February Monthly 🌼

Mon, 26th February at 18:30


Red Badger


4th Floor, 2 Old Street Yard, London, EC1Y 8AF


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Monthlies is a talk night for the codebar community on the last monday of every month.

  • Free food and drinks as you turn up
  • Breaks between talks
  • Finish around 20:30
  • Then (optionally) come hang out after


Raihan Kibria (he/him)
Intro to shader programming using Shadertoy.com

A short introduction to fragment shader programming using shadertoy.com. Basic concepts and examples for creating simple graphical effects.

Zooey Miller (they/them)
An Introduction to Functional Programming

A short introduction to functional programming, using JavaScript for examples. Focussing on pure functions, and the ways some functional concepts can improve your code.

Delphine Claerhout (she/her)
Flex before you float

Flexbox is not the easiest css trick to start with sometimes, this talk will explain and help you out, and show you why flexbox is amazing and why you should try flexing before floating.

Daniel Mallcott (he/him)
Inclusion also means age

The learning I had running a workshop to explore how to be more inclusive in tech with the elderly.

Who else will be there?

  • Baris Balic

    Baris Balic
  • Sunali Seth (she/her)

    Sunali Seth (she/her)
  • Eli Schutze (she/her)

    Eli Schutze (she/her)
  • Richard Westenra (he/him)

    Richard Westenra (he/him)
  • Dafin Aziz

    Dafin Aziz
  • Edem Young

    Edem Young
  • Oliver Phillips (He/him)

    Oliver Phillips (He/him)
  • John Whiles (they)

    John Whiles (they)
  • Chris Stavrou (Him)

    Chris Stavrou (Him)
  • Jennifer Spencer

    Jennifer Spencer
  • Chiara Buzzi (She/her)

    Chiara Buzzi (She/her)
  • Conrad Ho

    Conrad Ho
  • Dean Richer

    Dean Richer
  • Zoë Hopkins (she)

    Zoë Hopkins (she)
  • Gary Siu (they/them)

    Gary Siu (they/them)
  • Daniel Josefsson (He)

    Daniel Josefsson (He)
  • Christine Horrocks (She )

    Christine Horrocks (She )
  • Emma Doyle

    Emma Doyle
  • Nancy Fagan (She)

    Nancy Fagan (She)
  • Tsvetelina Koleva (she/her)

    Tsvetelina Koleva (she/her)
  • Russell Yeo (he)

    Russell Yeo (he)
  • Miriam Payne

    Miriam Payne
  • Hasan  Ahmed

    Hasan Ahmed
  • Hasan Banna (he/him)

    Hasan Banna (he/him)
  • Jess Thomas (She)

    Jess Thomas (She)
  • Shariff Inayat

    Shariff Inayat
  • Natalie Clamp (she/her)

    Natalie Clamp (she/her)
  • Kitty Allen (She/her)

    Kitty Allen (She/her)
  • Duncan MacKenzie

    Duncan MacKenzie
  • Chloe Mingay

    Chloe Mingay
  • Jam Creencia (she/her)

    Jam Creencia (she/her)
  • Charlie Furniss

    Charlie Furniss
  • Oliver Turner

    Oliver Turner
  • Kara Stubbs (She/Her)

    Kara Stubbs (She/Her)
  • Elena Beccaro (she)

    Elena Beccaro (she)
  • Alexis Granum (she/her)

    Alexis Granum (she/her)
  • Charlie May

    Charlie May
  • miran agha

    miran agha
  • Cristina R (she)

    Cristina R (she)
  • Lan Pham

    Lan Pham
  • Alex Scott

    Alex Scott
  • Neil Lyons

    Neil Lyons
  • Valentina Romeo

    Valentina Romeo
  • Danielle Vass

    Danielle Vass
  • Ania Bebb (she/her)

    Ania Bebb (she/her)
  • Amy Yoko (She/her)

    Amy Yoko (She/her)
  • Agnes Ching

    Agnes Ching
  • Luke Williamson (He/Him)

    Luke Williamson (He/Him)
  • Matthew Bidewell (Him/He)

    Matthew Bidewell (Him/He)
  • Ka Lan Leung (he)

    Ka Lan Leung (he)
  • Emily Zheng

    Emily Zheng
  • Melissa Real

    Melissa Real
  • Amélie Chan (She)

    Amélie Chan (She)
  • Saqib Amin (he/him)

    Saqib Amin (he/him)
  • Nat A (she)

    Nat A (she)
  • Claire Mitchell (she/her)

    Claire Mitchell (she/her)


  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)