Here you can find a list of the 3204 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Arlene Blackwell (she)

I'm a web designer/developer and have also been involved making HTML5 apps. Although I already have some knowledge, I am always trying to learn more and push myself further. I’m currently learning Blockchain technology, starting with Solidity.

Jack McGregor (he)

I love teaching code (I do for my job as well as Code First Girls).

Dom Barker

Software engineer and CTO, career changer

Skills: programming architecture leadership

Anjola Christopher Kola-Adeyemi (Any)

I am a Trainee Technical Consultant at Sparta Global (just finished week 4 of 14). During my training at the academy, I have learnt many things pertaining HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery so I believe I'd be able to provide the most help on those areas.

Skills: html css javascript jQuery

Ben Tostevin (he)

Have experience with Python, but currently learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby

Amy Robertson (she/her)

I'm a recent graduate of CodeClan Edinburgh and I'd love to help others learn to code by sharing my passion and knowledge with them. It's one of my long term career goals to become a mentor and I know being a Codebar coach will be a fantastic experience.

Ally McGilloway

Work on mentoring students. Have mentored through a training company called thinkful, have previously been Software instructor at QA and currently Senior Instructor at codeclan

Maikhaa . (She)

I have already been a coach at Codebar when we hosted the event at ThoughtWorks and I would like to join again. :)

Rose Azad Khan (she/her)

I'm interested in working on machine learning/data science/NLP projects, and in contributing to open source. I currently work as a software engineering for an AI start-up. I've been coding (mainly in Python) for about two years now.

Skills: python django java HTML/CSS MySql PostgreSQL Flask Bootstrap javascript

Robin James Kerrison

Javascript, React, Python, C#, HTML, CSS

David Torrejon Moya (he)

I'm a Machine Learning Engineer, that I mostly work with Python, although sometimes I write some JS, although it's not my key area. I'm also an NLP teacher at an online BootCamp (

Skills: python machine learning javascript

Jordi Martinez

I've been a teacher of software development for 10 years from 2006 to 20016. I am proficient with PHP, Software development in general, databases.

Skills: php Databases software architecture agile

Lindsey Hunter

iOS (swift specifically)

Kyle Taylor (he/him)

I work as a Research Engineering at Google DeepMind applying Machine Learning to Google products.

Stephen Beattie (he)

In October I finished a 16 week intensive Software Development course at Codeclan. Since then I have got a job working as a Backend Software Developer using PHP. It would be nice to be able to provide some assistance to aspiring developers

Malcolm Thomson (he/him)

I have been running a company for 9+ years that solves problems, normally this involves automation of error prone process' and developing solutions with the products that customer already owns.

Alex Cole

Share my knowledge of HTML CSS and JS applied to frontend responsive templates. I'd like to learn more about GitHub for version control and React.js and Angular.js

Krishna Kotecha (He/Him)

I enjoy mentoring and am an experienced iOS Developer (Objective-C and Swift)

Skills: Objective-C Swift iOS ruby

Gordon Wills (he/him)

I am a white straight male php and python engineer and agile coach, happy to come help/teach anyone.

Skills: php python bash Git MySql JS redis Apache Linux Adult Learning instructional techniques

Alexandra Moore

Front-end developer from Norwich working for Neontribe. I'm so excited to be able to set this Norwich chapter of codebar up and wish it was an option when I was first learning to code!

Skills: html css sass javascript Git

Tom Hartley (he/him)

I really look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for coding as a powerful creative tool by being a coach! I'm a graduate from Imperial College, and I'm starting a masters at the RCA in October.

Skills: python hardware integration web-dev (front end - html/css/bootstrap) Git

Kristina Shapotina (she/her)

I am a data engineer at Deliveroo, working mostly on building external integration stuff

Skills: Scala python AWS data science

Marika Helttula

I started coding a few years back following freeCodeCamp's curriculum and doing tutorials at Codecademy and Oding Project. A year ago I started computer science studies at Turku University and I am now working as a java developer.

Katja Mordaunt

Mentor. Any. I am a developer @neontribe

Andrew Bonventre

To help as a mentor/coach for underrepresented minorities in tech. I've worked with Black Girls Code and Tech Ladies in the past.

Leo Huckvale (he/him)

I want to give others the same sense of personal impact and agency I get from working in software development. I've not done much mentoring before, other than tutoring undergrad labs during my PhD, but I'm keen!

