Here you can find a list of the 3204 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Poppie Simmonds

Coaching in Birmingham. 2nd year Computer Science student. Have mentored young people at Young Rewired State previously, and often get involved in outreach programmes with uni.

Lily Hoskin

Full Stack Developer

Jack Wearden

Hackathon & JavaScript usergroup organiser

Martin Blackburn

I am a front-end developer at Madgex. I work mainly in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but know a little PHP too.

Georg Lysen

As part of my job as a tester, I have tinkered a bit with python and shell scripts,

James McNeil (he/him)

Software engineer at Pivotal. Currently work mostly in Golang and yell at yaml. Previously a java/scala/sometime devops engineer at Equal Experts. Very previously a frontend developer at a doomed startup

Skills: javascript java React kubernetes docker golang Scala

James Bliss

I'm a Lead Front End Developer at redweb.

Adam Howard

Ruby/Javascript/iOS developer working in the industry for the last 5 years

Sara O'Connor

Ruby and JavaScript. Learning to code full time right now. Coming from kids' book publishing. Proudest accomplishment so far: The Story Adventure live-writing website for kids:

Ash Richards

Worked the web for the last 15 years, initially design & HTML / CSS / JS, more recently working with Wordpress / Magento / Drupal / PhoneGap (phone apps) and Meteor JS. Hoping to help with coaching and pass something on.

Shanthi Pendleton

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, other interests include knitting, horses, and books

Jolyon Russ

I enjoy teaching people to code. I'm a full stack contractor working predominantly in Javascript, but have also dabbled in Ruby and used to be a Flash developer.

Skills: javascript html css sass React

Jeff Alstott

Coach. I know data science: Python, R, Matlab, statistics.

Florence Okoye

I program primarily in web development languages (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) and C++ (including MATLAB).

Raluca Puichilita (She/her)

Full-stack developer, with an interest in front-end design

Kristian Hamilton

Front end for a while. Interests include art, sewing and coding

Skills: html javascript css React TDD Redux jQuery creative code and generative art

Michał Kreft

I can help with anything related to git, html, ruby, iOS development or generally with everything :)

Sandrine Zhang Ferron

I did Makers Academy and am working now on a startup

Dmitri Akatov

Web Developer. In a previous life an Oxford University Computer Science PhD

Mickaël Vieira

I've been working in the tech industry for more than 10 years and I like sharing my knowledge.

James Miller

I would love to share my knowledge of Ruby and (some) JavaScript with others!

Nick Banford (He/Him)

Help more people learn to code. Previously volunteered at a CodeClub for children.

Skills: javascript TypeScript c# Xamarin css html React

Paul Fitzgerald

Looking to pass on some knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python or Ruby/Rails.

Will Pillar

Lead PHP Developer @

Lee Jordan

I'm a front end web developer who has worked for lovefilm, amazon and The web development community is great at sharing knowledge and expertise and I enjoy doing the same.

Sebastian Torrente

I am spanish, studied Physics (wanted to be a Mad Scientist when I was a kid) and work now as QA. After listening to the Brighton Codebar team during a Ruby Conference I became aware of Codebar and decided to help.

Rebecca Appleyard

I am a developer who enjoys working in Ruby and JavaScript. I am a work for the Parliamentary Digital Service and I am keen to help other people learn to code too!

Dominic Hauton

I'm a third year Computer Science student at Bath, currently on work placement in London. I have developed in Java for 2 years now and have taught Java to multiple people both at work and at university.

Aleksander Sumowski

Learned about codebar from a fellow Thoughtworker. I enjoy teaching and coaching and one of my most best moments in career was being a coach in RailsGirls in one of our offices.

Skills: basic js basic ruby basic html python clojure Scala should be ok with most beginner level problems

Mike Passey

Always wanted to get involved with teaching coding

Nicholas Papacostas

Heyo! My name is Nick, I'm from New York and I just moved to London. I'm working as a software developer for The Guardian and am looking for ways to get involved in my local tech community. I've volunteer-taught programming before and would love to help!

Simon Plenderleith (he/him)

I have been fiddling around with code in one way or another for over 20 years, and I still love it! I'm looking forward to helping folks learn to code.

Skills: html css javascript node.js bash SQL docker

Luke Fribbens

Being a coach

Andrew Betts

Director of FT Labs at the Financial Times. Know PHP, JavaScript, CSS (&Sass), HTML. I run a public polyfill service at, and currently interested in web components, ES6 modules and ServiceWorker.

Natalia Baltazar

Client-side developer at the Guardian.

Rosy Tucker

Software developer at ThoughtWorks, working with whatever languages come my way.

Skills: ruby html Git css JS Mobile React node

Jesus Prieto Colomina

I'm a backend ruby developer with experience in javascript via backbone.js mainly interested in concurrent and functional now.

Jag Reehal

I'm a developer in Cambridge who has experience in developing responsive apps.

Lydia Shepherd

Software developer, moving to London and heard about at silicon milkroundabout

Jay Davis

I'm a front-end developer and am keen to share my experience and knowledge.

