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Dave Gillard (he/him/they)

I'm new to teaching, but have broad industry experience, mostly PHP/SQL/AWS, so happy to help/teach whatever I can.

Skills: MySql node Dropbox) php html Bit of MongoDB PostCSS TailwindCSS JS (ES6) Vue React Webpack Unix AWS CSS (Sass/Less)

Tom Reed (he/him)

Hello, I'm a WordPress developer working for Pragmatic Web in Brighton. Happy to help coach any students that would be interested in learning more about WordPress, HTML, CSS/Sass, and Git.

Shamseena Karumarot (she)

I love to mentor and share knowledge ,and am glad to be part of this great social cause. I am a B.Tech CS graduate, have 2+ years experience in Tata Consultancy Services. I am a self-taught Front End/Web Developer now and willing to share my knowledge.

Skills: html css javascript React Webpack Babel Npm Git github Bootstrap

Paul Wong-Gibbs (he/him)

Team lead/senior developer at a WordPress agency. I'm new to coaching but want to try it and give back.

Skills: wordpress html css php SQL javascript (not React)

Paolo Amosso (he)

Hi, my name is Paolo! I would like to help the community by bringing to the table two years as digital project manager and one year of java developer using Spring. Furthermore I have personal experience in React, Vue, Unity(C#) , Docker and Linux.

Skills: java Spring Boot Spring Cloud React Vue Unity(C#) docker Linux

Jesse Oldershaw (he/him)

Cloud Engineer, MSc Computer Science

Skills: html css javascript python Linux wordpress

Alex Jukes (he/him)

3 year experienced full stack engineer at Xenzone, focused on building high quality software to help young people and adults with their mental wellbeing. In my spare time I like to write and do Tai Chi :)

Skills: javascript node React css html GraphQL REST

James Raspass (he)

Code Monkey for the better part of a decade, primarily Perl, Raku, and Go. Mostly web-based side projects, especially proud of

Lorna Noble (she/her/they/them)

BDD and Specification by Example enthusiast. Current Ruby - Rails user.

Skills: ruby rails html SQL php

Michael Stubbs (he/him)

I'm self-taught in web design and mobile app development. Ideally looking to learn about networking but I'm really open to anything.

James Milner (he/him)

Hello! My name is James, I currently work as a Web Lead at Dent Reality. I do a lot of work in JavaScript/TypeScript both frontend and backend

Skills: javascript TypeScript node.js React NestJS

Nick Goodall (he)

Hello! I run a mobile network in town, and write software on a daily basis (mostly Ruby & Javascript). I've been programming for ~5 years, although colourful HTML tables first piqued my interest when I was 12.

Alexis Mangin

I'm a mobile engineer and my work is focused on react-native development for iOS and Android apps. I have been programming for 10+ years to build large scale web and mobile applications.

Skills: html css javascript TypeScript React react-native

Reshma Patel (she)

Tutoring and mentoring , Programming languages fascinates me, Volunteering at local Code Club for kids

Skills: java javascript python database

Sabrina Wons

I am a Java Web developer. I develop mainly with Java, but also with Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Skills: spring AWS java SQL javascript

Alex Scotton (he/him/they)


Skills: html css scss JS laravel magento Drupal Codeigniter wordpress nodejs React Vue Angular

Hiren Joshi

Developer, devops, sysadmin and data engineer with about 15 years in industry. Curious and likes to break things.

Skills: Platform React JS java SQL DB

Kainy Ryu (she)

I’m attending an intense bootcamp at Kodiri. Working on with my own project and team project. Happy to help about what i know.

Skills: html css (React Javascript)

Nishad Sohoni (he/him)

I am a software engineer and I want to try teaching programming concepts to better understand them.

Skills: python SQL

Richard Westenra (he/him)

I've been doing front-end development since 2009, specialising in interactive data-visualisation and responsive webapps. Originally from New Zealand, but I've been in London since 2011.

Skills: html css javascript Photoshop Git wordpress React d3 accessibility usability

Vladimir Petrov

I want to improve my teaching and communication skills and meet new people. I am a frontend developer for 4 years.

Iona Macbeth (She/Her)

Codeclan grad with 2 year experience. Working for a start up across the stack but predominately in the front end. Mostly working with React, node.js, html, css.

Skills: javascript React node.js html css

Ryan Lynch (he/his/they)

I'm a developer with almost a decade of professional experience. I've also been a bootcamp instructor and trainer. Committed to help.

Skills: javascript nodejs TypeScript React kubernetes AWS html css sass SQL nosql docker golang Elixir

Mo Jama (he/him)

Software developer. I've volunteered at other similar learning environments such as CoderDojo and myself was a teacher in the past. I'd like to promote a positive environment and help explain topics in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

Skills: html css sass javascript Git React.js TypeScript GraphQL

Richard Juggins (He/him)

I am a data scientist mainly working in Python. I have been in the industry almost 2 years and previously did a PhD in Physics.

