Here you can find a list of the 3204 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Annabel Kramer (she/they)

I am a Data Scientist/Engineer at Current Health in Edinburgh and studied AI and NLP at University of Edinburgh. Mainly work in Python and SQL.

Skills: python SQL data analysis data engineering

Freyja Nash (She/her)

I've been doing front endy stuff since the beginning of this year. I have a cheeky website, check it out I love me some javascript and have been teaching myself React more recently.

Skills: Humour javascript css html

Alex Bass (he/him)

I'm a front-end developer (React apps, css, etc) from the UK, living in Barcelona for 2 yrs. I want to help and share what I know :-)

Skills: javascript React Redux css MySql MongoDB node.js

Alex Curran (he/him)

I really enjoy mentoring developers at my company, an iOS and Android agency. I'd really like to help the community more (in particular the refugee community) and using skills which I enjoy sounds like a perfect mix!

Skills: iOS Android React JS ts html css

Clem Capel-Bird (She/her)

Elixir and React Developer at Ascential Plc. Makers Academy Alumni.

Kayra Alat

I'm full stack but I feel at home with Python.

Adedayo Adedapo (He)

Code Writing

Skills: php javascript Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) HTML/HTML5 MySql Git Bootstrap jQuery

Neil Kimmett (he/him)

I'm an iOS developer, but also know bits of HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python and Javascript. I would love to help people learn, it would give me joy in my heart <3

Sam Murray (He/him)

Developer at Made by Many. Skills: JavaScript, Elixir, React, React Native

James Thompson

Currently I spend most of my time in the high performance data analysis and visualisation space, mostly maritime geospatial, but also moonlight in a ton of different areas including web dev and arduino programming.

Moe Aboueltayb

Would like to help coaching anything related to front-end. Currently I'm work with the front end architecture team in Zalando.

Funmi Adewodu (She/Her)

I'm a graduate of Makers Academy and former student at Codebar. I currently work as an iOS developer at Starling Bank. I'm passionate about coding and helping others get into Tech.

Skills: ruby javascript html iOS Swift Android java CSS.

Luca Nioi (he/him)

if you haven't watched the HBO miniseries Chernobyl, I strongly recommend you to do so

Skills: ruby java javascript css html OOP Functional Scala clojure

Tom Loake (he/him)

Full Stack Engineer at The Ambassadors Theatre Group. Keen to talk and learn about Node and Front End. Excited to see people get in to the industry :D

Skills: html sass css Javscript ESNext ES2015 ES6 Web Components nodejs React

Kate Beard (she/her)

Learning the basics of front-end web development and hoping to move into a career as a junior dev in 2018/2019

Bonnie Appleton (she/her/they)

Developer at Photocrowd, working with Python, Django, HTML, CSS

Shaun Adams (he/him)

I have just finished the 16 week course at CodeClan and really want to share my knowledge. I also believe making the industry more diverse is so important and I want to contribute whatever I can to that aim.

Rich Taylor

Front end, middle tier and back end things.

Simon Hafner (He/him)

I've seen most things backend.

Skills: Android kotlin Jetpack Compose rust Scala Haskell PureScript javascript

John Edmonds-Bell (he)

I've loved programming since I wrote my first program in BASIC back in the 80's. Now I"m a Freelance Full Stack Developer and my hobby is my job. The best bit, there's always something new and fun to learn. My passion is for webby stuff

Skills: SQL c# VB html css javascript

Nishita Singhal

JavaScript Developer at Marvel Prototyping

Sam Blausten

I'd like to help people teach themselves to code because I think its a massively satisfying and useful career or hobby. I learned myself at a bootcamp. I've done a fair bit of teaching in the past, facilitating workshops. I work at OvoEnergy as a dev.

Skills: java ruby Scala javascript

Pete West (he/him)

I've been coaching with codebar for several years. I've also taught at a Code First Girls course. I've coached at free workshop and hack day events for 4 years.

Skills: JS python php ruby html css

Oliver De Sousa (He)

Looking to help new coders with Ruby, SQL, JavaScript and React and in the process, learn something new myself too.

Henry Le Grys (Any)

I'm a programmer that likes to tinker with various levels of technology, from basic web development down to lower-level tinkering with C and microcontrollers.

Alice Boyd-Leslie

Organiser of codebar Brighton. Developer at Built By Buffalo

Mohammed Momo

because i like it so much i am in love with it

Ed Putans (They/Them)

4 years of Frontend dev experience, 1 year of teaching code professionally, 28 years of being cringe

Skills: javascript React TypeScript css html React Native nodejs SQL Prisma

Pedro Albert

30+ years of programming experience and still passionate about it ! from assembler kernel code to javascript frontend UIs.

