Here you can find a list of the 3171 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Renata Svaboviciute

I'm a Javascript developer and I'd like to help others who are just starting out their coding journey.

Skills: javascript React TypeScript html css

Katie Jeffree

I am currently a Technical Assistant at CodeClan, I have had experience with Ruby, Javascript, Vue, Java, React, C# and Unity. I have an interest in Game development.

Jennifer Barnes

I’ve been working as a dev for 3 years

Skills: python javascript bash back-end

Tuure Kaunisto (He / They)

I've been a web developer for over 15 years. Although I'm a programmer, good UX is what I like most about my job. I also tinker with electronic projects and robotics.

Skills: JS html css ts React Express c# unity scss SQL PostgreSQL arduino node.js

Wenxin Liu (she/her)

I'm a software engineer, site reliability engineer and computer scientist, working and living in London.

Luna De Ferrari (she)

Python student, R teacher.

Sarah Giblett (She)

I currently work as a software developer contractor

Skills: c# SQL css JavaScript/jQuery html Umbraco PHP/Smarty PHP .NET .ASP.NET

Bozena Vuckovic (she/her)

Past Codebar student turned coach

Skills: html css JS React node Express MongoDB PostgreSQL

Deepa Madheswaran (she)

I'm a front end developer with experience in HTML, CSS, Angular JS and vue.js.

Skills: html css angular JS vue.js javascript

Hellen Ward (She)

Organiser for codebar Brighton.

Skills: html css javascript React

Zsolt Sztupak (he, they)

I'm an Engineering Manager based in Edinburgh. Previously I have also been a Teaching Assistant at a university where I realised I like helping people out when I can. I also held ruby tutorials to my co-workers as well.

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails spring-boot Android html css java devops Ansible terraform AWS digitalocean docker kubernetes c c++ c# Haskell x86 assembly algorithms functional programming Vanilla javascript

Teemu Leivo (He)

I'm working as a software engineer with a variety of technologies. For example C#, Java, Scala, Python, HTML and Javascript.

Eleanor Casson (she/her)

I've been working as a developer for the last 2.5 years. And want to share the knowledge.

Thanos Mitsiou (He/his)

My name is Thanos and I am from Greece. I have been working as a developer the past 2 years, mostly using Python and starting to learn Go on my spare time

Skills: python

Jeff Zinger (He)

I would like to learn how to be a better teacher and help support the students.

Elisabeth Haubold (She)

I actually started out learning to code by attending Codebar workshops in Edinburgh. Since then, I got a job working as a backend developer on a cloud-native application and about half a year ago I transitioned into a DevOps role.

Skills: kubernetes terraform javascript java css html some react and node.js

Ann Barr (she)

I am about to start the Tech Returners programme and hope to attend some code bar events to cement the learning and help me to address any challenges I meet.

Pascal Edouard

DevOps Cloud Engineer in Edinburgh passionate about advancing automation and infrastructure as code. Eager to assist fellow developers and share insights on coding best practices. Let's code smarter, not harder!

Skills: Ansible agile Cloud devops python terraform c java c# Git bash Linux html javascript c++ terminal

Tristan Roddis (he)

Happy to coach intermediate or beginner level Python, PHP (and Scratch!), as well as beginner level HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Git. Also got recent experience with Drupal, Laravel, Linux, Solr, Elasticsearch, Amazon Web Services if any of that helps.

Skills: python php Drupal

Russell Howe (he)

I've mostly worked on infrastructure-level things but have done a fair bit of Java and ruby dev too.

Skills: java ruby c cloud things Linux

Jeff Zinger

Dev at Thoughtworks & Coach

Kye Bracey (he)

Makers graduate, Front End/Games Developer at

Skills: javascript React Phaser html css version control accessibility

Brendan McCollam (He)

I'm curious about getting involved at Codebar as a coach. I've been a software developer for ten years now, and I've taught courses at Code First:Girls in London and Artifice, an after school club in Chicago.

