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Boris Tane (he)

I'm an aerospace engineer of African descent turned software engineer. I understand the struggles of being from an under represented group trying to get into tech from a non Computer Science background. I want to help others jump into the tech scene.

Francisco Viejobueno Muñoz (he/him)

I code and i sleep :)

Skills: java Groovy spring devops Ci/CD agile Test

Yemi Adebayo

I am a student at Makers (currently on the precourse) - languages I am learning include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby.

Pablo Aizpiri

I’ve loved programming ever since I was a preteen, starting with robotics, game programming, and eventually becoming a software engineer. I love sharing my craft with anyone who is interested.

Skills: .NET c# ruby SQL javascript C/C++ php

Bruno Girin (he/him)

I've been coding for 25 years with a variety of technologies. I'm currently working with Node.js and Python and I have experience with Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and APIs.

Skills: java python html css bash API SQL javascript node.js svg Git Continuous Integration

Tia Kiesiläinen (she/her)

I would like to help others to make games and inspire them to try programming. I am a game programmer at Frozenbyte Oy. I have done game development using C++, C#, Lua, Python and JavaScript. I have two Bachelor's degrees: CS and Game development.

Skills: Game programming

Sam Sneddon (they/them)

Happy to help with most things! I've worked on browsers for a decade, and have touched almost everything in one at least once.

Bern Leech (he/his/they)

I've been a developer at Crunch for almost 1.5 years and would like to pass on some of what I've learned to those who are starting out as developers.

Burhan Ali (he/him)

I have been a software developer for almost twenty years and have mentored a number of junior and mid-level developers in that time. I am very interested in improving diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, which draws me to codebar.

Skills: c java javascript html css python SQL pl/sql php ruby Git Go TypeScript

Steven Hamblin (He/him)

I'm a scientist and programmer with experience in development, data science and ML, and I'd very much appreciate the chance to contribute what skills I have towards giving someone a hand up. Formerly of Babylon and Sensyne Health, among others.

Skills: python R javascript React devops statistics machine learning Artificial Intelligence

Jon Bedard

I'm a software engineer. I've worked on projects ranging from adservers to virtual reality tools to mobile apps for the classroom.

Skills: java c++ python c# unity Mobile

Janko Strassburg (he/him)

Heard of this via a work colleague and happy to help out. Dabbled in various languages and used mainly C, bash, Python professionally, taught classes at universities/research centres and participated in Django Girls workshops in the past.

Silvia Colombo (she/her/they)

I'm a software engineer who wants to give back to the community. I am currently working platform-side. In the past have worked as a full-stack and front-end engineer. I would love to share and develop further my skills, both technical and interpersonal.

Donnie D'Amato (he/him/his)

I was an instructor at Galvanize for about 2 years, also taught at NYIT. More information at

Skills: html css JS

Michael Heneghan (He )

After completing the CodeClan course I now work as a freelance software engineer. I tend to work with JavaScript, Django (Python) and Android (Java). Although, a lot of my job is googling to figure things out so I can share that skill.

Mark Channer

I would like to get better at JavaScript and am interested in trying out Ruby.

Hew Ingram (he/him)

I'm a web developer who loves making weird and fun things with code. I spent the last 9 years working in startups of various sizes and love helping developers grow and progress. I currently work at Applied where we help people hire fairly and diversely.

Skills: functional programming nodejs VueJs React html css javascript SQL serverless agile

Caroline Clark (she/her)

Java, Unity (C#), some Kotlin. Been working a lot on Unity game stuff this past year, and before that on a Spring Boot application written in Java/Kotlin.

Skills: java unity kotlin

Stephen Wright (He, Him, They)

Looking for an opportunity to give back to the community and help inspire new developers!

Chris Oliver (He)

Using my previous experience as a software developer and continuing interest in software development and computing, I would enjoy helping others to learn. It would also be an exciting opportunity to gain extra experience of teaching.

Lee Barrett Barrett (he/him)

Recently completed Northcoders bootcamp and looking to give something back in the same vein. Comfortable with doing anything as long as I know in advance Previously a Senior Manager for a charity, comfortable teaching, coaching, mentoring

Skills: javascript node React Express Vue styling stuff

Connor Kirkpatrick (He/Him)

I was very fortunate when I started working in tech. I had support and direction from other people that’s helped me get to where I am today. I’d like to pay it forward.

