Here you can find a list of the 3216 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Charlie Greene

I work mostly in Python specialising in text analysis. I am familiar with R, SPSS, HTML, and CSS (though that is an over statement!). I also know a little about app development within python (Tkinter and Kivy) and dashboards (dash).

John Beisley (he/him)

I've coached at Codebar @ Google sessions. I've been a Software Engineer for ~18 years in the industry, the last 12 years of which as an SRE at Google. I typically work in Python and Go, but have an interest in Rust. Outside of work I play D&D.

Skills: Go python rust SQL html c++ java javascript

Gaston Bengolea (he/him)

- Studied CS. - I was teaching assistant in university. - I love to teach programming and related stuff. - I work doing mostly frontend.

Skills: java javascript python css sass html Dart Angular

Marco Concetto Rudilosso (he/him)

I've helped organising (and I've mentored) a variety of events in the past, from society events at UCL, to Django Girls and she++ events in London. Codebar seems like a perfect match to keep on helping people enter tech.

Skills: python javascript TypeScript c# rust Go SQL Julia

Rob Stevenson

I want to contribute towards making our industry more inclusive and diverse. Learning to code was totally life changing for me, the best thing I've ever done and I would like to help others discover their passion for it too.

Skills: javascript node clojure PostgreSQL html css

Austin Smith

I want to help people get into coding and help people be confident enough to go do it on their own. I want to see if I'm any good at teaching as well.

Skills: HTML/CSS/Javascript SQL

Matt Lewis (He/Him/His)

I've been working as a JavaScript/TypeScript developer for over 3 years, so happy to help with that and any related web technologies (CSS, HTML, Node, React etc.). I also run the London freeCodeCamp meetup group.

Skills: javascript TypeScript html css node React

Emily Mears (she/her)

I'm a software engineer at Snapchat, working with Scala! I also like Go, Rust and Python.

Skills: python Go Scala html css rust

Ola Marty (they)

I am interested in coding workshop. I was happy to hear about the codebar and online workshops. I work in IT as a project manager, but want to develop more technical skills. I am learning JavaScript.

Alison Yoon (she/her)

I'm a full stack developer with LAMP and MERN stack experience. Myself is one of underrepresented group in the tech field. I would like to help more people from this group to get into the tech field for better tomorrow.

Skills: html css sass javascript React Express MySql node jQuery MongoDB

Alexander Troup (He/Him)

I'm a Senior Developer with 10 years' industry experience. My main technology experience is in C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, HTML, css and NodeJs.

Skills: c# javascript TypeScript nodejs React html css vim docker Azure

Louie Christie (he/him)

Software developer. Computer science graduate. Web development bootcamp graduate. Experienced in coaching junior developers at work, and coaching children in youth clubs and summer camps. Experienced at public speaking, in stand-up comedy clubs mostly.

Skills: javascript React Native React css TypeScript ruby

Franz Sittampalam

freelance front-end engineer

Liam Rae-McLauchlan (He/Him)

Hi I'm Liam! Originally from New Zealand, now living in London. I used to be a secondary school teacher, before retraining in IT. I am now a consultant at Infinity Works. Lots of spare time on my hands right now, thought I'd help out where I can!

Skills: terraform AWS python platform devops

Jack Heriz-Smith (He/him)

I have been learning to code with Founders and Coders since March, having worked on the pre requisites for the course all last year. We have dived deep into HTML, CSS and JS and I'm keen to share my knowledge with other learners.

Skills: javascript css html semantic web analogies

Neil Kimmett (he/him)

I'm an iOS developer, but also know bits of HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python and Javascript. I would love to help people learn, it would give me joy in my heart <3

Ina Yoon (she/her)

HTML and CSS Hi I'm Ina, a current student at Founders & Coders and would love to help people who are passionate about coding :)

Ben Hamment (he/him)

Full Stack Rails Developer

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby

Danielle Vass

i'm an android developer occasionally writing some webapps. Used to teach kids to code.

Alex -

I enjoy mentoring, and have trained a few graduates in Java (Spring, JPA) and JS (React). I like students who have questions, and can communicate what they're thinking. Advanced students get a lot out of me. I also like low-level stuff and devops.

Skills: java JS TypeScript React Angular MySql spring JPA docker devops Japanese c c++ javascript

Simo Tchokni (she/her)

I'm here to help out and coach! I'm an software engineer with experience in backend engineering, data engineering and data science. I've worked across different languages including Python, Java and C++.

Skills: python java Git SQL django Linux Airflow pandas Keras javascript

Junchen Pan (he)

I am currently a full time backend developer. I finished my math degree in University of Washington. I love to help other people to understand computer science better, I tutored class in college, hosted technical sharing session in company.

David Cruz

I can teach about developing concepts, and php. I was teacher at Factoria f5, now I'm developer in Lifull connect

Tom Sherman (he/him)

I currently work at OVO and have previously worked at Epos Now, Lisa Angel, and Rainbird. I mostly write React Native/TypeScript at work, but have a soft spot for non-frontend languages such as Rust.

