Here you can find a list of the 3216 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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David Mickisch (He)

I want to teach people python

David Maidment (he)

I've worked in the tech industry for a number of years as a software developer and manager. I do public speaking at tech events and enjoy mentoring junior developers.

Skills: php golang javascript TypeScript html css Linux

Rado Kosiada (he)

Learning and practicing JS, HTML, CSS. Coworking with other developers, exchanging experience and knowledge, tutor less experience coding newbies.

Monica Calderaro (She/Her)

I am a career changer, I don't know much but I would want to be part of codebar 'cause starting one thing that helped me the most was knowing I was not alone, it can be very scary at the beginning. we learn the most through teaching/helping others.

Skills: javascript Git html java

Jamie Myland (he/him)

As course leader for the Computing & Information Systems degree at UCP I have had many years experience teaching a variety of coding related topics, including programming in C#, Java, Python, C++ and JavaScript (with HTML & CSS)

Armin Hasitzka

I've been an independent web developer for many years, switched to low-level C/C++ recently, and I'm really interested in sharing my passion for software engineering.

Robin Fairey (he/him)

Happy to help out, Cambridge CompSci graduate with 10+ years professional software development experience. Web development, CAD software, 3D graphics, geometry.

Skills: basic Javascript python html css c c++ java php Fortran Raspberry Pi arduino

Bill Mantegna (he/him)

My colleague Danielle Vass volunteers with Codebar and mentioned that NYC sometimes has trouble getting enough coaches. I'm a software engineer @ Facebook in NYC, and am interested in learning more.

Deniss Starevics

Software engineer / cloud developer. Interested in coaching others and giving back to community

Skills: python version control HTML/CSS javascript SQL AWS Cloud devops

Julian Blundell (he)

I am a freelance back end developer, been working in the Brighton area for 15 years. My specialties are Sql and NoSql database design and implementation, php/mvc frameworks and reasonable JavaScript/jQuery

Skills: SQL nosql database php mvc javascript jQuery

Mark Hla

Brighton-based developer of 20+ years experience and startup CTO. Coded in multiple languages, but probably best to help coach basic principles, HTML, CSS, javascript.

James Rhodes (he/him/his/his)

I particularly like Haskell and Rust. I currently write some Python and some Rust in my day job, and am learning some Clojure too. I also like seeing people achieve new things, and helping them get there when I can.

Skills: python rust javascript Haskell

Wilson Wan

Software Engineer

Skills: python c# javascript TypeScript

Tuure Kaunisto (He / They)

I've been a web developer for over 15 years. Although I'm a programmer, good UX is what I like most about my job. I also tinker with electronic projects and robotics.

Skills: JS html css ts React Express c# unity scss SQL PostgreSQL arduino node.js

Alexandra Dresco (she)

Java, HTML/CSS, Golang . Work in fraud detection :)

Skills: java HTML/CSS golang

Gordon Blackadder (him)

I'm a machine learning data scientist at ASOS

Skills: python data science machine learning

Nick Kotowski (He)

I just moved to BCN and work as a remote JS/React Native developer for a Swiss company full-time. I self-taught myself coding at university while doing economics and started working as a developer exactly a year ago.

Skills: JS React Native html css

Brendan Soffientini (him/he)

I can help out in many web-dev/programming areas like Javascript, Ruby, Python, APIs, Git, AWS, etc.

Scott Riley (he/him)

I'm a Ruby/Javascript dev, picking up Elixir in my spare time. I was a student at CodeClan a year ago and really enjoy teaching and helping others learn to code.

Ross Hill

I'm a former student of CodeClan now working as a web developer. I'd like to help out others who are starting out and share some of my experience along the way.

Skills: css javascript Drupal sass Git API

Randal Humphries (He/Him)

I'm a IT professional and software developer with 16 years in Tech. I love teaching and mentoring. I've also volunteered as a teaching assistant with RailsBridge on a number of occasions.

Skills: ruby rails html css javascript php windows macOS Linux Networking

Lorna Noble (she/her/they/them)

BDD and Specification by Example enthusiast. Current Ruby - Rails user.

Skills: ruby rails html SQL php

Alexis Mangin

I'm a mobile engineer and my work is focused on react-native development for iOS and Android apps. I have been programming for 10+ years to build large scale web and mobile applications.

Skills: html css javascript TypeScript React react-native

Philip Bruland

I am looking to coach, I have a background in embedded and web technology.

Siddharth Parmar

Web Development, Interaction Design, and Abstract Art fascinates me! Currently, building web stuff at Zalando and Wikipedia.

Skills: javascript React Jest node html css Git

Ester Cheynubrata

I'm a fullstack developer at Futurice and would love to help others out as well as learn new things myself!

Skills: python javascript html css

Jeremy Keith (he/him/they)

I like to teach HTML and CSS.

Skills: html css javascript

Anatolie Lupacescu

I can help with docker, java, go-lang in particular or OOP, FP or CS in general.

