Career Panel : Job Skills 🚀

Mon, 12th November at 18:30




The River Building, 1 Cousin Lane, London, EC4R 3TE

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The office is wheelchair accessible.


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We are hosting another career panel! Targeted at codebar students looking to transition into their first developer job, this panel's focus will be on the skills and tips for tackling your job search. Our panelists will be discussing questions like how to prepare for an interview, how long you should spend on a take home tech test and what your resume should like.

Kimberley Cook will facilitating the panel, with questions from the audience. You can also submit any questions you have here.

Panelists 🗣️

Agata Krzywda - Software Engineer @ Festicket
Anna Lisowska - Front End Developer @ YLD
Kate Beard - Full Stack Developer @ Financial Times
Katerina Georgiou - Software Development Coach @ Makers Academy
Jenny Sivapalan - Engineering Manager @ Deliveroo

Other Details 🗒️

  • Free food and drinks as you turn up
  • Panel will kick off at 7pm
  • Finish around 20:30pm
  • Then (optionally) come hang out after

A message from Deliveroo:

Please note that Deliveroo has a designated area for the event you’re about to attend, and in that space you’re free to take pictures, videos, enjoy drinks and - most importantly - eat delicious food! Given that this event space is in the middle of an open-plan office, we ask all attendees to stay in the designated area and not leave this area or disturb employees who might be working at their desks. Furthermore it is strictly prohibited to take pictures of boards or screens outside of the designated area and/or disclose any information you might read outside of the designated area. Enjoy the event, and thanks for joining us!

Please make sure you bring some ID with your full name on it (e.g. driving licence or bank card), as you will be asked to sign some paper agreeing to this.

Who else will be there?

  • Máté Kaszás (he)

    Máté Kaszás (he)
  • Amina Aweis (She)

    Amina Aweis (She)
  • Kate Beard (she/her)

    Kate Beard (she/her)
  • Nassera Dahmani (she)

    Nassera Dahmani (she)
  • Nasser Dahmani

    Nasser Dahmani
  • Pam De Silva

    Pam De Silva
  • yj Tang (she)

    yj Tang (she)
  • Abu Darda

    Abu Darda
  • Rahul Shah (All)

    Rahul Shah (All)
  • Keiko Morimoto (She)

    Keiko Morimoto (She)
  • Elias Adam (Mr)

    Elias Adam (Mr)
  • Maduri Vassaramo (She)

    Maduri Vassaramo (She)
  • Nicola McDermott (She)

    Nicola McDermott (She)
  • Lisa  Mac

    Lisa Mac
  • Marina Economidou (she)

    Marina Economidou (she)
  • George Roberts (he)

    George Roberts (he)
  • Florence Kay (she)

    Florence Kay (she)
  • Rachel  Franklin

    Rachel Franklin
  • Mathilde Ferrand Coeurderoy (she/her)

    Mathilde Ferrand Coeurderoy (she/her)
  • Than Than Soe  (She)

    Than Than Soe (She)
  • Ruth Baker (she/her)

    Ruth Baker (she/her)
  • Giada Simonetti (she/her)

    Giada Simonetti (she/her)
  • Jessica Badru (She)

    Jessica Badru (She)
  • Agata Jones (Mrs)

    Agata Jones (Mrs)
  • Muna Hassan (She)

    Muna Hassan (She)
  • Mike Jeuga (he)

    Mike Jeuga (he)
  • Caitlin Cooling

    Caitlin Cooling
  • Jacklyn Dunne

    Jacklyn Dunne
  • Ade Adegoke

    Ade Adegoke
  • Michael Nguyen (Him)

    Michael Nguyen (Him)
  • Kirill Zabrodin (he/his/they)

    Kirill Zabrodin (he/his/they)
  • Leare Song (She)

    Leare Song (She)
  • Mona Azami (she)

    Mona Azami (she)
  • Huxley Millard (they)

    Huxley Millard (they)
  • Nat A (she)

    Nat A (she)
  • Dagmara Kukla (she, her)

    Dagmara Kukla (she, her)
  • Lee Doughty

    Lee Doughty
  • Linnie Ncube (He/His)

    Linnie Ncube (He/His)
  • Felix Kwong

    Felix Kwong
  • Tacuma Bellford

    Tacuma Bellford
  • Kelly Tran (They)

    Kelly Tran (They)
  • Chipo Mapondera (She)

    Chipo Mapondera (She)
  • Yvonne Tang (She )

    Yvonne Tang (She )
  • K J Daniells

    K J Daniells
  • Jade alvares

    Jade alvares
  • Osania R

    Osania R
  • Marta Hendel

    Marta Hendel
  • Tomasz Wegrzanowski

    Tomasz Wegrzanowski
  • Dean Richer

    Dean Richer
  • Wren O'Brien-Hall (she)

    Wren O'Brien-Hall (she)
  • Akua  Apeagyei (She/her)

    Akua Apeagyei (She/her)
  • Bunmi Otubanjo (She/her)

    Bunmi Otubanjo (She/her)
  • Niamh McCooey (She)

    Niamh McCooey (She)
  • Kaja Jaronska (she/her)

    Kaja Jaronska (she/her)
  • Hien Hang (she )

    Hien Hang (she )
  • Dorota Siwek

    Dorota Siwek
  • Lucas Johnston (he/him)

    Lucas Johnston (he/him)
  • Rochelle Norman

    Rochelle Norman
  • Tawnie Bavaro (She)

    Tawnie Bavaro (She)
  • Sylvia Hoang (she)

    Sylvia Hoang (she)
  • Amy Yoko (She/her)

    Amy Yoko (She/her)
  • Kristina Jaggard (she/her)

    Kristina Jaggard (she/her)
  • Andree Ingrid Mullings (She/Her)

    Andree Ingrid Mullings (She/Her)
  • Miriam Payne

    Miriam Payne
  • Jessica Cregg (she/her)

    Jessica Cregg (she/her)
  • Adedayo Adedapo (He)

    Adedayo Adedapo (He)
  • Mihaela Ciobanu

    Mihaela Ciobanu
  • Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)

    Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)
  • Shweta Patil (she)

    Shweta Patil (she)
  • Marco Alabruzzo (he)

    Marco Alabruzzo (he)
  • Tony Griffin (he/him)

    Tony Griffin (he/him)
  • Max Roberts-Dear (he)

    Max Roberts-Dear (he)
  • Nicola Gibson

    Nicola Gibson


  • Chris Owen (he, him)

    Chris Owen (he, him)
  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)
  • Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)

    Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)
  • Ana Rodrigues (she/her)

    Ana Rodrigues (she/her)
  • Jack Lewin (he/him)

    Jack Lewin (he/him)
  • Clem Capel-Bird (She/her)

    Clem Capel-Bird (She/her)