Skills: Go Git R data analysis AWS python javascript

Chris Heisz

I am a Site Reliability Engineer at Crunch with 6 years of Java experience

Lee Turner (He/Him)

Senior java developer working for Crunch Accounting in Brighton. We design and develop a number of web based solutions for our clients using Java and Spring Boot all using a microservice based architecture.

Skills: java kotlin SQL Git

Tom Lawrence (He)

I am a backend Ruby developer. Interested in helping people with Ruby or JavaScript

Mark Ingram (he/him)

Coming up to 20 years (that many, ugh!) in backend/data/distributed systems mainly in Finance.

James Seconde (he/him/they)

Developer Advocate: speaker, teacher, writer, developer.

Skills: node php VueJs mariadb AWS

Mathilde Pind (she/her)

I'm learning JavaScript, CSS and HTML at the moment. I would like to improve my web design skills.

Daniel Brownridge (he/him)

I'd like to help people get to grips with core programming concepts and computer science knowledge. I currently work as a software architect and lead a team of Python software engineers. I enjoy teaching and coaching and also volunteer at Django Girls .

Skills: Linux python Git SQL java c Networks infrastructure Servers

Matt Layton

Web Engineer for Neontribe

Keomony Khun (She)

I am ex-developer, currently a home maker for 4 years trying to get back to work. I am trying learn to code again. I am looking for a safe environment to start.

James Ford (he/him)

A React / Front End developer from Peterborough

Skills: javascript React html css

Mariem Ayadi (her/She)

I've taught short intro to coding workshops at work (html & python). Since my time as a student I've always been advocate to get more people into tech. I also have a growing passion for Tech for Social Good and I like attending hackathons around that.

Monica Jianu (she/her)

I am currently working as a software team lead. I really enjoy the mentoring aspect of my job, and I would like to have an opportunity to do more of that at a larger scale. I also want to encourage diversity in the field, and to help demystify tech.

Skills: web development UX/UI python java javascript html css AWS

Nishita Singhal

JavaScript Developer at Marvel Prototyping

Hasan Ahmed

A passionate Software Developer. Creator of I enjoy sharing my knowledge to new comers.

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 javascript jQuery php wordpress SQL c# ASP.Net MVC Sql Server

Khie Biggs

I'm a progressional software developer (albeit < year of experience), languages in order of comfort are javascript>ruby > c#

Bobby Sebolao (he)

I am training to become a frontend developer. I have professional copywriting writing experience and am proficient in HTML, CSS and vanilla JS. My personal goal for 2019 is to learn React.

Godfrey Obeng (he)

I have been studying web development and programming for a few years and I am interested in helping others learn valuable skills. I have built several web applications and would like to give back to the community through coaching.

Bárbara Deluchi (she/her)

I believe that the best way to make sure you understand something is by teaching it to someone else. I've recently switched careers into development and I would love to help other people get in touch with coding.

Skills: html css javascript React

Kevin Peery (he)

I completed immersive Software Engineering programs at Flatiron School and the University of Utah. I'd like to build on my skills set in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux while picking up new skills in NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, etc...

Henry Le Grys (Any)

I'm a programmer that likes to tinker with various levels of technology, from basic web development down to lower-level tinkering with C and microcontrollers.

Carlos Monte (he)

I have worked as a developer for over 4 years and currently work as a React Native developer at Hive. I worked as a java developer at the very beginning of my career but soon moved into JS world.

Elliot Reed (he)

C# html css

Jared Khan

Hoping to be helpful! I work at Five AI, writing Python code for the testing of self-driving cars. Previously, I studied Computer Science in Cambridge and wrote code for iOS apps as an intern at Yelp

Skills: python Swift html css javascript Git

Sherzat Aitbayev (he)

I've done competitive programming during high school and college and currently work as a full-stack software engineer at Google

Denisse Suarez (she)

Likes to code, solve problems and automate process

David Benitez (He/His/They)

I want to teach programming for beginners. I know Java, Dart, Javascript and a little bit of Python. I'm also learning Swift and Kotlin.

Ninamma Rai (she/her)

Relatively new software engineer at Made Tech. Have mostly coded with Python, Ruby and C#. Can also have a stab at some JS, HTML and CSS.

Charles E Carrier

I would love to start teaching/coaching basic html, css and JS.

Sergi Martínez (He)

Mainly Android dev. i love teaching. I can help in java, kotlin, js, node, flutter, and maybe something else

Eden Brackenbury

HTML & CSS coach, JavaScript web animation student <3

Mike Townsend (he)

I'm a senior front end developer for Fluidly. From NZ :-)

Skills: html css javascript React Webpack node Express sass Less

Remy Sharp (he/him)

Web developer since '99 who loves working on the web and learning the nitty gritty. I probably ask why too often, I don't always understand or do it right, but I love making things with code.