Skills: javascript

Michaela van Esveld (she)

I just graduated from CodeClan, Edinburgh, cohort 19.

Anna Holland Smith (She)

Software Engineer at the BBC

Skills: javascript ruby Scala

Karolin Siebert (She)

I'm working as a developer since 6 years and really enjoyed being a codebar coach.

Skills: JS ruby Git

Mike Ly (He)

I want to work on mentoring and coaching skills because I’ve personally gained a lot and got given a fantastic chance be my mentors. I’d like to pass that on. I’m pretty good at CSS stylings and also do react in my day to day job.

Keith Gunn

Ran my own web development company for 10 years before moving to work in Finance as a developer, currently working at FanDuel as a software engineer

Skills: javascript html css ReactJS java

Jon Sanders

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node...and a tiny bit of Ruby

David Halewood (him)

Having been a coach, mentor and educator for over 10 years I have a wealth of experience helping others achieve their goals. With my new found knowledge of best practice coding principles I feel that I can offer a lot to new coders

Felix Harrison (he/him)

I am a full stack developer with a keen interest in C#, JavaScript and Ruby. I always looking to expand my knowledge and skills by meeting new people and learning new things!

Skills: ruby rails javascript html css React c# ASP.NET node

Raymond Wong (He)

I would like to share my knowledge and encourage people to make their dreams a reality through code. I am a technology enthusiast so I love everything from coding, gadgets and advancements.

Skills: Computer Science python c# java TypeScript SQL Linux ReactiveX Networks

Hugo Carr (Him/His/He)

PhD Computer Science / Machine Learning. I've done a lot of Java and Python, and am currently learning Scala. I've been a data scientist for a number of years, and am super keen to help any aspiring coders/hackers in any way I can.

Padma Edirisinghe (She)

I am interested in learning anything including codes. I have experience in R, python, HTMl, Java in basic levels

Stuart Quin (he)

I'm interested in helping out with teaching/training. I've previously helped out at Makers Academy and helped host an event for the Stemettes.

Philipp Germann

Hi, I work on cell-based simulations of organ formation using CUDA. I have done quite some data analysis in Python [1]. Cheers 1.

Skills: python CUDA c++

Garrett Coakley (he/him)

I've been in some form of web development for nearly 20 years and enjoy giving back and helping others learn.

Skills: html css javascript php python user experience information architecture

Kat Lynch (She/her)

Hi! I'm a full stack web developer currently working with React/JavaScript/Typescript and Firebase. I also have experience with Python, Ruby, Elixir and SQL.

Skills: Elixir Phoenix python ruby javascript React SQL AWS terraform TypeScript

Ian Foote

I'm a Senior Python Developer, mostly working with Django. I'm interested in introducing other people to one of my passions.

Dominik Kundel (he/him)

I'm a web developer and currently a developer evangelist at Twilio. In the past I taught a variety of workshops for all levels of coding expertise. I'm passionate to teach people new things whenever I can.

Arpitha Patil (she)

I am passionate about teaching people what I have learnt. I learnt how to code at a bootcamp and have volunteered there in teaching beginners how to code. Currently working as a developer in ThoughtWorks.

Noemi Lapresta (she/her)

My name is Noemi and I have worked as a software developer and QA engineer. I can assist in questions regarding software development, software architecture and testing strategies. My day-to-day work is in Ruby, but I am also confident in Python or Go.

Vanessa Bower (she)

Founders & Coders grad

Jenni Redfern (she)

I want to help people learn to code like coding bootcamps have done for me. I would like to share my experience and pass what I have learnt to others and also learn from others too.

Daniele Varrazzo (he/him)

I'm interested in improving the diversity in the IT industry because all it takes is a brain and a handful of fingers: never a playing field has been so levelled and there is no reason anyone should be underrepresented.

Skills: Linux python PostgreSQL c django html css javascript

Katja Seger

Front-end & web

James Rhodes (he/him/his/his)

I particularly like Haskell and Rust. I currently write some Python and some Rust in my day job, and am learning some Clojure too. I also like seeing people achieve new things, and helping them get there when I can.

Skills: python rust javascript Haskell

David Mickisch (He)

I want to teach people python

Mark Hla

Brighton-based developer of 20+ years experience and startup CTO. Coded in multiple languages, but probably best to help coach basic principles, HTML, CSS, javascript.

