Here you can find a list of the 3222 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Claudio Ortolina (he/him)

I work as a developer at PSPDFKit GmbH., doing a mix of development (primarily on PSPDFKit Server, written in Elixir), training and sales/customer support. I love coaching and spent a couple of years as a coach at Codebar.

Skills: backend Elixir Erlang web docker

Lukas Maciulis

Im passionate developer with more than 7 years of experience. Started as PHP developer and recently switched to Ruby.

Alex Jahraus (he/him)

I’m a Ruby on Rails / backend developer at I enjoy both teaching and learning very much. Previous coaching experiences include RailsGirls and

Skills: ruby javascript html css Git

Leo Cassarani

Developer at Geckoboard

Jason Lee

Experienced Ruby, Rails, Javascript programmer. Beginner Coach. Founder & CEO of &

Skills: html css javascript ruby rails Git

Jon Kelly (he/him)

I'm a full-stack Javascript developer (also C++ & C#). Currently interested in functional languages and technologies that build resilient web apps (they do exist!). Helping others to learn programming is always fun, and usually teaches me something, too.

Skills: javascript nodejs Angular Elm c++ c# Dbs

Makis Otman

Makers Academy alumni and currently a Software Craftsman at 8th Light. I enjoy helping others when I can as it also helps me learn more about my skills as a developer.

Alex Pounds

I'm a web developer with nearly a decade of professional experience. I like Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and semantic HTML & CSS.

Camille Baldock

Software engineer, mostly Ruby and Javascript. I am interested in making technology more diverse. Don't be afraid to ask me anything :-)

Ryan Durling

I am an MSc student at Birkbeck University of London. Before University, I was a developer at Thoughtworks. I like Chicken and Doughnuts (plain or powdered no jelly).

Pablo Vicente

I am software developer. My goal is to become the best software developer I can and to work with interesting people

Mark Everitt (he/him)

Web (mostly server, some browser) + game software developer and one time Quantum Information Scientist. Full time Node.js between 2012-2022, and since then Ruby and Scala (but I still love JS).

Skills: node.js JS ruby Scala c++ rust SQL c

Kriszta Matyi (she/her)

Product designer turned full-stack web developer familiar with Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML & CSS. Currently working as a front-end developer at a digital agency in London.

Skills: javascript ruby html css Git TypeScript

Matt Button

Tallish chap. I sing cheesy 80s songs, and I'm terrible with names.

Dan Barber

Web developer/designer at New Bamboo.

Giulia Alfonsi

I am a front-end/javascript developer working in Brighton.

Ben Fitzgerald

I have been a software engineer for the over 6 years, working on a large variety of projects in a lot of different technologies. I saw this project in the makeshift newsletter and I think it is great! I would like to join and help.

Ryan Hanna

Started learning to code in 2012. Changed career to full time developer in 2013. Excited to share. Mobile app developer at Nexercise.

Tom Sabin

Ruby on Rails developer at Unboxed Consulting. Always learning; aspiring to become a full stack developer.

Rowan Manning (he/him)

I’m a Node.js and front end developer at Financial Times. I care about open source, accessibility, testing, and progressive enhancement. I love to teach and learn!

Skills: javascript node.js html css

Andrea Pigato

would-be entrepreneur, web dev, latest tech enthusiast and physicist

Christoph Gockel

Software Craftsman at 8th Light.

Sam Phillips (he/him)

JavaScript & Ruby engineer. Ask me anything!

Skills: ruby javascript html CSS / SCSS SQL MySql Git rails

Raul Gracia

Ruby On Rails Developer. Always taking from the community, so I want to give something back too. Loves helping people and showing them what can be done with technology. Enjoys meeting new people and discussing programming. London lover.

Hugo Darby-Brown

Developer at built by buffalo. My specialties are in Sass, CSS animations, transitions and transforms. I would really like to pass on some of my knowledge to people that are eager to learn.

Jay Eastaugh

Head of the software team at DC Storm, started there working primarily on UI and over the last 4 years have worked into my current position. I live with my Wife over in sunny Worthing, no pets and no children yet.

Glynn Phillips

Front end developer at Nature who is keen to help out with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Pascal Hartig

I'm a recovering Open Source addict and work as an engineer at Twitter.

Kimberley Cook (She/Her)

I am a freelance web developer. In my spare time you'll probably find me cycling, bouldering or snowboarding.

Swathi Kantharaja

Product Manager. Former Ruby Developer.

Tom Ashworth

I'm an engineer at Twitter, working on the front-end of TweetDeck. I'm into Node, Flight and anything else I can get my hands on.

Uku Taht

I'm a young software engineer looking to give something back to the community and learn by teaching.

Dominic Fox

Before I started working as a programmer, I was a PhD student in the English department at De Montfort University and led undergraduate seminars. The lack of diversity in my industry worries me, and I'd like to help to do something about it.

Phil Lee

Hello. I'm Phil. A Ruby programmer since late 2009. Originally based in Newcastle I have only recently moved to London. Raul asked if I was free to attend codebar to offer something back to the community. To which I said "yes" and wanted to find out more.

