Here you can find a list of the 3204 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Hannah Tucker (She)

Frontend Engineer at Ticketmaster

Sophie Koonin (She/her)

I'm a software engineer at John Lewis using React/JS/Kotlin. I want to help others learn!

Ana Rodrigues (she/her)

I'm a front end developer.

Skills: css html javascript

Kristján Oddsson (He/Him)

I'm from Iceland, now live in London and work at GitHub. I used to help run meetups and nodeschool in Iceland and would love to help out at Codebar.

Skills: javascript ruby html css python

Ara Hayrabedian

In a previous life I was an Android/Blackberry dev, but these days I'm a backend software engineer, currently with OLX in Berlin.

Skills: python Git docker

Debi Skea (She/her)

CodeClan graduate. Software Developer. MHFA. Mentor. Coach. STEMinist. Advocate of Inclusion & Diversity.

Alexander Keliris (he/him/his)

Fullstack developer - last two years focused mostly on Javascript: React, React Native, Redux, GraphQL, Apollo, Node. Very interested in functional programming: Haskell, ReasonML, Elm, Elixir. Happy to work on pretty much anything!

Skills: javascript rust ReasonML React React Native Haskell GraphQL SQL (Postgres) nodejs

Jade D

Would like to get involved as my work occasionally hosts and I've just started teaching introductory programming to coworkers.

Nimrod Teich (he)

Senior software developer from Israel, living and working in Barcelona at the moment.

Denes Fekeshazy (he/him)

I've been a coder for a few years now, currently working at Groundsure.

Anna Terradas (She/her)

I've been learning some front-end development through FreeCodeCamp, I'm currently interested in learning some React.

Rebeca Cabañas Arauz (she)

I'm a self taught Web Developer in JavaScript

Skills: javascript html css Angular 6

Kas Fijolek (she/her)

Javascript, HTML, CSS

Yorick Brown (he/his/they)

I have over 10 years' experience building web pages and applications with expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, XSLT, XML, APIs, CMS architecture and templates. I would enjoy helping others to build websites and apps.

Skills: html css javascript AngularJS xslt XML APIs CMS templating version control Git design wordpress

Alistair Kane

I am currently a technical assistant at CodeClan in Glasgow. Happy to help with anything.

Pedro Albert

30+ years of programming experience and still passionate about it ! from assembler kernel code to javascript frontend UIs.

Skills: javascript

Bert Overduin

Hi! I'm a wet lab biologist turned bioinformatician and recent CodeClan graduate (E19). Currently working as a Data Engineer at Aridhia. I enjoy helping people taking their first programming steps and I ♥ Python.

Skills: ruby java SQL python HTML/CSS

Amy Robertson (she/her)

I'm a recent graduate of CodeClan Edinburgh and I'd love to help others learn to code by sharing my passion and knowledge with them. It's one of my long term career goals to become a mentor and I know being a Codebar coach will be a fantastic experience.

Aisha D's (She)

FreeCodeCamp and CodeWars

Nick Bansal (Him)

I currently work as a Front end developer working with Javascript and React Js. I am keen to share my knowledge and offer help to people who are also looking to get into the tech world

Skills: javascript React nodejs Angular Enzyme Cypress Jest

Emil Virkki (he/him)

I'm interested in coaching :)

Mayur Dave (He)

I started with Java, then C, then Python, then Ruby, a bit of clojure and haskell too. I'm currently a software developer at ebay working on a range of exciting languages. Talk to me and I'll see how I can help!

Ruben Perez

Coach in factoriaF5

Laszlo Papp

Senior Software Engineer for a living. Amateur musician.

Skills: c c++ python java Go html javascript

Gavin Campbell (he/him/his)

I have commercial experience with C# and JavaScript, but have also used C++ and Java. I'm hoping to help others with their problem solving skills, programming knowledge, or anything else they feel they can gain from being mentored by me.

Skills: c++ c# javascript java SQL Front-end back-end Git

Niamh McCooey (She)

Became a front end developer with codebar's help :)

Skills: javascript React css html

Paule Akramaite-Dean (she)


Skills: javascript ruby Git html testing c# golang SQL

Alexandra Moore

Front-end developer from Norwich working for Neontribe. I'm so excited to be able to set this Norwich chapter of codebar up and wish it was an option when I was first learning to code!

Skills: html css sass javascript Git

Anna Błaziak (she/her)

Founders and Coders graduate

Skills: javascript React node.js sass css html

Katja Mordaunt

Mentor. Any. I am a developer @neontribe

Chris Wood (he/him)

I want to help our industry to become more diverse, I think it's good for everyone. I also enjoy mentoring and meeting new people. I have several years experience in operations which has become increasingly code driven over the last few years.

Skills: AWS python Networking Infrastructure as Code

William Melbourne (he)

polygot software engineer, I have been fortunate enough to find work with companies which try and make a genuine positive contribution to the world. Strong believe in software being a team sport rather than an individual slog.

Julia Krüger (she/her)

I am working with Javascript, NodeJS, Hapi.js, CouchDB at my Job. As part of the Orga and Coaches Team of Nodeschool Berlin, I'd love to help out with all the javascripty things and also deepen my own knowledge.

Skills: javascript nodejs CouchDB React Hapi.js

Karina Thomas (She/her)

I'm a software engineer with lots of experience in Java but would like to learn new languages

Eloise Coveny

I want to learn to code. I am an artist-researcher with a background in digital design, and I want to learn to code so I can create websites as well as digital interactive installations and digital spaces.

Thu Nguyen

Fullstack developer. Know Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript

Sarah Van Neyghem (She/her)

Front-end developer and usability engineer at Inspera.

