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Bernat Orell

Hi, I am a Front End developer and I am interested in mentor here because a friend told me that it is a very nice environment where I can help people to grow and have a sense of community.

Leke Abolade

iOS Developer at Kin and Carta Create, previously at Makers Academy

Skills: Firebase Swift iOS javascript node

Tom Natt

I've been a developer for many years

Cassie Evans (she/her)

Developer at clearleft, organiser of codebar Brighton

Skills: svg web animation GSAP html css

Alejandro Garcia Angada

I'm a Frontend engineer coming from Spain. I have worked 4 years at trivago and now I moved to the UK to work in Ticketmaster. Always looking for challenges and love to teach people.

Skills: Flux Webpack Tooling HTML5 React Angular javascript css Redux

Jonathan Kerr (he/him)

I've a dev and I work for the government. I write mostly in Python

Skills: sqlalchemy Flask SQL python

Adam Jack

Hi, I'm a Front End Developer and would like to teach people what I know about HTML, CSS and Javascript and learn some things myself on the way.

Narani van Laarhoven

I'm an engineer at DabApps.

Skills: ReactNative django JS React ruby python

Craig Morton (he/him)

I work at CodeClan as an instructor, taking students from little to no programming knowledge to their first job in 16 weeks. I have experience teaching Ruby, Java and JS, mainly in terms of web dev. We also teach some frameworks at the end of the course.

Miles Bland

Front-end developer @builtbybuffalo

Skills: Front-end Craft Ruby on Rails wordpress ruby

Keith Martin (He/him)

Coding changed my life, I now have a fun, creative, challenging and rewarding career as a software developer and I want to pay it forward

Skills: Ruby on Rails jQuery SQL ruby javascript html css Perl

Alex Bazlinton

JavaScript, Java, Ruby, HTML + CSS

Roberta Goodhead (she/her)

Full Stack Engineer

Skills: Flutter TypeScript nodejs React c# React Native javascript html css

Cy Iurinic (they/them)

Front-end Developer and Designer with more than 5 years of experience with Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, SASS.

Paul Byrne (He)

I mainly do Ruby on Rails, and also front end stuff with JavaScript, React, jQuery etc. Happy to do Html, Css, JavaScript, or anything in that sphere :)

Katie McGinley (she/her)

I'm a frontend developer, so my specialty is javascript/html/css. I am working on learning more about the backend, but I'm not confident enough to teach that side yet.

Khaterine Castellano (She)

I am mobile developer with 4 years knowledge in Objective-C and Swift (iOS) and Java (Android)

Ceri Shaw (she/her)

I've been a developer for 14 years, I've worked in VB, C# and most recently in Ruby and javascript. I'm a member of women who code, help run code workshops aimed at a diverse audience and I love helping people learn to code.

Skills: HTML/CSS ruby javascript

Caroline Hatwell (she/her)

I am a Software Engineer at AND Digital. I've worked with a few stacks now, but I am mostly a Javascript/Python developer. I became an engineer after attending a bootcamp in 2017, and I love encouraging other new programmers

Nelly Kiboi (She/her)

I'd love to attend the events, teach, do a talk. I currently work as full-stack developer in Brighton.I'm from Kenya

Skills: AngularJS accessibility React java javascript html css Git

Helena Charles (She/her)

I attended a Django girls tutorial, and have a personal project to start and work on!

Rebecca Reed (She, Her)

I want to help people learn HTML and CSS. I have a degree in Computer Science and have worked in digital agencies, specialising in front end development for corporate and commercial clients.

Heather Rae (She)

I would like to learn to code and have been working through CodeAcademy and FreeCodeCamp.

Erik Erskine

I'm a freelance web developer living in Brighton.

Skills: html css

Matt Greenfield

Front end developer and lover of CSS.

Eva Sanchez Guerrero (she/her)

Spaniard LGTB identifying as a woman, diversity advocate.

Alex Robertson (He/him)

Working as a full stack developer for Creator Ninja in Tokyo. Previous AND Digital in London.

Skills: Javscript Express React React Native node

Caroline Appleby

Recent graduate of Founders and Coders and previous Codebar student. Ready to give back and share my love of Javascript!

