Workshop at Avalara
Tue, 11th July | 18:30 - 21:00 BST (GMT+01:00) (3 months ago)

This event has already taken place

Attend our workshops to learn programming in a safe and supportive environment at your own pace, or to share your knowledge and coach our students.

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Floor 1, Lanchester House
Trafalgar Place
Brighton, BN1 4FU


At the main external gate to Trafalgar Place (opposite The Prince Albert Pub on Trafalgar Street) please buzz the green button to the right of the gate to speak to security. Any problems with access please call 07737 432297

Inform security of your name and that you are attending Codebar @ Avalara. Access only between 18.30-19.00 - please make sure you are not too early or let us know if you are running late.

Lanchester House is the first building on your right.

Accessibility information:

Accessible building with ramps and lifts




Scout Burghardt (she/her)

Scout Burghardt (she/her)

Julia Loucks (She/her)

Julia Loucks (She/her)