Margreet Dijkstra (she/her)

Ruby, RoR

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails css html

Jacopo Colò (He)

I'm happy to help out with Codebar Oslo!

Eirik Wiig (he)

Developer @Bekk

Martin Holt Juliussen (he/him)


Steven Thompson

Share programming knowledge and experience. Especially in PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

Sean Rankine (He/him)

I'm a software developer at GDS, with experience working with web technologies, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I really enjoy teaching and believe in codebar's mission to provide opportunities for everyone to learn programming.

Alex Saunders (he/him)

I'd love to be a coah at codebar, I have experience in creating modern JavaScript apps using a cutting edge stack (React/GraphQL/styled-components etc.). I also have experience teaching with code first:girls.

Skills: javascript React GraphQL html css node

Hew Bruce-Gardyne (He)

Python but could do HTML too if pushed. I am co-founder of a tech company (you have a couple of our employees already coaching for you) My real expertise is SQL, Excel and VB, but I have had to learn python in this role.

Abby Acourt (She)

Having never done coding before doing my Computer Science degree, I'm still quite new to it, but have very quickly fallen in love with learning to program and would enjoy sharing this passion by teaching others.

Kalle Soranko (he/him)

Most of my experience is in JVM based languages. Current interests: Kotlin, React, Microservices.

Skills: java javascript

Ali Sabzevari

I am a javascript and kotlin developer with more than 10 years of experience. I would like to share my knowledge and learn in a safe and friendly environment.

Kristijan Ivancic (he/him)

I would love to coach people in Python. I currently work as a computer vision engineer at a satellite imaging startup called Bird.i. I have a master's in computer science and previous experience as a software engineer and machine learning engineer.

Kristina Jaggard (she/her)

I am a past graduate of Founder and Coders.

Natalia Vilor-Tejedor

It's my first time so I'm interested to know how these sessions work. I'm a postdoctoral researcher, mostly I work with R, but I'm interested in Python, Matlab and other programming languages, also in the shell environment.

Barney Loosemore (He/him/they)

I'm a Frontend developer of 5 years, passionate about performance, accessibility and the open Web! Working at ANDDigital

Skills: javascript html css TypeScript React Next.js node.js

Sam Blausten

I'd like to help people teach themselves to code because I think its a massively satisfying and useful career or hobby. I learned myself at a bootcamp. I've done a fair bit of teaching in the past, facilitating workshops. I work at OvoEnergy as a dev.

Skills: java ruby Scala javascript

Juan Ginzo (he/him)

I have experience teaching programming to diverse groups of students through my experience as lead instructor of the Data Science Immersive course at General Assembly. As part of this I also taught Python, intro web development, machine learning, etc.

Skills: python machine learning data science pandas

Jim Holland (he/his)

Developer, app & website publisher. Special interest in mobile (Apple). Mac user.

Skills: iOS Objective-C Swift java html css p

Alvaro J. P. Lorente

I am a passionate developer, I did my first lines of code at 9 in Basic, so It has been a passion for me since the beginning. I can work in multiple things happy to help in software development.

John Easton

Engineer @TescoBank

Skills: javascript

Steve Mckellar (he)

I'm a js/react developer, currently working on an academic project which is open source. Would like to develop mentorship skills.

Fabiola Cabrera (She)

Self-taught web developer

Chu Andie

Will be coaching HTML/CSS/JavaScript in Codebar Shanghai

Paul Kerr (he)

Lead Python developer with an Edinburgh ecommerce website. Used to teach abroad when younger and one of my colleagues who I currently help with learning to code suggested coming along to coach at codebar too!

Skills: python html css Git

Shitij Goyal (He)

Working at codebar gives me a chance to share my knowledge and help those who may have a lot of potential but few avenues to learn. I am an Indian and a developer at Zalando currently. Like to interact and socialize and have some teaching exp from colg.

Skills: java Scala github python Databases

Sanne Wouda

I'm a software engineer in the Cambridge area. Outside of work I enjoy Lego and PC gaming.

Parker Timmerman (he/him)

Software Engineer at Dropbox

Jack Tomlinson (he/him)

Always a junior developer.

Kirsty Simmonds (She/her/hers)

I've been working as a software engineer at the FT since 2021, first as a Junior and now as a Mid-level.

Skills: html css javascript React

Ilias Bartolini (he/they)

New to CodeBar. Joining to learn and support the awesome Barcelona group.

Maria Parshina (she)

I've been in web development for 3 years and have some experience with HTML, CSS, JS, Python and PHP languages. I've been working with Wordpress, Magento, Electron, React JS, React Native and Django. Any of these would be good to work on at Codebar! : )

Skills: python css javascript html django React Native wordpress React JS Vue Js Flutter

Chris Jennings (he)

Codeclan graduate who wants to help fellow fledgling developers!

Skills: c# Git .NET ruby javascript React TypeScript python

Jamie Burke (he)

Frontend Developer working in tech within the music industry.

Skills: html css javascript node JS

Mohammed Momo

because i like it so much i am in love with it

Antonello Provenzano (He)

I’m currently the Solutions Architect of a multinational telecommunications company, but I’ve been a developer for 25 years (I started at 10) and I still develop during my free time (C# mostly)

Skills: c# java Visual Studio UML REST JSON SOA IntelliJ

Chris Power (he/him/they)

Software development manager at Amazon working on Alexa's Q&A systems.

Deleted User

Skills: c# ASP.NET mvc Sql Server IIS MySql Azure Amazon AWS html css Windows Server CISCO CCNA Hyper-V ESXi. php Linux Unix

Noe Luaces (she/her)

Backend software developer specialized in Java but enthusiast with Scala

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