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I currently work as a full satck web developer in a digital agencye in London mainly in SqlServer, .net, javascript, jquery . I am willing to learn my craft and help others like me who changed carreers to progress in the industry.

Barry Bloye

I'm a freelance Front-end web developer, working with several of the terrific digital agencies in Brighton. Previously with NixonMcInnes and publishing company Taylor & Francis.

Pranath Fernando

I'm a web developer and i'm interested in becoming a coach for you. I really love the work you are doing to bring coding to people that are more under-represented in our industry.

Alex Tercete (he/him)

I'm very passionate about increasing diversity/inclusivity in tech!

Skills: html css c# javascript TypeScript python R Git Linux React

Dmitry Kandalov

I have been programming and trying to get better at it since DOS times. I'm currently working with Java and JVM languages such as Kotlin.

Jozef Maxted

I'm interested in becoming a coach in the Brighton area. I currently work here: as a full stack web developer. Outside of work I have hundreds of side projects and experiments ( mostly unfinished! ) that I tweet about here @jozefmaxted

Uku Taht

I'm a young software engineer looking to give something back to the community and learn by teaching.

Dominic Fox

Before I started working as a programmer, I was a PhD student in the English department at De Montfort University and led undergraduate seminars. The lack of diversity in my industry worries me, and I'd like to help to do something about it.

Nicholas Jackson

Development manager, polyglot coder and geek, keen to help with coaching. TDD enthusiast, worked on the front end re-architecture / ui separation for Rebuild of M&S mobile app in swift and android.

Robin Van Rijn

Cambridge based User Experience Designer and Front End Developer. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Keen to help others learn. Background in animation and graphic design.

Skills: ux design html css javascript

Felipe Seré

My name is Felipe and I am 25 years old. I moved to London to become a Software Craftsman with 8th Light. Before London I was a software developer in Germany, where I mostly wrote RESTful APIs in Java. Now during my apprenticeship I am learning Ruby.

James Cuthbert

Lead Software Engineer at ASOS looking to help others learning to code.

Patrick Riggs

I've been a web developer for the combined period of about 13 years or so. Recently returned to the field after a 7 year professional absence due to burnout and am very happily back!

Ju Liu (he/him)

Italian. Learning English @noredink. I like Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript and Machine Learning. I climb a lot.

Skills: ruby javascript css html bash Git Elixir Elm vim web rails

Andrew Suffield (they)

I'm an SRE at Goldman Sachs in London, and I believe in the value of a broader, more diverse industry. I try to help out with efforts to improve this when I can.

Alex Handley

Code, coffee and climbing.. ask me about any of them.

Kankemwa Ishaku

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Gray (he)

I'm a full stack developer with data science and system integration tendencies. Also chef and mixicologist. I wrote 6502 assembler on a Commodore Pet in 1980. I feel very old.

Skills: Scala java html SQL javascript kotlin rust Elixir Haskell css Git REST golang progressive-enhancement Do-not-use-React

Andreas Holley

Software Engineer Intern at ARM, most experienced in Java, have experience with Ruby/Python/PHP/JavaScript/C/C++. Minor experience with frontend website tech (HTML/CSS)

Benoit Mangili

Software engineer, JS, iOS, .NET, etc.

Joshua Fleck (he/him)

I'm a lead engineer at Quorso where I do most of my development in Ruby on the back-end of many Rails applications. I've done quite a bit of mentoring, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to help people learn to improve their coding skills!

Skills: ruby SQL Linux Elixir

Sam Han

8th Light Resident Apprentice. Previously have a few years of Java experience at a company in Birmingham. Currently learning about good software practices such as TDD and writing clean code at 8th Light. Ruby / Java

Giuseppe De Santis (he/him)

Junior web developer @ Parliament Digital Service

Skills: html css javascript ruby

Alexandra P

I am a web developer, I have learn as autodidact and always though of sharing and learning together

Ramana Kumar

I'm doing a PhD in formal verification of computer programs. And I still think computer programming is one of the most fun activities in the world.