Skills: python

Andrew Gray (he)

I'm a full stack developer with data science and system integration tendencies. Also chef and mixicologist. I wrote 6502 assembler on a Commodore Pet in 1980. I feel very old.

Skills: Scala java html SQL javascript kotlin rust Elixir Haskell css Git REST golang progressive-enhancement Do-not-use-React

Tristan Roddis (he)

Happy to coach intermediate or beginner level Python, PHP (and Scratch!), as well as beginner level HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Git. Also got recent experience with Drupal, Laravel, Linux, Solr, Elasticsearch, Amazon Web Services if any of that helps.

Skills: python php Drupal

Gary Siu (they/them)

A Rubyist and JS programmer currently specialising in front-end development. West London Coders co-organiser.

Skills: javascript ruby html css

Katherine Spice (she/her)

I started my career in 2000 as a webmaster (aka jack of all trades!) programming in Perl, up to my most recent job as a CTO. I really enjoy helping people from all backgrounds understand technical concepts.

Morgan Roderick (he/they)

Enthusiastic cook and amateur photographer

Skills: html css javascript Git Unit Testing software engineering

Maduri Vassaramo (She)

Full-stack developer at Vinterior

Skills: ruby rails javascript React

David Torres (He/him)

I'm a Front-End Software Engineer. I'm from Spain, where I studied Computer Science and when I finished, after working a year there I decided to come to London to learn some English and work in better places. I've been living here since 2012

Skills: React (not too much exp. with hooks) Redux JS html css jQuery Git

Maria Modan (she/her)

Hi, I've taught myself to code and switched my career from marketing to tech. Now I'm working as a JavaScript developer in a FinTech start-up.

Skills: html css javascript React

Kelsie Braidwood (she/her/they)

I'm a front-end engineer at Digirati and a career changer through CodeClan Scotland.

Skills: javascript html css

Phil Jones


Skills: python javascript React Flask

Fraser Skea (he/him)

Technical lead at a startup looking to help the local dev community. (c#, azure, python, SQL)

Bill Mantegna (he/him)

My colleague Danielle Vass volunteers with Codebar and mentioned that NYC sometimes has trouble getting enough coaches. I'm a software engineer @ Facebook in NYC, and am interested in learning more.

Natalie Yeo (She/ her)

I am a software engineer at RVU with experience building web applications in Ruby, html, css, Javascript and React

Skills: ruby html css javascript TDD

Stephen Charman (he/him)

Android engineer by trade, general nerd. Happy to support people looking to explore programming.

Skills: Android javascript java kotlin Git html python c#

Andrew Fiorillo (he/him/his)

I would like to offer programming instruction to people who are interested to learn. I previously worked as a seasonal programming teacher for five years. My classes were generally with 7-12 year olds, though I instructed teenagers and adults also.

Dominic Coelho (he/him)

Graduate of the awesome Founders & Coders bootcamp. Currently working as a software engineer at Formidable. Previously at Ticketmaster. Most keen to help people with React or vanilla JS projects and learning CSS and HTML!

Skills: javascript React html css node React Native Vanilla JS

Sam Phillips (he/him)

JavaScript & Ruby engineer. Ask me anything!

Skills: ruby javascript html CSS / SCSS SQL MySql Git rails

KJ D (he/him)

Full-stack developer

Skills: javascript css Git MongoDB django ReactJS Flask nodejs relational databases php rails CMS

Robin Newton (he/him)

I'm a software engineer in Cambridge. I've worked with C, C++, Java, Python and a smattering of Javascript and Perl.

Skills: python c c++ java

Alex Rudall (he/him)

Hi there, I've been a Ruby on Rails/JS developer since 2014, and I'm always trying to learn as much as possible. I like teaching others what I know and helping them :)

Mark Woodbridge

I'm the co-founder of a tech startup but also help out with a voluntary one-on-one numeracy/literacy project. Keen to help anyone who's interested in empowering themselves via technology!

Skills: python javascript HTML/CSS

Mari-Ann Shafia (she/her)

Front End Engineer @ GoCo. Passionate advocated for diversity in tech feel free to speak to me about coding, women in tech, getting into tech and mentoring.

Skills: ruby javascript html css React

Merce Bauza

Full stack developer

Skills: Elm Elixir kotlin javascript java html css

Tacuma Bellford

I want to improve my Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills.

Emily Oliver (she/her)

Picking fun projects to learn 2 codeee

Skills: html css javascript React

Thao Vo (she/her)

Hi! I'm a Software Engineer at FutureLearn working mainly with Ruby and a bit of JavaScript, React, Html and CSS. I've been coaching at RailsGirls a few times and would like to improve mentoring and helping others getting into the tech industry.

Skills: ruby javascript html css React

Kelvin Smith (he/him/his)

I'm a software developer with a preference for Ruby and Elixir. Working for Cultivate in Edinburgh.

Skills: functional programming | OOP | typescript | javascript | elixir |ruby | testing / TDD

Han Fakira (he)

Java developer at Sky Network Services. I am a former maths teacher. Some prior experience in ruby, js and python

Skills: java

Daniel Crawley

I am a PHP developer, currently specialising in the Magento Ecommerce Platform. I also have experience in C#, JavaScript and Java.

