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Jessica Leach

Front End development skills and interest in experimenting with education

Nico Castro

My background is in Advertising and Graphic Design, but I recently made the transition to web development. Looking to learn more and meet other women who code.

Nayeem Syed

Rails Developer and Docker/Deis Based DevOps.

Alexander Mason

Front End Developer

Alastair Lockie (he/him)

JavaScript developer at Brandwatch

Skills: JS React Backbone html CSS (not expert but can get things done) Python (same)

Baris Balic

I love video games, bouldering and coding. Currently writing Ruby/Javascript/Python and missing elements of Clojure!

Akash Bhalla

A Ruby/Rails developer with 7 years experience, currently working at Shutl. I've helped create a similar program to CodeBar called Ruby Fridays in Uganda :)

Adam Yeats

Software Engineer at Ocasta Studios in Brighton. I write JavaScript and Ruby.

Ollie Silviotti

I'm a JS/CSS/PHP developer currently working as a senior developer for @15gifts

Antonio D'Ettole (he/him)

I'm a freelance developer interested in everything web.

Skills: JS css html React node

Karl Freeman

Freelance software developer #ruby

Franz Sittampalam

freelance front-end engineer

Hanna K

Ruby developer at Nature

Kendall McCarthy

As a woman who has been the only female technical member of staff at companies I've worked for, I'm really interested in outreach efforts to under-represented groups. I have experience in web development (HTML/CSS/Rails), C/C++, Ruby, and Java.

Kentaro Wakayama

JavaScript Developer at Brandwatch and human being

Peter Fine

Data Scientist at 15gifts with a background in machine learning, experienced in Python, R, Java and Matlab, with some C++ and html/js

Jake Coxon

I'm a front end developer for an energy company. I am 21 years old and have been programming for over 9 years

Carlos Alonso Pérez

I'm a software engineer really passionate about development and very interested in the community, sharing and learning!

Andrew Walker

var Andy = ({job: function(job) { this.jobTitle = job; return this; }, interests: ['JavaScript', 'Ruby', 'Rails'], personality: 'Über geek'}).job('Developer')

Mohnish G J

A programmer who cares about his craft. Blogger. One could find out more about me via .

Jesper Kjeldgaard

Ruby developer from Denmark, working and living in London.

Mat Jenkins

I am a software engineer at DC Storm, a tech company in Brighton, as well as a freelance web designer, something I have had a passion for since I was young. My main strengths are in web design and Javascript!

Tim Reed

I'm a front end lead at digital agency Zone. I have over 5 years experience in building websites and apps. I have a passion for animation, design and interface and accessibility. Working with: Grunt, GSAP, jQuery, Wordpress, Umbraco

Winna Bridgewater

Focusing on JavaScript and Ruby.

Tim Perry

I'm a tech lead and the open-source champion at Softwire. I do lots of open-source dev and technical speaking and so on.

Matt Gray

API Developer at 7digital

JB Steadman

I work in London for Pivotal Labs.

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