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Margarita Kopniczky (she/her)

I have only participated as a coach once at one of the codebars hosted at Google a while ago. Going to the Code First: Girls course was really important in my career journey and now it is time for me to give back to the community. Looking forward to this!

Gbenga Ojo-Aromokudu (he/him)

I'd love to do workshops on basic coding principles using Ruby and JS, like Enumerables

skills: rails javascript ruby React

Josh Blumberg (He/Him)

I recently career-changed from marketing into software development, and I'm really keen to give back by helping others on their journey to becoming developers. I attended Makers Academy and am now working as a dev for tiney 🎉 mainly in React, JS, and TS.

skills: rails TypeScript javascript ruby React

Nic Mayer (she)

Learning to code

skills: jQuery html javascript css

Marton Veto (he/him)

I'm a full-stack software engineer at NearSt. I love building serverless applications in AWS. On a day to day basis, I work with JS, node.js and sometimes I try to hack together something in React. I'd love to help people with their programming journey.

Andre Torgal (he/him)

web fundamentals, web standards HTML, CSS, Javascript, Browser APIs / projects or Katas written in JS, Node.js, Angular, React, Webpack / deploying / strategies for planning, visualising work, breaking down big projects in small steps

Ayan Ali

A Junior front-end developer, I transitioned to tech last year after completing a part-time bootcamp. I'd love to help others starting their journey and also grow as a developer. Also looking for a local tech community to be a part of.

Sandra Spighel (she/her/hers)

Graduated from General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp and working as Junior Software Engineer for a SaaS startup. Learning to code has changed my life and I am excited to share my knowledge with other people.

skills: html javascript css

Michal Bryxí (he/him)

I'm happy to help folks with everything around web fundamentals - HTML, CSS, JavaScript. From the frontend frameworks I have most experience with EmberJS and TailwindCSS. I can also help with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Docker, GitLab, linux.

skills: EmberJs frontend TailwindCSS docker RoR gitlab html Linux javascript css

Rahul Keerthi (he/him/his)

I'm a software engineer at healthtech startup Awell Health and an active TA/Teacher at Le Wagon London, a coding bootcamp

skills: rails TypeScript SQL html javascript ruby React css

Ash Oldershaw (he/him)

I work for a company called Connexin in IoT project delivery, I work in a lot of different areas of tech giving me a wide range of experiences. I've also been a startup co-founder and worked internships at Dyson and in universities :)

skills: c++ java AWS machine learning python javascript

Amelia Scott (she/her)

Makers Academy bootcamp; Professional developer for 3 1/2 months; Not super-experienced but keen to help if I can! Skills (strongest -> weakest): Ruby / Rails, Unix/bash/terminal/cli stuff, Vanilla JS, React, Typescript, Python

Francisca Concha-Ramírez (she/her)

I am currently a Data Engineer at Lyst and I have 7+ years of experience programming in Python. I have a PhD in Computational Astrophysics and a MSc in Computer Science. I love programming and I love sharing knowledge with everyone!

Joanna Brigham

I've recently graduated from a coding bootcamp after deciding to make a career change from the travel industry and am looking for my first tech role. I'd like to coach to build my confidence in my technical knowledge and discussing technical ideas.

Freddie Tibbles

I am keen to provide coaching support for future generations in the industry as when i was starting services like this were few and far between so being able to support such movements is awesome. I am also keen to see other perspectives on web development

skills: html scss CSS-in-JS ts PWA Web Components node Express apollo server GraphQL web sockets React JS css

Jiyu Kim

I want to tutor basic programming skills. I worked as a C++ developer for 3 years in South Korea. Currently, I'm studying Pharmacy but I still want to engage in the field of software by teaching.

Vanita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

I am a data scientist/engineer with >3 years experience with Python and data skills.

Paul Kelly (he/him)

I'm a mechanical engineer based in Glasgow, my programming experience is mostly automating processes using Python (file/spreadsheet manipulation). I also have experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C but I'm most comfortable using Python.

skills: python Git Linux javascript c

Kostas Ntanos (he/him)

I have recently finished the 16-week Software Development Bootcamp at Makers in London and I would be interested in coaching people who have only just started coding or are interested to do so, but don't know how. I can code in Ruby and JavaScript.

skills: ruby JavasScript

Mathew Robinson (He/Him)

I’ve previously been involved with women who code in Cincy and just generally enjoy helping people get into and learn technology skills. I used to run a learn programming twitch stream and I’m active in open source as well.

Paul Hickman (he/him)

Frontend Software Engineer

skills: React JS css Frontend Web Development

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