Skills: python PostgreSQL Go basic HTML/CSS/JS

Louay Alakkad

Full stack development/cloud architecture

John Beisley (he/him)

I've coached at Codebar @ Google sessions. I've been a Software Engineer for ~18 years in the industry, the last 12 years of which as an SRE at Google. I typically work in Python and Go, but have an interest in Rust. Outside of work I play D&D.

Skills: Go python rust SQL html c++ java javascript

Tom Sherman (he/him)

I currently work at OVO and have previously worked at Epos Now, Lisa Angel, and Rainbird. I mostly write React Native/TypeScript at work, but have a soft spot for non-frontend languages such as Rust.

Skills: React TypeScript javascript React Native html css

Hannah van den Wijngaard (she/her)

Frontend developer and accessibility champion, I can help with beginner projects in JS, TS, React, Redux, testing and WCAG accessibility standards 🤗 Also always happy to chat about making the career change into tech

Skills: javascript TypeScript React Redux Jest React Testing Library

Tiago Caetano (he/him)

Want to be more involved with the programming community and to help people learn code

Joel Hassan

I'm trying out mentoring as a way for me to give back to the community. I've worked as a teaching assistant at my previous university (Helsinki Uni), where I mentored students at programming workshops. I now work as a software engineer at

Skills: html css TypeScript React SQL javascript

Harry Dickinson (he/him)

I'm a developer focused mostly on server-side .NET technologies as well as JavaScript for the front end. I'd like to help people progress their programming skillset and hopefully learn more myself in the process.

Skills: c# javascript SQL html

Peter Mordaunt

I completed the Software Development course with Codeclan 2 years ago and I have been working as a frontend developer for the last two years. I love coding and enjoy helping others to learn new skills or develop what they already know.

Skills: html css tailwind javascript React Vue

Wisen Tanasa (He/him)

Coaching. I have been professionally coding for 13 years.

Skills: TDD Ci/CD agile TypeScript javascript ruby html React Vue node AWS

Chloé Leteinturier (she/her)

As a woman that did a change in my career to change from being an optician to a developer, I believe I can offer support and empathy to the students. I'm currently working at Thoughtworks as a developer for more than 2 years.

Alvin Bryan


Anton Chebotov (he/him)

10+ years of iOS development. I work for Bumble and I do interviews, so I can help with understanding what skills the big companies are looking for

Skills: Swift UIKit

Jayden Vicarey (He/they)

Want to help people enjoy and advance in something I love (code in this case). Taught and learnt a lot of coding at work, secondary school, and college and want to give back. Am a software developer for a tech company in Brighton

Skills: Bit of SQL php laravel Bit of python Testing (unit feature integration) TDD industry advice scrum/agile

Burak Güneli (he/him)

I'm working as a Senior. Frontend Engineer and I would like to become a coach and help people voluntarily. I organized a JS meetup at my previous company and I did 2 lightning talks about async code execution with JS:

Skills: javascript TypeScript React scss

Cameron Bishop (he/they)

My name's Cameron and I'm a teaching assistant. Recently, I've started learning python to retrain into a coding job. I'd like to be able to code as a hobbyist but if I can see how I can apply it, that would be even better!

Martynas Paulikas

I have done frontend (react & angular), backend (python & java) and some AWS systems (also python based mostly). I am a STEM ambassador and have previously been mentor in Stirling.

Doro Hinrichs (she/her)

Associate Developer at Scott Logic with a passion for frontend design and accessibility

Skills: html css TypeScript javascript React accessibility java python

Opeoluwa Akinwande

I'm focused, ambitious, a great team player, practically oriented and hoping to learn at Codebar to have the required knowledge needed to advance in my career and polish me with the right tech skills.

Tara Galloway (she/her)

I'm a little rusty on my JS. I studied it at bootcamp in 2018 and have since been working in GO, over 5 years in my current position at Vet AI where I'm a mid-senior level backend developer

Skills: Go SQL Basic Swift basic Javascript

Danny Currie (he/him)

I'm a Technical Lead, working mainly on Frontend (JavaScript, TypeScript etc.), and also run my company's Graduate Software Engineering programme, so always looking to meet and work with new developers!

John Medina (He/him)

Mainly back-end services written in Java, Golang, Node.js, and Python. Recent experience in service orchestration working with Docker. Some SQL knowledge too.