Emmy Leadley (she/her)

In 2017, I took CodeClan's software development course and I'm now working as a software developer for BJSS in Glasgow.

Skills: html css javascript java ruby

Emil Virkki (he/him)

I'm interested in coaching :)

Diyan Krasimirov (he/him)

I would like to teach technical stuff to people interested in learning and growing professionally. I don't have any experience teaching, but love helping others.

Skills: php MySql javascript html AWS REST APIs Design patterns

Angelina Blyth Blyth (she)

A former student of CodeClan, now a JS developer.

Skills: java javascript html css ruby AWS

Guillermo Orellana (he/him)

I want to give back to the community for all the great things the community has given me. I have coached developers-to-be before as a session leader for Udacity.

Skills: Git Android kotlin java

Bob Whitelock (he/him)

I've been programming for about 7 years now, using various languages and technologies. Currently I work for Alces Software ( I'd like to help out teaching people and sharing what I know :).

Skills: javascript React Redux python ruby Sinatra rails Linux command line bash Zsh java html css Elm Git SQL vim

Dean Chapman (he/his/they)

I'm a developer and architect. I'd like to help someone get some joy from coding and improve my ability to teach at the same time.

Skills: java Scala javascript clojure

David O'Leary

Personally I would like to improve my coaching skills. I've done a lot of pair programming over my career and believe its a great way to share knowledge. On the tech side I am a fullstack JavaScript developer who leans towards Node.js development.

Skills: Node.js JavaScript Unit tests TDD React KnockoutJS Refactoring

Chu Andie

Will be coaching HTML/CSS/JavaScript in Codebar Shanghai

Gabriella Medas (She)

I have just started an apprenticeship at 8th Light Ltd, London, to become a software developer. I have just started learning Ruby and would like to know more about the developing world both in terms of coding and of its "population"

Phuong Huynh

I'm happy to help mentor CSS, HTML, or JavaScript stuff. I've helped mentor Perth Web Girls in the past which was mainly HTML and CSS.

Skills: html css javascript Angular React

Margo Urey

Web developer using ruby, rails, javascript, html, css and anything else I can learn

Skills: ruby rails javascript html css TDD vue.js react-native

Roisin Farmer (she/her)

I am a senior full stack developer working with various technologies. I had a pretty traditional path with an MEng in Software Engineering I love hearing everyone's different route into tech

Skills: AngularJS java javascript SQL Angular React

Sandy McMillan (he/him)

I'm currently a Senior Developer at AND Digital. Previously I was a Senior Instructor at CodeClan

Skills: ruby javascript c c++ c# java SQL

Jahmel Harris (He)

Software development and tech training

Skills: software Security hardware

Charlie Strange (He/Him/They)

Having had experience in IT at many levels, I'm currently settled in web development (PHP/JS) in the Tech-for-Good sector. I'd like a crack at supporting and assisting new coders.

Skills: PHP (Laravel) SQL JS (ReactJS Vue.JS) sysadmin Agile development

James Milner (he/him)

Hello! My name is James, I currently work as a Web Lead at Dent Reality. I do a lot of work in JavaScript/TypeScript both frontend and backend

Skills: javascript TypeScript node.js React NestJS

Steve Burtenshaw (he/him/they)

I'm a Javascript/Typescript developer working mainly on web project. I have experience in React, Node and also hardware things (Arduino, IOT)

Skills: javascript React css html arduino Processing sass node Express TypeScript

Imran Sulemanji

JavaScript, React and React Native engineer at Formidable Labs. General Assembly instructor and Bootcamp alumni.

Skills: javascript React React Native ruby

James Stone (he/him)

Senior Software Developer at Futurice in Helsinki. I speak at local meetups, have a youtube channel, and podcast called composing code (music + code). Check my twitter link for details. English Native, Intermediate French, Basic Finnish and Russian.

Skills: javascript python React TypeScript ES6 design Design Systems Redux

Crystal Grant (She/her)

I am a true tech geek. My passion lies in technology especially the internet and the ultimate thought process of figuring all the possibilities of solving logical problems.

Skills: javascript React JS/Native node PostgreSQL HTML/CSS Git jQuery

Jonathan Fielding

I want to help developers working on anything responsive, javascript, node.js and performance related

Jem Abulhawa (She)

Working on improving my JavaScript skills. I'd love to pair programme and meet more female coders!

Matthew Keller (he/him/his)

Full-time programmer looking to give a little back.

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