Here you can find a list of the 3204 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Alvaro Llamojha

I've been working as a DevOps Engineer for the last 7 years and I would like to share my experience with CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, AWS and containers.

Aslau Mario-Daniel (He)

Coder/Geek/Lover of food

Skills: javascript React.js html css java

Katerina Loschinina

I work for FT as a full-stack dev, 2.5 years ago I graduated from Makers Academy so am familiar with "good coaching". I'd love to teach JS and CSS and have some experience in leds and Arduinos. I'd love to inspire starters by reducing their fear of coding

Skills: javascript html css node.js React ruby Neo4j

Toma Theodor Cotuna (he/him/they)

Recent BSc Computer Science graduate from King's College London with a first class degree. Freelancer and Upcoming Amazon Software Developer Engineer. I love building stuff on the web and mobile and helping others discover their passion for coding

Skills: React React Nativa javascript Swift java

Ivan Grekov (he)

I am UI developer at magic.lab ( Web development is both my work and my hobby. I like exploring different aspects of UI/UX in order to provide great websites and apps

Skills: css javascript Git

Chris McDonald (He)

I enjoy helping others in all aspects of development where I can. I have worked in a SaaS startup for 10 years, joining right from the start and have experienced working in front and backend. Lots of full-stack experience, including PHP, Python and JS.

Skills: php python html css javascript React Backbone

Nikhil Verma (he/him)

I wish something like Codebar existed when I learnt programming so I want to try and give someone else a chance to learn something from me. At Codebar I would like to from time-to-time teach someone about Javascript and web development in general.

Freddie Preece (he/him)

I'd love to help bring more people from underrepresented communities into tech, as diversity is so important to the industry. I've just finished a 16 week course at Founders and Coders and am currently looking for jobs (and things to do!)

Laura Lebovic (She)

Ruby, Js, Php

Akhass Wasti (he)

This is my first time at CodeBar and I'm excited to be a coach. I am currently working as a software engineer at Amazon, and previously studied AI and Machine Learning at Cambridge University.

Wiebke Dirks

Java, Elm

Daniel Mondria (he/him)

Working as QA for the last 5 years. Before was a developer with main experience in Java

Nathan Oorloff (he/him)

Aussie working in NYC. 14 years experience outside of university.

Skills: python java golang Go backend Linux APIs redis SQL HTTP

Eduard Maura i Puig (he/him)

I've been a backend developer for almost 3 years, mainly focused in Object Oriented Programming languages. I truly believe I can help others to gain expertise and solve the more common issues when developing applications.

Skills: java spring html javascript css

Cristóbal García (he)

A mysterious person who just happens to have been working with computers for a long time.

Emma Gouti (she/her)

Happiest when I'm coding, reading, or being active outdoors. Core tech stack includes React/Redux, Node/Express, and SQL/noSQL databases. My best work manifests when I'm working to expand the cause of a mission-driven company.

Skills: javascript React ruby rails MongoDB Mongoose GraphQL node

yaara k

I'm a back-end developer working mostly on node.js. Also have some experience in python.

Feryat Olcay


Skills: c# java SQL

Renato Ferreira (he/him/his)

I’m a software engineer and I currently work at Gousto. I’ve been on the engineering journey for the past 10+ years, working on a variety of segments from ad agencies to larger companies to small start ups who became big companies as well.

Skills: javascript ReactJS Redux TypeScript nodejs DynamoDB MongoDB MySql html css

Geoffrey B.

As a DevOps Engineer I'm more Infrastructure oriented (Production, Build, CI/CD, ...) however I'm happy to work on backend projects as long as I'm a big familiar with the language.

Skills: docker kubernetes gcp Shell terraform AWS Ci/CD gitlab

Peter Sullivan (He)

Currently a trainee software developer at CodeClan (Glasgow G13 cohort - week 11 out of 16). Looking to use the new skills I’ve learned to give back to the community, codebar has a great reputation for doing so...

Jesse Skinner (he/him)

I'm a freelance web developer, and have been doing programming professionally since 2001. I love learning new things, and helping others to do the same.

Javi Molina

Improve mentoring skills, learn from others and have fun :). I've studied Computer Engineering at UAB around 8 years ago. Since then I've been working as software developer programming with different languages, mostly backend.

Gisela Ruzafa Amado

Python ( two years in django rest framework )

Tarek Al Beb (He/Him)

Web development

Skills: React Redux node.js html css javascript PostgreSQL Sequelize OOP Linux bash AWS Virtualizing Cisco systems.

