April Monthly

Mon, 24th April at 18:30



4 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9HF


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Please join us for the April edition of codebar Monthlies!

Sareh Heidari, "Scaffolding at Scale"

Ever thought about localising your site, but realised it led to a lot of messy duplication? Do you want to re-use component styles, but have some styles overwrite others due to that cascade? Not sure where to start with CSS architecture? In this talk, you'll learn how to get started with your own lightweight, localised CSS setup. We'll go through how we use Grandstand, a CSS framework built by BBC Sport, as the scaffolding for our CSS. Starting with bare bones of just ~10kb, it has the flexibility to allow layouts in 10 scripts for 20+ languages, and we're using it across the BBC News & Sport sites.

Khalid, “Barriers to Entry in the JavaScript Community"

In this talk, I'll share what it was like for me as a new JavaScript programmer from a minority background. We’ll then discuss some ideas for creating more welcoming environments.

Lightning Talks
Jo Franchetti, "What happens when you put lego in a washing machine"

How lego complexes, created when a bucket of lego is put through a wash cycle, are a fun example of a Monte Carlo sampler, and what other uses Monte Carlo samplers have.

We're looking for lightning talks! We'd especially love to hear from codebar students. Contact us at [email protected]

Who else will be there?

  • 5d9e15220ba871a1b8f01bb00c70e854?s=96

    Kaitlyn Tierney (she/her)
  • E6d5e05aa98856b260645d57b807b72f?s=96

    Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)
  • 477473e0fbb495e3cc5e2e34614d8d2e?s=96

    Sam Plews (he/him)
  • Db5febefdbd146a0aedc71fb614b5b12?s=96

    Richard Westenra (he/him)
  • E7c3fc8f5b0cafb28436a869cd4d5e9e?s=96

    Lisa Mac
  • B170a7c2cb3d4db7f8f481fb788b9208?s=96

    Funmi Adewodu (She/Her)
  • A85f40c6f52943b37c45292b6321427a?s=96

    Shu-yang Chia (He/Him)
  • 6f62c2a6f822c2a348058c3201130767?s=96

    Kirstie Langan (Miss)
  • B02ecbf2f55ae640e9135ba3f9dc4396?s=96

    Elena Beccaro (she)
  • 8b13b24f76d58d5b86d6918066b7cdb2?s=96

    Ben Scott (He/him)
  • 558c97842216ea407aa900b808accd14?s=96

    Jazzy Gasper (She/her)
  • 096f67f5a36ed0d6f779fec10ac09f14?s=96

    Ebere Nwoko
  • A6bcb9bd3c2b2ae8b42c4a0d4a81b0eb?s=96

    maria cogo (she)
  • Eadac9b55979d25a784b58fccfdbf464?s=96

    Rachael Ward (She/her)
  • B8a6882bce489188df64090c49d22d0d?s=96

    Victoria Ledsom (she/her)
  • 872705c9414a8ebfb56f37e7ff261437?s=96

    tas torkia (n/a)
  • 4a2d8e149d523d1214e7b08866077ae7?s=96

    Oliver Turner
  • E11195684d06922ccc537d010d937686?s=96

    Sofia Pohjalainen
  • 575e087fe74c0dc9c75e28fa70965c34?s=96

    Daniel Liburd
  • 9d9e69e3aea905877fb3eff5a2614579?s=96

    Emily Chai (she/her)
  • 9a1fa945bd9b1e1c15b2a8be86a616e7?s=96

    Eva Tkavc (she)
  • 7445ff5b5403631b69107299fb2bab54?s=96

    Fatuma Khaireh (Her/she)
  • C06a869af7e85e6cc9a4a3d71304f67f?s=96

    Giancarlo Galliani (He)
  • 71784aa258c1b40392ec03a0c8636356?s=96

    Felix Harrison (he/him)
  • Eacc6ce6fba989158fc62af1be7ee51e?s=96

    Chris Cooper (he/him)
  • 54c6aac487828e5e4ea74d3614cda141?s=96

    Izabela Jelonek (she/her)
  • C740358b2cce341557a23ffb981aacf2?s=96

    Gonçalo Morais (He/him)
  • 39d1369d722365b4c5ab9b5eb40ce8be?s=96

    Eliska Copland (She)
  • 44ab0c98e8baf22600a2bb3331d0909b?s=96

    Goundo Sidibe (She)
  • 4b4674d627e4de336459f6baa05f0b94?s=96

    Barbara Shinkarenko
  • B67c9b8b3427a3cf5ab944034b9bec1d?s=96

    Zimuzo Ezeozue (He)
  • Df8f4e435bfab1cc8494e85e2c1bf5b8?s=96

    Remyce Savanna
  • 3ddc6fee25b901aaa8934de3ad4b0de7?s=96

    Kaushik Chaubal
  • 9d8a6a7c11a920c2df42738cab807387?s=96

    Fiona Dorrington (She)
  • F36d9566fd6191616e57e5ce2a7ea9c5?s=96

    Luke Sheard
  • 73cafd49ccd4f8004c36f17059bf310e?s=96

    Nelly Kiboi (She)
  • 0db1d3dd2a1086687f8e62b1c24844ea?s=96

    Sergio Garcez (he/him)
  • 8c038b209d2d87baf96afcc360808a26?s=96

    agata krzywda
  • Cc0a0907870c4a5366c76aff17b8e7b6?s=96

    Dafin Aziz
  • F95ebfefc1efbd103349cdfae1dffdd8?s=96

    Patricia Cupueran
  • F8f163e0e0fa917ebc3f60ca7811cbd4?s=96

    Kamara Bennett (she/her)
  • Ec66fd0b4aaf7502ba60a319eadcc8b0?s=96

    Angela Hamer (She)
  • Afd658a89b98bc1260f8e39afa694a22?s=96

    Denislav Dimitrov (he/him)
  • 321ae703439966ac58771324803cd271?s=96

    Astrid Ronja Novicky (She)


  • F9169fc73bb1ac9c6addb4105bb75c6c?s=56

    Kriszta Matyi (she/her)
  • 9df54d4c81d0ef70e827ec998ef6efdc?s=56

    Hazel Parreno
  • 32bcfd9c8556109197b5f975afddb25f?s=56

    Charlotte Spencer (they/them)