Here you can find a list of the 3216 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Emily Taylor (she/her)

I've worked for 2 years as a developer and have experience with iOS, Java & Spring, C# &.NET and SQL. Mostly I enjoy front-end development, particularly javascript and js web frameworks. When not at work, I play rugby!

Philip London (He)

I’m wallet lead at I can help with all Frontend technologies

Matt Gallagher (he/him)

3 years commercial development experience. Proficient in C# and Java. Comfortable with Python. Familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Zsolt Podoba-Szalai

Passionate about mentoring, life-long learning and food. Mostly food.

Beatrice Farias

I am a self taught android developer. Currently I've been working in Android field for 2 years and I came to codebar io to share the experience I gathered throughout these years.

Skills: XML java Android RxJava kotlin dagger mvp android sdk mockito junit retrofit okhttp

Eric George

I work at Made by Many. I can help people out with JavaScript, particularly React, Python, Django, Rails, Arduino

David Richards (he/his)

I currently build mobile apps and back-end services for Ocasta. I have experience building for web, mobile, wearable and also maintain a number of side projects.

Skills: javascript node.js css html kotlin java

Mimi Osei (Female pronouns)

I self taught HTML/CSS and currently learning Python. It's just a bit lonely 'cause I have no one around me who codes or is remotely interested in it. So I'm looking to make friends and work on project that allow me to practice/improve my skills.

Eva Marques

Codebar seems really interesting to me because I miss teaching and I feel that I should be sharing my knowledge. I currently work as a developer at Palatinate Tech. I have a degree in software engineering and close to 4 years of working experience.

Santiago Rueda Montoya

Saludos, soy desarrollador web... me considero todavía estudiante, pero podría ayudar con las bases de html5, css3, javascript, jquery y Vue JS. No cumplo con las condiciones de sus estudiantes, aunque soy extranjero latinoamericano.

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 JS

Nikita Gaidakov (He)

Just completed a Masters in Sound Design. Besides patching in Max/MSP & Pd, I did C# scripting in Unity, Arduino, and poem data extraction in Python. Most confident with Python. As a habitual learner, I believe I have the awareness to be a good teacher.

Skills: python c# c++ Max/MSP Pure Data Supercollider Processing javascript arduino

Dave Brotherstone (he/him)

JavaScript, databases, python, bit of scala, git.

Semra Shukrieva (she)

express.js node.js react

Brian Wehrle

I like working with others and helping people learn to code!

Skills: c# java javascript TDD BDD python

Dominique S (She)

In the past (a long time ago) i have worked with delphi and php. Then i was more on analytics (sap BO, SAS, qlikview) and recently i did vba for various automations in my company. Apart that, i am doing some courses on python.

Guilherme Nobre (he/his/they)

Python was my main language a few years ago but now I've moved to mostly Java & JavaScript (Node).

Esther Leytush

I'd love to teach and mentor newcomers to the space! I've done and continue to do lots of teaching and mentoring, both professionally -- for Dev Bootcamp, Codecademy, and Wix -- and as a team lead in my current role.

Wai C (he)

I'm familiar with Python 3 fundamentals. I completed the Coursera Python for Everybody MOOC, Codecademy Python 3 online course, and the Per Scholas Python in-person course.

Skills: Python OOP

Luke Vinton (he/him)

I love codebar's focus on coaching to the under-represented; as a society and industry we need that! I am a data architect/analyst, with a web dev background using a number of languages, technologies and platforms.

Skills: python spark data science ts JS ng c# mvc

Nick Kotowski (He)

I just moved to BCN and work as a remote JS/React Native developer for a Swiss company full-time. I self-taught myself coding at university while doing economics and started working as a developer exactly a year ago.

Skills: JS React Native html css

Anna Vihrogonova (Her)

I have started to learn front-end development since January 2017. I have developed my portfolio website with HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Gulp and a bit of jQuery. Since January 2018, I have started to learn more deeply JavaScript/ES6/React/WebPack/Babel

James Forage

20 years digital experience, working for multi-national management consultancies and award-winning London digital agencies. Now part-owner of Yoyo Design, a creative digital agency specialising in Umbraco, Ucommerce and Sitecore


Matt King

I love learning and sharing knowledge collaboratively! I am a graduate of Founders and Coders Nazareth and have mentored at campuses in both Nazareth and Gaza. I am currently the course facilitator for the London campus.

