June Monthly 🌞

Mon, 25th June at 18:30


The Microsoft Reactor


70 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 2DB


Accessibility information

Accessible by wheelchair and has gender neutral toilets


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This month it's all about introductions. This month we're experimenting with less talks and more time for you to chat and introduce yourselves to people you may not already know in the codebar community.

We will have a few activities you can take part in to get you chatting. But if you're not up for that you don't have to take part and can listen to the talks as normal!

When the initial spaces go we have a waiting list, it's worth joining as most people get through in the end!

Martyna Maron (she/her)
Intro to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain, demo on how to create Blockchain (in Java or Kotlin), how it works and what it's used for (and why).

Funmi Adewodu (she/her)
An introduction to iOS development

This talk will give an overview of how to get started on building an iOS app using Swift. We'll go through common interface designs in iOS, navigating Xcode, Swift playgrounds and more resources to start building your first app.

Who else will be there?

  • Vanessa Bower (she)

    Vanessa Bower (she)
  • Kristian Gurashi (He)

    Kristian Gurashi (He)
  • Daniel Tull (He/Him)

    Daniel Tull (He/Him)
  • Katarzyna Dziopa (she)

    Katarzyna Dziopa (she)
  • Zara Markland (she/her)

    Zara Markland (she/her)
  • Coralie Marie Bessette (she)

    Coralie Marie Bessette (she)
  • Lee Stewart (He/Him)

    Lee Stewart (He/Him)
  • Julian Ng (he/him/his)

    Julian Ng (he/him/his)
  • Kate Beard (she/her)

    Kate Beard (she/her)
  • Nazihah Bakir (she/her)

    Nazihah Bakir (she/her)
  • Roxey Niko (She)

    Roxey Niko (She)
  • Laura Murphy (She)

    Laura Murphy (She)
  • Alexandra McCarroll

    Alexandra McCarroll
  • Kerri Marusiak (She)

    Kerri Marusiak (She)
  • Chipo Mapondera (She)

    Chipo Mapondera (She)
  • Kara de la Marck

    Kara de la Marck
  • Maduri Vassaramo (She)

    Maduri Vassaramo (She)
  • Janina [Yanina] Zylinska (she)

    Janina [Yanina] Zylinska (she)
  • Jill Wrenn (She)

    Jill Wrenn (She)
  • Ivana Cosgrove (she)

    Ivana Cosgrove (she)
  • Andree Ingrid Mullings (She/Her)

    Andree Ingrid Mullings (She/Her)
  • Ivana  Balkan  (She/her )

    Ivana Balkan (She/her )
  • Tacuma Bellford

    Tacuma Bellford
  • Anastasiya Grachova (Miss)

    Anastasiya Grachova (Miss)
  • Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)

    Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)
  • Richard Kirsch

    Richard Kirsch
  • Elena Beccaro (she)

    Elena Beccaro (she)
  • Charlotte Davies (she/her)

    Charlotte Davies (she/her)
  • Kieran McFarlane (he/him)

    Kieran McFarlane (he/him)
  • Hadiyah Qureshi  (She/her)

    Hadiyah Qureshi (She/her)
  • Beverley Day (she/her)

    Beverley Day (she/her)
  • Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)

    Sagar Patil (He/Him/His)
  • Alexandra Mahu (She)

    Alexandra Mahu (She)
  • Mihaela Ciobanu

    Mihaela Ciobanu
  • Nickou Farboudi (she/her)

    Nickou Farboudi (she/her)
  • Chisom Izu (His)

    Chisom Izu (His)
  • Harsheek Thanki (He)

    Harsheek Thanki (He)
  • Shweta Patil (she)

    Shweta Patil (she)
  • Karan Thakkar (he/him)

    Karan Thakkar (he/him)
  • Erin Stevenson (she/her)

    Erin Stevenson (she/her)
  • Olga Kvan

    Olga Kvan
  • Natalie Smith (She)

    Natalie Smith (She)
  • Emma Scott (she/her)

    Emma Scott (she/her)
  • Simone Smith

    Simone Smith
  • Zahra Clarke-Johnney (she/her/they)

    Zahra Clarke-Johnney (she/her/they)
  • Christopher Ly (he/him)

    Christopher Ly (he/him)
  • Elizabeth Nyeko

    Elizabeth Nyeko
  • Charlotte Payne

    Charlotte Payne
  • Jen Strong

    Jen Strong
  • Jessica Lodge

    Jessica Lodge
  • Sophie Bharj

    Sophie Bharj
  • Michael Gill (he)

    Michael Gill (he)
  • Daria Shustova

    Daria Shustova
  • Rajaaheinthan Rasadurai

    Rajaaheinthan Rasadurai
  • Amra Kujundzic (she/her)

    Amra Kujundzic (she/her)
  • Dolly Eniola (Miss)

    Dolly Eniola (Miss)
  • Lisa  Mac

    Lisa Mac
  • Angel McDonald

    Angel McDonald
  • Charlie Blagbrough (He/him)

    Charlie Blagbrough (He/him)
  • Michelle Ijoyah (n/a)

    Michelle Ijoyah (n/a)
  • Sam Pascall (Mr)

    Sam Pascall (Mr)
  • Larissa Suzuki (She)

    Larissa Suzuki (She)
  • Ramya Vinay (She)

    Ramya Vinay (She)
  • Alfie Darko (He)

    Alfie Darko (He)
  • Catherine Castillo (she/her)

    Catherine Castillo (she/her)
  • K J Daniells

    K J Daniells
  • Chris Ijoyah

    Chris Ijoyah


  • Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

    Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)
  • Kara Stubbs (She/Her)

    Kara Stubbs (She/Her)