May Monthly

Mon, 22nd May at 18:30



3 Loughborough St, Lambeth, London, SE11 5RB


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Please join us for the May edition of codebar Monthlies!


Zahra Traboulsi, "Progressing from Personal Projects to Production"

No matter how long you've been coding alone or as part of your education, making the leap into working as part of a professional software development team for the first time is a world away from anything you'll have experienced before. In this talk, we'll look at the different tools and techniques you can expect to adopt before you release software to customers and I'll share some tips on how you can take advantage of these to maximise your learning as a junior developer.

Oliver Turner, "Less is faster: performance tuning"

How to load less code for faster websites.

Lightning talks ⚡️

Emmett Walsh & Kevin McCarthy, "Coaching is hard"

We'll be talking about how people think about coaching. We'll be drawing on the codebar guidelines as well as a few other sources we've found. The discussion will cover off some common pitfalls and suggested behaviours to aid learning and the mindset one might bring to the table too.

Marc Cohen, "How to learn"

In this talk I will explore the learning philosophy 'learn by doing'.

We're looking for lightning talks! We'd especially love to hear from codebar students. Contact us at [email protected]

Who else will be there?

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    Lin Taylor (she/her/they/them)
  • 154783547cb9395ba51927f5be55f023?s=96

    Emmett Walsh
  • 6043eefcf8bb6026b31c6a6d263f2167?s=96

    Yosuf Ali
  • 90c7e81f1172288cf1e17700993e83cd?s=96

    Joseph Popoola (he/him)
  • 7445ff5b5403631b69107299fb2bab54?s=96

    Fatuma Khaireh (Her/she)
  • Cdd271c5546a6ec97bc1114907fcf4c7?s=96

    Akin Sowemimo (He)
  • F8f163e0e0fa917ebc3f60ca7811cbd4?s=96

    Kamara Bennett (she/her)
  • A7b53a884f2c35abd16ccb13f07d2a96?s=96

    Steve Smith
  • 1133a17ff19496e05d1f70a40ac394d4?s=96

    Cih-Han Lin
  • 30297f571855f914c8d32fbec31f3470?s=96

    Ashwini Mani
  • E0f5eace5a8091712a2760504c4b439a?s=96

    Jess Xuan (she/her)
  • 484dd142c2bb1b6c7d59ce88c837d744?s=96

    Syeef Karim (he/him)
  • 37f3824b8e5d436d00e7d19a67c2c07a?s=96

    Russell Yeo (he)
  • 6b32605bcd2868241a303f598ae0ebf0?s=96

    Mona Yang (she)
  • 3cc26ad9e2a29e898e6e4b0d11ef1d88?s=96

    Jasmin Patel
  • E79bdbe585e88c23ce59afc3d4df1579?s=96

    Samatar Axmed
  • D452297125f02bddc897cc60a3bab51b?s=96

    Kimberley Cook (She/Her)
  • C2be0b3877bfcb45b43200b25554746b?s=96

  • 9a1fa945bd9b1e1c15b2a8be86a616e7?s=96

    Eva Tkavc (she)
  • D5ce52dca15421ecec38f78d335dd0e2?s=96

    Jeannette Terhorst (she/her)
  • 4cd43597723f41c874fc6d1c0affb2da?s=96

    Kornelia Szabo
  • F95ebfefc1efbd103349cdfae1dffdd8?s=96

    Patricia Cupueran
  • Cc737bd409b8f915b53577b740519572?s=96

    Kayra Alat
  • Ff6c74e872dabe7738b52b6fd3034f38?s=96

    Korinna Pinakoulaki
  • 7d40b8dba5d528e5e7347d6c37574f64?s=96

    Hannah Jadavji
  • E4de6ffc7ae043f30b5750e1f3e02c3f?s=96

    Daniel Allen
  • Ae8d17e04fe1b2adcdf8bf9c2c3ba0ef?s=96

    Martha C (she/her)
  • 6f2b10327f37a101b2c6271f7c49d94a?s=96

    amy yang (her )
  • 6416a36b06e965a832fbab1c5b7d9478?s=96

    Tor Steenson (she/her)
  • 6494a56cb34cae90353d466b73a67933?s=96

    Alexis de Kock (She/her/they)
  • 778a649bf56b1258f3de6d6fc3cd32da?s=96

    Laura Hampson Hampson
  • 525ea97dc805778a33b33be034e24aae?s=96

    Abby Sassel (she/her)
  • E28a713e541381b6d7e62581cb9552d1?s=96

    Marc Cohen (he)
  • 7d4205382e2294e3319d0aafa3134fd2?s=96

    Jessica Leach
  • F774c3e48a5a344db001b45b26031b83?s=96

    Rupal Patel (she)
  • 5f4980f8b89c421802e7edb42d25bc82?s=96

    Elena Willen
  • Aac104c1021babcf841fca0c6a5e00ae?s=96

    Izzy Larner (she/her)
  • 4fcca03985d55cbdfd1b5210f2e9dac1?s=96

    Linh Nguyen My
  • Ee32fa24bb9632e013d439c040229280?s=96

    Ekaterina Punter (she/her)
  • 546eb2755a00b5b994229c3cdd9e972c?s=96

    Frederick Line (him)
  • 9ac57b314a86e89eabcfa281d36ce85f?s=96

    Alexis Granum (she/her)
  • B93640dad8bf30a1a715e94346f70a34?s=96

    Mihaela Ciobanu
  • 8b13b24f76d58d5b86d6918066b7cdb2?s=96

    Ben Scott (He/him)
  • C0e4217be6486b26ae159f0ab208fad5?s=96

    Danesh Madarbakus (he/him)
  • 3f024deb83ce43febf1fd16f4c37565b?s=96

    Rebecca Reed (She, Her)
  • 558c97842216ea407aa900b808accd14?s=96

    Jazzy Gasper (She/her)
  • Cc0a0907870c4a5366c76aff17b8e7b6?s=96

    Dafin Aziz
  • 632423bd58a00297ac464efe75a5b190?s=96

    Jo Franchetti
  • 7befc2d9c4be31f3bf70f5488a3c82fb?s=96

    Sareh Heidari
  • B170a7c2cb3d4db7f8f481fb788b9208?s=96

    Funmi Adewodu (She/Her)
  • C06a869af7e85e6cc9a4a3d71304f67f?s=96

    Giancarlo Galliani (He)
  • 9e65328911ff04033c0ce14e61ab755a?s=96

    Zac Colley (he/his)
  • 8dbcd3f3a4d4060b0f19a7da3f4a4061?s=96

    Khalid . (he/him)
  • Efc09aaaefa588110606efc3ed71b7db?s=96

    Charikleia Karakatsani (she/her)
  • Db5febefdbd146a0aedc71fb614b5b12?s=96

    Richard Westenra (he/him)


  • F9169fc73bb1ac9c6addb4105bb75c6c?s=56

    Kriszta Matyi (she/her)
  • 9df54d4c81d0ef70e827ec998ef6efdc?s=56

    Hazel Parreno
  • 32bcfd9c8556109197b5f975afddb25f?s=56

    Charlotte Spencer (they/them)