May Monthly 🌞

Mon, 20th May at 18:30




80 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3JL


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We have step free access to the building and an elevator


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Please join us for the May edition of codebar Monthlies while the sun is still out!

We'll have food and drinks as you turn up. There are breaks between talks. We aim to finish around 20:30.

Long talks 🗣

Sagar Patil (he/him) : "Topics from a CS degree you should be aware of"

If you are working or planning to work in a technical role but don't have a CS degree, don't worry. We'll try to go through some of the things that you might need to be aware of.

Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her) : "Navigating Legacy Code "

A large portion of a developer’s time is spent reading and navigating other people’s code - the larger (and older) the codebase, the tricker this job gets. One of the most overwhelming things a junior developer can face in their first day at work is staring at thousands of files with no idea where to begin and how to start.

This talk aims to deal with countering some of that anxiety. We’ll be talking about how to dig your way through a legacy codebase, covering everything from tools you can use, the attitude you should have and some takeaways from my own experience in the area.

Short talks ⚡️

Ana Rodrigues (she/her) :“Blogging is for everyone”

Having a blog seems like an idea that some of us would like to build but end up not doing it. Why do we hesitate to publish? This is a talk about how you can write about what you want and not be afraid about not being innovative, cool or experienced.


Who else will be there?

  • Myles Morgan (He)

    Myles Morgan (He)
  • Nassera Dahmani (she)

    Nassera Dahmani (she)
  • Mike Jeuga (he)

    Mike Jeuga (he)
  • Mariana Bazely (she)

    Mariana Bazely (she)
  • Mimi Osei (Female pronouns)

    Mimi Osei (Female pronouns)
  • Tina Limbu (she)

    Tina Limbu (she)
  • Alia Mahmood (She/her)

    Alia Mahmood (She/her)
  • Louisa Spicer (She/her)

    Louisa Spicer (She/her)
  • Sean Rankine (He/him)

    Sean Rankine (He/him)
  • Jerrica Bangura (She)

    Jerrica Bangura (She)
  • Shafi Shakir (She)

    Shafi Shakir (She)
  • Nasser Dahmani

    Nasser Dahmani
  • Elle Whaley

    Elle Whaley
  • Elissavet Velli (She)

    Elissavet Velli (She)
  • Dragana Stanivukovic (she)

    Dragana Stanivukovic (she)
  • Elizabeth Nyeko

    Elizabeth Nyeko
  • Laura Murphy (She)

    Laura Murphy (She)
  • Anh Nguyen (She)

    Anh Nguyen (She)
  • Harsheek Thanki (He)

    Harsheek Thanki (He)
  • Angela Munoz

    Angela Munoz
  • Lisa Collins

    Lisa Collins
  • Naz Khanom (she/her)

    Naz Khanom (she/her)
  • Michael Gill (he)

    Michael Gill (he)
  • Keiko Morimoto (She)

    Keiko Morimoto (She)
  • Sola Sobowale (she)

    Sola Sobowale (she)
  • Emily Haimeed (She/her)

    Emily Haimeed (She/her)
  • Clare Pinder (She/her)

    Clare Pinder (She/her)
  • Melanie Archer

    Melanie Archer
  • Pablo Dejuan

    Pablo Dejuan
  • Ayelisha Amoah (She/her/they)

    Ayelisha Amoah (She/her/they)
  • Catherine  Tranfield

    Catherine Tranfield
  • Osania R

    Osania R
  • Michael Nguyen (Him)

    Michael Nguyen (Him)
  • Liz luong

    Liz luong
  • Hasan  Ahmed

    Hasan Ahmed
  • David Mears (he/him/his)

    David Mears (he/him/his)
  • Nora Piva (she)

    Nora Piva (she)
  • Martine Wauben (She/her)

    Martine Wauben (She/her)
  • Jessica Cregg (she/her)

    Jessica Cregg (she/her)
  • Melissa R O Tranfield Tranfield (she)

    Melissa R O Tranfield Tranfield (she)
  • Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)

    Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)
  • Nick Bracey (He)

    Nick Bracey (He)
  • Arden Gaddas (she/they)

    Arden Gaddas (she/they)
  • Lisa Schumann

    Lisa Schumann
  • Yu-Jin Tan

    Yu-Jin Tan
  • Sammy Ghebrekidan

    Sammy Ghebrekidan
  • Bernard Mordan

    Bernard Mordan
  • Hedda Gressel (she/her)

    Hedda Gressel (she/her)
  • Kate Haffenden (She/her)

    Kate Haffenden (She/her)
  • Blue Bell-Bhuiyan (they)

    Blue Bell-Bhuiyan (they)
  • Rumen Kanev

    Rumen Kanev
  • Rodrigue Kayembe

    Rodrigue Kayembe
  • Jennifer Yarnton

    Jennifer Yarnton
  • Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

    Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)
  • Marzena Maliszewska (She)

    Marzena Maliszewska (She)
  • Georgina Munn (She)

    Georgina Munn (She)
  • Yobi Livingstone (He)

    Yobi Livingstone (He)
  • Natalie Seeto (She / Her)

    Natalie Seeto (She / Her)
  • Katherine Liew (She)

    Katherine Liew (She)
  • Olly Middleton

    Olly Middleton
  • Bruno Girin (he/him)

    Bruno Girin (he/him)
  • Caroline Appleby

    Caroline Appleby
  • Sofia Shek

    Sofia Shek
  • Daniel Easterman (he/him)

    Daniel Easterman (he/him)
  • Sophie Levens

    Sophie Levens
  • Joko Sanyang

    Joko Sanyang
  • Kate O'Brien (she)

    Kate O'Brien (she)
  • Ania Błaziak (she/her)

    Ania Błaziak (she/her)
  • Sam Dickeson

    Sam Dickeson
  • Shweta Patil (she)

    Shweta Patil (she)
  • Deita Howard (she/her)

    Deita Howard (she/her)
  • Mihaela Ciobanu

    Mihaela Ciobanu
  • Lisa Mac

    Lisa Mac
  • Suze Shardlow

    Suze Shardlow
  • vanessa yim (she)

    vanessa yim (she)