Skills: React TypeScript javascript React Native html css

Raja Singh

I want to help beginners with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React as I have been working with these technologies for the past 4 years and would like to share my knowledge.

Skills: html css javascript React Redux github

Mike Goddard (he/him)

I've worked in software development for ~6 years and recently ran a graduate bootcamp over 4 months which I really enjoyed doing. I'd like the opportunity to continue coaching and teaching and to help make our industry a more diverse and inclusive place.

Skills: React Pyspark AWS java python javascript

Lifan Zeng

Help people learn Python! I'm a new grad working a startup after interning a couple times and being a TA. I started programming in college

Kelvin Lee

I'd like to lend a hand in any interesting projects. I'm a Le Wagon alum and and my friend is also going to the June 17 workshop.

Trish Wynne

currently doing a bootcamp in London

Skills: html css javascript

Pavel Isaev

I like to teach coding in different formats. I've been teaching Python at university and at Django-girls in Helsinki. Codebar seems like another great opportunity to help people with coding.

Jake Smith (He, Him, Jake, Sid)

I'm an app designer / developer for DabApps. Javascript / CSS ninja.

Skills: javascript React Angular css Less sass Npm node canvas animation Processing

Georgia Shaw (She)

Have done a front end course and am now doing a python course

Lisa St. John (she/they)

I'd like to see if I can help mentor students. I am a professional software engineer, and would like to see more women in tech.

Skills: c++ windows Linux can muddle my way through almost all procedural / object oriented languages

Chris Jennings (he)

Codeclan graduate who wants to help fellow fledgling developers!

Skills: c# Git .NET ruby javascript React TypeScript python

Luna De Ferrari (she)

Python student, R teacher.

Jihyun HWANG (Jihyun)

I'm currently studying with Founders and coders. I'd love to contribute my skills and also want to learn by other people.

Skills: React javascript css frontend

Colin Tindle (he/him)

I'm a frontend web developer with knowledge of Javascript (especially with React), TypeScript and CSS. Also a keen problem-solver, so happy to help out with any kind of code to be fair.

Skills: javascript css scss TypeScript React Angular AngularJS Go

Carl Wood (he)

I'm a front-end dev working with HTML, CSS and JS daily. I'm available to coach anybody who'd like to improve their skills with front-end tech :)

Skills: html css javascript

Reuben Thomas (he/him)

Graduated the founders and coders bootcamp last year, and have since taken up a few freelance react jobs. Comfortable mentoring JavaScript, Node and React.

Skills: javascript node React PostgreSQL

Kevin Rands (He)

Engineering Manager in Asset Management.

Skills: python java kotlin node (maybe)

Randal Humphries (He/Him)

I'm a IT professional and software developer with 16 years in Tech. I love teaching and mentoring. I've also volunteered as a teaching assistant with RailsBridge on a number of occasions.

Skills: ruby rails html css javascript php windows macOS Linux Networking

Karen Scott

Working with young people and want to find, and help facilitate in-person learning so looking for organisations to collaborate with and to bring out of the cities where possible. My current YPs all fit your eligibility criteria but we are all-inclusive.

Skills: programming python java javascript learning facilitation mentoring

Finn Janson (Him)

I love teaching people interesting skills and see a lot of potential societal growth with the usage of technology

Mark Hla

Brighton-based developer of 20+ years experience and startup CTO. Coded in multiple languages, but probably best to help coach basic principles, HTML, CSS, javascript.

Toby Phillips (he)

Literally anything. I have to dip into all kinds of things in my day to day.

Samuel Cousin Cousin (he/him)

I'd like to use my privilege as a stepping stone for others! I've done a bit of everything, but now more interested in devops, javascript, and linux. Would love to give a workshop on Chatscript at some point.

Skills: javascript Linux vim gcp

James Hope (He/Him)

I'm an engineer working in telecoms, I learned to code on the job with a system built entirely on shell scrips but have since used many different languages including Python and Java.

Alexandra O'Mahony (She her)

Sales in a tech start up

Alec McEachran (he/him)

I am a front-end developer and test-drive development expert. I have >15 years in the industry. Until recently I was a Senior Software Engineer at Google. In a past career, I was a professional Maths teacher in England.

Skills: javascript TypeScript C# (Unity) algorithms maths testing test-driven development IOC entity systems code architecture React Redux ThreeJs WebGL

Alexander Blair (He)

I finished Makers in October 2017, and since then I've worked as a backend developer at Funding Circle. At codebar I'd be happy to help with any problems, from working on basics, solving katas etc. to helping someone trying to build out an application

Skills: ruby javascript html css

Olly Chadwick (he/his/him)

Hi, I’ve been learning to program in my spare time for a couple of years. I’ve mainly learnt Ruby and Javascript at I’m keen to cement this knowledge by teaching some of what I’ve learnt to others. Thanks, Olly

Tuure Kaunisto (He / They)

I've been a web developer for over 15 years. Although I'm a programmer, good UX is what I like most about my job. I also tinker with electronic projects and robotics.

