Here you can find a list of the 3222 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Tom Davies

Professional software engineer with industrial experience in F#, C# and Java

Alexander Kustov (he)

To put it simply an Orphist... to be more precise an entrepreneur, to better describe it I believe in advancing technology for humanity every day, by helping innovation teams building tech products.

Skills: ruby css html javascript

Asier Barrenetxea

I am a software developer who loves programming and learning. They say you haven't learnt anything well enough until you teach it to somebody, right? I would like to challenge myself to do so. If it's for a good cause even better!

Andy Trevorah

I'm a developer at where I make web things all day.

Tomas D'Stefano

I'm a Ruby developer since 2007. I love to help people and making them more happier with technology. I love to teach and learn everyday.

Cosmin Stamate

1st year PhD student at Birkbeck in artificial intelligence. I know how to code in: html, css, javascript, php, python, ruby, java, scala, haskell, prolog, erlang, bash, matlab Love what you are doing and more than happy to help out!

Alan Hampson

Developer for 10 years who likes teaching.

Duncan Mortimer

I've fairly recently made the move from research to software development --- now working for ThoughtWorks, a software consultancy. Happy to help out in any way I can!

Alena Ruprecht

Vagabond, sailor, developer. Loves sleeping on strangers couches.

Jack Franklin

I'm a Ruby and JS developer for GoCardless in London and I've also got a Computer Science degree from the University of Bath. I spend a lot of my time writing tutorials on

Josh Hill (he/him)

Learning how to learn. I enjoy people, stories and thoughtful discussions.

Skills: html css javascript ruby Go

Davide Cassenti

Passionate about Internet and social networks – as well as good food just like every Italian – I've over 10 years of experience with HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

Graham Lewis

Once upon a time... I was a Java developer. Now for the happy ending - these days I do mostly Ruby, Rails and web-stuff! I love creating things - and I love helping others create things.

Alex Hill

Mathematician and philosopher turned programmer (usually C# or Javascript.) Have been appalled by the lack of diversity in all the fields I've worked in, and want to make a positive difference.

Jo Summers

Hello! I am a CS AI graduate, and have recently started running a code club. I would really love to be involved in teaching grown ups HTML too!

Adam Howard

Ruby/Javascript/iOS developer working in the industry for the last 5 years

Apostolis Taxintaridis

junior web designer/developer diving into RoR

Modestas Urbonas

Front end developer at Madgex based in Brighton

Linnea Strid

I'm a designer and frontend developer at Serious Fox, a small web development agency in London. I work mainly with HTML and CSS

Josh Crowder

Founder of Serious Fox a Design and Development Boutique. Full-stack developer. HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby

Gemma Hentsch

Freelance developer and lone gun currently pretending to be an employed person at StoryStream

Theo Inglis

I am mainly a frontend web developer, mostly angularjs. Have done c#/wpf quite extensively too in a previous job.

Martin Edwards

I've done front end development work for around 10 years now, with brief spates of tech management. My experience is mostly around HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, accessibility practices, basic PHP, basic MySQL, API integration. Hope that helps!

Nik Caplen

I work at a start-up in Kemp Town that makes financial & trading software. I like the finance world as a programmer because almost any crazy algorithm you can think of has probably been used somewhere in the industry.

Joshua Fleck (he/him)

I'm a lead engineer at Quorso where I do most of my development in Ruby on the back-end of many Rails applications. I've done quite a bit of mentoring, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to help people learn to improve their coding skills!

Skills: ruby SQL Linux Elixir

Dawid Sklodowski

Enthusiast of innovation, focused on constant improvement of skills and knowledge in field of software development and supporting processes. Developer @SimplyBusiness

Tomasz Wegrzanowski

I make awesome things for fun.

Skills: everything

Simon Willan

I am a full stack developer in Brighton with a refined focus on PHP and Back End development. I have been developing websites and games for 5 years...and I have a programmer beard. Looking forward to giving back to the community!

David Wright

I am a Lecturer and software trainer. In my day job I teach HTML/CSS, Unity. In the evenings I teach Adobe Illustrator to fashion designers. I am teaching myself Swift to create iOS apps.

Skills: html css c# unity Swift

Peter Cook

Data visualisation designer and builder. Happy talking HTML, SVG, CSS, JavaScript and D3.

Isaac Seymour

I've just graduated from Oxford with a bachelor's degree in mathematics. I taught myself to code, and did internships involving Android, Python/Django, and ASP.NET over my summers. I'm now working for GoCardless in London, where I'm picking up Rails.

Steve Bradshaw

Professional developer with 20 years experience

Aleksander Sumowski

Learned about codebar from a fellow Thoughtworker. I enjoy teaching and coaching and one of my most best moments in career was being a coach in RailsGirls in one of our offices.

Skills: basic js basic ruby basic html python clojure Scala should be ok with most beginner level problems

Jack Stevens

I am a full-stack JavaScript developer at Funding Circle; I contribute regularly to open source projects and love helping others learn to code. Diversity ftw. More types of people = more awesome ideas.

Justine Courty (they)

Close to graduating. Interested in infosec, dataviz and ai. Can teach what I've listed in skills + a whole lot more technologies and tools at a basic level.

Skills: python numpy googling d3 Linux

Alex Good (he/him)

I run a small software consulting company (, I'm a feminist and I find the gender imbalance in engineering roles distressing and would like to help address it.

