January Monthly 🎈

Mon, 28th January at 18:30




3 Loughborough St, Lambeth, London, SE11 5RB


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Please join us for the January edition of codebar Monthlies (the first one of the year)!

We'll have food and drinks as you turn up. There are breaks between talks. We aim to finish around 20:30.

Long talks 🗣

Taz Singh (he/him) : "Navigating the Seven C's"

Taz is a serial entrepreneur, technical management consultant, and was recently endorsed by the Home Office for Exceptional Talent in the field of digital technology. However, it didn't start that way and in this talk he will outline the lessons learnt from his journey as an 11-year-old kid trying to make a video game by learning JavaScript to supporting Toronto's software community & mentoring developers to progressing through the industry & scaling up software teams.

Hugo Di Francesco (he/him) : "Async JavaScript: history, patterns and gotchas"

"A look at the history, patterns and gotchas of async operations in JavaScript.

We'll go through the pros and cons of callbacks, Promises and async/await. Present some pitfalls to bear in mind as well as introducing how you would deal with certain situations.

Live-coding section touching on both Node and client-side JS situations."

Short talks ⚡️

Oliver Turner (he/him) : "When Houdini met Goldblum"

A brief look at what Houdini is and what it can do, illustrated by recreating http://jeffsum.com with native APIs.

Emanuil Tolev (he/him) : "Community Participation in Tech"

Emanuil will talk about the great benefits of participating in tech communities, how to find new ones to join, as well as some things to keep in mind when engaging with that world.

Who else will be there?

  • Sarah O'Reilly (She)

    Sarah O'Reilly (She)
  • Marina Economidou (she)

    Marina Economidou (she)
  • Nassera Dahmani (she)

    Nassera Dahmani (she)
  • Jani Eväkallio (he/him)

    Jani Eväkallio (he/him)
  • Elisa Latchimy (She)

    Elisa Latchimy (She)
  • Heena Trivedi

    Heena Trivedi
  • Kara Stubbs (She/Her)

    Kara Stubbs (She/Her)
  • Dina Hafez (she)

    Dina Hafez (she)
  • Pelin Diskan (she)

    Pelin Diskan (she)
  • Shaquilla Evelyn Johnson (She)

    Shaquilla Evelyn Johnson (She)
  • Kuljit Jassar (She/Her)

    Kuljit Jassar (She/Her)
  • Abdul Jama (He)

    Abdul Jama (He)
  • Elias Adam (Mr)

    Elias Adam (Mr)
  • Sola Sobowale (she)

    Sola Sobowale (she)
  • Samuel Cousin Cousin (he/him)

    Samuel Cousin Cousin (he/him)
  • Emanuil Tolev (he/him)

    Emanuil Tolev (he/him)
  • Shweta Patil (she)

    Shweta Patil (she)
  • Marium Abid (She/her)

    Marium Abid (She/her)
  • Janine Luk (She/her)

    Janine Luk (She/her)
  • abby Ratnasothy

    abby Ratnasothy
  • Louie Christie (he/him)

    Louie Christie (he/him)
  • Miriam Payne

    Miriam Payne
  • Bobby Sebolao (he)

    Bobby Sebolao (he)
  • Yekaterina Biryukova

    Yekaterina Biryukova
  • Samantha Dalzell-Matthew (she/her)

    Samantha Dalzell-Matthew (she/her)
  • Fabiana Lassandro (she)

    Fabiana Lassandro (she)
  • Louise Henderson (She)

    Louise Henderson (She)
  • Grace Quah

    Grace Quah
  • Joamna Harrison (She/her)

    Joamna Harrison (She/her)
  • Reena Verma (Her)

    Reena Verma (Her)
  • Kate Gaplevskaja (she/her)

    Kate Gaplevskaja (she/her)
  • Akua  Apeagyei (She/her)

    Akua Apeagyei (She/her)
  • Marta Hendel

    Marta Hendel
  • Dorota Siwek

    Dorota Siwek
  • Patrick Pilgrim (He)

    Patrick Pilgrim (He)
  • Danni Youziel (She)

    Danni Youziel (She)
  • Ed Putans (Him)

    Ed Putans (Him)
  • Ania Błaziak (she/her)

    Ania Błaziak (she/her)
  • Nat A (she)

    Nat A (she)
  • Aurelia Specker (She)

    Aurelia Specker (She)
  • Stewart Salmon (He/Him)

    Stewart Salmon (He/Him)
  • Mario C Kataoka (He)

    Mario C Kataoka (He)
  • Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen
  • Kwaku Ankobia (He)

    Kwaku Ankobia (He)
  • Lisa  Mac

    Lisa Mac


  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)
  • Clem Capel-Bird (She/her)

    Clem Capel-Bird (She/her)
  • Jack Lewin (he/him)

    Jack Lewin (he/him)
  • Ana Rodrigues (she/her)

    Ana Rodrigues (she/her)
  • Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)

    Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)