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Mindy Preston (she/her or they/their)

I'm a software engineer at Docker.

Johanna Pearce (she/her)

I'm a language agnostic developer with an interest in simplicity and education. I've worked in both web agencies and the city for the last 20 years and I'd like to apply my problem solving experience to helping other people solve problems of all kinds.

Skills: javascript kotlin ux UI

Tara Ojo

I'm a front-end dev, worked with HTML/CSS/JS/SASS/AngularJS

Henry Turner (He)

I guess I'm an experienced Ruby and web developer by day, but like to sleep during the night.

Tom Davies

Professional software engineer with industrial experience in F#, C# and Java

Holly Priest

I'm a Software Engineer at Facebook, working in Hack/php. I also have experience with Java, Python, Js/React/Angular and functional languages. As well as programming and CS theory, I love drawing and writing.

Giacomo Sorbi

I would like to guide beginners both in what is already done (web dev, versioning, etc) and in some new field: with the friends from Founders and Coders we have started what they called *uncompetitive* competitive coding, also to better in interviews.

Skills: python ruby javascript Git css html competitive coding software design testing

Giamir Buoncristiani

I would like to help people with Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I have a background on Computer engineering studies and I worked as a freelance web designer in the past. I recently graduated at Makers Academy, a web development bootcamp in London.

Skills: ruby python php javascript jQuery rails Sinatra Flask AngularJS nodejs html css PostgreSQL MySql MongoDB

Fernando Diaz

Ruby Developer, Agile practitioner and Shutl Engineer

Rob Young

I would like to be a coach for people learning with Python.

Blake Farha (he/him)

I want to help coach students in Frontend and Back End Development

Steve Bradshaw

Professional developer with 20 years experience

Nasser Dahmani

I've been working on java, spring boot, aws, sql

Gareth Smith ("He" or "They")

I'd like to help with whatever I can. I'm an engineer at pivotal, where I've worked on linux container technology, back end stuff in java and go, and front end stuff in swift. I've also been a postdoc, taught undergrad CS, and built various other apps etc

Lin Taylor (she/her/they/them)

I'm a data scientist, first came to codebar as a student, now a coach :). I used to run codebar Cambridge.

Skills: python

Hrishi Mittal (he/him)

Full-stack developer and founder of Learnetto

Skills: ruby rails javascript html css R SQL Git

Chris Odeon (He/Him)

I'm a full-stack ruby/rails web developer based in London.

Skills: ruby rails CSS3 jQuery HAML


I learn Wordpress & Html. It's to learn how to code with Html/css/htlm5/php for my activity.Thank you

Skills: wordpress Etsy html (basics)

Ricky Tonini

Python, JavaScript. Scala dabbler.

Joseph Morrow

I'm a developer and designer with 4 years' combined professional experience.

Katia Panter (she/her)

I used to teach Computer Science at A-level and am now trying to start a career in tech.

Skills: html css JS python ruby

Mic Cassano (he/him)

Front-end dev and Makers Academy alumni

Skills: javascript html css React

David Molinero

Mentor at Shutl

William Taylor

I'm a full-time software developer, in the past I've working with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Angular.js as well as git etc.

Dominic Huxley (he his)

I've been a developer for 15 years, freelancing. Now running business in shoreham. Mainly Wordpress development now. Lots of front-end experience - HTML, CSS, SASS, jQuery. Pretty capable in PHP.Some teaching experience - web design at HMP Ford.

Beat Richartz (he/his)

I want to help build a diverse engineering culture - only when worked on by diverse teams technical products can become the all-encompassing change agents we envision. I am working at Pivotal Labs, were we teach devs through pairing day by day.

Skills: TDD object-oriented-design functional programming

Bradley Taylor

All-round web developer, with lots of experience with general web technologies and WordPress (among other things)

Skills: html css javascript php wordpress React

Mollie Stephenson (she/her)

I'm a Makers graduate and currently a resident apprentice at 8th Light. I'm really lucky in that I get to spend so much time learning, and have had so many people help to teach me, and I would love to support someone else to feel like that.

Joe Wong

Java developer at Brandwatch.

Skills: java SQL html

Jaime Caballero (he, she)

I've worked with small and large companies both full term and frelancing, and now want to share the knowledge I've got from the community.

Skills: frontend ux Performance css sass

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