Skills: python javascript html project management

Sebastian Kasprzak

DevOps Engineer, been learning programming myself from scratch, would like to help others with their first steps into software development, offer help, meet new people.

Diana Giova (She/They)

I want to help anyone needing help with web programming. I work with Node, React, TS, JS, MongoDB, SQL, HTML, CSS. I am also familiar with React Native, Yii2, WP, and basic PHP.

Jin Lee (She)

I would like to help out coaching participants learning programming on front and backend. I have worked with python and frontend as well as playing with deep learning on image recognition. Lately in my free time, I am using react to build toy apps.

Jen Sparks (she/her)

I am studying for an MSc in HCI (UX). I have 14 years experience working in the IT industry and I want to encourage women and girls to join the coding community. I love the creative process of coding. I am also a potter, rower and cyclist.

Skills: UX designer UX researcher javascript html css SQL jQuery

Chris Wood (he/him)

I want to help our industry to become more diverse, I think it's good for everyone. I also enjoy mentoring and meeting new people. I have several years experience in operations which has become increasingly code driven over the last few years.

Skills: AWS python Networking Infrastructure as Code

Rebecca Mackay (She/her)

I'm a front end JavaScript developer

Skills: html css accessibility JavaScript (non-framework & aurelia) Git TDD / BDD

Gigi Guarino

Software Engineer at Google, graduated college in 2017, previously volunteered for Girls Who Code

Skills: c++

Oriol Ballesteros

Junior Software Developer at BCN Tech City

Tamás Millián (He/him)

Python, nodejs, javascript, html, css, go

Colin Gemmell (him/he)

I've been working as a developer for over 10 years. I'm currently a senior engineer at Freeagent working mainly with ruby and JS. I want to help people learn how to code, it's lots of fun.

Skills: ruby javascript golang ops c# React

Fernando Cezar (he/him/his)

I have many years of experience in backend development; good knowledge in Python, Ruby, C and Shell Script, and a strong background on algorithms. I can support people who want to learn about web development, scripting and algorithms.

Skills: python django Flask c Shell Script

Robin Fairey (he/him)

Happy to help out, Cambridge CompSci graduate with 10+ years professional software development experience. Web development, CAD software, 3D graphics, geometry.

Skills: basic Javascript python html css c c++ java php Fortran Raspberry Pi arduino

Thu Nguyen

Fullstack developer. Know Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript

Hai-Van Dang (She)

Hi, I would like to work as a couch on python. I am currently a research associate and my major is applied cryptography. I am using python for my current project; therefore, I have some experience in python.

Nicole Vukadinova

I have taught a beginner course in web development that includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have mainly written games with JavaScript and not much HTML and CSS, but I have done various courses in HTML, CSS and JavaScript all included.

Skills: c++ html css javascript java

David Gallichan

I am interested in building applications in Java and python and also using JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery

Agustin Bonelli

Hi! I'm Agustin. I work at Foundry and do mainly C/C++ systems development with a bit of python here and there. Would love to help people get started in programming and supporting them in working through exercises or projects.

Skills: c c++ python Matlab

William Dickerson (he)

Love helping folks with javascript, html, css, and overall app architecture. Ok at java and sql.

Robert Penner (he)

JavaScript dev at Work & Co | easing functions author | formerly VICE, Adobe, Disney Canada

Skills: javascript React TypeScript d3 R math Git ruby

Guillermo Salazar

Have experience with javascript and ruby

Sally Hill (she/her)

Art school grad who went to coding. I love coding react. I want to get people excited about coding and their ability to learn. I'm interested in how junior devs can gain leadership in a dev team while still getting necessary supports.

Skills: React javascript python teaching code node some ruby

Ævar Eggertsson (he)

I work full time as an JavaScript/NodeJS developer and have 7 years experience. I completed University in Iceland 2010.

Jacopo Colò (He)

I'm happy to help out with Codebar Oslo!

Eirik Wiig (he)

Developer @Bekk

Martin Holt Juliussen (he/him)


Campbell Miller (he/him)

Interested in helping people who want to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript, mostly at a beginner level. I'm about to graduate from CodeClan's software development course and interested in honing my skills whilst helping others to develop theirs.

Tarjei Skjærset

JS, React, Elm, anything backend except Ruby. Am open to learning Ruby, though!

Jonny Schmid (He/him)

I worked as a full-stack engineer for 10 years and recently changed career paths. I love to see and help people learn code and it’s a great opportunity for me to keep it up. I’ve previously taught at CodeYourFuture, a London code school for refugees.