Skills: php magento java javascript css python

Daniel Clarke (he/him)

Programming enthusiast.

Skills: html css javascript

Abhi Chugh (he)

Full-stack software developer working in finance - although more familiar with server-side/back-end work than UI/front-end.

Skills: c# java SQL ASP.NET javascript AngularJS WPF WCF WebAPI OWIN .NET

Daniel Gillespie (he/his)

I am a Web Developer for the Edinburgh University Business School. I co-organise the Edinburgh codebar chapter.

Skills: javascript node.js React html css wordpress Drupal

Caro Appleby (she/her)

Clojure developer by day, Python hacker by night

Skills: python clojure devops/linux JS etc (beginner only)

Jack Henderson (he)

structure of MERN applications...

Martin McNickle

Head of Engineering at Float. I've really enjoyed the mentoring that I've done as part of my job. I've also grown more and more frustrated at the lack of diversity in the industry and I'm looking to help with that.

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails python django JS vue.js React postgres redis heroku AWS html css

Christian Vielma

I'll be coaching some sessions, especially at King. I have experience developing in Java, Javascript, Scala among other languages. See more:

Skills: java javascript Scala

Matt Lubel

I am a fullstack javascript developer who loves learning new technologies and helping other enthusiastic coders on the road to building cool things!

Skills: javascript node.js python

Lee Doughty (he/him)

React, Node, Express, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG, Three.js, p5.js

Skills: html css javascript Three.JS p5.js React Creative Coding node svg

Ben Parsons

Currently a Partner Engineer at Facebook. Developer for 10+ years. Mostly web, front-end/backend, some Android.

Ninamma Rai (she/her)

Relatively new software engineer at Made Tech. Have mostly coded with Python, Ruby and C#. Can also have a stab at some JS, HTML and CSS.

Szilvi Horvath (she/her)

I'm a junior developer, working mainly on the front end. I'd like to offer some support and pass on my knowledge to people who are starting out on their journey or just want to give coding a try.

Skills: html css javascript

Iain Bean (he/him)

I'm a senior developer at Cogapp. I like being creative with JavaScript and CSS.

Skills: html css sass javascript TypeScript React Next.js Gatsby

Adiya Mohr (they/them)

I am currently working as a frontend engineer. I have been coding for the past two years and attended Codebar as a student <3

Henriette Hettinga (She)

Self-learner Python and Django. March 2020 graduated Ironhack Web Development bootcamp (JS, React, Express, Node, MongoDB, Heroku).

Kristján Oddsson (He/Him)

I'm from Iceland, now live in London and work at GitHub. I used to help run meetups and nodeschool in Iceland and would love to help out at Codebar.

Skills: javascript ruby html css python

Duncan Little (He)

I’ve worked as an academic in physics for around 5 years of my life and now I’m working as a Data Scientist at Throughout my time as an academic and working in industry I’ve always enjoyed teaching and passing on my skills!

Skills: python data science machine learning

Frederik Ring

I'm a self taught programmer that has been benefiting a lot from patient, smart and friendly people that helped me get running 10 years go. I like doing the very same now.

Skills: javascript css html nodejs golang Linux python

Stephan Klinger

I'm interested in mentoring on the topics of Python, Django, JavaScript and Angular. I have previously mentored/coached at OpenTechSchool, OpenTechSummit. Last summer I taught creative programming for kids (Scratch, Microbit, RaspberryPi).

Skills: python django Flask javascript Git

Alexandra Moore

Front-end developer from Norwich working for Neontribe. I'm so excited to be able to set this Norwich chapter of codebar up and wish it was an option when I was first learning to code!

Skills: html css sass javascript Git

Roisin Farmer (she/her)

I am a senior full stack developer working with various technologies. I had a pretty traditional path with an MEng in Software Engineering I love hearing everyone's different route into tech

Skills: AngularJS java javascript SQL Angular React

Simas Janusas (he)

Coding is fun and exciting! My main focus is Python language, especially in area of Data Analysis and ML. I have intermediate skills in HTML, CSS, have created a several website layouts with it. Also, used Python Flask.

Skills: python SQL pandas html css

Steve Burtenshaw (he/him/they)

I'm a Javascript/Typescript developer working mainly on web project. I have experience in React, Node and also hardware things (Arduino, IOT)

Skills: javascript React css html arduino Processing sass node Express TypeScript

Kira Slobodina (she)

Hi, I'm Kira. I’d like to learn HTML & CSS & JavaScript.

Mathilda Gregory (she/her)

I studied programming as a student (C and LISP) but haven't done it in a long time. I work as a copywriter and I'd like to extend my skills

Sergi Tantinya (he)

I've recently moved from London, where I lived for 6yrs. I've always wanted to contribute to the the web industry and Codebar seems the perfect opportunity. Still consider myself a junior in many areas and I want to help other people join the industry.

Skills: html css JS Vue

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