟡

Miles Bardon (he/him)

I've worked as a volunteer with Code Club since Jan 2019, teaching young children whilst also working as a software engineer at The LEGO Group

Skills: serverless GraphQL REST Azure gcp AWS javascript TypeScript

Steve Amor (He/Him)

Founder Cornwall Tech Jam - monthly event to teach anyone to code. Founder Mission to Mars, 4 days work experience for 14 to 18 year old, programming robots. Happy to help with HTML, CSS, JS, Python, C, C++ and intro into agile, version control etc.

Oleksandr (Sasha) Khivrych

I am a Senior Software Engineer. Working in the UK startup in London. I have had a teaching practice in the past, and most of the students became software engineers. I talk about web, full-stack, javascript, react js, typescript, and soft skills.

Skills: React.js Micro Frontends kubernetes Lerna NX Storybook MobX Amazon CloudFront Amazon Web Services (AWS) leadership docker node.js Redux javascript TypeScript

Gaby Hall

Bootcamp graduate (JavaScript, SQL, React etc.) now Cobol developer

Vivian Knight (She/Her)

I am a BSc Computer Science graduate currently working as a Technical Analyst at Grayce. I have given demos in Python, and can support in other programming languages such as SQL, Java, PHP, and practices like software development and Web Development.

Chris Rees (he/him)

I work as a data scientist / dev for ripjar in the bristol office so would be great to help out at that event - or others! I've done some maths tutoring and worked at a weekend school. I enjoy explaining things and trying to simplify things

Santiago Toledo (he)

I have almost 10 years of PHP / JS experience and would like to share it

Anastasia Zervou

I am a FrontEnd Developer for the last 7 years and i have knowledge in HTML, CSS/SASS and JS mainly.

Skills: CSS/Sass JS html

Suzie Brown (she/her)

I started working as a full-stack software developer just over a year ago, after completing my PhD in completely unrelated things. I'm excited to see what the students are getting up to and share some knowledge with them.

Thomas Marano (He/Him)

I currently work as a software engineer at Duffel and would love the opportunity to code with students. I learnt how to code 4 years ago through a coding bootcamp and have had various coding roles since then.

Firdavs Kasymov

I work as a Senior Software Developer in the fintech industry. Professional skills with the following tech stacks: GoLang, Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL, Redis, Git

Margo Urey

Web developer using ruby, rails, javascript, html, css and anything else I can learn

Skills: vue.js react-native rails TDD html css javascript ruby

Colette Wilson

I am a recently qualified web designer looking for work in the industry and always eager to learn new skills & network.

Kimberley Cook (She/Her)

I am a freelance web developer. In my spare time you'll probably find me cycling, bouldering or snowboarding.

Martin Edwards

I've done front end development work for around 10 years now, with brief spates of tech management. My experience is mostly around HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, accessibility practices, basic PHP, basic MySQL, API integration. Hope that helps!

Robin Newton (he/him)

I'm a software engineer in Cambridge. I've worked with C, C++, Java, Python and a smattering of Javascript and Perl.

Skills: c c++ java python

Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

I'm here to coach and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

Skills: Azure kotlin Linux JS SQL AWS node Ruby on Rails java TypeScript ruby

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

Skills: golang testing OOP functional programming rails java Git php python ruby

Duncan MacKenzie

I’m a web developer at Public Health England (PHE), and like coding in modern full-stack JavaScript, especially with new features inspired by Python and Ruby.

Oliver Mattos

I want to be a coach

Bradley Taylor

All-round web developer, with lots of experience with general web technologies and WordPress (among other things)

Skills: wordpress html css php javascript React

Elizabeth Caney

I play guitar

Lorenzo Turrino (He/him)

I've attended a bootcamp some 5 years ago and switched career to be a software developer. In the years since I've worked in various roles across the stack. I've attended codebar in the past as a mentor and it was a great experience!

Skills: gcp Cloud docker AWS devops Git html javascript python

Cassie Evans

Developer at clearleft. Previous design/motion graphics experience. codebar Brighton Organiser

Skills: a11y GSAP web animation svg Jamstack 11ty Vue JS html css

Keomony Khun (She)

I am ex-developer, currently a home maker for 4 years trying to get back to work. I am trying learn to code again. I am looking for a safe environment to start.

