January Monthly 🎉 (Cancelled)

Mon, 29th January at 18:30




The Whitechapel Building, 15 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 8QS


Accessibility information

There is a ramp and lift access into the office space. As well as an accessible toilet just outside the clubhouse.


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Innes McKendrick (he/him)
Mathing Like A Programmer

Maths is often described as the foundation of computer science, but as practicing programmers, what do we actually need to know? How do we approach new problems and learn what we need to solve them? How do we apply maths, rather than studying it?

In this talk, Innes will work through simple examples to dispel the idea that programmers need to enter the industry with a wealth of knowledge, and instead focus on how we can leverage our coding skills to prototype, experiment, search for, and continuously improve our understanding of maths.

Olu Niyi-Awosusi (they/them)
Community in tech

How community in tech can help people feel they belong in tech, improve their code and further their careers. Either via my own personal journey or via tips

Giancarlo Galliani (he/him)
How to make the terminal work for you (instead of the other way around)

Using alternative terminal apps (like iterm2), terminal tips and tricks (aliases, bash scripts, etc), alternative terminal languages (zsh, fsh)

Delphine Claerhout (she/her)
Flex before you float

Flexbox is not the easiest css trick to start with sometimes, this talk will explain and help you out, and show you why flexbox is amazing and why you should try flexing before floating.

Who else will be there?

  • Yekaterina Biryukova

    Yekaterina Biryukova
  • Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)

    Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)
  • Edwige Seri (she)

    Edwige Seri (she)
  • Saqib Amin (he/him)

    Saqib Amin (he/him)
  • Jazzy Gasper (She/her)

    Jazzy Gasper (She/her)
  • Amy Nowicki (She)

    Amy Nowicki (She)
  • Keran Braich (She)

    Keran Braich (She)
  • Dafin Aziz

    Dafin Aziz
  • Lex Defoe (she/her/they)

    Lex Defoe (she/her/they)
  • Caroline Appleby

    Caroline Appleby
  • Sofia Pohjalainen

    Sofia Pohjalainen
  • Jem Abulhawa (She)

    Jem Abulhawa (She)
  • Khalid . (he/him)

    Khalid . (he/him)
  • Helena Thompson

    Helena Thompson
  • Katie Koschland (She/her)

    Katie Koschland (She/her)
  • Nero Siva

    Nero Siva
  • Puyan Wei (Mr)

    Puyan Wei (Mr)
  • Sunali Seth (she/her)

    Sunali Seth (she/her)
  • Sara Nunnington

    Sara Nunnington
  • Abigail McPhillips

    Abigail McPhillips
  • Tammy Speed (She/Her)

    Tammy Speed (She/Her)
  • Oliver Turner

    Oliver Turner
  • Richard Kirsch

    Richard Kirsch
  • Lizzie Cullen Davison (she/her)

    Lizzie Cullen Davison (she/her)
  • Christina G

    Christina G
  • Sasha Murr

    Sasha Murr
  • Kara Stubbs (She/Her)

    Kara Stubbs (She/Her)
  • Catherine Castillo (she/her)

    Catherine Castillo (she/her)
  • Dina Hafez (she)

    Dina Hafez (she)
  • Alex Ware (he/him/his)

    Alex Ware (he/him/his)
  • Andrew Couture

    Andrew Couture
  • Mateusz Matuszewski (He)

    Mateusz Matuszewski (He)
  • Patricia Cupueran

    Patricia Cupueran
  • Vivien Ruan (she)

    Vivien Ruan (she)
  • Seray W

    Seray W
  • Alex Jukes (he)

    Alex Jukes (he)
  • Aarti Khatri (she/her)

    Aarti Khatri (she/her)
  • Nat A (she)

    Nat A (she)
  • Harsheek Thanki (He)

    Harsheek Thanki (He)
  • Corinne Welsh

    Corinne Welsh
  • Owen Vaciannia

    Owen Vaciannia
  • Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

    Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)
  • Martyn Hoyer

    Martyn Hoyer
  • Tacuma Bellford

    Tacuma Bellford
  • Lisa Van Sau

    Lisa Van Sau
  • Ben Harris

    Ben Harris
  • Marta K (she)

    Marta K (she)
  • Jam Creencia (she/her)

    Jam Creencia (she/her)
  • Amy Yoko (She/her)

    Amy Yoko (She/her)
  • Lydia Wozniak (She)

    Lydia Wozniak (She)
  • Matthew Bidewell (Him/He)

    Matthew Bidewell (Him/He)
  • Elaine Osbourn (She/her)

    Elaine Osbourn (She/her)
  • Jamie Webb (He/him)

    Jamie Webb (He/him)
  • Hanna soloman

    Hanna soloman
  • Neil Lyons

    Neil Lyons
  • Luke Williamson (He/Him)

    Luke Williamson (He/Him)
  • Leigh Bond (She)

    Leigh Bond (She)
  • Becca Orol

    Becca Orol


  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)