James Baxter

Java web developer with frontend and design experience from Brighton

Spen Taylor

I'm interested in picking up a few JS tricks and shaking the rust off of my Ruby skills. Ultimately though I'd like to coach others!

Naomi Ceder

Interested in LGBT diversity, trans woman, helped organize Trans*Hack in US, active in Python community, speaking about transitioning & gender in tech world at cons in US, Germany, UK. Member of PyLadies, tutorials at coding events for women.

Simon Mullen

I live in Cambridge and Ive been involved with Strawberry Fair and the Strawberry Shorts Film Festival for many years. I also have quite a strong coding and mathematics background.

Olu Niyi-Awosusi (they/them)

Learnt javascript, node, d3, hapi and react at Founders and Coders. I like lists, stickers, markdown, Bee And PuppyCat and CSS.

Patrick Sinclair

I'm a web developer with plenty of Ruby as well as HTML/CSS/JS experience. I work at GoodGym, a charity that helps people get fit by doing good. Have previously mentored at Young Rewired State.

Skills: ruby rails html css javascript

Tomas D'Stefano

I'm a Ruby developer since 2007. I love to help people and making them more happier with technology. I love to teach and learn everyday.

Jack Bush

want to become more active in and give back to the tech community. background in design, travel and development.

Andy Pearson

I saw a few of you present at Bath Ruby Conference today and was instantly excited by what you are doing. I've recently been running a "Code Club" for my colleagues and was starting to wonder how else I could help others learn! I have run out of chars :(

Mario Gintili

I'm a junior engineer at Workshare. Makers Academy alumni. Co-founder of and aspiring craftsmen :)

Joel Carr

I am a front-end developer contractor/freelancer. I have worked at startups, advertising agencies, and charities. I have been working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for 5 years now.

Skills: html css javascript

Vanya Yaneva

I am a software developer with experience mainly in C, OpenCL Java and C#. I find coding to be a special activity in allowing one to build creative, fun and useful things very quickly. I think that everyone should have the knowledge to be able to do this.

Ioana Serban

I work as a Software Engineer in Test at eBay. Most of my past experience is with coding Java and I'm currently working with Scala and Swift, but I'm happy to pitch in as an instructor for any topic.

Chris Sherry (he/him)

Web Application Engineer at WeAreBase

Skills: php Linux SQL javascript CSS / SCSS

Damon McMinn

Self-taught dev with a desire to help others self-teach and learn from them in the process. Node.js the biggest badge I wear, but geek out on most things. *nix all the way.

Jonny Arnold

Currently working at Reevoo. I want to share my love for programming.

Tom Davies

Professional software engineer with industrial experience in F#, C# and Java

Ross Huggett

engineers first!

Anthony Weber

I'm a frontend developer who loves coding

Trisha Paul

Working as a Ruby developer! Recent grad from the US.

James Hunter (him)

Former web designer, current web developer, not quite as lost as I seem.

Craig Blaszczyk

I'm a gay Web Developer / CTO currently working for a startup in Shoreditch. I'm knowledgeable about web technologies, mostly Python/Django, SQL and NO SQL databases, Puppet, Fabric, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS3, etc.

Luke Park

Software engineer, hardware hacker.

Skills: python java

Edd Trent

I'm the DevOps guy at Claromentis, doing a bit of everything!

Ptolemy Barnes

Developer-in-training, with a background in teaching. A student myself, I enjoy working with other students to discover simple solutions to difficult problems.

Dan Brown (they)

I'm an engineer at Monzo, I like structures and different ways of thinking about computation and how to get computers to do more work for us, but not too much of the work.

Skills: Go javascript ruby python bash AWS Databases SQL MySql PostgreSQL

Tomino Dostal

I have been a developer for almost a decade and I gathered good knowledge of html, css, js and other technologies. I enjoy helping people and code ar sounds like great opportunity to get together and give back to the community

Tim Stone

HTML, CSS, Ruby. FED for a number of years!

