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Anyul Rivas (He/him)

I've been a mentor in other events, and would like to help people starting to code

Skills: kubernetes Ci/CD css docker kotlin java javascript TypeScript AWS

Angus Pettifer (he/him)

I am a Python engineer designing data pipelines for a behavioural analytics start-up. I like solving fun problems and I like helping people solve problems. The most interesting questions come from people who feel safe to ask the "stupid" question.

Marcos Silva (he)

I like mentoring people and the tartget audience is in sync with me. I have 10 years of professional software experience and gave some talks and classes in the past.

Elias Neuman (he/him/his)

First time at codebar, Anca told me about this event, sounds cool, I'm here to help

Aidan Walters-Williams (he/him/they)

Hey there, I couldn't fit everything I wanted to say into this box so here's a gist!

Joshua Mo (He/him)

Hey there! I have knowledge of React/MERN stack, Typescript and Rust. I also contribute to an open source project called Shuttle.

Zan Zver

Python is my go-to language. I do have industry and uni experience with it. In uni, I have 2+ years of demonstrating experience, helping beginners with Python, algorithms, etc...

Skills: c# Linux Git nosql MongoDB ml DL docker java AWS python SQL

Juliana Nocchi Dobal (She)

I’m attending Makers Academy bootcamp and I would like to help people interested in learning to code.

Skills: Basic Ruby and JavaScript

Tom Mclaughlin

Interest in teaching across the full stack. Previous experience with CodeFirst:Girls. Working as full-stack engineer currently

Patty O'Callaghan (she)

I can help as a coach :)

Skills: tensorflow.js Drupal laravel Artificial Intelligence html css php machine learning javascript React python SQL

Mike GM1WKR (him/he)

CodeClan, ex-ITU nurse. Junior Dev with University of Aberdeen. Enjoy working with beginners. Experienced with Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers, AX25 radio networking, Linux, basic server admin.

Skills: html css php java javascript React python

Sem Gebresilassie (He/Him)

Teach, discuss and learn the basics of Fullstack development.

Skills: nodejs php frontend backend javascript TypeScript SQL

Jonay Pelluz

I am a full stack developer, I like teaching new recruits :-)

Steven George

Help students from under-represented backgrounds learn to code

Skills: data science python SQL

Hai Nguyen

I'd like to do all stuffs data related

Skills: machine learning data science data wrangling java python

Harpreet Dhanda (She)

First time attending so quite opened minded

John Medina (He/him)

Mainly back-end services written in Java, Golang, Node.js, and Python. Recent experience in service orchestration working with Docker. Strong SQL knowledge too.

Skills: golang node.js docker Back-end Services java python SQL

Tom Rowbotham (he/him)

21 year old Junior Android Developer at Gousto. A recent graduate studying software engineering. I have experience using Java, Kotlin and Android and a small amount of Python, HTML, CSS a bit of javascript.

Skills: kotlin Android java

Alfie Lamerton (He/Him)

I would like to help those interested in the tech field as a coach, but I'm open to suggestions for how I could help. I'm a 4th year Computer Science student at UWE, with experience in tutoring and software engineering.

Skills: backend Front End java javascript TypeScript c React AWS Tutoring python

Jack Joynson (he/him)

Happy to get stuck into anything! Primary: Javascript, Node, Typescript, CI/CD, Github actions, AWS, Azure, Bash/Sh scripting. Secondary: React, HTML, CSS, GCP, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, C# .NET, Jenkins.

Sierra Brader (she)

I'd enjoy helping people learn to code in my free time (in EN or ES). I work in the data science/engineering field, previously in software engineering. I also worked as a teaching assistant and gave private lessons to a colleague's daughter.

Skills: python SQL some JavaScript & PHP basic HTML & CSS

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