Georgie Cooke (she/her)

Co-organiser of codebar Sydney

Skills: React javascript html css

Pavlo Mitin

Experienced software engineer living in Reading.

Skills: ruby javascript

Gabriel DeFazio (they)

I am a fullstack developer specializing in JavaScript (ES6/7), Node, Express, React, React-Native, Redux, Sequelize, Postgresql, NoSQL, and Webpack.

Andre Luiz Carvalho (he/him)

I'm a software engineer with well over 10 years of experience, currently at Work & Co. I have been working mostly with mobile development for iOS. I have worked with Python and Ruby on Rails in the past as well as a few Javascript small projects.

Skills: Swift iOS Git python

Daniele Occhipinti (he)

I would like to coach in Javascript/Java/HTML/CSS. I have already coached in the past and gave a lightening talk at one of the Codebar events. I work as a Software Engineer at Government Digital Services (GDS).

Skills: software engineering java javascript html css

Ioannis Valasakis

I've studied electronics engineering c, assembly, avr, but changed my career to the creative industry & cheffing (music, photography, cooking). Now back to coding & full stack development.

Matt Sutton (he/his/him)

I'm a front-end developer in Sydney who's passionate about accessibility and functional programming.

Skills: JS functional programming html css Git

Tom D (he/his/him)

I am currently finishing a Full-Stack coding bootcamp at Founders & Coders. My areas of knowledge include Javascript & React, Node.js & Express, Handlebars, PostgreSQL, HTML and CSS.

Gareth Davies

Group leader for Eastbourne Free Code Camp. Learning Web development on Free Code camp and treehouse. JavaScript is my next challenge

Laura Enria (She)

I am girl who is teaching herself how to code. I want to get a job as soon as possible and learn even more.

Skills: CSS3 Responsive Design FlexBox Front End javascript html

Louise Swift (She/her)

I'm a full-time full-stack developer working mostly with JavaScript & Node, Ruby & Rails and some PHP & WordPress. Currently studying CompSci fundamentals, cryptography basics & functional programming.

Gilmore Davidson (he/him)

Front-end developer and Emoji Grinch

Zoe Gagnon

Javascript, Ruby, Command line, version control

Nicole McCabe (she/her)

Software Engineer at 8th Light.

Connor Mendenhall (he/him)

I'm a software developer at 8th Light. We've worked with Codebar in London and we're excited to host the upcoming meetup in NYC.

Marielle Volz (she/her)

I currently work on Node.js/Front end JS/PHP and in the past have developed with Django/python.

Skills: django php node.js javascript html css python

Chris Lloyd (he/him)

I'm a PHP + JavaScript web developer, and I like helping people learn how to do things.

Skills: php TailwindCSS laravel nodejs React javascript html css Git

Bjorn Johnson (he)

Helping people with whatever they want to learn.

Jaye Hackett (they)

I work full time as a user researcher. I also do freelance development, building custom Javascript apps, plus Wordpress themes and plugins.

Skills: JS node/express wordpress React python

William Cruickshank Cruickshank (he/his/they)

I've coded as an amateur and a student for more than 20 yrs. Went pro last year via WDI at GA. I want to be a part of a more inclusive, balanced work environment, and tweeting stuff probably isn't going to get me there. This has a better chance imo.

Skills: rails jQuery Phoenix functional programming Scala Elixir ruby javascript html css

Tom Spencer

I would like to practice Javascript, Ruby and build applications with like minded members of the community.

Samuel Tan (he)

I'm a social coder who was educated as a software engineer but only develops these days in my spare time.

Geoffrey Chong

I want to work on my teaching ability. I've developed brochure sites for small to large companies using HTML/CSS/JS, worked on large scale React applications as well as designed UI/UX for startups.

Lydia Wozniak (She)

Self employed software engineer.

Natalie Seeto (She / Her)

JavaScript and Node.js dev. Founders and Coders alumni. Believes the best way to learn is to mentor :)

David Hyman (he)

I think it would be great to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. I enjoy teaching both basic and advanced coding concepts. I've grown, led and coached development teams. I've held various talks and presentations on Python (~7 years).

