Here you can find a list of the 3204 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Juan Ginzo (he/him)

I have experience teaching programming to diverse groups of students through my experience as lead instructor of the Data Science Immersive course at General Assembly. As part of this I also taught Python, intro web development, machine learning, etc.

Skills: python machine learning data science pandas

James Hope (He/Him)

I'm an engineer working in telecoms, I learned to code on the job with a system built entirely on shell scrips but have since used many different languages including Python and Java.

Elliot Gagola (he)

I'm currently training as a technical consultant and want to use coaching as a way to share my new skills and reinforce concepts I've learnt

Ruben Pinto

Mostly HTML and CSS or perhaps just helping out with the evening itself

Mike Townsend (he)

I'm a senior front end developer for Fluidly. From NZ :-)

Skills: html css javascript React Webpack node Express sass Less

Isidor Nygren


Ben Lu (he)

Want to meet some different people Software engineer at an AI company, have done a lot of javascript related things

Sherezz Grant (She/her)

I am a Full Stack JavaScript developer who loves creating clean, user-friendly and high-quality websites and applications. I recently graduated from Codeworks in Barcelona. I would love to assist with all matters HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

Michael Reynolds

Full-time developer, predominantly using Node, React and vanilla JS.

Skills: javascript node React docker css html

John Easton

Engineer @TescoBank

Skills: javascript

Josh Gray

I currently work as a mentor at Northcoders

Ignasi Fosch

I am a sysadmin with developer skills helping others to learn

Tom Butterwith (he/him)

I'm a Group Engineering Manager at living in Edinburgh. I'm familiar with Java, Python, and Javascript having built high throughput, distributed systems.

Skills: JS React java python distributed systems interviewing CVs

Guillaume Bqt

Data scientist with 2 years of experience. I’m happy to share my knowledge and coach other people.

William Hutcheson (he/him)

During my time at university I worked as a demonstrator for three years helping the lower years during their programming practicals. Since leaving I have found that I miss the people orientated aspect of this the most and would love to get back into it.

Steve Mckellar (he)

I'm a js/react developer, currently working on an academic project which is open source. Would like to develop mentorship skills.

Maciej Dudek (he/him)

-coding workshop for kids and adults, mainly using visual blocks, python, and java script -machine learning for designers and artists using javascript and some python -arduino for physical installations

Anatoly Fayngelerin (he/him)

I've been a professional software engineer for over 10 years. I have experience with Scala, Java, Ruby, C++ and more recently Python and Typescript. I would be happy to help people working on projects involving any of those technologies.

Hiroaki Oyaizu (he/him)

Join Dropbox's workshops as a coach

Gregory Orton (he/him)

I'm here to coach. This is such a great initiative.

Lucile Ter-Minassian (she)

I have done data science and I am eager to learn html

Skills: Python (Scikit Keras Imblearn Numpy) R (Survival MASS)

Armand Reitz

Full stack

Paul Kerr (he)

Lead Python developer with an Edinburgh ecommerce website. Used to teach abroad when younger and one of my colleagues who I currently help with learning to code suggested coming along to coach at codebar too!

Skills: python html css Git

Rob Sterlini (he/his/him)

I’m Rob, I lead the frontend team at a design agency, and I’d love to help anyone looking to learn frontend skills. We work primarily with Vue at Fueled, but I have experience with other stacks. I’ve created a few coding courses and run workshops.

Andy Schofield (He)

I work with satellite imagery, processing and data management but I love all things computing - Health, Education, Finance, Engineering, Entertainment in various guises and also tech for aid & development. I was a VSO volunteer in Ethiopia a while back &

Skills: javascript Satellite Imagery c Pi arduino Hockey

Sanne Wouda

I'm a software engineer in the Cambridge area. Outside of work I enjoy Lego and PC gaming.

Luis Tejero (he/him)

I am working as a software engineer after an intensive course at codeclan, the main stack on the company I am working at is Python and AWS.

Johan Ruokangas (He/him)

I’ve been working on frontend and backend (web), mobile app development for five years and instructing React Native trainings. Recently I started working as a user interface designer which has been quite fun. Happy to talk about all of those!

Skills: javascript html css design React React Native Swift python

Per-Kristian Nordnes

Developer at Does both front-end and back-end.

Jason Zhang

Looking to be a coach. Worked as a data scientist at Quora, currently teaching at LeWagon bootcamp in Shanghai.

