February Monthly

Mon, 24th February | 18:30 GMT (GMT+00:00)




2nd Floor Runway East 20 St Thomas St , London, SE1 9RG


Accessibility information

The building is fully wheelchair accessible. There is a lift to the event on the second floor as well as a ramp to the entrance and accessible bathrooms on the same floor as the event. There are no hearing loops.


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Please join us for the February edition of codebar Monthlies!

We'll have food and drinks as you turn up. There are breaks between talks. We aim to finish around 20:30.

Long talks 🗣

Suze Shardlow (she/her) : "Tech Conferences for the Uninitiated"

Going to a tech conference is a bit like your first day at high school or university. You might have had some choice in where to go, or were just sent there. You might know a few people, or you might be new to the local community and know a couple of folks, or no-one at all. Either way, you feel like everyone else is there with their mates. It’s no surprise that some people feel very anxious at the mere thought of going. Also, conferences come in all different flavours and formats. It can be hard to know which ones to choose and how to get the most value for your time and money. Suze takes you through why you should try it, how to decide which ones to go to and how you can get access to conference talks for free. She will go into detail about different conference formats, how to get the most out of them and how to decide which sessions to attend. For those who need networking help, Suze will give you some tips about how to approach people you don't know, get chatting and keep in touch with them.

Tatiana Stantonian (she/her) : "Improving the reliability of email sends"

Tatiana will tell the story of how things sometimes fell through the cracks when sending several hundred thousand emails a day to Financial Times readers, and how a better architecture, monitoring and alerting helped improve the situation. You'll learn about what a lambda is, what we did when our database couldn't cope, what good monitoring looks like and tips for using the Slack and Google APIs.

Short talks ⚡️

Jolanta J : "Performance optimisation for the FE"

Optimising apps for performance is a topic that might slip juniors minds, as understandably, there is so much to learn starting out as a developer. However, highly-performant apps lead to better user retention, business metrics and just overall good user experience! After this talk you will have at least a few tools both simple and more complex , to improve the ‘Milestone timings’ of your app -such as the loading speed, time to interactive , size of the application for web portals and native apps.

Who else will be there?

  • Mo Jama (he/him)

    Mo Jama (he/him)
  • Shane Carty (he/him)

    Shane Carty (he/him)
  • Ben Butterworth (he/him)

    Ben Butterworth (he/him)
  • Steven Ao (he)

    Steven Ao (he)
  • Dobre Robert

    Dobre Robert
  • Lucille Ablett

    Lucille Ablett
  • Liliana Caetano (she/her/they)

    Liliana Caetano (she/her/they)
  • Sunali Seth (she/her)

    Sunali Seth (she/her)
  • Sofia Shek

    Sofia Shek
  • Indre Vidziunaite (she/her)

    Indre Vidziunaite (she/her)
  • Nora Piva (she)

    Nora Piva (she)
  • Nathaniel Okenwa (He/Him)

    Nathaniel Okenwa (He/Him)
  • Ahmed Nur (he)

    Ahmed Nur (he)
  • Sabina Socoli

    Sabina Socoli
  • Aysel Isik (she)

    Aysel Isik (she)
  • Shariff Inayat

    Shariff Inayat
  • Nassera Dahmani (she)

    Nassera Dahmani (she)
  • Lizzie Cullen Davison (she/her)

    Lizzie Cullen Davison (she/her)
  • Praveen Kumar Purushothaman (he/him)

    Praveen Kumar Purushothaman (he/him)
  • Miriam Payne

    Miriam Payne
  • Hedda Gressel (she/her)

    Hedda Gressel (she/her)
  • Patrick Hofmann (he/him)

    Patrick Hofmann (he/him)
  • Laura Herrera Garcia (She)

    Laura Herrera Garcia (She)
  • Florin Dumitru

    Florin Dumitru
  • Ivan Szebenszki (he/his)

    Ivan Szebenszki (he/his)
  • Abi Travers

    Abi Travers
  • Elishka Flint (she)

    Elishka Flint (she)
  • Arden Gaddas (she/they)

    Arden Gaddas (she/they)
  • lyndon joseph (he)

    lyndon joseph (he)
  • Shweta Patil (she)

    Shweta Patil (she)
  • Sophie Levens

    Sophie Levens
  • Trish Wynne

    Trish Wynne
  • Stef Jones (they/them)

    Stef Jones (they/them)
  • Christopher Ly (he/him)

    Christopher Ly (he/him)
  • Cosku Cinkilic

    Cosku Cinkilic
  • Mio Chung (She)

    Mio Chung (She)
  • Sandra Reddie Reddie (she)

    Sandra Reddie Reddie (she)
  • Diogo Castro (he/him/his)

    Diogo Castro (he/him/his)
  • Aleks Pawlik (She/her)

    Aleks Pawlik (She/her)
  • Melissa Tranfield (She/her)

    Melissa Tranfield (She/her)
  • Elle Whaley

    Elle Whaley
  • Daniela Liu (she)

    Daniela Liu (she)
  • Melissa Real

    Melissa Real
  • Sophia Karski (She/Her/They)

    Sophia Karski (She/Her/They)
  • Mihaela Ciobanu

    Mihaela Ciobanu
  • Aisha D's (She)

    Aisha D's (She)
  • Tai Abrahams (He)

    Tai Abrahams (He)
  • Marco Capano (He)

    Marco Capano (He)
  • Rebecca Martinho (she/her)

    Rebecca Martinho (she/her)
  • Darren Vong (he/him)

    Darren Vong (he/him)
  • Robert Woolley (he)

    Robert Woolley (he)
  • Jayd Robinson (They, us, we)

    Jayd Robinson (They, us, we)
  • PAOLA Maddaluno  (She)

    PAOLA Maddaluno (She)
  • Reena Verma (Her)

    Reena Verma (Her)
  • Laura Moreno (she/her)

    Laura Moreno (she/her)
  • Sumi Sastri (she)

    Sumi Sastri (she)
  • Odera N (she/her)

    Odera N (she/her)
  • Kerri Marusiak (She)

    Kerri Marusiak (She)