Skills: python javascript Go java Swift

Sreelakshmi Rajasekharan

I have around three years of experience in the Tech industry. I am a polyglot programmer. I have worked with startups and conglomerates. What can I coach to others? 1. Professionalism 2. Programming - Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++

Matt Gradidge

Developer at Reevoo

Ian Compton

I'm a back-end systems developer working in Brighton, I code at work in go, .NET & JavaScript and confuse myself thoroughly with Haskell at home.

Harry Biddle

I'm a C++ and Python developer that builds in-house software. I'm really interested in good code and in computer science education. I've run courses before in IT and canoeing (!) at a summer camp in London. Thought this looked cool!

Djordje Popovic

Java developer working in the media industry. Interested in practical programming events such as code dojos, hackatons, etc...

Drew Neil

I love to teach. My speciality is Vim.

Mandy Eastaugh

I currently work as an MI analyst primarily in SQL Server. In previous roles I have used Oracle SQL,, HTML, CSS and Clarion 6.

Leo Shaw

I'm a developer - mostly Ruby + Rails for the last few years but I've also done C++ and Java. I'd like to help other people get into building great software and of course consolidate my knowledge.

Sebastian Torrente

I am spanish, studied Physics (wanted to be a Mad Scientist when I was a kid) and work now as QA. After listening to the Brighton Codebar team during a Ruby Conference I became aware of Codebar and decided to help.

Alessandro Morandi

Developer, music lover and maker

Shanthi Pendleton

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, other interests include knitting, horses, and books

Michal Wrobel

I'm a software developer at Simply Business. I write code in: Ruby, CoffeeScript and GO. I enjoy solving problems, reading and cooking.

Simon Mullen

I live in Cambridge and Ive been involved with Strawberry Fair and the Strawberry Shorts Film Festival for many years. I also have quite a strong coding and mathematics background.

Ramana Kumar

I'm doing a PhD in formal verification of computer programs. And I still think computer programming is one of the most fun activities in the world.

George Sheppard

I'm an experienced Ruby & Rails developer looking to help out / share some of my skills as a coach.

Jana Lyon

I'm a front-end developer for iCrossing.

Andrew White

CTO of Unboxed Consulting and Ruby on Rails Core Team member

Oliver Turner (he/him)

I switched careers to webdev when I was nearly 30. Self-taught, I *wish* something like Codebar had existed back then! Love helping folks to learn, mad keen on JavaScript/Node and CSS.

Skills: html javascript React css sass node

Christoph Sassenberg

Software Developer

Najaf Ali

I'm a Ruby developer with around seven years of experience building web applications. I'd like to take any opportunity I can to pass on my skills (be they as they are) to anyone who wants to learn and hope I can do so through codebar.

Ivan Sanchez

Interested in building things from nothing and helping others ("See one, Do one, Teach one")

Matteo Meli

Hi all! I make videogames at BossAlien in Brighton!

Alex Barlow

Developer @madebymany working on iOS, Javascript and Ruby applications.

Josh Emerson (he/him)

Principal Engineer, Frontend Team @snyk

Skills: javascript node TypeScript Vue frontend html css

Robin Van Rijn

Cambridge based User Experience Designer and Front End Developer. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Keen to help others learn. Background in animation and graphic design.

Skills: ux design html css javascript

Rich Plastow

Ten years experience as a web deveoper

Brice Fernandes

Fell in love with programming while studying a different topic and never really looked back. Trying to make up for lost time by learning as much as I possibly can :-)

Shahmir Javaid

Working in the industry as a tech lead, and always had the passion for teaching.

Nico Saueressig (he/him)

Freelance Software Developer, now based in Germany. Formerly Software Engineer at Shutl/eBay. Graduate of Makers Academy March 14. I believe teaching others is really teaching myself how to be a better developer.

Skills: ruby javascript rails Sinatra clojure Swift


I have several years' rather patchy experience as an ASP.Net developer. I also enjoy web applications development using MVC or Umbraco and the most modern possible CSS, HTML and JavaScript tools I can get hold of. I am very keen to take up coaching.

Patrick Riggs

I've been a web developer for the combined period of about 13 years or so. Recently returned to the field after a 7 year professional absence due to burnout and am very happily back!

Nicky Chorley

Developer at Springer Nature.

Skills: python Linux Git SQL java TDD Scala kotlin

Shagun Madhikarmi

iOS developer at ustwo London. Been working here at ustwo for 5 years (one of my first jobs out of uni). Been learning some Ruby as well via BDD and test automation. I'd like to help coach as I did coder dojo last year and brush up my web skills

Patrick Sinclair

I'm a web developer with plenty of Ruby as well as HTML/CSS/JS experience. I work at GoodGym, a charity that helps people get fit by doing good. Have previously mentored at Young Rewired State.

Skills: ruby rails html css javascript

Irene Papakonstantinou

Hi, I'm Irene. I'm a Software Engineer at Facebook. My interests lie in programming languages, functional programming, software design.

Chris Jeffery

I do web development in JavaScript and Python. I love Test Driven Development, and sometimes help people to learn TDD at events with other groups like LSCC. I'm big on cycling and coffee and learning things.

Chris Woodham

Developer for iCrossing

Georgi Georgiev

Business school grad and former startup founder - turned into Ruby on Rails web developer. Currently working as a developer in residence at TechStars in London.

Irina Voinea

I'm a software engineer with a few years of experience in the industry. I have studied CS in the past, and worked on several interesting projects since then. I'm looking forward to helping others develop their programming skills.

Nishitha Ningegowda

Consultant, developer at ThoughtWorks

Kevin Plattret

Software Engineer at Deliveroo

Richard Pullinger

Developer for a large media company. Likes getting lost.

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