Skills: python SQL javascript css html

Charles OConor

can't be blank

Parker Timmerman (he/him)

Software Engineer at Dropbox

lisper li


Alexandra Leisse (she)

I have ran a Rails Girls workshop in Oslo a couple of years ago, mainly to learn more programming myself, and it was extremely popular. I have learned a thing or two since, and now I think it's time for me to support those who start out.

Thomas Zhang

I’m a developer for seven years. And I like the meetup. And I want to show my support.

Heitor Silva

I have experience with IT since 2005, and with development since 2009. I've done a lot of web stuff, I'm a full stack engineer and currently, I've been on a team lead role.

Skills: ruby rails python Flask django Tornado php laravel html css javascript jQuery React Linux docker Nginx MySql MongoDB redis

Lisa St. John (she/they)

I'd like to see if I can help mentor students. I am a professional software engineer, and would like to see more women in tech.

Skills: c++ windows Linux can muddle my way through almost all procedural / object oriented languages

Ilias Bartolini (he/they)

New to CodeBar. Joining to learn and support the awesome Barcelona group.

Vali Dobrota (he/him)

Site Reliability Engineer / Software Engineer at Google for the last 8 years

Maria Parshina (she)

I've been in web development for 3 years and have some experience with HTML, CSS, JS, Python and PHP languages. I've been working with Wordpress, Magento, Electron, React JS, React Native and Django. Any of these would be good to work on at Codebar! : )

Skills: python css javascript html django React Native wordpress React JS Vue Js Flutter

Areeba Yusaf

JavaScript, node

Jamie Burke (he)

Frontend Developer working in tech within the music industry.

Skills: html css javascript node JS

Abbie Howell (She/her)

I am a web/mobile developer at Theodo UK. I am one of just 3 woman developers there out of ~35! I studied Computing at Imperial College London before. I would love to coach/mentor women in tech.

Colin Tindle (he/him)

I'm a frontend web developer with knowledge of Javascript (especially with React), TypeScript and CSS. Also a keen problem-solver, so happy to help out with any kind of code to be fair.

Skills: javascript css scss TypeScript React Angular AngularJS Go

Carl Wood (he)

I'm a front-end dev working with HTML, CSS and JS daily. I'm available to coach anybody who'd like to improve their skills with front-end tech :)

Skills: html css javascript

Anna Prodan (she/her)

I get frustrated by the fact that 14 years after I graduated from computer sciences people are still surprised to find a female programmer. Encouraging others to learn to program is a great way to do something about it.

Lionel Rowe (he/him)

Love coding, love to teach and learn. Currently: freelance full-stack web dev; previously: account manager in localization industry. Tech bg mainly in JavaScript and Ruby.

Cameron Moss (he/his/him)

I like javascript ok.

Chris Power (he/him/they)

Software development manager at Amazon working on Alexa's Q&A systems.

Tareq Al-Zubaidi (us)

I am a Javascript engineer with long experience in web programming.I've worked on many tech. stacks starting as full stack LAMP dev ending up as javascript engineer where I do node.js on the server side and React -mainly- on the client side

Oliver Granlund

I do pretty much anything WordPress related, both in the front- and backend.

Skills: wordpress JS php html css

Alex Kharouk (he)

I got into programming because I wanted to help others. I just graduated from a boot camp and I want to start giving back right away. Before coding, I used to be a writer and a TEFL teacher.

Skills: javascript React Native node ruby rails Sinatra

Finn Janson (Him)

I love teaching people interesting skills and see a lot of potential societal growth with the usage of technology

Marcus Marcus (They)

I am a developer, I want to deepen my technical skill by teaching people how to learn

Timo Laak (he/him)

Hello! I'm a frontend engineer working in fintech. I switched to tech from education when I was in my late 20's. I want to contribute in getting more people from underrepresented groups to have a career in tech, thus making the whole industry more diverse

Skills: javascript TypeScript css sass PostCSS ux React Redux Angular Vue

Charles Umemoto (he/his/they)

Help people learn coding. I'm specialized in analytics, reporting, database. Mostly python and SQL.

Anne-Sophie M (she)

I've been a data science/data engineering student (online + on-the-job learning) from December 2017.

Skills: python SQL machine learning

Narendra Shetty (he/him)

I am a senior software developer at Twilio. I have been working on javascript since last 5 years professionally.

Ryan Maugin (he)

I am a software engineering apprentice at Google and I have built numerous projects like a compiler, apps, website and currently working on a machine learning library.

Jarkyn Soltobaeva

From student to an organiser and coach. Reach out to me if I can be of help.

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