Daniel Clarke (he/him)

Programming enthusiast.

Skills: html css javascript

Daniel Quinn

I'd like to help out where I can. I'm a young(ish) white, male, native-english-speaking software engineer with 22 years of professional experience that would like this industry be a lot more diverse. Too many people in my field look like me :-)

Skills: Linux django devops Git python

Gonçalo Morais (he/him)

I can help with front end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and full stack (in Ruby on Rails), but I’m happy to pair on other things as well!

Skills: html css javascript ruby

Pete West (he/him)

I've been coaching with codebar for several years. I've also taught at a Code First Girls course. I've coached at free workshop and hack day events for 4 years.

Skills: JS html css php python ruby

Lawrence Hunt Hunt (he)

I'm a Full Stack Developer at Bright Analytics, a Data Visualisation platform. The bulk of my experience is in JS but I'm also interested in Python and Ruby. I'm open to working with students on everything from kata to apps!

Skills: nodejs javascript React python ruby

Jonathan Kerr (he/him)

I've a dev and I work for the government. I write mostly in Python

Skills: SQL sqlalchemy Flask python

Astrid Novicky (she)

I'm a self taught programmer and recently started working for Thoughtworks. My favourite languages are Python and JS, but I'm also happy help with Java ;)

Skills: java python

Josh Hudson (He)

I am a Web Developer at We Are Tilt in Brighton and since being a student at Codebar last year i thought i'd come back as a tutor and coach people to become web developers and improve their skills as mine have been helped so much by Codebar

Skills: html css javascript

Anita Woodruff (She/her)

I like coaching and want to get better at it. I did a Computer Science & Maths degree as a mature student and since graduating I worked as an Android developer at SwiftKey for 2 years and as a Software Engineer at Google for 4 years. I mainly write Java.

Skills: Android java html css javascript python

Samm Lavelle

I've been working as a Front-end developer for over 4 years at digital agencies in Brighton. I mostly work on creating custom WordPress themes from scratch, and love finding ways to shoehorn css animation into any design I can.

James Donohue (he/him)

Full-stack web developer and Jack of all trades

Skills: Shell scripting Python (basic) node html css php javascript React ruby

Heather Rae (She)

I would like to learn to code and have been working through CodeAcademy and FreeCodeCamp.

Emily Bertwistle (she/her)

I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer, always keen to learn new things :)

Skills: node.js html css javascript

Gordon Blackadder (He)

I am a machine learning data scientist at ASOS producing fashion recommendation models in python with TensorFlow. Previously I programmed in C++ for a software company and did a PhD principally using python.

Skills: data science machine learning pandas scikit-learn c c++ TensorFlow python

Dara Hak (he/him)

Software developer since 2012, mostly using C++ and JavaScript. I learned a lot from welcoming communities and I simply want to give back.

Skills: c++ nodejs javascript

Julian Cook

Self taught software developer who loves learning new languages and writing clean code.

Skills: docker APIs java javascript TypeScript

Sunali Seth (she/her)

Working for Lego Inc as a Junior Developer for 10 months using ReactJS and GraphQL.

Skills: ReactJS Beginners GraphQL Git

Iain Bean (he/him)

I'm a senior developer at Cogapp. I like being creative with JavaScript and CSS.

Skills: Gatsby sass Next.js html css javascript TypeScript React

Helen Root (she/they)

I work as a freelance full-stack web developer for a state start-up in the French governmental incubator When I'm not at my computer I do theatre and near-constantly listen to music/podcasts. Can chat to you in English, français and русский.

Skills: html css javascript python

Gary Siu (they/them)

A Rubyist and JS programmer currently specialising in front-end development. West London Coders co-organiser.

Skills: html css javascript ruby

Dale Blackburn (he/they)

I'm a full stack developer currently working for @15gifts.

Skills: Perl automation node.js html css javascript TypeScript React

Morgan Roderick (he/they)

Enthusiastic cook and amateur photographer

Skills: Unit Testing software engineering Git html css javascript

Pranav Kasetti (He/Him)

I love coding! :P

Alex Fedenczuk (he/him)

Senior Consultant (specialising in software engineering) working with Typescript, React, Python and various AWS services.