Skills: java golang node.js python docker SQL Back-end Services Scala

Petar Zigic (He/Him/His)

Share my knowledge and improve my communication skills

Nathan Dao (he/him)

Howdie! I'm Nathan and currently working as a Software Developer at Swarmia. I worked mostly as a full stack developer using React, TypeScript, Node.js, Go and a bit of infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Terraform).

Skills: React TypeScript node.js Go AWS Azure

Jordan O'Hara (He/Him)

I've recently finished University where I studied Software Engineering. Currently, I have a full-stack focus but have experience mainly with front-end development and within my free time I like to diversify my portfolio by building small applications

Christy Campbell (he/him)

Coaching and mentoring. Engineering manager now but was primarily a java dev, work on a bit of typescript/infra as code stuff now

Chris Oldnall (he/him)

My main programming language is Python! Typically I work on implementation of statistical estimators which come in complex forms.

Evan Thomas (they/them)

I'd like to be able to ask for help with problems when they come up on personal projects. I've been learning in my spare time for about a year, and am now looking to make a career change into tech.

Luke Kittridge

Primarily I'm a C# developer specialising in web applications. I also know some HTML, CSS and JavaScript and have experience with React and React Native.

Skills: c# .NET html css javascript React

Mariana Lozynska (she/her)

I am a junior developer, in the past I did html, css and JavaScript. I want to work in these areas on codebar.

Josh Dilrew (he/him)

Predominantly C#, with a heavy inclination towards windows desktop development and xamarin. I have reasonable MySQL and MongoDB experience, I have created APIs in the past but I would need to brush up on this.

Katie Uvanovic (any)

I can help people out with SQL. I have attended codebar 4 years ago as a learner and now wish to give back.

Lars Finlay (he)

I work at Wonderbly and would like to help coach on the evening we're hosting.

Stephen Fulljames (he/him)

Javascript/Typescript/Node engineer. Working at Wonderbly on the creation platform for personalised children's books and the customer experience to order them.

Kevin Sheeran

Data science and python learning

Marco Belahouane (he/him)

I am a Makers alumni who used to teach Muay thai before transitioning into software engineering. I am currently looking for work and trying to learn more about the teach industry.

Mary Lo (she/her)

I love sharing how I learn coding and guide people to understand the logic:) Happy coding!

Skills: TypeScript java kotlin javascript

Jenny Sharp (she/her)

I was a secondary computing teacher in the UK. I am happy to volunteer as a coach. I am particularly used to the basics of Python programming & I was a software developer in Delphi (OO Pascal) and Java back in the early 2000s.

Skills: python html

Masha Shevchuk

I am a frontend developer at an e-pharmacy and would like to pass some of my skills to others. They say, if you want to master something, teach it. Hoping to learn as much from you as you do from me!

Skills: React/Nextjs TypeScript Jest Playwright html CSS(+SCSS/tailwind) JS

Keith Harrison (He, him)

I'm a software developer with over 20 years experience

Marco Ranieri

I've started my coding career just 5 years ago in Ruby on Rails (LW bootcamp in Milan) and then moved to London as a bootcamp teacher for a couple of years - after that I became more curious about the code itself and moved to a full-stack developer role

Katarzyna Bielecka (She)

Im a beginner looking into career change. I am learning Python and considering doing programming bootcamp.

Sam Edwards (he/him)

Hi there, I'm Sam, a Senior Software Engineer at ITV. I've worked in similar roles at startups, consultancies and Sky UK. I'm a mentor of under-represented cohorts trying to get into tech, one of my mentees told me about codebar - so here I am!

Skills: React javascript TypeScript Koa Express Streaming Team Processes

Cyrille Berliat (He)

I'm a software engineer by training (MSc Eng.), Coded for years in PHP/SQL/JS/Java esp Android before turning to Product management. Happy to mentor beginners or career wise

Skills: php SQL JS java System design Product Management

jianghong Jiang (He)

I work as a software engineer for 20 years. I love coding and love to help people solve problem with software. I would like to share my programming knowledge to help people imporve productivity by useing programming tools.

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