Here you can find a list of the 3204 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Xavier Vergés (he/him)

25+ years at IBM. Now at StreamSets. I like Python, node.js and teaching.

Skills: python node.js Git

Alex Saunders (he/him/his)

Software Developer @ MOJ Digital in Birmingham. Primarily working in PHP, JavaScript and Go with past experience in Ruby, Rails and Salesforce.

Lawson Hung (He/Him/His)

I graduated from a bootcamp, so I know what it's like not knowing how to code. I have a background in education, healthcare and business/IT Management and am passionate about creating deeper human connections with other people.

Josh Emerson (he/him)

Principal Engineer, Frontend Team @snyk

Skills: javascript node TypeScript Vue frontend html css

Alessio Di Crescenzo (Us)

Frontend engineer @ Elsevier

Radu Rizea (He/him)

I am a front end developer based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire. Currently working with VueJS and Typescript but also sharpening my PHP and Vanilla JS skills.

Skills: php html css javascript VueJs

Bryony Watson (she/her)

I'm a web developer at Thriva, a health tech company. Since learning to code at Makers, I've worked at Parliamentary Digital Service, a fin tech company called Cleo, and now at Thriva. I mainly code in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Vue and sometimes Python

Richard Sheppard

I would like to help people starting out with open source web development using Drupal ( I have been working with Drupal for nearly 14 years and have worked on a variety of sites, large and small.

Skills: Drupal php html css docker Linux devops SQL Scrum

David Begun (He/Him/His)

I have hundreds of hours teaching to code, and I've led the software R&D training in my unit in the IDF. I can teach: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Command line

Jerome Fitzpatrick

I am an software engineer with many years experience building websites and apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP using frameworks and libraries such as Laravel, VueJS, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Skills: html css javascript php laravel VueJs Bootstrap

Prashant Rathi (He)

I have been working with a charity group in India to teach coding poor kids. I would like to share my technical knowledge with others and help them learn computers and programming.

Yngrid Coello

I want to coach people wanting to get into programming world I haven't done it in a "massive" way in the past but i have coached some people around me, it's impressive what you can achieve if you have guidance

Skills: FrontEnd much!

Leandra T

Side projects w/ friends

Ugo Delle Donne (He)

I want to offer my expertise and knowledge to help people learning new paradigm or hone their skills. I have almost 15 years of experience coding mainly in Java and being involved in all technical aspects of a project. Currently training on kotlin

David Nash (He,him, they)

In the past I've used JavaScript and Java professionally, I'd like to help others learn

Sian Robinson Davies (she)

I'm a Teaching Assistant at CodeClan and completed CodeClan's 16 week course.

Kriti Jain (she/her)

I have almost 8 years of hands-on experience efficiently coding websites and applications. I will be more than happy if I can share my knowledge and help others in growing their careers.

Skills: ReactJS TypeScript GraphQL Redux React Testing Library css HTML5 sass Styled Components

Hannah Tucker McLellan (she/her)

I'm a Junior Application Engineer at The LEGO Group. I started coding properly in 2016, and I attended a bootcamp in 2017. I love gaming and crafting. I am a member of the South London Makerspace. I also love playing Dungeons and Dragons!

Skills: python javascript html css Angular React Storybook StencilJS SQL postgres TypeScript Flow

Alastair Lockie (he/him)

JavaScript developer at Brandwatch

Skills: JS React Backbone html CSS (not expert but can get things done) Python (same)

Sam Williams (He)

I've taught coding to children using p5.js a visual javascript library that has a handy online code editor. I'd love to introduce and teach some people to javascript and making visual appliactions, games or interactive art with p5.js

Jessica Leach

Front End development skills and interest in experimenting with education

Olimpio Romanella

Lead Developer at Kitchen Door Workshop. Passionate about internet and how it's transforming the way businesses and customers interact with each other. Keen to help anyone who's interested in learning web development.

Skills: html HTML5 css php SEO

Jamie Webb (He/him)

Software developer at The Guardian.

Skills: javascript html css React python

Mike Masey (he/him)

Organiser of codebar Kent. I'm a developer at Yoyo, a digital agency based in Tunbridge Wells. I do both frontend and backend (c#). I've been doing web development for about 8 years.

Skills: html css javascript c# Git Gulp Npm

Virginia Dooley (she/her)

Working on a few personal coding projects while trying to build my portfolio for a professional move into tech

Jasdeep Khalsa (he/him)

I'm a self taught Front-End / JavaScript programmer based in London, UK. In the past I've been a mentor for Thinkful and the trustee of a charity. Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer.

Skills: javascript html css docker Git

Vamsi Peri (he/him)

I am a software developer and have over 15 years of experience. I have done Web development in the past and am proficient in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and other web technologies including MVC based frameworks. Also know C#, Java, Python.

