Virtual workshop for Paris
Thu, 24th March | 18:30 - 21:00 CET (GMT+01:00) (11 months ago)

This event has already taken place

Participate in our workshops to learn programming in a supportive and collaborative online environment at your own pace, or share your knowledge and coach our students.

Our virtual workshops take place online. Our aim is to help you get started with programming by pairing you with a coach that will be able to remotely assist and guide you through what you want to learn. Once you sign up we will email you more details about how to join the workshop and tools that we reccomend to make the process easier for you. In the meantime if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected]

Participe à nos ateliers pour apprendre le codage à ton propre rythme dans un environnement bienveillant, ou pour partager tes connaissances et coacher nos étudiant·e·s.

Nous accueillerons des francophones et des anglophones. Merci d’indiquer la langue parlée, ainsi que les technologies avec lesquels vous souhaiteriez travailler. Nous pourrions ainsi former des groupes le plus rapidement possible.

We welcome both English and French speakers. Please indicate which languages you speak out of English and French, as well as the technologies you want to work with, so that we can make the pairings more quickly on the day.

NB: Our workshops take place at GMT+1 - an hour ahead of the UK !

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Helen Root (she/they)

Helen Root (she/they)

Florian Panchout (he/him)

Florian Panchout (he/him)