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Keith Gunn

Ran my own web development company for 10 years before moving to work in Finance as a developer, currently working at FanDuel as a software engineer

Skills: javascript html css ReactJS java

Stephen Wright (He, Him, They)

Looking for an opportunity to give back to the community and help inspire new developers!

Imogen Hardy (she)

I'm a bootcamp grad and full stack Javascript developer. I enjoy teaching because it's the best way to learn, and I'm passionate about helping other marginalised people break into the industry.

Skills: javascript ruby css html Vue React node

Raquel Alvear

I am a Business Intelligence Developer who once worked as a Primary School teacher. Very interested in coding and learning new things !

Janavi Anand

Hi. I am Janavi Anand. I am an Engineer with Masters Degree in Applied Electronics. Also recently attended Grace Hopper Program by Fullstack Academy (women only program). I want to give back and contribute to the society. This will be a good start for me.

Skills: javascript ReactJS Redux nodejs expressjs postgres

Geraint Luff (he)

I mostly work in C/C++, plus some HTML/CSS and JavaScript (browser/Node), and very occasionally Python. I love sound and music, and in my free time I write audio-effects (in C++, JavaScript and some audio-focused languages).

Andrew Whitehouse (he)

I've been contracting since 2003 in Java, Clojure, Groovy; mainly back-end, with some front-end. Recently mentored in Code Your Future. Interested in using technology to make positive change.

Skills: c java clojure test-driven development javascript Groovy html

Natalie Olivo

I've been building front end systems and doing core web development for over a decade now. For the past four years I have managed engineers at large scale companies in media, education and fintech industries.

Skills: javascript python css node postgres Express Nextjs Vite

William Neal

I would like to mentor in order to consolidate my own knowledge and wish to support the objective of increasing diversity in tech. I am self taught developer in javaScript/CSS/HTML. Previous mentoring experience with young people with Autism.

Rhys Bowles (He/him/His)

I work at a software company based in Brighton. I have some experience in c#, js, HTML, css, php and git

Gordon Blackadder (He)

I am a machine learning data scientist at ASOS producing fashion recommendation models in python with TensorFlow. Previously I programmed in C++ for a software company and did a PhD principally using python.

Skills: python data science machine learning pandas scikit-learn c++ c TensorFlow

Matt Wasserberg (he/him)

I'm an expert VBA programmer and Excel developer, but also know some Python and SQL. I'm happy to help out in any way I can. I think I'm probably best suited to teaching coding concepts, but honestly, am happy to do anything that might help. Cheers!

Yiming Chen

I've been learning programming in Pascal since 2009. I've been coding in C, C++, Python, Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript. Now, I'm a Ruby on Rails developer at my daily job. I can't wait to share what I learned to our community.

Godfrey Obeng (he)

I have been studying web development and programming for a few years and I am interested in helping others learn valuable skills. I have built several web applications and would like to give back to the community through coaching.

Ashraf Nazar (he)

Coding has opened up many doors for myself and has added immense value to my life. Since graduating from a bootcamp in 2017, I have been on a journey to continue developing my skills, from Code Club volunteering to my day job as a developer.

Skills: html css javascript ruby rails

Arthur Ashman (he/him)

I completed Makers Academy course last year, and now work at tech consultancy Kin + Carta Create. Here to help however is best for you - in your learning, questions about industry or applying.

Skills: kotlin serverless AWS javascript node.js React ruby

Md Farshid Zaman (he/him/his)

Hi. I am a Software Engineer at Accenture. Most of my work revolves around web development. I went to a bootcamp called App Academy few years back and has been working on web technologies since then.

David Duke (he/him)

12 years of professional experience. I've thrived in mentor roles during my career. Various managers have told me I have a knack for communicating tech jargon with practical examples; helping people to help themselves.

Skills: php JS html css MySql

Richard Kirsch

CTO of London-based startup Pass The Keys, full-stack developer, self-taught but wish I'd had more help! Python and Django are my first coding loves, and remain so. Enthusiastic about almost everything else.

Skills: python django

Max Shelley (He/Him)

I love working with Ruby on Rails, that comes along with some Javascript experience too. I'm one of the lovely team at FutureLearn - where we're transforming access to education.

Skills: rails ruby javascript html scss css

Amélie Chan (She)

I am a recent graduate of Founders & Coders, a full stack Javascript coding bootcamp, and currently work at an ed-tech startup :)

Skills: javascript html css React React Native

Charlie Clarke (he/him/his)

I work as a programmer and my office is hosting a workshop so thought I would give it a go.

Shaun Church (he/him)

Here to help out if I can! :)

Lucy-Jane Walsh (She/her)

Hi! I am LJ and I have been working as a software developer for 5-6 years and coding for 10. I currently work remotely for a small agency building the light phone II (

Skills: python TypeScript React GraphQL html css SQL nodejs React Native postgres Elixir java Android

Mark Birbeck

I've been programming for many years, so have experience in lots of languages, from assembler, to C, to Python, to R, to JavaScript. Given a choice on what to help with, I'd focus on Node and JS. And Netlify, if that's becoming a thing for people!