Skills: javascript html css webdev

Julian Cook (he/him)

Self taught software developer since 2011 who loves learning and making other coders lives easier.

Skills: java javascript docker TypeScript AWS

Marco Levrero (he/him)

I am a self taught software engineer (coming from an aerospace engineering background) with several years of experience in enterprise companies and startups. Happy to help wherever is required :)

Erica Salvaneschi (it/its)

Front End Engineer at Ticketmaster UK

Skills: javascript Git command line html css

Jacob Mukete

Man of many interests! Programming being one of them. Hopefully I can benefit form this, and possibly benefit others taking part in this

James Riley

Javascript and Ruby Developer on the team. Have built and worked on many web applications, at various companies over the past few years. Helping bring juniors up to speed has opened my eyes to the joys of coaching, so I'm wanting more!

Skills: ruby javascript MySql html css Git AngularJS rails

Suzanne Hamilton (she/her)

Developer at The National Archives.

Helen Natasha Moore

I design and build websites using WordPress.

Alastair Lockie (he/him)

JavaScript developer at Brandwatch

Skills: JS React Backbone html CSS (not expert but can get things done) Python (same)

Jay Eastaugh

Head of the software team at DC Storm, started there working primarily on UI and over the last 4 years have worked into my current position. I live with my Wife over in sunny Worthing, no pets and no children yet.

Tom Oinn

I'm Tom, an ex-academic now freelance programmer with a side line in music and low cost robotics such as the PiWars competition series. I write and maintain a Python library for joystick controls for fun, and use other languages for work as needed!

Skills: System design distributed computing python java Electronics microcontrollers robotics

Rachel Black

Working a developer after attending codebar and Founder & Coders last year, excited to help coach others learning to code.

Sapphire Mason-Brown (She/Her)

Codebar student returning as a coach. Former charity communications person turned software engineer. Makers Academy alum. Mainly work with Ruby, Go and bash to deploy infrastructure.

Skills: Go ruby Git html TDD

David Miller

I'm freelance designer & web developer, based in Kent. I teach filmmaking and media production in a youth summer program in New York. I believe media literacy means learning how to make.

Luke Park

Software engineer, hardware hacker.

Skills: python java

Jerome Pratt

I'm a Makers Academy alumni who recently converted from a career in media sales to one in web development. I would like to coach at code bar as I want to take the chance to help others who wish to change careers, as well as learn more through teaching.

Diana Webster

I have around 4 years experience as a web developer, working mostly with in ASP .NET and C#, SQL and React or Angular front-end. Codebar helped me a lot when I was looking for my first job a dev so I guess it's time to give something back.

Skills: c# SQL Angular css html JS React ASP.NET .NET CORe

Miles Tincknell

I want to work on my understanding of code. To teach it means that you have to first grasp it.

Alex Rudall (he/him)

Hi there, I've been a Ruby on Rails/JS developer since 2014, and I'm always trying to learn as much as possible. I like teaching others what I know and helping them :)

Claire Mitchell (she/her)

I'm an Engineering Manager now but my background is in web development so my heart still lies with JavaScript!

Skills: javascript React Redux node html css twitter pep talks

Kornelia Frey (she/her)

Software Developer at CoachHub, alumni of ThoughtWorks. As I studied at Makers and also finished two Code First: Girls coding courses I am aware of the challenges that most new starters might face and here to help and explain as clearly as possible. :)

Skills: html css TDD JS React node GraphQL REST Jest Express Enzyme FlexBox css-grid TypeScript Git Nest.JS

Hob Adams

I'm a developer a Gene Commerce, Brighton. My skills mostly lie in front-end development, concentrating on Magento & Wordpress. I'd love to help out with CSS, HTML, jQuery and a little php.

Rick Henry (he/him)


Ben Scott (He/him)

I'm a web developer, currently working at the BBC. Front-end HTML and CSS is my specialty but I'm more than happy working on the back-end using PHP and doing ops work too.

Amalia Cardenas

I am one of the codebar Barcelona organizers.

Nayeema Haye

Web, Java and some MySQL I've some web development experience (front end only)

Dominic Hauton

I'm a third year Computer Science student at Bath, currently on work placement in London. I have developed in Java for 2 years now and have taught Java to multiple people both at work and at university.

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