Skills: MongoDB AWS django javascript TypeScript React python

Stephan Klinger

I'm interested in mentoring on the topics of Python, Django, JavaScript and Angular. I have previously mentored/coached at OpenTechSchool, OpenTechSummit. Last summer I taught creative programming for kids (Scratch, Microbit, RaspberryPi).

Skills: django Flask Git javascript python

Steve Burtenshaw (he/him/they)

I'm a Javascript/Typescript developer working mainly on web project. I have experience in React, Node and also hardware things (Arduino, IOT)

Skills: arduino Processing sass Express node html css javascript TypeScript React

Luke Barnard (he)

Front end web dev mostly working with React. Competent in other C-like languages. Building a decentralised blog platform.

Bogdan Protsenko (he)

I'd be happy to coach people in front end related topics. I'm a mid level developer with around 4 years of experience.

Kin A

Career switcher, 2 years in tech as a front-end developer

Skills: html css javascript

Esko Luontola (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer with coding experience since 2000. I'm a specialist in TDD and wrote the tutorial I've also coached beginners at Rails Girls and wrote the tutorial

Skills: frontend backend ux TDD devops

Jacopo Colò (He)

I'm happy to help out with Codebar Oslo!

Isaac Raskin (he/him)

I am an alumnus of Founders and Coders, a javascript boot camp in London and Nazareth. I currently work for a music tech startup called Beatchain as a senior developer. I'd love to coach people in node, react, next.js, react-router, typescript etc.

Skills: node react-router Redux styled-components Next.js html css javascript TypeScript React

Jennifer Barnes

I’ve been working as a dev for 18 months

Skills: Ci/CD python

Emanuele Gorga (He)

I graduated at Makers Academy in November 2018 and worked since then mainly as a Backend Ruby On Rails Engineer at a Fintech company. I also enjoy the Frontend side of Web Development

Skills: APIs Ruby on Rails html css javascript ruby

Pavel Isaev

I like to teach coding in different formats. I've been teaching Python at university and at Django-girls in Helsinki. Codebar seems like another great opportunity to help people with coding.

Rodrigue Kayembe

Makers student

Skills: java ruby

Boney Saju (she)

I am a QA who has recently joined team in worthing. Being new to the industry I am keen to expand my technical knowledge

Jo Humphrey (they/their)

I have recently graduated from a full-stack web development course at Founders and Coders (peer-led bootcamp in London, UK)

Skills: Git React Native Next.js html css javascript React python

Jacob Thwaites (he/him)

I'm a software engineer from Edinburgh. I currently work mostly with TypeScript and C#, but have experience with lots of different technologies

Skills: c# html css javascript TypeScript React python

Luke Marris

I am a Research Engineer at Google DeepMind. I am comfortable with Python and HTML/CSS.

Skills: TensorFlow html css python

Hellen Ward (She)

Organiser for codebar Brighton.

Skills: html css javascript React

Amin Rahman

I want to help people overcome any fears or mental blocks they have in doing coding. Whether it be for passion or career, I want to enable people to self-study confidently and engage with any developer community wherever they are.

Skills: html css php XML JSON javascript

Teemu Leivo (He)

I'm working as a software engineer with a variety of technologies. For example C#, Java, Scala, Python, HTML and Javascript.

Alice Carlsson (She)

Developer, Project Manager, and Creative Technologist

Andrew Perry (he)

I already enjoy mentoring people within scouting but I have had limited opportunities to mentor people in technical matters. Electronic Engineering background, now a Cloud Engineer and have done some frontend, so a jack of most trades

Judith Hartmann (she/her)

I want to become better at teaching. I studied CS and work as a Frontend Developer at Futurice. I used to teach groups of pupils (high school age) in university.

Skills: javascript TypeScript Angular React python ruby programming

Tim Tennant (he/his)

I've been a programmer for over 20 years, and I'm still a keen learner. I'd like to be able to share my passion and enthusiasm for programming and technology and hopeful, pass some of that on to others, whilst continuing to learn and grow myself.

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