Skills: JS html css ts React Express c# unity scss SQL PostgreSQL arduino node.js

Simon Gulliver (He)

.net,JavaScript,sql,mapping,offline web apps - I was a professional developer for many years and am now retired. I continue to have an interest in a variety of technologies. I am also a qualified teacher.

Amin Rahman

I want to help people overcome any fears or mental blocks they have in doing coding. Whether it be for passion or career, I want to enable people to self-study confidently and engage with any developer community wherever they are.

Skills: html css javascript php XML JSON

Tommy Ferry (he/him)

I currently work as a WordPress developer! As such, I'm familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and several associated technologies (version control, hosting, etc) as well as WordPress specific functions and templating.

Skills: html css scss php wordpress Git javascript React Gulp

Jennifer Barnes

I’ve been working as a dev for 3 years

Skills: python javascript bash back-end

Alex Rogers

I'd like to come and observe the teaching and how it helps students and find out what it is all about :)

sarah kharraz (she)

I'm learning Javascript lately and I try to understand it more.

Ellie Wem

I currently work at Rainbird in Norwich and have worked in tech for about a year after completing a boot-camp coding course called Makers Academy. I want to pass on the knowledge I've gained and inspire other people to make things.

Skills: javascript html css ruby python

Kristina Jaggard (she/her)

I am a past graduate of Founder and Coders.

Meg Debowicz (she)

I am programming in Python. I learned TDD at Codebar! Trying out Java now. I am looking forward to learn something new, help someone out and code! :)

Skills: python

Andy Wood

I am a profession coder with nearly 30 years experience, currently a freelance software consultant.

David Maidment (he)

I've worked in the tech industry for a number of years as a software developer and manager. I do public speaking at tech events and enjoy mentoring junior developers.

Skills: php golang javascript TypeScript html css Linux

Myles Cowper-Coles (he)

I'm a tech lead at Thriva. I mainly do backend work (ruby on rails) but have also done lots of html/css/javascript in my time. Happy to help how I can!

Naz Ezeonyebuchi

I've been a software engineer for close to 8 years. Being a self-taught software developer, I believe that anyone has the ability to learn how to code, and I would like to support new/less experienced developers learn/ improve their development skills.

Skills: backend development spring java AWS etc.

Wojciech Debowicz (He)

I'm Java/Kotlin backend developer for about 10 years, after hours game developer on unity 3D engine.

Skills: backend java kotlin docker Microservices consul Game Development unity 3D

Connor Kirkpatrick (He/Him)

I was very fortunate when I started working in tech. I had support and direction from other people that’s helped me get to where I am today. I’d like to pay it forward.

Skills: Go Git R data analysis AWS python javascript

Hew Ingram (he/him)

I'm a web developer who loves making weird and fun things with code. I spent the last 9 years working in startups of various sizes and love helping developers grow and progress. I currently work at Applied where we help people hire fairly and diversely.

Skills: functional programming nodejs VueJs React html css javascript SQL serverless agile

Esko Luontola (he/him)

I'm a full-stack developer with coding experience since 1999. I created the TDD MOOC at the University of Helsinki: I've also coached beginners at Rails Girls and wrote the tutorial

Skills: frontend backend ux TDD devops

Jacob Meacham (he/him)

I've been in tech for 10 years, as both a coder and a manager. I started in the video game industry and have experience in frontend, mobile, backend, and ML. I'm best with Java/Kotlin, javascript, Python, and C/C++

Julia Krüger (she/her)

I am working with Javascript, NodeJS, Hapi.js, CouchDB at my Job. As part of the Orga and Coaches Team of Nodeschool Berlin, I'd love to help out with all the javascripty things and also deepen my own knowledge.

Skills: javascript nodejs CouchDB React Hapi.js

Linda Toluhi

I have been a developer for more than 10 years and have always wanted to encourage females like me to go into software development. I am a full stack developer and have used HTML, CSS, Javascript and Java among others.

Skills: javascript java

Fey Ijaware (She)

I am a self-taught Software Developer, with almost 3 years experience developing. I specializes in Web and Android Development, currently focusing on Front-End Development and aspiring to be a Full-Stack Developer.

Teemu Leivo (He)

I'm working as a software engineer with a variety of technologies. For example C#, Java, Scala, Python, HTML and Javascript.

Ryan Cutter

Application engineer and UX designer with over 13 years professional experience. Currently working at LEGO. A strong understanding of javascript, css and php, alongside years of experience with many other technologies and areas of digital marketing

Łukasz Sielski (he/him)

As a senior with good experience, I'd like to share back to the community by helping others to learn to code. Also as I come from a very homogenous society myself, I want to learn more and improve as a mentor and lead for diverse teams.

Skills: javascript React nodejs

alex chiu (he)


Skills: javascript TypeScript vue.js html css

Devindra Ramrattan (he/him)

I would like to work on backend projects. I would like to think I am full stack but would have to say I am most proficient with Java and writing backend code.

Skills: java javascript python

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