Matt Freestone

I've been writing code since I was a kid - I'm from the ZX Spectrum generation. I've worked for several large banks and software companies writing all kinds of applications. More recently I've managed development groups in the UK and India.

Jack Stevens

I am a full-stack JavaScript developer at Funding Circle; I contribute regularly to open source projects and love helping others learn to code. Diversity ftw. More types of people = more awesome ideas.

Patryk Nowak

I want to help people with their front end skills (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Currently I am front end developer at London based agency.

Dāvis Viļums

I am php developer who started to take focus on FrontEnd

Gijs Kruitbosch

I help make the front-end (buttons 'n stuff) of Firefox. I'll try to help you write HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Nik Caplen

I work at a start-up in Kemp Town that makes financial & trading software. I like the finance world as a programmer because almost any crazy algorithm you can think of has probably been used somewhere in the industry.

Michael Craddock

I'm a Front End Developer at Redweb helping out as a coach

Skills: css html javascript php Gulp scss

Franziska (Franzi) Sauerwein (she/they)

I want to share my knowledge and help others learn

Javier Ramirez

Web developer, daydreamer and all around happy person.Interested in all things internet and how it's reshaping our culture and society.

Phill Bailey

Coaching HTML/CSS

Hristo Georgiev

I've worked as a teaching assistant and tutor at undergraduate and graduate courses and absolutely loved it. I've also organized voluntarily tutoring sessions for small groups of students.

Chris Mckenzie

I'll be a coach.

Sam Marshall

I've been working as a web developer for about two and a half years, working mainly in javascript focused on clean, functional code. I'm interested in other languages like Clojure and Golang. I'd love to help teach under-represented groups in tech

Sigute Kateivaite

mainly Android stuff..

Mathieu Dutour

I'm a fullstack developer at Enki in London. Having a general engineering background, developing help me find elegant and quick solution to very general problems and I'd like to give this passion to solve problems through code to others.

Lucy Oliphant

Improving my JavaScript skills ideally. I would like to work on basic JavaScript projects or exercises.

Asier Barrenetxea

I am a software developer who loves programming and learning. They say you haven't learnt anything well enough until you teach it to somebody, right? I would like to challenge myself to do so. If it's for a good cause even better!

Yvette Cook (she/her)

After having the amazing opportunity to attend Makers Academy, and now work as an iOS Developer, I want to share some of my luck around. I worked as an alumni helper at Makers Academy after graduating, and enjoyed helping people find the answer themselves

Amal Kakaiya (him/he)

I want to help introduce and encourage people to get into the industry that I love! I work as a mobile developer at a tech startup and have a degree in Comp Sci. Coding can be difficult as times, but when it works, it's so rewarding.

Skills: Android java javascript React.js php

Despo Pentara

Hi, I'm Despo! I'm the founder of codebar. I'm a software consultant working mostly with Ruby and Rails.

Dennis Sandmark

Software Engineer currently working with Angular/Front end at in London.

Jonathan Coltman

Software engineer of over 10 years. Specialising in Java (could coach in other languages though!)

Robert Jones

I want to teach awesome front-end stuff

Phu Ly

Head of UX at Notonthehighstreet with over a decade of experience building web stuff and a particular passion for all things frontend. Chat to me about HTML, CSS and JS :)

Tekin Suleyman

Ruby developer, builder of things, and organiser of the North West Ruby User Group.

James Cox-Morton

I've been working professionally as a web developer for 8 years, most of that time split between Ruby and Javascript. I enjoy sharing the joy of coding and want to help make development a more inclusive and diverse field.

Tony Green

Looking forward to doing some coaching. I am a ruby developer with experience in html, java, sql and some other stuff.

B Mehta

Javascript, HTML and CSS

Aiden Wright (He/Him)

I would really like to get excited about coding again. I'm a front end developer and would like to continue focusing on front end technologies.

Gareth Jones

Software Engineer, interested in helping out with workshops and coaching.

Robin Spottiswoode

I'm a former web developer working at DC Storm Brighton.

Vikki Read

I'm a full stack web dev, with a Java/python/C background, and I'm now a big fan of javascript. I'm also really into helping people learn to code so I'm involved with a few organisations that are helping make that happen :)

Claire Tran

Software engineer at Gumtree(/eBay). I have experience in Java and Ruby on Rails webapps. Previous experience with coaching include RailsGirls, RailsInstallfest and WomenWhoCode. I'm also a WomenWhoCode co-organiser.

Skills: java ruby rails html css

George Good

Help teach people

Skills: rails ruby javascript

Adam Wright

Improving my coaching and mentoring skills

Rob Oles

Ruby stuff :)

John Wesley

In the past I've worked for various development labs from running tutorials at Reading University to working on enterprise middleware @ IBM. I've always enjoyed teaching & coaching, not just in the nuts and bolts of programming, but the thinking part too

Zan Markan

Mobile lead @Pusher. I spend my days hacking and bantering.

Skills: Android java kotlin ruby TDD Git

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