Skills: c c++ python javascript node docker Elasticsearch

Ben Morss (he/him)

I'm interested in helping coach people! On an occasional, loose basis...

Luca Gesmundo (He)

Javascript, react, nodejs, emberjs

Róbert Papp

6+ years of Android, lots of Java/Web before; currently at Trainline. I've actively contributed to Glide (Android image lib) for 3 years & dealt with user questions/issues. Personal projects:

Skills: Android java html css kotlin javascript c# regex c c++ Git node.js

Lydia Wozniak (She)

Self employed software engineer.

Thomas ZHANG (he)

web developer experienced in php and javascript

Lara Nyman (she/her)

Senior Software Engineer

Skills: java python R

Dan Askew (he/him/his)

Help people learn! I got started with coding through an enthusiastic teacher going above and beyond the syllabus, and I'd like to pass the favour on!

Skills: c python java googling

Denet Iglesias (she)

I am a passionate Software Developer who always wants to learn new things.

Skills: javascript React Redux Jest

Mike Allanson (he/him)

I've worked in tech for over 15 years. One of the most satisfying parts of my work has been encouraging beginners to get started with development. I'd like to continue this as a coach at codebar :)

Skills: websites asking questions html css javascript node

Amaan Rizvi

Frontend developer focussing on HTML CSS and JavaScript with React. Can also help out with some NodeJS too. I have around 8 years of work experience in tech. Worked in game development for around 5 years and then pivoted towards web development.

Skills: html css javascript React

Camille Fenton (she/her)

Developer at Talis, working on web apps for education

Skills: html css javascript php command line version control

Sam Harris (he/him)

I would like to help teach code in Houston. I have been a developer for past 7 or so years. I have mostly done Android work professionally, but recently have been doing some Node.JS and Flutter work. I did teach code in Austin also.

Piotr Zielinski

I'd like to share my 20+ years of coding experience and get people enthusiastic about the possibilities programming has to offer.

Skills: c# SQL javascript html css python php ruby PowerShell AWS software architecture

Jessica Brumfield (She/her)

I want to gain pointers on my react native project and help others with their projects. My knowledge is a bit of a mixed bag; I'm well versed in Javascript and ruby and their popular frameworks.

Alex Buck

software engineer

Christopher Baines

I like software, cats, and chocolate. I dislike mandatory form fields...

Kingston Tam (He)

I'm happy to help coach web development/product management. I taught several web courses in my university and last year at a summer camp for high schoolers in Palestine. I also worked as a product manager at Google for 3.5 years.

Matthew Keller (he/him/his)

Full-time programmer looking to give a little back.

Simon Kincaid (Sir)

Solid web dev!

Stefi Rosca

My name is Stefi and I recently moved to Barcelona. I was looking for a place to learn code that is also English speaking. It was quite challenging but I've found out about codebar thanks to a friend. I would like to join a Meetup and start coding :)

Romulo Santos (he)

software developer for more than10 years. full stack developer specialized in Java and javascript. I love technology and computing in general, and I think this world is still extremely unfair and so ial causes need all the help they can get.

Antonio Navarro (he)

I want to mentor during an event.

Pablin Diez (he/him)

Hi y'all! I'm Pablin. I was interested in software development since I was a kid. I was always breaking things, curious about how everything worked. Now I try to keep on learning how to make things better and fix them if possible :)

Skills: javascript React Express Nest.JS

Darko Antić (we/us)

I want to help different people deeply understand software development and how tools or products they use, tick. I've worked with many languages and paradigms, having various roles within different development processes and industries.

Skills: mentoring problem solving Software Development coaching programming algorithms Agile development Scrum Test Automation Quality Assurance Microservices Change Management Virtualization ITSM ITIL CMDB Release Management testing

Daniel Wright

I am a software developer working at DAZN in Amsterdam. Previously I worked at Sky in Leeds, and before becoming a developer I was a computer science teacher at a secondary school in the UK.

Charles Thomas (he/him)

I'm a software engineer at Monzo, looking to start giving back and to start helping other people to learn to code.

Skills: Go python

Marc Cohen (he)

Hi, I'm Cloud developer advocate at Google. I like programming in Python, Go, and JavaScript. I'm currently most interested in Machine Learning and Cloud Devops but I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Rafael Lagunas Guitrón (he)

Platzi Master Coach - Silicon Valley Offices,Github Campus Expert, Founder DevHood, Science and Technology State Award 2019 Experience Working with NGO’s and US Government 4 Apps published in Playstore 3 Patents of Software

Dan Tuthill-Jones (he/him)

I have a MEng in Computer Science from Durham University and I've spent the last year working as a software engineer at Featurespace ltd in Cambridge.