Skills: javascript React React Native

Dr Pawel Orzechowski (he/him)

I have worked in programming and education for over 10 years. Recently at CoderDojo@StormId and CodeClan. I currently teach programming at Business School@University of Edinburgh. Python, JS, Swift/Android, Flutter. I worked as a mobile dev and head of UX

Maduri Vassaramo (She)

Full-stack developer at Vinterior

Skills: ruby rails javascript React

Thomas Gaskill (he/him)

Developer at Yoyo, specialising in Frontend (SASS, Babel, Webpack) and Backend (C#, .NET, MVC, Umbraco CMS, UCommerce).

Dan Meek (he/him)

Front end developer

Kevin Letchford

I have not done it before, i am a front end dev that goes to meetups run by Mike Masey. He asked if anyone would like to help out . I thought it would be a interesting thing to do.

Sophie Koonin (She/her)

I'm a software engineer at John Lewis using React/JS/Kotlin. I want to help others learn!

Daley Chetwynd (he/him)

I am a software developer for 9 years. I am familiar with Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Clojure and Scala. I would like to help people to code and I enjoy coaching people.

Patrick Allen (he/him)

Designer and front-end dev and hopefully I can lend a supportive hand.

Skills: html css JS

Ana Rodrigues (she/her)

I'm a front end developer.

Skills: css html javascript

Katie Moore

Currently a student at General Assembly, looking to learn more about juniors in the industry!

Maia McCormick (she/her)

I learned how to program at the Recurse Center, then somehow was part of the tech industry. Now I'm at Windmill building tools to make development easier and more transparent. I want to help others get as excited about code and problem solving as I am!

Skills: python Go golang javascript JS SQL Git writing docker kubernetes

Sun-Li Beatteay (He)

I just want to help out students who want to learn more about programming and advance in their careers. I am a full stack developer who has previously worked on distributed systems and decentralized applications.

Lauren Oldja (she/her)

I'd like to help build out some of the tutorials and help push the NYC community forward

Melinda Tofalvi

Trainee consultant at Sparta Global. Confident with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Git

Lucy Zou

After completing an engineering course at Sparta Global and working at some awesome companies, I am now working as part of the training team to help others to start their tech career.

Dominic Birmingham (He/him)

Happy to work on the basics of html, CSS, ruby, JavaScript

Steven Ngo

Trainee consultant at Sparta

Joshua Thomas-Houlker

i would like to look into more back end and security, and i enjoy learning new concepts and languages

Jose David Henao Lopez (He/him)

I am a part of the Sparta SDET engineering 7 group, currently learning a lot of programming.

Tom Renner (he/him)

I develop in Java, JavaScript, Typescript and Ruby. I've been a professional developer for over 6 years now, and enjoy teaching others what I've learnt so far.

Skills: javascript ruby TypeScript java

Mo Uddin (he)

Trainee at Sparta Global

Aarushi Kansal (she/her)

Backend engineer from Australia. Passionate about increasing diversity in the tech community

Skills: python ruby Go

Jean Pouget-Abadie (he/him)

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Harvard University, working part-time at Google in the Algorithms group.

Skills: python machine learning

Anabella Spinelli (she/her)

I've been working in tech for about 8 years, mostly as a QA Engineer and a self-taught (wannabe) programmer, mostly on NodeJS and I really want to help newcomers in their first steps in learning to code.

Skills: node JS QA automation

Parissa Jamali (she)

JavaScript, Node, SQL, React

Ricky Kundal

Python programming

Andrew Staffell (he/him)

I'd like to volunteer as a coach. I'm an experienced programmer originally from London but living in Barcelona. I'm founder and head developer at Yes We Work ( and Fabrica ( and I also teach privately. I speak EN, SP, CA.

Nat Lund (he/his/him)

I taught myself Python during my Physics PhD, and found it massively useful. I have done quite a bit of one-to-one tutoring, and really enjoy it. I am keen to pass on my Python skills, particularly to young scientists.

Randy Moore

Familiar with many languages and am an experienced interviewer for technical positions. Here is my LinkedIn

Israel Saeta Pérez (He)

I want to work as Python coach, and HTML+CSS beginner coach. I code Python everyday at TravelPerk but never got to help people in an "introductory" level, so I want to try coaching from time to time. I've already participated in the April session.

Skills: python html css

Max Prokopiev (he/his/him)

Developer at SpringerNature. Regular coach on RailsGirls Berlin.

