October Monthly 🎃

Mon, 28th October | 18:30 GMT (GMT+00:00)




4 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9HF


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Fully wheelchair accessible


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Please join us for the October spooktacular edition of codebar Monthlies!

We'll have food and drinks as you turn up. There are breaks between talks. We aim to finish around 20:30.

Long talks 🗣

Suze Shardlow (she/her) : "Hackathons For The Uninitiated"

Hackathons are for everyone, even if you can't code. Suze Shardlow, software engineer and Director at Women Who Code London tells how she won her first hackathon before she became a full-stack developer.

Isabel Lewis (she/her) : "The Importance of Semantic HTML"

With accessibility becoming increasingly important to consider in development it's easy to start with the basic building blocks of the page. This talk will go into detail about how we can achieve accessible markup by looking at semantic HTML and give practical ways to introduce this into the code we write every day. We will also look at some tools we can use to test the accessibility of a webpage.

Short talks ⚡️

Niamh McCooey (she/her) : " How to move from CSS to Javascript"

So you learnt to code. You finally feel comfortable with CSS, and think it's time to take the leap into Javascript. But hold up – what the actual f**k?! If you're struggling to understand Javascript after strutting around like a CSS wizard for the last few months, then this talk is for you. It'll highlight ways to make the most of JS when you still feel like you've no idea what's going on, and discuss different ways you can approach its core concepts. After making a career-change from copywriter to self-taught web developer, Niamh will share the tips and resources that proved most valuable to her during this transition, and how you can make the most of them yourself.

Kimberley Cook (she/her) : "6 years of codebar"

Last week codebar celebrated it's 6th birthday. In this quick talk I'm going to talk about how it's grown in that time.

Who else will be there?

  • Bart Pahl

    Bart Pahl
  • Alfin Jose

    Alfin Jose
  • PAOLA Maddaluno  (She)

    PAOLA Maddaluno (She)
  • Janina [Yanina] Zylinska (she)

    Janina [Yanina] Zylinska (she)
  • Juan Carlos Asensio

    Juan Carlos Asensio
  • Rebecca Huseyin

    Rebecca Huseyin
  • Liat Moss (she/her)

    Liat Moss (she/her)
  • Catherine  Tranfield

    Catherine Tranfield
  • Umkalthum suleiman (She)

    Umkalthum suleiman (She)
  • Anna Błaziak (she/her)

    Anna Błaziak (she/her)
  • Melanie Clement

    Melanie Clement
  • Mikaela Rijkmans (She)

    Mikaela Rijkmans (She)
  • Tom Gregan (He)

    Tom Gregan (He)
  • Christine Awofeso

    Christine Awofeso
  • Rianne McCartney (she/her)

    Rianne McCartney (she/her)
  • Nikhil Vijayan (he/him)

    Nikhil Vijayan (he/him)
  • Than Than Soe  (She)

    Than Than Soe (She)
  • Clare Robertson

    Clare Robertson
  • Prash Mohan (him)

    Prash Mohan (him)
  • Kim Diep (She/Her)

    Kim Diep (She/Her)
  • Georgina Munn (She)

    Georgina Munn (She)
  • Paula Darias (She)

    Paula Darias (She)
  • Daniela Gutperl (She)

    Daniela Gutperl (She)
  • Melissa Real

    Melissa Real
  • Lukasz Szczesiak (he)

    Lukasz Szczesiak (he)
  • Alla Schoombee (She)

    Alla Schoombee (She)
  • Mio Chung (She)

    Mio Chung (She)
  • anna tloth (she/her)

    anna tloth (she/her)
  • lyndon joseph (he)

    lyndon joseph (he)
  • Melissa Tranfield (She/her)

    Melissa Tranfield (She/her)
  • Ana Pradas (she)

    Ana Pradas (she)
  • Lisa  Mac

    Lisa Mac
  • Jelena Su (she)

    Jelena Su (she)
  • Tine Altmann (she)

    Tine Altmann (she)
  • Steven Hamblin (He/him)

    Steven Hamblin (He/him)
  • Georgia Shaw (She)

    Georgia Shaw (She)
  • Ninamma Rai (she/her)

    Ninamma Rai (she/her)
  • Alex Jukes (he/him)

    Alex Jukes (he/him)
  • Liz luong

    Liz luong
  • Rahul Shah (All)

    Rahul Shah (All)
  • Sergio Rosas

    Sergio Rosas
  • Indre Vidziunaite (she/her)

    Indre Vidziunaite (she/her)
  • Natalie Patton (her)

    Natalie Patton (her)
  • Lisa Truong

    Lisa Truong

  • Amber Rignell (she)

    Amber Rignell (she)
  • Caitlin Cooling

    Caitlin Cooling
  • Ustin M. Vaskin

    Ustin M. Vaskin
  • Nora Piva (she)

    Nora Piva (she)
  • Erin Hebblewhite (she/her)

    Erin Hebblewhite (she/her)
  • Reena Verma (Her)

    Reena Verma (Her)
  • Fran Fabriczki

    Fran Fabriczki
  • Hedda Gressel (she/her)

    Hedda Gressel (she/her)
  • Jessica Cregg (she/her)

    Jessica Cregg (she/her)
  • Ola Skoczylas (She)

    Ola Skoczylas (She)
  • Ross Mawdsley (he)

    Ross Mawdsley (he)
  • Sean Anderson (he)

    Sean Anderson (he)
  • Banna Teklebrhan (she/her)

    Banna Teklebrhan (she/her)
  • Sofia Shek

    Sofia Shek
  • Jennifer Yarnton

    Jennifer Yarnton
  • Trish Wynne

    Trish Wynne
  • Ivana  Balkan (She )

    Ivana Balkan (She )
  • Shweta Patil (she)

    Shweta Patil (she)
  • Hettie Street (she/her)

    Hettie Street (she/her)
  • Zoe Scott (she/her)

    Zoe Scott (she/her)
  • Oliver Caldwell (he/him)

    Oliver Caldwell (he/him)
  • Zhivko Siderov

    Zhivko Siderov
  • KJ Daniells (he/him)

    KJ Daniells (he/him)