Shaban Karumba

I've been a Software Developer at Funding Circle for almost 18 months now, I have experience programming in Ruby using Test Driven Development. I enjoy mentoring people as I can help people learn programming and the possibilities it can open up.

Jessica Rose

Looking to help coach at the first Brum event to help out

Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

I'm here to coach and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby Azure java kotlin AWS Linux TypeScript node JS SQL

Tina Zhang

Hi, I'm currently a financial researcher and am thinking about doing a career change into software development. I heard about codebar at a silicon drinkabout event and can't wait to attend a workshop.

Daniel Hollands

I'm a PHP, Ruby and (soon to be) JavaScript developer.

James Elderfield (He/Him)

I'm from the UK but now live and work in Helsinki. I used to be a scientist (mathematical and computational epidemiology) but now work for a software consultancy, focussing mainly on data science and code quality analysis.

Jane Trimmer

I want to work on advanced programming, eg. OOPHP,and code testing. I have done basic php, javascript and am very proficient in html, css. Have done some sass

Samuel Parkinson

Developer at Interested in sharing my understanding of developer tools like git. I'm a fan of running through "Learn Python the Hard Way" to teach the basics of programming (even more when it's on a Raspberry Pi).

Nadav Rosenberg

Recent graduate of Makers Academy, March 2015 cohort. Previous experience includes sales management, and strategy consulting.

Pascal Hartig

I'm a recovering Open Source addict and work as an engineer at Twitter.

Maloney Liu

Product engineer

Skills: ruby rails Git css html javascript ux SQL

Steve Lydford

I can help with C#, web and cloud technologies and software design. I have worked as a professional developer for over 15 years, currently as a Software Craftsman at Codurance.

Ben Paddock (he/him)

I am a professional software developer working remotely from Leamington Spa. I enjoy coding, knowledge sharing and keen to help others and learn new things. I can provide coaching for all aspects of web development including JS, HTML and CSS.

Skills: javascript node testing web development html css

Geza Kiss

I am a software engineer.

Sam Foot

Hi! I'm a freelance developer who work/lives in Poole. I have specific knowledge in iOS/Android and .NET. Not sure who/what help you need and happy to help in anyway that I can. Let me know if you want to have a further chat! Cheers Sam

Nelson Correia

I've written some code. So much more I want to learn. Would love to join you guys! (is there a waiting list for tonight?)

Ray Benitez

I enjoy programming and helping people to program. I am a retired IT consultant and software project manager. Now, I make embedded software and hardware for fun.

Skills: html css python javascript

Paul Bullivant

I'm a developer with several years experience

Skills: html css javascript jQuery c# ASP.NET Sql Server MySql

Ralph Saunders

I'm interested in getting people experimenting with JavaScript, Canvas, and other visual interactive aspects of web technologies. I'm a seasoned front-end developer for Redweb – an industry leading digital agency. I also write for Web Designer Magazine

Skills: javascript html css Angular Jasmine Karma Gulp Flask Codeigniter

Chris Rogers

I'm a web Developer mainly (both front and backend) focusing mainly on PHP and platforms such as Wordpress and Magento. I have experience in Photoshop, Maya and Unity3D also. I like to teach and find enjoyment in others learning.

Steve Bradshaw

Professional developer with 20 years experience

Josh Hill (he/him)

Learning how to learn. I enjoy people, stories and thoughtful discussions.

Skills: html css javascript ruby Go

Guanglun Wu

Founder and managing director of Graphere, a technology and startup consultancy. Full-stack developer.

Erika Hazlewood

I am a senior full stack JavaScript engineer.

Skills: javascript React node.js TypeScript

Hugo Rut

Web developer here in London. Coding is my passion, always looking to hone my skills and play with new technologies. I want to help more people discover how great programming is!

Skills: php javascript ruby html css

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