Alex Marshall (He/him/his)

I'm a Codeworks graduate, excited by all aspects of front-end web development. I'm continually learning, and love to support others to do so too.

Skills: html css javascript nodejs React Express agile TDD

Joshua Hart (he/him)

I am a current student at Founders and Coders. I would love to teach a beginner some fundamental HTML/CSS or JavaScript skills. I also have learned some node.js, express, postgreSQL and React!

Skills: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript (ES6) node.js PostgreSQL React

Ferdy Moon Soo Beekmans

Hi my name is Ferdy, I grew up in Holland and have always enjoyed building things, one of the nice things about software is that you never have missing pieces. But coaching others have been some of the most satisfying experiences I can remember!

Tom Stuart (He/His)

Security Engineer at Monzo. Graduated from Makers Academy.

Skills: golang Security infrastructure node JS

Daniel Ngo

I'm a graphic designer and web developer that enjoys sharing what I know about front-end development, ux design, web typography, preprocesses, techniques and just general workflow productivity.

Skills: html css wordpress email Git shopify javascript vue.js node

Dan Q (he/him)

I hack HTML/CSS/Ruby/JS/SQL. And PHP if I must. Stuff I've done: Three Rings (volunteer management), OxUni library websites, put little red tractors on milk,, contributed to WordPress codebase, de-facto Ruby MOTP implementation...

Skills: html css JS SQL ruby php Security hacking jQuery

Juliette Pretot (they/them || she/her)

I'm a web engineer at N26, GDE for web technologies, would like to do some coaching. :)

Zoe Alexandra Gadon-Thompson (She/her)

I want to help people learn skills they need to progress in a career in tech.

Skills: javascript python web development

Ehsan Hosseini (he/his/they)

I’m a front-end developer. I’ve been implementing web applications for over 10 years. I enjoy solving problems in a wide variety of environments and languages for small businesses and I like to learn other people how to be a good developer.

Skills: ES6 nodejs TypeScript ReactJS

Mark Metzger (he/him/they)

I want to share my passion for code. I think its an excellent outlet for creativity. I learned to program making android apps, and I'm currently a professional web developer. When I'm not making software, I'm out riding my unicycle or my bike.

Jake Dawkins (he/him/his)

I've worked on commercial and open source products. I currently work in open source at Apollo, making GraphQL tooling easy to approach. I'm a conference speaker, writer, and love teaching others.

Rebecca Pearce (she/her)

I got into code after attending a coding bootcamp, I was a working as a latin teacher before starting my career as a coder.

Skills: ruby rails

David Darke (He/Him)

I'm Co-Founder and Technical Lead of Bristol based WordPress studio @atomicsmash.

Skills: laravel wordpress php HTML/CSS Vue Js WooCommerce

Olli Pikarla

Worked some years with Salesforce. I can teach some Javascript if needed.

William Tai (He)

I have worked on ML backend projects. I want to work on helping people get started on projects.

Skills: python SQL

Gilat Blumberger (She)

I’m a young developer, with 6 months of experience with the JS ecosystem. I like working with react, mongo and express mainly.

Daniel Quinn

I'd like to help out where I can. I'm a young(ish) white, male, native-english-speaking software engineer with 22 years of professional experience that would like this industry be a lot more diverse. Too many people in my field look like me :-)

Skills: python django Linux Git devops

Nisha Rai (She)

I am recently graduated from 3 months coding boot camp from Code Nation and where I worked in JavaScript/HTML/CSS,React , Node ,MongoDB in Code nation and made various projects.

Skills: java SQL c c++ javascript React node

Laura Durieux (she)

I am a young front-end and back-end developer. I have a bachelor in Web Design and Development and won a silver medal in a national competition in 2019 as a Web Developper. I'm from Belgium and I can't wait to try help people to code !

Kit Lam (she/her)

I am a self taught developer who started at codebar and now I am working as a front end react native developer

Scott Edwards (he/him)

I'd like to meet some of the local community, and I am happy to help out with coaching where I can :)

Skills: c# .NET TDD SQL MQL c++

Karen McCulloch (she/her)

My friend Michael had a great time and he recommended it to me, so I am curious to find out what the fuss is all about!! I'm a web developer at Broker Insights.

Loris Leiva

I am a remote software engineer whose ambition is not to "create the next big thing" or "change the world" but rather to find my humble place in this world and enjoy every minute of the work I do.

Skills: laravel VueJs

Matt McDonald

Full-stack developer

Mariia Shamota (her)

JavaScript, I work as an engineering manager, can do mentoring or career advice, help to get prepared to interview, resume review :)

Goran Atanasovski

Hi, my name is Goran and I am a software engineer. I have a passion for coding and would like to help others in their journey to learn something new and fun.