Alex Fedenczuk (he/him)

Senior Consultant (specialising in software engineering) working with Typescript, React, Python and various AWS services.

Skills: python django MongoDB javascript TypeScript React AWS

Kevin Lawver (he/his)

I want to help people learn to code!

Skills: html css ruby javascript rails

Ming Zhou (he)

I love teaching. I have taught over 30 classes in software development and hardware in my undergrad years. And I am keeping it up with becoming a TA at my grad school, tutoring ~80 people on building a modern and sophisticated website.

Richard Phillips-Kerr (he/him)

Software Engineer at BBC World Service & CodeClan grad. Best at JS (React), CSS & design, though I love thinking through any problem! The work Codebar is doing to create opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech to learn code is really important

Skills: javascript css html React

Mauro Gestoso (he/him)

I'm passionate about education and helping people change into a career they enjoy. I want to be the coach I needed when I was starting out. I've worked as a teacher at Northcoders and as a software engineer for BBC Sport and currently for Infinity Works.

Grzegorz Ziemonski (he/his)

I'd like to help out people who are new to the field. I've been a developer for over 5 years. I used to run a fairly popular coding blog and lead the Java section at DZone.

Lee Doughty (he/him)

React, Node, Express, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG, Three.js, p5.js

Skills: html css javascript Three.JS p5.js React Creative Coding node svg

Oliver Turner (he/him)

I switched careers to webdev when I was nearly 30. Self-taught, I *wish* something like Codebar had existed back then! Love helping folks to learn, mad keen on JavaScript/Node and CSS.

Skills: html javascript React css sass node

Leo Campbell

I am commercial developer looking to help with some coaching.

Pablo Brasero (he/him)

Full stack web developer

Skills: ruby python javascript Linux Databases SQL Ember

Ahmed Mahdi ( he/him)

As a self taught developer there where times I wished I had someone to ask questions and point me in the right direction. I would really like to be that person for others now.

Skills: python SQL TypeScript c Linux

Luis Tejero (he/him)

I am working as a software engineer after an intensive course at codeclan, the main stack on the company I am working at is Python and AWS.

Kelly Davis Davis (He)

I'm just interested in helping new coders get over those moments when they think they can't get it.

Skills: Javascript (inc. ES6) jQuery html css React/React Native Semantic UI Bootstrap Webpack Babel

Jacob Thwaites (he/him)

I'm a software engineer from Edinburgh. I currently work mostly with TypeScript and C#, but have experience with lots of different technologies

Skills: html css javascript TypeScript python c# React

Sarah Giblett (She)

I currently work as a software developer contractor

Skills: c# SQL css JavaScript/jQuery html Umbraco PHP/Smarty PHP .NET .ASP.NET

Robin Newton (he/him)

I'm a software engineer in Cambridge. I've worked with C, C++, Java, Python and a smattering of Javascript and Perl.

Skills: python c c++ java

Jihyun HWANG (Jihyun)

I'm currently studying with Founders and coders. I'd love to contribute my skills and also want to learn by other people.

Skills: React javascript css frontend

Toby Dore

I'm a former Data Science student, and I used to be a VBA developer and work with SQL. I've had some experience mentoring and coaching in previous jobs.

Skills: python machine learning SQL html css VBA.

Lamont James (he)

I can help people with some Python, Ruby, and general programming principles questions if that'd be helpful.

Tom Westmacott (he/him)

I've always enjoyed programming and I'm keen to share the fun. I've got quite a bit of Javascript experience, as well as Java/Scala, and recently a moderate amount of Python. I have a bit of coaching experience & I'm happy to attempt to help with anything

Chetan Padia (he/him)

Mostly using Typescript/Javascript with HTML, CSS, Git and Linux. I also have experience with Kotlin, Swift, Java, Clojure, Python and more.

Ewan Pearce (he)

I'm currently a student with Northcoders with a few weeks left to go. I've been learning javaScript with Express, React and various testing suites plus some html and CSS on the side.

Skills: javascript basic html basic css

Amélie Chan (She)

I am a recent graduate of Founders & Coders, a full stack Javascript coding bootcamp, and currently work at an ed-tech startup :)

Skills: javascript html css React React Native

Piotr Zielinski

I'd like to share my 20+ years of coding experience and get people enthusiastic about the possibilities programming has to offer.

Skills: c# SQL javascript html css python php ruby PowerShell AWS software architecture

Isaac Raskin (he/him)

I am an alumnus of Founders and Coders, a javascript boot camp in London and Nazareth. I currently work for a music tech startup called Beatchain as a senior developer. I'd love to coach people in node, react, next.js, react-router, typescript etc.

Skills: html css javascript node React Next.js react-router Redux TypeScript styled-components GraphQL

Kevin Ansfield (he)

I have 15 years experience in the web development industry as a full-stack developer across many different programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. My current focus is predominately JavaScript based web technologies.