Mouse Braun

all flavors of JS, CSS, HTML, Node

Panayiotis Nicolaou (he/him)

I am a software developer, in London. I enjoy the relaxed environment and vibe of Codebar. I would like to get to know more people to learn and help each other :)

Giuseppe Bandiera

I would love to share my knowledge about JS, CSS and HTML. I've been tutoring some friends in the past on these languages and have also been an assistant for nodeschool.

Antti Aalto (he)

I heard there might be a need for a coding coach! I know Java and JavaScript well and could help with those. Personally I'd like to learn data engineering and ML.

Skills: java Scala javascript software development in general

Timur Amirov

Been doing web-development for a bit. Interested in Haskell & Typescript.

Skills: webapps javascript Haskell TypeScript

Joshua Gevirtz (he)

I started coding when I was about 13 years old. I went to graduate school in physics where I worked on software for a variety of particle physics experiments. For the past few years I have been an engineer in Silicon Valley.

Isaac Raskin (he/him)

I am an alumnus of Founders and Coders, a javascript boot camp in London and Nazareth. I currently work for a music tech startup called Beatchain as a senior developer. I'd love to coach people in node, react, next.js, react-router, typescript etc.

Skills: html css javascript node React Next.js react-router Redux TypeScript styled-components GraphQL

Rupert Redington (he/his/they)

I've taught some javascript in the past and am comfortable with it.

Skills: html HTTP javascript Next.js github actions GraphQL

Tia Kiesiläinen (she/her)

I would like to help others to make games and inspire them to try programming. I am a game programmer at Frozenbyte Oy. I have done game development using C++, C#, Lua, Python and JavaScript. I have two Bachelor's degrees: CS and Game development.

Skills: Game programming

Alex Saunders (he/him)

I'd love to be a coah at codebar, I have experience in creating modern JavaScript apps using a cutting edge stack (React/GraphQL/styled-components etc.). I also have experience teaching with code first:girls.

Skills: javascript React GraphQL html css node

Hew Bruce-Gardyne (He)

Python but could do HTML too if pushed. I am co-founder of a tech company (you have a couple of our employees already coaching for you) My real expertise is SQL, Excel and VB, but I have had to learn python in this role.

Antonio Mello

I'm front-engineer from Brazil currently based in Berlin. Started out as Java developer back in 2007 and these days I mostly don't care about technology as long as it has purpose supporting the idea.

Sérgio Alves

I would like to help other people to get introduced into coding, I like to teach and have previously worked as Teacher Assistant for a bootcamp. I have worked in different industries in the past including hospitality, tech support, recruiting and others

Enrico De Marchi

I developed in C/C++ and Java in the past. I am a certified LabVIEW developer and National Instruments CPI (Certified Professional Instructor). I am interested in Web programming tools.

Riina Korpela

React developer with Java experience and 2 years on the full frontend.

Skills: java React javascript html Git basic php

Daniel Lough

Hi I'm Dan! I am currently working as a Junior Application Developer at the LEGO Group. I work with JavaScript building our Shop Application.

Skills: javascript React css html

Barney Loosemore (He/him/they)

I'm a Frontend developer of 5 years, passionate about performance, accessibility and the open Web! Working at ANDDigital

Skills: javascript html css TypeScript React Next.js node.js

Khie Biggs

I'm a progressional software developer (albeit < year of experience), languages in order of comfort are javascript>ruby > c#

Matteo Turrino

As a software developer from a non-tech background, I think many people perceive the field as scary/bleak/uninteresting. I disagree! I feel it's creative and full of opportunities, and would like to share this. I'd also like to get better at teaching.

Skills: c# python SQL Ci/CD functional programming

Owen Silk

Diversity in technology is important to me and I really enjoy teaching.

Alec McEachran (he/him)

I am a front-end developer and test-drive development expert. I have >15 years in the industry. Until recently I was a Senior Software Engineer at Google. In a past career, I was a professional Maths teacher in England.

Skills: javascript TypeScript C# (Unity) algorithms maths testing test-driven development IOC entity systems code architecture React Redux ThreeJs WebGL

Scott Street

I’m a JavaScript developer who likes to make fun/useless stuff! Once made a facial recognition nerf dart gun, another time created a Christmas hotline which listens for how festive a room is.

Ahmed Mahdi ( he/him)

As a self taught developer there where times I wished I had someone to ask questions and point me in the right direction. I would really like to be that person for others now.

Skills: python SQL TypeScript c Linux

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