Skills: architecture devops javascript python

Róbert Papp

6+ years of Android, lots of Java/Web before; currently at Trainline. I've actively contributed to Glide (Android image lib) for 3 years & dealt with user questions/issues. Personal projects:

Skills: Android kotlin regex c c++ c# java node.js javascript html css Git

Ten-Young Guh (he/him)

Python, Command Line, Git (only if short of volunteers, JavaScript) For the 2016-2017 year, I tutored at Landmark High School for ScriptEd! We taught basic web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript with jQuery) to an under-resourced high school.

Edgar Dewsbery (He)

Graduate and mentor at Founders & Coders. I'm currently working as a frontend developer at Laka.

Skills: CSS (+ SCSS Styled-Components) React react-native javascript html Git node

Callum Michael (he/him)

Recovering teacher. Now developer.

Skills: React java ruby javascript html css python

Nick Riddell (him)

Front end JavaScript developer and CodeClan alumni

Cameron Moss (he)

I work with Elixir and React-Native mostly. I am self-taught, but enjoy the challenge of trying to teach what I wasn't taught.

Skills: React Angular react-native Elixir c# SQL GraphQL java ruby javascript html css python

Callum Oakley

I'm a developer at Pusher in London, where we build things that people use to build awesome webapps. I've worked with a variety of languages and tech, mostly JavaScript, Python, Go, Haskell. I'm keen to help out!

Adam Vollmer (he, his, etc)

Volunteer coaching, mentoring

Simon Dobson (He/his)

I'm from the UK and studied Computer Science at University there. I then began working as a QA Engineer and I like to write code! Now I work at Typeform in Barcelona

Skills: java APIs ruby

Karla Reyes (she/her)

I am beginning a Front-End Web Development online course with Udacity and hope to get some support and mentorship through Codebar for some of my projects. I have taken some HTML/CSS and Python classes through Code First:Girls and Codecademy. Thank you!

Sven Sauleau (he/him)

Sven is a software engineer living in France and mostly working with Golang and JavaScript. OSS enthusiast and one of the persons behind Babel.

Rima D

I'm frontend developer, would like to share my knowledge with other people.

Skills: React/Redux Three.JS javascript

Alex Foster

Keen frontend developer working with ReactJS. I like to use lots of Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Etienne Mustow (he/him)

mindful, physical, tribal and cultural dev // co-founder @umber // 24

Skills: ruby node.js TDD html css

Kenzi McGuigan (She/Her)

I'd love to both coach and learn. I like teaching people eager to learn and I strive to always be learning new things. I've worked on personal projects in the past and currently am a full time developer for a startup.

Nicos Zonias (he/him)

- To learn more and improve my programming skills. - Currently using WordPress for a side project at work. - I would like to be able to build an app from scratch with the right team, guidance and mentoring.

India Amos (she/her)

I'm a recent graduate of the full-stack JavaScript Grace Hopper Program, and I was a teaching fellow there for the past three months. I've been working with HTML and CSS since ~1998, and I've used Git regularly for more than a year.

Skills: javascript html css Git

Kay Lack (she/her)

i like writing code and talking to people

Olivia Graham

Working as a software developer for ~4 years, looking to help more women get into coding

Helen Zhou (She/her)

Front End Developer, currently working at Ticketmaster. Graduate of Founders and Coders boot camp (FAC13), and twice winner of the NHS Hackathon! Also really enjoy mentoring.

Skills: React Native javascript html ES6 css Redux React.js Git node

Anna Rudzińska (she)

I am an enthusiast of Python with a background in bioinformatics/computational chemistry. Currently I am leaving life sciences and moving to pure software development.

Skills: python bash Perl Google Cloud Platform

David Zhou (he/him)

I am a developer who likes learning and teaching. My favourite languages are c, c++ and... english.

Ka Lok Cheung (he)

I am a trainee consultant at Sparta and have done code in Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and Cucumber

Katarzyna Dziopa (she)

I work as a software engineer as Android developer. I am eager to help other people and share my knowledge. I took part in one of the workshops as mentor and I have a very good experience from it.

Michael Walker (he)

I work as a Software Engineer at Softwire. Since I've been there I've been lucky enough to work on all kinds of different projects and with loads of different languages.

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