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Joshua Onyenwere (He/Him)

Code advocate for the underrepresented. React JS and Vue JS enthusiast.

Skills: javascript html css

Charlie Strange (He/Him/They)

Having had experience in IT at many levels, I'm currently settled in web development (PHP/JS) in the Tech-for-Good sector. I'd like a crack at supporting and assisting new coders.

Skills: PHP (Laravel) SQL JS (ReactJS Vue.JS) sysadmin Agile development

Katja Mordaunt

Mentor. Any. I am a developer @neontribe

Camilla Serri Colombo

I started attending Codebar as a student, which set me up in really believing a career shift was possible. Now I am happy to coach other students :)

Stephen Young (he/him)

I've been a programmer for 10 years and currently work as a software engineer at StatsBomb who provide sports analytics. I feel I should be doing something to help underrepresented people in tech so I would like to coach at codebar.

Skills: javascript java AWS clojure Git command line html css

Adam Narkunski (him)

Web applications, APIs. Will be happy to help anyone with python or java projects.

Zubair Khan

CTO at a London based tech start up with a Rails, GO and other things stack. Always keen to improve the diversity of my teams and my community to ensure the best outcomes for those around me and the projects I work on. 15+ years in the game.

Skills: ruby rails javascript OO css c# compsci Computers managing mentoring

Ying Wang (she)

An app using Flutter.Finished homework.

Tommy Ferry (he/him)

A WordPress developer for 7+ years, I can help with most things WordPress - JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and a smattering of React.

Craig Barratt (He)

I want to help people to learn to code or improve their digital skills.

Matthew Smalley (he/him)

Computer Science Teacher at an all girls Secondary School and 6th Form. Part-time Python coding contractor. Part-time PhD researcher in building physics modelling. Former building services engineer/sustainability consultant. Self-taught coder.

Skills: python

Tom Chute (they)

I'm a coach and also look after recruitment / educational outreach at Pragmatic.

Isabel Serván (she)

Frontend Developer & UI/UX Designer: with more than eight years experience, delivering delicate interfaces, I have a broad understanding of the open web technologies. Using agile methodologies as Scrum and following User-Centered Design guidelines.

Rob Lingle (he)

I build web and mobile applications, primarily in JavaScript. I've been building applications to make life and work easier for over 15 years. Developer and co-founder at Oak.Works.

Renata Guerra

I want to improve my tech skills and become a Software Dev - not long ago I was part of Code First Girls course and I'm also an eager self-learner! I am preparing to get into a Coding Bootcamp and I’d like to work more in my coding challenges at codebar!

Hannah Gooding (she/her)

Software Engineer at EDITED. Founders and Coders alumna. Code First Girls alumna and Community Ambassador.

Skills: html css javascript React python django

Johann Quassowski

I have 3,5 years experience as a Ruby & Python backend dev. Self-taught, coming from a business background originally.

Skills: ruby python Git

Kirsty McNaught (she/her)

I've worked on computer vision / 3d reconstruction / assistive technology / eye tracking / gaming. I've programmed in C++ / C# / Python / Java / some JavaScript. Have basic HTML experience but will have to look things up ...

Skills: c++ c# python java Some Javascript ux Git data analysis

Emanuil Tolev (he/him)

I'd like to teach tech (HTML/CSS/Python/Ruby/JS) and coach ppl into better jobs. I co-ran a small tech agency for 4 years. I was a demonstrator at uni, taught a few recent "beginner days", have given a workshop & a few short talks on various tech topics.

Skills: html css python ruby javascript SQL nosql Elasticsearch Databases

Niamh McCooey (She)

Became a front end developer with codebar's help :)

Skills: javascript React css html

Samuel Merino (he)

I want to help

Ray Kim (he/him)

Hi! My name is Ray and I'm an iOS Engineer at ClassPass.

Ben Anderman (he/him)

I'm self-taught, and have worked professionally as a software engineer for 7 years, focusing on iOS most recently, but a mix of a lot of things in the past. I'd like to help others get into software!

Aaron Rosen (He)

I like to work on all parts of the stack, but I’ve been especially excited about graphql APIs, typescript, and react lately

Andrew McCafferty (he)

I enjoy teaching, but at work I usually have to do it alongside work with tight deadlines. Would be nice to do it as a standalone thing.

Skills: backend java kotlin nodejs React SQL

Karen Teng

Assist with coaching

Abdillahi Abdillahi

So pretty new to this programming stuff. I'm really interested in becoming a Data Scientist and want to improve my python skills to help me achieve that goal. I've heard good things about codebar from a friend and was encouraged to sign up. So here I am.

Kas Fijolek (she/her)

Help out other people learning to code

Owen Davis

Experienced in React, React Native, node.js, Python, Django and embedded systems. I also have a background in education, and value the idea of sharing these skills.

Skills: React React Native python django node.js arduino Raspberry Pi

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