Richard McHale (he/him/they/them)

I've been a professional developer for around ten years working in a variety of languages. I'm interested in helping promote diversity of all kinds in tech.

Skills: c# python java php SQL

Tom Withers

Software engineer at MOJ, Looking to help people learn how to code!

Maroun Baydoun

I am a software engineer with 10 years of experience. I would like to help students with anything related to web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Amit kumar kumar (Amit)

HTML/CSS and Python

Minna Niemi (she)

I'm a software developer specialising in frontend development. I have done React for web, React Native for mobile, am a TypeScript enthusiast, and I have too many opinions about project management :D

Skills: javascript TypeScript React React Native

Dan Kwiatkowski (He/him)

I'm a full-stack developer / data scientist and creator of CharityBase. Some of my friends have benefited from codebar and I'd like to help out if I can.

Paul Bunkham (he/him/they (I'm not fussy))

I've been coding for years, and I love the idea of helping people get to that point of having made something that works. I tutor on an MA in Digital Media Arts at the University of Brighton, and enjoy helping the students realise their creative ideas.

Dafydd Llŷr Pearson (he/his/they)

I'm currently a student at CodeClan in Glasgow, originally from Aberystwyth in Wales. I love hiking, travel and code! Coaching was a large part of my previous role and a skill I'm keen to develop further whilst sharing my passion for coding.

Anthony Lomax (He)

Software Engineer working in tech for good

Skills: javascript React node.js Git html css

Dustin Sparks (he)

I am a lead full stack software engineer at EPAM Systems. I architect and build full stack solutions for primarily Fortune 500 companies. I also teach a full stack web development course for Georgia Tech in Savannah, GA.

Daniel Page

I would like to help inspire people to learn to code, and remove the perceived difficulty of coding. I'm a self-taught Front End Dev, currently working as a FED at an Insur-Tech startup.

Skills: javascript ES6 React html css Jest react-testing-library

Javier Hernández (he/him)

I'm a software developer, working mainly with Swift. I have done Objective-C in the past, and I also have some experience with JavaScript and React Native

Skills: iOS Swift Objective-C React Native Git github javascript

Ryan Lee ((He/His))

Web developer and Co-Organiser of codebar Birmingham. Looking to help people learn to code in any way I can!

Skills: php python JS TypeScript

Misha Bruml (he/him)

I work as a full stack software engineer although focus on backend. Mostly in Node.JS/javascript. Experienced in AWS, Git and all the usual goodies. Some python, C/C#. Want to teach! And learn cool stuff like GraphQL, Haskell, GO!, etc etc!

Skills: javascript nodejs MongoDB AWS Git backend c# c Unix

Ben Watson (he/him)

User experience design, front end development, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Node.js

Annabel Church (She/her/they)

Coaching web languages and tools!

Skills: html css JS python Git

Narmadha Ravindranath (she)

I went from not being able to code at all to making a video game for a presentation and using Python for data analysis. I want to help other people, especially women, learn to code and realise that it's not as scary or difficult a prospect as it seems.

Skills: python html css javascript SQL c# React

Curtis Schlak (he/him)

Hi! I'm Curtis. I like to coach, mentor, teach, and write curriculum. Please check out my LinkedIn for background and references.

Skills: mentoring Teaching writing computer architecutre c c++ c# D ECMAScript Elixir Elm Erlang Go Haskell java Lisp OCaml python compilers Assembler (x86) R HTML5 CSS3 math application architecture leading teams designing languages javascript SQL

Pascal Edouard

DevOps Cloud Engineer in Edinburgh passionate about advancing automation and infrastructure as code. Eager to assist fellow developers and share insights on coding best practices. Let's code smarter, not harder!

Skills: Ansible agile Cloud devops python terraform c java c# Git bash Linux html javascript c++ terminal

Seonaid McRobbie

DevOps Engineer in Edinburgh

Skills: python java AWS gcp Azure html IaC Ci/CD terraform css Git ruby

Tsvetan Dimoff

EmberJS fan

Charlie Phung (He)

Whatsup people :) I'm a Front-end Dev. I want to share my knowledge and skills to help others. Check out my works at:

Skills: javascript css html functional programming React Redux rxjs

Tristan Roddis (he)

Happy to coach intermediate or beginner level Python, PHP (and Scratch!), as well as beginner level HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Git. Also got recent experience with Drupal, Laravel, Linux, Solr, Elasticsearch, Amazon Web Services if any of that helps.