Calum Ryan (he/his)

I'm a qualified IAAP accessibility specialist working at dxw with over ten years industry experience in web development. I care about user experience design and making the web a much nicer, accessible place for everyone.

Skills: html css javascript VueJs a11y

Amber Wilson (she/her)

HTML/CSS/JS and everything around & in between!

Skills: html css javascript Humour Sleeping

Jordi Miguel

I work as a SysAdmin for high traffic websites using Free Software wherever is possible.

Skills: python Go bash Linux AWS

Aishling Dignam (she/her)

I am currently a PhD student in Astrophysics and I have a love for problem solving. I also work as a web developer so I have a broad experience of coding. I think Codebar is a brilliant idea for allowing people to easily learn code in a fun way.

Jack Hardy (he/him)

I have been developing for 4 years, currently as a Backend developer, with previous experience with frontend development. As a previous career I used to teach, so am keen to share some knowledge!

Skills: javascript html Angular React Vue node is c# .NET

Heather Davidson (they/them)

I'm a front-end developer at a wee digital agency called Hactar and I love CSS!

Skills: css html JS

Alexander Atkins (he/his/him)

I have a CS degree from Bristol and eight years commercial experience. I’m most comfortable in Python, but I've been using C# for my day job, and I've also used PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C, Haskell, Perl, MySQL and (a long time ago) Java (version 7).

Skills: Git bash python c Haskell Make css html php java javascript c#

Mike Steel (he/him)

Full stack JS + bookbinding

Skills: javascript React ...vue? bookbinding

Juan Monetti

This is Juan, a Software Engineer from Argentina. Currently living in Amsterdam. I really enjoy coaching and I work in Python, sometimes some Javascript.

Daniel Paulus (he him)

I like helping others so I offer my help as a coach :-) I started programming when I was a kid and had many different jobs since then.

Laura Weatherhead

I am a full stack .NET developer with interests in cognitive science, machine learning, JS frameworks like React and Angular and an appreciation for the full project lifecycle.

Dan Hale (he)

I work as a NOC SRE for a Saas provider. I love writing and talking about code. I know Python and C sharp quite well. I'm an amateur game development enthusiast. I like clean readable code and making things easy :)

Skills: python C Sharp unity Linux

Srikar Vasta (He)

Coaching, which will help me spread what I know and improve myself

Jaz Lalli (he/him/they)

Mainly front-end, lots of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Have some basic familiarity with Ruby and C#

Damien Sedgwick (he / him)

I am a frontend developer specialising in JavaScript / React / TypeScript and most recently worked for EposNow on their POS systems. I want to help people further their knowledge and skill set.

Skills: html css javascript React TypeScript

Aléxio Rodrigues

I'm mainly a Mobile developer, with some working knowledge in Fullstack.

Skills: java Android TypeScript React Native Angular Bootstrap node.js javascript

Alex Dutton (they/he)

I'm mostly a Python/Django developer, with terrible web design skills. Most of my laptop stickers are activism.

Skills: python django Flask agile docker SPARQL

Calum Turner (he/him)

Software engineer from Edinburgh. I studied a MEng Software Engineering at Heriot-Watt University. Been working at Skyscanner since and currently working on a team focused on sustainability.

Skills: python java React JS

Melanie Stefan (she/her)

I used to hate computers, and now I love them! And so can you :) I use coding as part of my day job as a scientist and am passionate about teaching others. Skills: Python, R, html, command line, version control

Jake Hall (he/him/his)

I'm a tech lead, that runs teams in FinTech startups - I've built my own websites, many backend systems and want to help share the wonders of engineering!

Skills: html css javascript php java

Hazel Wright (she/her)

Hello! I'm a (full stack) software engineer, currently primarily working in ReactJS and Python right now, but with experience in a bunch of other stuff too.

Skills: python React javascript SQL java Angular

Jesus Sono

I was a teacher in a college academy teaching how to code in python and fortran, I enjoyed so much. I would like to help other peolple in his learning way and show them that coding is funny.

Agata Sumowska (She/her)

Junior developer working with React and C#

Amber Williams (she)

The reason I want to join as a couch at Codebar is to practice expressing complex ideas as well as meeting new like-minded people interested in development. I have made many websites, several online party games as well as developed web platforms.

Giovanna Aveiro (she/her)

I'm halfway through Founders and Coders programme and would love to help other learning HTML and CSS

Skills: html css

Niki Manoledaki (she/her)

Backend software engineer working @Weaveworks. I could help with: - how to use the terminal, Git, GitHub - introductory overview of APIs, CLIs, AWS, virtualization - mentor anyone interested in backend/DevOps/cloud computing - algorithms/katas

Skills: docker kubernetes Containers Git command line terminal github golang ruby API CLI AWS SSH introduction to cloud

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