Here you can find a list of the 3222 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Adedayo Adedapo (He)

Code Writing

Skills: php javascript Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) HTML/HTML5 MySql Git Bootstrap jQuery

Daniel Crook (He)

Hello! I was recommended to join as a coach and thought its a great opportunity to help out the community. I have 8 years coding experience professionally in finance industry - in lots of languages from java, python, to web ! :)

Skills: java python SQL nosql web c Linux rust

Dean Richer

I want to help people to learn how to code. I work as a front-end/dev-ops developer in London.

Germain Souquet (he/him)

Passionate about the web

Skills: html css javascript React.js Unit Testing Git TypeScript open source & many more

Jodi Winters (she/her)

Very senior dev in BBC News. I have plenty of experience in a bunch of languages and technologies that no one uses anymore! That's life in the tech industry!

Skills: html css php React Git SQL Unity/C# Love2D JS/node

Rob Whittaker (he)

I am looking to offer help and advice with Ruby and Rails. I work for thoughtbot and have many years of web development experience. Want to share and help as much as possible.

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails javascript React.js React Native Git html css

Thomas Ankcorn (he/him)

Puppo dad, coffee snob, foodie.

Skills: javascript TDD AWS python node.js devops

Richard Westenra (he/him)

I've been doing front-end development since 2009, specialising in interactive data-visualisation and responsive webapps. Originally from New Zealand, but I've been in London since 2011.

Skills: html css javascript Photoshop Git wordpress React d3 accessibility usability

Tomasz Wegrzanowski

I make awesome things for fun.

Skills: everything

Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

I'm here to coach and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby Azure java kotlin AWS Linux TypeScript node JS SQL

Stephan Klinger

I'm interested in mentoring on the topics of Python, Django, JavaScript and Angular. I have previously mentored/coached at OpenTechSchool, OpenTechSummit. Last summer I taught creative programming for kids (Scratch, Microbit, RaspberryPi).

Skills: python django Flask javascript Git

Bruno Beloff (they / them (two-spirited person))

Would love to teach Python, C++ and a little bit of software engineering. Programming in C / Unix since 1980 (seriously). Lectured in software engineering at U of Sussex. Now director of - writing IoT firmware in Python and C++.

Gary Siu (they/them)

A Rubyist and JS programmer currently specialising in front-end development. West London Coders co-organiser.

Skills: javascript ruby html css

Giuseppe Capizzi (he/him)

Hi! I'm Giuseppe, and I'm a Software Engineer at VMware. I'm Italian, now back in Italy after living in London for ~5 years. I love coaching on any topic I'm familiar with but I'm particularly interested in software design, refactoring and testing.

Skills: ruby python php java golang Git testing OOP functional programming rails

Ali R. Keles

Senior developer

Skills: python docker kubernetes golang

Sam De Maeyer (him)

Hi, I am a principal front-end engineer working at Smart and I am very eager to share my knowledge with others!

Skills: javascript/typescript React Remix.js/Next.js HTML/CSS

Daniel Ngo

I'm a graphic designer and web developer that enjoys sharing what I know about front-end development, ux design, web typography, preprocesses, techniques and just general workflow productivity.

Skills: html css wordpress email Git shopify javascript vue.js node

Joby Harding (he / him)

I'm a freelance full-stack developer in Brighton UK and I 💜 building web apps.

Skills: javascript php React laravel TypeScript TailwindCSS

Kas Fijolek (she/her)

Help out other people learning to code

KJ D (he/him)

Full-stack developer

Skills: javascript css Git MongoDB django ReactJS Flask nodejs relational databases php rails CMS

Martin Briano (he/him)

I'm a Software Engineer from UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). I moved to Barcelona in 2013 to do a Master in Security and High performance computing. Now I'm running the BCN office of Lemonade software development, a Belgium company.

Skills: java html css programming testing DB coaching training organising stuff roller skating acrobatics Actor (a long time ago)

Kristian Hamilton

Front end for a while. Interests include art, sewing and coding

Skills: html javascript css React TDD Redux jQuery creative code and generative art

Simon Hafner (He/him)

I've seen most things backend.