Skills: python php Drupal

Bamidele Popoola (He)

Python AI and Embedded Programming, Embedded C, Linux Admin, Hardware Technical Support Engineer. Assist people at code bar with any hardware issues the may have or problems with Python or Embedded C

Jonathan Halpern (He)

I’d like to teach code. I’ve worked as a senior developer at several companies. I’m also a qualified teacher and I’ve worked on my own educational start up.

Callum Marshall (he/him)

Hello! I'm a backend Node.js engineer.

Skills: javascript node.js

Gonçalo Florêncio (He/Him)

I'm a Software Engineer for Netsuite, have been working as a developer for 6 years now and I believe that making people comfortable in whatever environment they're in is one of the most important aspects of social interactions as human beings.

Kevin Callejas (he/him/they)

I've been working as a Software Engineer for more than 3 years (PHP mostly, now Java). I fell in love with this profession; you can meet amazing people while creating really nice stuff, and i'd like to share my passion and knowledge while learning from u!

Skills: backend php Software Achitecture SQL NonSQL Event-Driven Architectures DDD BDD TDD

Amy Chu (she/her)

I've worked as a software developer in NZ for 4 years after graduating from University. Earlier this year, I moved to London and am now working in FinTech. I would love to help more minorities get involved in software and share my knowledge!

Sheena Puthanpurayil

Python / Test Automation

Mikel Orbea

Willing to help young talents to understand and share the art of programming.

Navid Amami (him)

I want to work on web apps

Janavi Anand

Hi. I am Janavi Anand. I am an Engineer with Masters Degree in Applied Electronics. Also recently attended Grace Hopper Program by Fullstack Academy (women only program). I want to give back and contribute to the society. This will be a good start for me.

Skills: javascript ReactJS Redux nodejs expressjs postgres

Ismail Uddin (He)

I'm very passionate about coding and technology, but I also enjoy teaching others.

Skills: python javascript data science

Alexandra Negrut (She)

I'm a UX designer, I would be able to provide coaching on UI/UX design

Benjamin Wibrew (he/him)

I'm a self taught developer, my background is with PHP but I've also dabbled with Python and Nodejs.

Geraint Luff (he)

I mostly work in C/C++, plus some HTML/CSS and JavaScript (browser/Node), and very occasionally Python. I love sound and music, and in my free time I write audio-effects (in C++, JavaScript and some audio-focused languages).

Dayana Cabrera

First time as Volunteer for Codebar, I'm SET (Software Engineer in Test) with around 10 years experience working in ITs area. I think it's a good idea to dedicate time helping others to improve skills and increase knowledge.

Natalie Olivo

I've been building front end systems and doing core web development for over a decade now. For the past four years I have managed engineers at large scale companies in media, education and fintech industries.

Skills: javascript python css node postgres Express Nextjs Vite

Esther Momcilovic (she/her/hers)

I want to help to encourage underrepresented groups to get into coding. I am a software engineering manager working for a telecoms company in Cambridge.

Francesco Cappelli

I’d like to be a coach; I’m a front end developer specialized in react and react native

Daniel Thomas (He/Him)

Looking to mentor HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. Can likely help with other frameworks and languages.

Nishad Sohoni (he/him)

I am a software engineer and I want to try teaching programming concepts to better understand them.

Skills: python SQL

Ahmad Majid

Full Stack, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, graphQL

George Putnam (Him)

I've got over four years of web development knowledge and experience. I love sharing what I've learning with others. Let's learn together!

Yiming Chen

I've been learning programming in Pascal since 2009. I've been coding in C, C++, Python, Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript. Now, I'm a Ruby on Rails developer at my daily job. I can't wait to share what I learned to our community.

Jo Seaton (she/her)

Normally an embedded C/C++ person, but have some experience with a whole bunch of languages. Never coached before!

Robert van Kints

Frontend web development

Alex Kramer (He/him/his)

I want to practice my teaching and programming skills! I've been a teacher of children, and a full stack software developer, and I want to bridge those worlds and help people think work through problems.

Waheed Rafiq (They)

I am Junior Software developer fullstack at company call AX, I recently graduate with 1st honours Computer science from BCU. I have work with C#, Java, Java scripts, html, css, python, Xamarin, OpenCV and C

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