Skills: javascript html css ruby rails node Ember

Wojciech Debowicz (He)

I'm Java/Kotlin backend developer for about 10 years, after hours game developer on unity 3D engine.

Skills: backend java kotlin docker Microservices consul Game Development unity 3D

Esko Luontola (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer with coding experience since 1999. I created the TDD MOOC at the University of Helsinki: I've also coached beginners at Rails Girls and wrote the tutorial

Skills: frontend backend ux TDD devops

Jan Skowronski (He)

Software engineer passionate about functional programming but happy to prototype in dynamic languages. Got into the industry via bootcamp 4 years ago. Vegetarian and queer.

Skills: html javascript nodejs TypeScript React functional programming Elm

Yulia Litvinchuk (she/her)

I'm a Software Engineer and a coach/an organiser at Codebar.

Skills: node.js React Redux html JS

Max Andrew-Beale (He)

I want to coach at codebar! I have past experience with tutoring in IT and Maths, and I've been retraining in web dev over the last 8 months or so. I would like to help beginners in javaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP and Design concepts.

Claudia Menting (me)

I just completed the CodeClan course and found nothing more valuable than having a good surrounding of teachers, mentors and people willing to help you learn. Still a novice programmer but willing to help wherever I can!

Skills: html css JS

Denis Sazonov

Python developer, digital forensic specialist, based in Brighton.

Skills: python Flask django Linux html css

Richard Wigley

Small Business Owner

Skills: ruby rails

James MacWhyte (He/him)

I worked in software development in Silicon Valley for 5 years. I think we sorely need more diversity in the tech industry, which is why I want to volunteer with codebar!

Skills: javascript HTML/CSS c++ golang php UX Design

Chloe Langford

Currently a certified front end developer for Gene Commerce with knowledge in PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript

Skills: php html CSS and Javascript

Jake Smith (He, Him, Jake, Sid)

I'm an app designer / developer for DabApps. Javascript / CSS ninja.

Skills: javascript React Angular css Less sass Npm node canvas animation Processing

Bob Whitelock (he/him)

I've been programming for about 7 years now, using various languages and technologies. Currently I work for Alces Software ( I'd like to help out teaching people and sharing what I know :).

Skills: javascript React Redux python ruby Sinatra rails Linux command line bash Zsh java html css Elm Git SQL vim

Fey Ijaware (She)

I am a self-taught Software Developer, with almost 3 years experience developing. I specializes in Web and Android Development, currently focusing on Front-End Development and aspiring to be a Full-Stack Developer.

Craig Richardson (he/him)

I'm a Senior Tech Lead working with Python and Django

Skills: python django

Sergio Rosas

Fullstack developer, I was going to study Maths but then I discovered coding, so I've been doing it for the past 10-15 years. I hate PHP and love LISP but apparently people don't like brackets that much :(

Skills: .NET SQL javascript React Git vs code c# node.js TypeScript

michela bonfieni (she/her)

I'd be happy to contribute to reduce disparities in access to tech. I have experience working with data with Python, R, and SQL, and as an academic tutor. I am a queer emigrant working in tech, passionate about language, self-taught coder.

Skills: python R SQL data science statistics

Matthew Blewitt (he/him)

Studied philosophy at university, self-taught software engineer, currently working for Heroku, a Salesforce company. I enjoy helping people reach their potential, and giving back to that which has given me so much.

Skills: ruby rails devops terraform PostgreSQL javascript SQL Go

Luke Twyman

I've been a freelance developer & designer for 10 years, I focus on creative coding projects involving visuals, audio, interactive experiences & data visualisation. I enjoy teaching people creative skills so figured I'd try this!

Joko Sanyang (she/her)

Front end developer. Founders and Coders grad.

Skills: html css javascript React PostgreSQL Redux

Claire Connachan (she/her)

I am a software engineer at the BBC, working on the digital publishing team to support curations, authoring and metadata. Stack is JS and Scala. First love is Ruby.

Skills: rails ruby html css javascript

Ben Paddock (he/him)

I am a professional software developer working remotely from Leamington Spa. I enjoy coding, knowledge sharing and keen to help others and learn new things. I can provide coaching for all aspects of web development including JS, HTML and CSS.

Skills: javascript node testing web development html css

Roddy Daly (Him/his)

I have just Graduated from Codeclan and love the idea of teaching others and encouraging them to take up a career in tech. It's never too late!

Skills: java ruby javascript MongoDB postgres html css

Daniel Berzon (He)

Ruby, ROR, Html, CSS, Java, Javascript jquery knockout, PHP and wordpress Freelance web developeer since 2005 collaborating mainly with codeface ltd. Previously full time java developer for Oyster partners in London

Garrett Coakley (he/him)

I've been in some form of web development for nearly 20 years and enjoy giving back and helping others learn.

Skills: html css javascript php python user experience information architecture

Grant Burton

Taught basic HTML authoring. Coded in Php for at least a decade.

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