Skills: Android kotlin Jetpack Compose rust Scala Haskell PureScript javascript

Julien Fiegehenn (he/his)

I'm an experienced developer working in Perl. I've been training junior developers for the last ten years. I do open source and speak at OSS conferences (mostly about mentoring).

Skills: Perl Git html css Linux project management mentoring programming basics job search/hiring advice javascript SQL

Magnus Henoch (he/him)

I program in Erlang by day, and in Emacs Lisp by night. I look forward to helping people learn more about programming.

Mohsin Niazi (he)

Data/Backend engineer with 5+ years experience. Would be happy to teach Java/Scala or any backend related stuff. Can also teach basic Python/Javascript/Html/CSS.

Skills: python Scala java javascript html css data engineering

Simon Gulliver (He)

.net,JavaScript,sql,mapping,offline web apps - I was a professional developer for many years and am now retired. I continue to have an interest in a variety of technologies. I am also a qualified teacher.

Daniel Quinn

I'd like to help out where I can. I'm a young(ish) white, male, native-english-speaking software engineer with 22 years of professional experience that would like this industry be a lot more diverse. Too many people in my field look like me :-)

Skills: python django Linux Git devops

Sean Li (he/him)

Berlin. Working as a software developer using mainly React Native and TypeScript. Most confident in Front End related technologies and languages.

Peter Warner-Medley (he/him)

General data/platform/backend bod. Lover of teaching and making tech look a bit less like me (I am a white dude 😬)

Skills: python Elixir AWS databases/SQL Total newbies first code javascript/typescript networking/infrastructure basic-mid React cloud infrastructure CS basics

mark hopcraft

I've been learning to code about a year, new to Brighton, hopefully I can help people out with the basics of html, css & javascript.

Skills: html css JS node Express

Michael Mulqueen (He/him)

Interested in helping with anything. Professional fullstack dev: HTML, CSS, JS and lots of Python, SQL. Also ops/sysadmin stuff. Self taught, self-employed, career changer.

Skills: python html css javascript vue.js svg TypeScript Flask SQL AWS docker Linux django

David Ricordel (he)

Consulting Engineer @elastic

Skills: python docker monitoring Cloud k8s Elasticsearch

Sam Phillips (he/him)

JavaScript & Ruby engineer. Ask me anything!

Skills: ruby javascript html CSS / SCSS SQL MySql Git rails

Anca Gabriela Munteanu (she)

I am a software developer.

Skills: java javascript MySql c

Morgan Roderick (he/they)

Enthusiastic cook and amateur photographer

Skills: html css javascript Git Unit Testing software engineering

Josh Marantz (he/him)

Studied and mentored/coached at DevBootcamp NY. Worked frontend at Sesame Workshop and currently working fullstack for Thelab. I enjoy social dancing and singing in my spare time!

Skills: javascript React Angular ruby rails python django html css

Ryan Lynch (he/his/they)

I'm a developer with almost a decade of professional experience. I've also been a bootcamp instructor and trainer. Committed to help.

Skills: javascript nodejs TypeScript React kubernetes AWS html css sass SQL nosql docker golang Elixir

Nicky Chorley

Developer at Springer Nature.

Skills: python Linux Git SQL java TDD Scala kotlin

Andrew Suffield (they)

I'm an SRE at Goldman Sachs in London, and I believe in the value of a broader, more diverse industry. I try to help out with efforts to improve this when I can.

Tony Aldridge (He/him)

I want to pass on my skills to underrepresented groups in tech.

Vladimir Petrov

I want to improve my teaching and communication skills and meet new people. I am a frontend developer for 4 years.

Wenlin F (She)

I'm learning java and also want to learn something else

Alex Tercete (he/him)

I'm very passionate about increasing diversity/inclusivity in tech!