Gabriel Simches (he/him)

I have almost 10 years of expereience in IT covering all areas of the industry. Currently I am working Penetration Testing, Cyber Defense/Security, and Threat Hunting. I would be very interested in teaching about python and Raspberry Pi and Command line

Chloe Mingay

I'm work in Communications for a Think Tank in Westminster. As part of that I do a lot of website and database projects. Currently I'm working on an internal communications website for my organisation. I'd like to make time to learn coding thoroughly.

Andre Torgal (he/him)

web fundamentals, web standards HTML, CSS, Javascript, Browser APIs / projects or Katas written in JS, Node.js, Angular, React, Webpack / deploying / strategies for planning, visualising work, breaking down big projects in small steps

Alan Carter (he/him)

Developer at Government Digital Service

Skills: java c# Scala SQL full stack web development

Ashley Oldham (him/he)

New Graduate from Codeclan Software Development Course. Want to help others learn and get excited about coding.

Nicola Aitken (she/her)

I'm a back end developer with 5 years experience, primarily in Go and Php, although I've also done some Ruby and Javascript in the past. I currently work for a company called Third Light in Cambridge that makes digital asset management software.

Gil Goncalves (he/him)

I've mentored at a DJango Girls before and I spent many hours at a coder dojo to teach kids how to code. I love teaching and helping people!

Skills: python

Miquel Puig (He)

I was lucky enough that I could be sent to university, but I know other people are not, so I'd like to give back to the community. I have never taught a course or similar before but I have experience in Java, Python and various frontend technologies.

Skills: java spring Git python html javascript jQuery Angular React SQL

Richard Barton (he/him)

I want to help others access the support and opportunities I had before starting my IT career. I've coached school age kids on Python and Scratch and work colleagues on HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Skills: Day job: digital public services and agile development Side projects: browser-based tools LED displays

David Cuadrado Ballesteros (his)

I'm a developer, mainly java developer and I want join to the codebar to share the wonderful world of the software development and try to help people who want to join in.

Nathan Begbie (He)

I've done Railsbridge and Django Girls and I'm keen to teach something a bit simpler as a way of getting people enthusiastic about the web and code. I'm also keen to be less prescriptive about how people solve their problems.

Peter Trizuliak (He)

Happy to help with JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS or Node.js

Skills: javascript React html css node.js

Zimuzo Ezeozue (He)

I want to coach students on programming. I work as a software engineer and I've done some coaching for my 10 year old niece in the past

Iris Oren (she)

I previously worked in academia where I developed and delivered teaching for data analysis and stats using R. I left academia and retrained in operational research and data science. I want to use my teaching skills to support people to develop coding skil

Skills: R

Liubov Amiraslanova (she)

I am a frontend developer that want to teach and inspire other people. I‘ve been working as a developer around 7 years. I‘ve been working in Yandex in Russia, then moved to Berlin and now work in Zalando. I love my job, JS and learn something new

Jak Marshall (he/they)

I enjoy helping others discover the joy and sense of empowerment that comes from learning how to code! I also have experience in teaching. I ran lab sessions for R, SQL, and Java when I was doing my Masters/PhD and I loved it!

Skills: R MongoDB SQL. Python

Jack Bridger

Looking to learn how to be a better coach and improve JavaScript

Adrian Clay (He/him)

Help motivated students achieve their goals. I've got 8 years of professional web development experience.

Daniel Berzon (He)

Ruby, ROR, Html, CSS, Java, Javascript jquery knockout, PHP and wordpress Freelance web developeer since 2005 collaborating mainly with codeface ltd. Previously full time java developer for Oyster partners in London

Sarrah Cherhabil (She)

Volunteering as a coach, I'd like to help less experienced programmers skill up.

Tom Kenter (he/him)

I am an researcher in the field of NLP/NLU/Text-to-speech. I would like to help out people interested in learning more about Python (or machine learning).

Simon Lawrence

I'm a senior .net full stack developer. Happy to help with anything related to my skills list! Feel free to drop me a message on the slack channel.

Skills: .NET javascript TypeScript c# aurelia html css BDD SpecFlow

Aatif Syed (he/him)

Signing up to help my company, Metaswitch, with their upcoming event. I've recently started programming here, from a non-technical background. I've enjoyed taking part in company hackathons, and have even taught a friend the basics of python.

Josiah White (He/him)

Explaining ideas and concepts better by teaching

Alexander Grischuk

I'm a Software Engineer with more than 3 years of production experience with React, JavaScript (ES6/7), HTML, CSS, Git and all fancy stuff around the JS ecosystem. I have more than 7 years of experience in IT with different tech roles :) I'm here to help.

Skills: javascript html css Git React Redux GraphQL

Michal Bryxí (he/him)

I'm happy to help folks with everything around web fundamentals - HTML, CSS, JavaScript. From the frontend frameworks I have most experience with EmberJS and TailwindCSS. I can also help with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Docker, GitLab, linux.

Skills: EmberJs html css javascript frontend TailwindCSS Linux docker RoR gitlab

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