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Dave Swift

I graduated from a web development bootcamp in 2017. Since then I have worked as a software engineer using a range of technologies including the Rails and Ionic frameworks.

Skills: ruby rails html SQL

Karim Rivera (she/her)

If there is anyone who needs help with R, I am happy to help

Elisabeth Haubold (She)

I actually started out learning to code by attending Codebar workshops in Edinburgh. Since then, I got a job working as a backend developer on a cloud-native application and about half a year ago I transitioned into a DevOps role.

Skills: kubernetes terraform some react and node.js java html javascript css

Tom Wyllie (He / Him)

Software developer and enthusiast, information engineer, love learning and helping others learn.

Skills: data science machine learning ai speech / music signal processing rust java python html javascript css


Just started my coding journey and looking for some help and motivation

Skills: php Symfony python React javascript SQL

Atanas Kozarev (he/his)

I used to give private lessons in programming for 1st year Business students who had a compulsory programming module that was difficult to pass, it was a fun way to practice. CYF:

Skills: listening being patient algorithms programming fundamentals coding basics coding fundamentals pseudo code data structures

Kye Bracey (he)

Makers graduate, Front End/Games Developer at

Skills: Phaser version control accessibility React html javascript css

Michael Cheah

I think coding is a skill anyone can find useful and want to introduce and get people interested in it. I've been a software developer for a few years and can comfortably teach Python and Golang. Could do Matlab or C++ for beginners if needed

Skills: golang Matlab bash c++ Linux python Git

Carla Agulló (she/her)

Developer at Dexma Energy Intelligence

Skills: java python TypeScript React javascript

John Beisley (he/him)

I've coached at Codebar @ Google sessions. I've been a Software Engineer for ~18 years in the industry, the last 12 years of which as an SRE at Google. I typically work in Python and Go, but have an interest in Rust. Outside of work I play D&D.

Skills: Go rust c++ java python html javascript SQL

Rowan Marshall (he/him)

Hi, I'm Rowan. I'm a backend developer mostly working with Java and Kotlin, but I love experimenting with any new programming languages. I'm also a blogger, ukuleleist, and beer enthusiast.

Skills: kotlin java python Git

Fran Haines (she/her)

I'm a Front-End Dev at a digital agency in Bristol and have been coding for the best part of 10 years. I enjoy helping other people learn and get into tech and was recently recognised through an industry award.

Skills: Vue sass Less TypeScript React html javascript css Git

Josh Blumberg (He/Him)

I career-changed from marketing to software development in 2020, and I'm really keen to give back by helping others on their journey to becoming engineers. I currently work as a product engineer for tiney, an ed-tech company, mainly in React, JS, and TS.

Skills: TypeScript React javascript

huxley millard (they them)

Mid/senior react developer with TypeScript, skills with node/js to! as well as any AWS questions as about to get certified whoop

Skills: node Webpack docker AWS TypeScript React html css

Richard Barton (he/him)

I want to help others access the support and opportunities I had before starting my IT career. I've coached school age kids on Python and Scratch and work colleagues on HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Skills: Day job: digital public services and agile development Side projects: browser-based tools LED displays

Rajib D.

Working for a software company. Very much involved in coding and I also organise projects from a technical perspective. I used to be a private teacher. I can help with coding but also share general technical knowledge / methodologies.

Skills: Linux java python vim latex awk Bash/Shell Scripting general technical knowledge Git

Peter Monks (he/him)

I've been a software developer for 17 years and I really like sharing knowledge, so hoping this is a good opportunity to help others. I've mostly been a .NET developer but starting to branch out a bit now with some other tech.

Skills: TypeScript Angular ASP.NET TDD DI architecture React c# html javascript css Git SQL

Jake Mckenna (he/him)

I'd like to help more people learn to code and to get into coding.

Skills: c# Azure agile Scrum intermediate Typescript intermediate JavaScript html intermediate Python React Native intermediate React dotnet core .NET css SQL

Ksenija Vasjko (she)

I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with 2+ years of experience. I have been involved in several projects primarily using Ruby On Rails. I like meeting new people and supporting them in acquiring new skills

Skills: Ruby on Rails javascript jQuery Stimulus.js TailwindCSS Bootstrap HTML5 css Git SQL

Timo Sand (He/him)

I've been coaching with Nodeschool Helsinki for a few years, as well as Rails Young people Helsinki and Code Curious Berlin a few times. I want to improve the distribution of different kind of people in the tech scene.

Skills: Software Development hiring/interviewing people management consulting (software) leadership

Marta Dabrowka (she/her)

I did CodeClan over three years ago and I'd love to give back to the community. I'm predominantly a web developer with experience in React/Gatsby/Rails/Node, so these are the areas I'd like to work on.

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