Skills: html css c# javascript TypeScript python R Git Linux React

Dominic Coelho (he/him)

Graduate of the awesome Founders & Coders bootcamp. Currently working as a software engineer at Formidable. Previously at Ticketmaster. Most keen to help people with React or vanilla JS projects and learning CSS and HTML!

Skills: javascript React html css node React Native Vanilla JS

Salva . (he)

I have experience in enterprise software development, and I want to develop my coaching skills

Skills: TDD Clean Code testing agile functional programming Design patterns java Scala kotlin bash javascript html React SQL nosql automation docker nodejs OOP Cloud AWS python css Git Ci/CD Refactoring business analysis monitoring

Hugh Cole-Baker (he/him)

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at, I work on projects in Python and SQL and in the past I've written things in Rust, Java and many years ago a game for Nintendo DS in C++.

Skills: python SQL Amazon Web Services java Linux devops rust Cloud

Caro Appleby (she/her)

Clojure developer by day, Python hacker by night

Skills: python clojure devops/linux JS etc (beginner only)

Olly Chadwick (he/his/him)

Hi, I’ve been learning to program in my spare time for a couple of years. I’ve mainly learnt Ruby and Javascript at I’m keen to cement this knowledge by teaching some of what I’ve learnt to others. Thanks, Olly

Johan Ruokangas (He/him)

I’ve been working on frontend and backend (web), mobile app development for five years and instructing React Native trainings. Recently I started working as a user interface designer which has been quite fun. Happy to talk about all of those!

Skills: javascript html css design React React Native Swift python

Carl Wood (he)

I'm a front-end dev working with HTML, CSS and JS daily. I'm available to coach anybody who'd like to improve their skills with front-end tech :)

Skills: html css javascript

Toby Lorne (he/him)

I am a site reliability engineer at who works on infrastructure using Go, Perl, and JavaScript/TypeScript (and Ruby in my spare time).

Skills: Go ruby javascript Networking TypeScript Cloud Linux

Huong Nguyen

I started my coding journey with codebar in 2017 as a student. A year later, I've found my dream job as a frontend engineer at Quantumblack. Now I'm joining codebar as a coach and hope that I can help other people with their learning journey

Skills: html css javascript React

Damian Kozlowski (he)

I'm a software engineer at AVEVA working mainly with cloud, C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET Core and NodeJS. Opportunistic speaker. Passionate about TDD, pair and mob programming.

Skills: c# ASP.NET Core ASP.NET TDD WPF WebAPI html javascript ruby version control Git

Ioannis Latousakis

Coach; Python, DBs, Java, React, Go

Skills: python java React c# SQL Go

Augustin Grigorov (him)

I'm a full-stack engineer at a personalisation startup in London. I've got a bachelor's degree in "Computer Science" and a master's degree in "Web Intelligence". I'd love to get involved with teaching JavaScript or general programming principles.

Skills: javascript React Go

Edu Almas (he/him)

I can help by coaching. I prefer backend technologies but I am comfortable with frontend as well.

Skills: java Scala javascript html SQL backend Git testing TDD functional programming AWS Ci/CD Security Clean Code nosql Refactoring Design patterns

Matt Lubel

I am a fullstack javascript developer who loves learning new technologies and helping other enthusiastic coders on the road to building cool things!

Skills: javascript node.js python

Miglė Dovidauskienė

I love teaching. I taught school children game development, I taught students assembly language and I was a mentor at my work for interns teams to teach them how to program in our application. I am interested to see if codebar is the place for me

Raimo Radczewski (he/him)

I'm an organizer at the Berlin Software Crafters Community and love to support people getting into tech. I've been a workshop trainer in the past, mostly JavaScript and XP-Methods. I'm a calm and patient person when I'm teaching. Would love to help

Neil Kimmett (he/him)

I'm an iOS developer, but also know bits of HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python and Javascript. I would love to help people learn, it would give me joy in my heart <3

Judith Hartmann (she/her)

I want to become better at teaching. I studied CS and work as a Frontend Developer at Futurice. I used to teach groups of pupils (high school age) in university.