Skills: ruby rails SQL Git command line

Lawrence Sarpong

I mainly write in JavaScript for web development. I am currently on founders and coders full stack web development bootcamp. I have interests in Blockchain technology and augmented reality. I think they both can make a positive impact in the lives we live

Skills: html css javascript TypeScript React node SQL

Denes Fekeshazy (he/him)

I've been a coder for a few years now, currently working at Groundsure.

Calvin Davis

I've been a professional web developer for nearly 10 years, working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and more!

Skills: html css javascript c# Git node Npm

Ruth Lee

I'm an SRE at Splunk, previously a Linux Sysadmin at a big hosting company. More Ops than Dev, and always ready to talk about the Linux kernel.

Amalie Smidth (She)

Learning from peers, expand network and develop find someone to develop my app idea with!

Rebeca Cabañas Arauz (she)

I'm a self taught Web Developer in JavaScript

Skills: javascript html css Angular 6

Anna Doubkova

React dev at Hive

Jonathan Dunsby (him/he)

I am currently working as a tutor/mentor at Northcoders, teaching javascript and several of its frameworks as well as learning Python in my spare time. I would love to help and inspire those learning to code, and be a part of the codebar community =]

Natasha Ford (she)

Glasgow CodeClan alumni & coding for nearly a year. Work as a Research Associate (software developer) at UWS since January: front end development with a particular interest in accessibility. Previously STEM ambassador (physics), like to give back & teach.

Colin Bell (he/him)

I am currently a Technical Assistant at Codeclan and would like to continue to develop my coaching abilities while also helping foster people's interest in coding. I am adept at Ruby and Javascript and have a reasonable understanding of Python, HTML & CSS

Jay DesLauriers (he/him/they)

Hi :) I am a CS researcher at the University of Westminster and one day I'd like to teach. My coding skills have progressed to the point where I'd feel comfy coaching beginners in Py/Github. I'd love to help others learn while gaining teaching experience!

Marta Beveridge

I'm a CodeClan student really keen to help people who are maybe considering coming to CC or other begginer coders.

Iain Paton (He/him)

I've got a GIS/spatial data background, with an interest in Python, and have recently delved into HTML, CSS, Javascript and Node/MongoDB, completing a 40hr course. The regular CodeBar meetup looks interesting, to share ideas and experiences.

Finn Porter (she/her)

I'd like to help others with Ruby and Java.

Melissa Bustamante-jenke (She / her)

I'm a secondary school teacher... I love helping people code with more confidence... I am on the journey myself and I love learning...

Alistair Kane

I am currently a technical assistant at CodeClan in Glasgow. Happy to help with anything.

Jacob Lärfors

Enthusiastic about technology!

Teemu Tiilikainen (he/him)

Long time software developer and consultant who gained most of his experience consulting media companies in United States, LatAm and Finland. Part of the founding team at Talented. Can help with anything from validation of ideas to programming.

Skills: html javascript css Software Development functional programming UX Design Prototyping iOS Android mobile development frontend development backend development fullstack development

Nadia Kiamilev (she)

Co-founder of the Oslo chapter. Currently a design technologist at Designit Oslo with a focus on web dev (HTML/CSS/JS, Reactjs). Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have about the Oslo chapter as a participant or volunteer.

Jelena-Kristina Zeljeznjak

I work in C++/C#, and I wrote my masters thesis (in physics) in Python 2.7.

Andrew Craigie (he/his/him)

Amateur coder moving into a career as a developer. Some experience in Javascript, Python, PHP, C#. Main projects I'd like to work on - js app to convert MIDI files to note strips for music boxes, Inkscape plugin to convert SVG to GCode for 3D printing

Bruce Bolt (he/his/him)

I am a Developer, working mostly on Python development, but with experience in Perl and JavaScript. I would like to coach for Codebar in order to increase awareness of software development as a career and improve the diversity of technology industry.

Vu Nguyen (he)

I would like to teach/explain programming to beginners and by that I can learn. I have built web apps, mobile apps and other programming. Currently I am a software developer.

khaled kzy (he)

I want to help other students as much as I can. I understand that codebar is targeting minority student and I know how hard for minorities to break into tech. I was offered help from CodeYourFuture and know it is my duty to contribute back.

Skills: JavaScript / ReactJs - Junior Developer

Stuart Conway (he/him)

Developing myself by helping others learns. Over the last two years I've learn and half forgotten HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, AXAJ and Python

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