Mark Dessain

Python developer working in finance. Keen to help support and mentor enthusiastic individuals or groups.

Skills: python javascript html css java

Charlie Egan

I'm a junior Ruby developer that's recently moved to London. I tutored with Codebar the last two summers (2014, 2015) while I was on internship. I've also done demonstrating at my university for computer science courses and Code First Girls.

Skills: ruby rails Git heroku/hosting

Frederick Cheung

CTO at dressipi

Matt Oakes

I'm a mobile development consultant working in Brighton

Simon Fry

Developer at LostMy.Name.

Laura Porter

Web/front-end developer for 14 years. Recently started with Ruby. Currently working at Nature Publishing Group, and in the past have worked for the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and a few startups.

Jodi Winters (she/her)

Very senior dev in BBC News. I have plenty of experience in a bunch of languages and technologies that no one uses anymore! That's life in the tech industry!

Skills: html css php React Git SQL Unity/C# Love2D JS/node

Samir Talwar (he/him, they/them)

I take things apart, and sometimes I even put them back together.

Tanja Pislar

Lurking in an infinite pool. Writing software fiction. Drawing still life objects. Playing out of tune.

Ben Hughes

Software Engineer at Skype, love all things JavaScript and looking to share the knowledge.

Dave Gurnell

Brighton-based functional programmer, building web applications with Scala and Javascript. I boulder, play piano, and run in my spare time.

Mark Taylor

Developer at a software consultancy.

Andrew McDonough

CTO and cofounder of Tribesports; developer, mostly ruby

Jessie Shi

I am a director and front-end consultant. I enjoy share my knowledge and learning experience with others, I also enjoy learning.

Lisa Potapova

Web dev with 5 years commercial experience. I moved to London from Lithuania 3 years ago. Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery, PHP, MySQL.

Steve Kim

I'm a software developer from 8th Light. A colleague told me about codebar and I'm interested in helping out.

Alex Handley

Code, coffee and climbing.. ask me about any of them.

Matijs Brinkhuis

I'm a freelance front-end developer living in Brighton. I'm proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I know a fair bit about back-end integration as well. Slowly getting the hang of coaching.

Fernando Diaz

Ruby Developer, Agile practitioner and Shutl Engineer

Chris Zetter (he/him)

Software engineer that likes Ruby and building things for the web.

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails javascript React html css SQL heroku AWS TypeScript

Javier Ramirez

Web developer, daydreamer and all around happy person.Interested in all things internet and how it's reshaping our culture and society.

Dāvis Viļums

I am php developer who started to take focus on FrontEnd

Rosy Tucker

Software developer at ThoughtWorks, working with whatever languages come my way.

Skills: ruby html Git css JS Mobile React node

Kai Vong (He/Him)


Alexander Bobin

Maker of websites, eater of pies

Laurent Curau

Software developer at AlphaSights. Interested in OOP, BDD and agile principles.

Pawel Badenski

Software development consultant and trainer

James Condron

Ruby and Perl hacking devops engineer/ sys admin/ owner of many screwdrivers. Linux kernel and rails contributor.

Ben Lovell

I like code and tea.

Rob Miller

I'm a Ruby developer working for a marketing consultancy way out west in Chelsea. Although my primary love is Ruby, I'm also proficient in HTML and JavaScript, so am happy to coach anything. Feel free to ask me anything!

Phyo Wai Win

A software developer working at Shutl

Fabien O'Carroll

I work at Ghost. I believe in open source and thoroughly enjoy JavaScript & messing about w/ linux

John Small

Rails coder and tester at the BBC

James Hunter (him)

Former web designer, current web developer, not quite as lost as I seem.

Vikki Read

I'm a full stack web dev, with a Java/python/C background, and I'm now a big fan of javascript. I'm also really into helping people learn to code so I'm involved with a few organisations that are helping make that happen :)

Masha Cernivec


Skills: javascript ruby html css

Igor Garcia

Java developer @ Amateur musician (drummer), cycle activist, born in Brazil, living in London since June 2012.

Jeff Taggart

I'm a software engineer working for Pivotal Labs. I love mentoring and helping people achieve their goals. Don't be afraid to ask me anything.

Adigo Atabo

Full stack Ruby on Rails web development, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SAML

Mike Gardiner

I like building things in software and helping other people build things too.

James Riley

Javascript and Ruby Developer on the team. Have built and worked on many web applications, at various companies over the past few years. Helping bring juniors up to speed has opened my eyes to the joys of coaching, so I'm wanting more!

Skills: ruby javascript MySql html css Git AngularJS rails

Thomas Brand

Ruby Developer, Pivotal Labs Engineer, cucumber member, bass player.

Ron Naba

Developer in training

Srikanth Kunkulagunta

Ex makers-academy & in-house developer at techstars.

Mario Gintili

I'm a junior engineer at Workshare. Makers Academy alumni. Co-founder of and aspiring craftsmen :)

Christo Fogelberg

Geek. Bootstrap (a little). JavaScript. NodeJS. Life. To be completed.

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