Skills: javascript TypeScript Angular React python ruby programming

Khalid .

I am a long-term hobbyist, Ex-Software Engineer at a FAANG company, Recurse Center Alumni (Fall, 2015). I took a sabbatical for personal development and travelling. I'd love to help to mentor in order to give back to the community.

Skills: Full-Stack JavaScript functional programming Game Development java python distributed systems

Andrew Gray (he)

I'm a full stack developer with data science and system integration tendencies. Also chef and mixicologist. I wrote 6502 assembler on a Commodore Pet in 1980. I feel very old.

Skills: Scala java html SQL javascript kotlin rust Elixir Haskell css Git REST golang progressive-enhancement Do-not-use-React

Emily Sas (she/her)

I'm a Software Engineer at and a chapter organiser of codebar Peterborough. I previously attended codebar as a student when I was a stay-at-home mum trying to learn programming, so I know how valuable these workshops can be :)

Skills: c# javascript React.js ruby Git command line

Sharon Russell (she/her)

I'm a senior software engineer at comparethemarket and have been developing things since 2013

Skills: c# Some Javascript Some CSS and HTML

Maduri Vassaramo (She)

Full-stack developer at Vinterior

Skills: ruby rails javascript React

Jonathan Kerr (he/him)

I've a dev and I work for the government. I write mostly in Python

Skills: python SQL sqlalchemy Flask

Frederik Ring

I'm a self taught programmer that has been benefiting a lot from patient, smart and friendly people that helped me get running 10 years go. I like doing the very same now.

Skills: javascript css html nodejs golang Linux python

Charles Cyril Nettey (he/him)

I'm interested in coaching workshops that range from the fundamentals of web development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to frontend and backend frameworks as well as software engineering principles. I currently work as a Software Engineer at

Skills: nodejs TypeScript MongoDB php SDLC

Willem Labuschagne

I like solving problems.

Skills: React html css c# php SQL any web + mobile stuff Ops/CI Java/Kotlin JS/TypeScript Obj-C/Swift AWS

Harriet Ryder (she)

Hi! I'm a software engineer working in JavaScript, NodeJS, React, AWS, Ruby & Rails. I currently coach tech at Tech Returners, a free 15 week course for people looking to get into tech after a career break, & also love yoga, running and foreign language

Skills: javascript React Git command line html css AWS ruby rails

Danielle Vass

i'm an android developer occasionally writing some webapps. Used to teach kids to code.

Chris Oatley

I am a Makers Academy graduate currently working for Datanauts in Brighton. Would like to become a coach to pass on some of the knowledge I've learned and help create some new coders!

Zsolt Sztupak (he, they)

I'm an Engineering Manager based in Edinburgh. Previously I have also been a Teaching Assistant at a university where I realised I like helping people out when I can. I also held ruby tutorials to my co-workers as well.

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails spring-boot Android html css java devops Ansible terraform AWS digitalocean docker kubernetes c c++ c# Haskell x86 assembly algorithms functional programming Vanilla javascript

Samantha Christoff (she/her)

JS/Front End Engineer looking to help other women in the space. I self-taught myself programming over 12 years ago when I was in high school so I could buy expensive purses, and now I am a Lead Engineer at Nike so I can buy expensive shoes.

Aron Carroll

Based in Brighton, UK and mostly working as a frontend developer have helped out in the past with Async (Brighton) and CoderDojo (Berlin).

Skills: html css javascript

Hunor Márton Borbély (he)

I'd like to practice teaching. I'm a developer for a several years and I had presented at meetups but I don't have much experience with teaching. I would also have a few words regarding the teaching materials, as jQuery in 2019 is a bit obsolete.

Skills: frontend html css javascript React

Alan Ionita (his)

I've just recently graduated from a local coding bootcamp (Northcoders Manchester) and I'm looking to embed the knowledge I've picked up by coaching others, helping them overcome problems I've experienced and new ones.

Skills: javascript nodejs React Redux MongoDB html css PostgreSQL Firebase

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