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Leonardo Schlossmacher (he/him)

I'd like to help beginners find simple solutions so that they can move forward, believe in themselves and hopefully fall in love with programming. I've worked as an English teacher in Brazil and I now I help developers move forward with their challenges.

Corey Yates

I know Javascript and the MERN Stack. Strong with node.js.

Beth Forsyth (she/her/hers)

I've been working as a software engineer (Rust, and a little C, python, perl) for nearly two years- it was pretty new to me when I started, but I love the satisfaction of problem solving and discovering new things to learn!

Charlie Clarke (he/him/his)

I work as a programmer and my office is hosting a workshop so thought I would give it a go.

Taylor Mudd (He/Him)

Javascript/HTML/CSS.. currently employed as a software developer, would like to improve my understanding of Python and Ruby as well and I believe teaching is a great way to help the community!

Mickael Marques (he)

I have worked in IT professionally for 15 years and happy to share my knowledge with others.

Shooresh Golzari (he/him/it)

As a back end dev, I want to get involved in front end development and expose myself to other languages and make friends with people in the local tech community.

Skills: c# .NET some front-end

Atanas Kozarev (he/his)

I used to give private lessons in programming for 1st year Business students who had a compulsory programming module that was difficult to pass, it was a fun way to practice. CYF:

Skills: listening being patient algorithms programming fundamentals coding basics coding fundamentals pseudo code data structures

Lio Coia (he)

Studied Computer Science at uni a couple of years back, most comfortable with HTML and CSS.

Tom Taylor

Web developer looking to help others! Interested in: (good) user experience, digital learning, ethical software practices, clean code(!).

Skills: MongoDB html Automated testing node.js ES6 software architecture

Eron Cemal (he/him)

I want to share my knowledge of python and data science.

Rodislav Ivanov (He)

Hello, I'm Rodislav, 23 years old, recently started working at Qlik in Barcelona. This summer I finished my BS in Computer Science. I'm interested in SQL and Web designed. During my university years, I had some projects related to site creation.

Dan Askew (he/him/his)

Help people learn! I got started with coding through an enthusiastic teacher going above and beyond the syllabus, and I'd like to pass the favour on!

Skills: c python java googling

Reshma Patel (she)

Tutoring and mentoring , Programming languages fascinates me, Volunteering at local Code Club for kids

Skills: java javascript python database

Leon Ehrenberg (he)

I'm currrently a product owner / manager with a strong engineering background. I can teach frontend technologies like html, css, angular, react etc. but also what to do as a product owner leading a cross-functional team of developers, designers etc.

James Raymond (Masculine or Feminine)

I would love to volunteer as a coach and help people. currently helping a few friends and family pick up coding. I work as a full time developer for five years, part time/self employed for many before. Love open source and community projects.

Karen Reburn

Front-end Developer at itison

Oscar Torres (He)

Fullstack developer

Craig Gough (he/him/they)

After 4 months of coding at CodeClan, Glasgow, and currently working as a full stack dev at a startup, I feel it would be nice to share some of what Ive learned and meet some new people too!

Simon George (he/him)

I like Ruby and SQL.

SACHA GUDDOY (He/him/they)

I'm a senior front end engineer working at Grabyo. I have a fair bit of experience with React, Mobx, Node, Backbone, AWS, Google Firebase, websockets, WordPress, PHP and more.

Antonio de la Vega (he/him)

For the past years I've been doing a lot of full stack work using JavaScript and Python. More recently however I've been focusing on DevOps and Virtual Machines in my job. Happy to assist in any of these topics!

Skills: javascript python

Kingston Tam (He)

I'm happy to help coach web development/product management. I taught several web courses in my university and last year at a summer camp for high schoolers in Palestine. I also worked as a product manager at Google for 3.5 years.

Tammo Behrends (he/him)

I am always happy to spend enjoyable time with others coding and arguing about everything around that. I have been to various code retreats, socrates days or software craftsman meetups in the past.

Skills: TDD python

Joel Delgado (He/him/they)

I'm a Thoughtworks employee and I've been working in Frontend and Mobile development

Nick Goodall (he)

Hello! I run a mobile network in town, and write software on a daily basis (mostly Ruby & Javascript). I've been programming for ~5 years, although colourful HTML tables first piqued my interest when I was 12.

Romulo Santos (he)

software developer for more than10 years. full stack developer specialized in Java and javascript. I love technology and computing in general, and I think this world is still extremely unfair and so ial causes need all the help they can get.

francesca Placido (she)

I work as developer support engineer and I would love to help out. I am not a senior developer, I have experience mainly in PHP, HTML, CSS, some javascript and some python. I am interested in learning. I have been teaching computer to older people and kid

Chris Sansone (he/him)

I'd very much like to mentor folks on topics of secure coding

Shriram Chandra Anbalagan

Software Engineer & Big Data Engineer

Simon Haines

Background in mathematics (MA Mathematics), education (PGCE) and software. For the past few years I've been a software development coach on apprenticeship programmes and I'm currently the Director of Curriculum for software programmes at Corndel.

Skills: python javascript docker Git & Github node Vue React HTML&CSS

Camila Rondinini (she/her)

I want to help people build the confidence needed to start a career in Software Development. It took me 4 years to have that myself and after 2 years as a Software Engineer, I learned that half of the job is simply trusting that you can learn/do it.

Skills: javascript node.js TypeScript Go PostgreSQL React

Pablin Diez (he/him)

Hi y'all! I'm Pablin. I was interested in software development since I was a kid. I was always breaking things, curious about how everything worked. Now I try to keep on learning how to make things better and fix them if possible :)

Skills: javascript React Express Nest.JS

Peter Le (He)

Python and Machine Leaening

Jessica Sena (she)

I'm a computer engineer, postgraduate in UX. I'm working as a front end engineer at TYPEFORM, specifically in the Growth Team, where we iterate through experiments and AB tests in order to find out what works best for the users.

Skills: React javascript maps leaflet mapbox node

Phil Marnell (He)

Worked in tech since 1982, including as programmer, e-commerce webmaster, Director, and instructor with SAP education. Looking for somewhere to give back.

leon segal

Web developer, currently working at graphite digital.

Cristhian Amaya (he/him)

I'd like to help people improve their skills, give them insights about the industry, and overall help with any doubt they may have. I worked as a software developer 9+ years and I'm now a security engineer.

Skills: python Git c# SQL Security

Matthew Williams (he)

I'm mostly interested in helping others learn. I've coded in Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Python, Ruby... the list goes on. Currently most fluent with Typescript and happy to do anything from DBs to CSS.

Skills: javascript TypeScript python ruby html css SQL postgres sqlite Figma

Pedro Filho

I want to make the development environment more accessible

James Raspass (he)

Code Monkey for the better part of a decade, primarily Perl, Raku, and Go. Mostly web-based side projects, especially proud of

Gadiza Zerari

share the love of coding with likeminded peeps

Daniel McBrayer

Just want to help coach folks

Skills: html css javascript ruby Elixir Git

Mario Vela (He/him)

I have been a software developer for a few years in different startups. Worked with backends, databases and data pipelines. I love to see creative ways in which technology solves real problems.

Skills: javascript TypeScript

Masha Cernivec


Skills: javascript ruby html css

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