Here you can find a list of the 3222 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Michael Josephson (he/him)

Developer based in Manchester, happy to try to help at any events.

Paul Robinson

Happy to coach whoever wants coaching. I'm a senior software engineer at, and have over 25 years experience of writing code in various forms, 20 of those in industry. I specialise in web applications and unix-style tools.

James Cox-Morton

I've been working professionally as a web developer for 8 years, most of that time split between Ruby and Javascript. I enjoy sharing the joy of coding and want to help make development a more inclusive and diverse field.

Diana Castillo

Front-end developer at, eager to learn and willing to help others learning! :)

Skills: html css JS

Jonny Arnold

Currently working at Reevoo. I want to share my love for programming.

Bernat Rafales

Ruby on Rails developer at

Owen TM

Learnt to code at Founders & Coders. Now leading a small dev team at Fat Llama. Good at Javascript (Node/React/Redux), OK at Go, Elm, Java, Clojure...

Skills: javascript node React Redux Elm java

Dafin Aziz

Hi! I have been a LAMP developer in a past life. I am now retraining as a Ruby/RoR developer. I am a recent coding bootcamp graduate and am a volunteer coach at their womens' coding workshop. I would love to be a coach at beginner to intermediate level.

Skills: rails javascript scss

Anna Holland Smith (She)

Software Engineer at the BBC

Skills: javascript ruby Scala

Burhan Ali (he/him)

I have been a software developer for almost twenty years and have mentored a number of junior and mid-level developers in that time. I am very interested in improving diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, which draws me to codebar.

Skills: c java javascript html css python SQL pl/sql php ruby Git Go TypeScript

Anna Lucking (She/her)

I'm a recent graduate of Makers Academy, looking to build on my skills by coaching. Currently looking for my first junior dev role!

Skills: ruby javascript html css

Ben Webb (he/him)

I do Python backend web development for open data projects. I don't do a lot of CSS/javascript day to day, but I'm reasonably familiar with them. I use the linux command line and git a lot. I've started using docker more recently.

Skills: python javascript html Git docker

Amanda Tjernlund (she/her)

I work as a junior software developer at a financial tech company.

Paul Craig (him/his)

Always thought working with computers is easier than it sounds like, but harder than it should be. Currently working as a developer for the Government Digital Service.

Gareth Smith ("He" or "They")

I'd like to help with whatever I can. I'm an engineer at pivotal, where I've worked on linux container technology, back end stuff in java and go, and front end stuff in swift. I've also been a postdoc, taught undergrad CS, and built various other apps etc

Anne Kohler (she)

Hi, I'm Anne a junior developer. :) My pre-dev background is in languages, teaching and customer support. I've recently moved back to Germany after living in the UK for the past 5 years.

Skills: php Karma PHPUnit javascript TypeScript Ionic Angular nodejs Mocka html SASS/CSS

Mic Cassano (he/him)

Front-end dev and Makers Academy alumni

Skills: javascript html css React

Jonathan Pickard

London Based Frontend Dev. I mainly do React, Typescript & Node.

Skills: React javascript TypeScript node

Lucy Clarke (she/her)

Currently studying ruby

Kellen Green

High level Python, JavaScript, and CSS developer.

Irene Canuti (She/her)

I am a Makers Academy alumni. I love Javascript and worked in Ruby (Rails) but I am always interested in learning something new: mobile development, Arduino Language, Alexa, Chatbots etc. hardware and 3D printing are my passions.

Skills: javascript html css

Gabrielle von Koss

I'd love to work with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript and AngularJS. Having recently graduated from a 12-week development bootcamp has allowed me to work on a number of projects that are heavily based on these technologies, and I would love to share and learn!

Skills: ruby rails javascript AngularJS html css Ionic

Jasal Vadgama

I've been in the industry for the last 10+ years and have seen the evolution from frames-based layout to where we are today. I enjoy mentoring developers and would like to help people learn the core of front-end development.

E Keane (They/She)

javascript, css and html, python

Ruben Rizzi (he)

I used to teach web programming and offer training support to students in the Brooklyn college on a majority of languages. I am a full stack developer with seven years of experience and an iOS developer with one year of experience

Skills: javascript css objective c Swift node.js jQuery React

Han Fakira (he)

Java developer at Sky Network Services. I am a former maths teacher. Some prior experience in ruby, js and python

Skills: java

Matthew Glover (he)

I'm a former lawyer and current student at Founders & Coders.

Skills: javascript css html Node.js plus a bit of Ruby

Sam Rose (he)

I've worked on a couple of SRE teams at Google, but currently work as a SWE on the Android Studio team.

Kayra Alat

I'm full stack but I feel at home with Python.

Neil van Beinum

Looking to help with either HTML/CSS or Ruby/Rails at a beginner level.

Skills: ruby html css rails javascript

Flora Harvey (She/her)

Recent graduate of Makers Academy. Keen to do some coaching in Javascript/Ruby as Codebar helped me so much when I was starting out!

Chris Holmes

Ruby on Rails developer at Unboxed Consulting interested in learning, teaching and improving.

Dawn Budge (she/her)

I am a senior developer with a particular interest in client-side technology and node.

Michael Henretty (he)

I am a professional web developer, working for Mozilla. I would love to mentor beginners and to be an ally for creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Campbell Allen

Help the people write the codez

Shariff Inayat

Been a web developer for 10 years, doing both front-end and back-end. Happy to introduce more awesome people to this industry.

Skills: javascript node.js html css python Databases TDD Git

Agusti Bau (he)

I'm working as a backend developer, I do love technology in general, I did create a mobile app back then which got many downloads, and now I participate to few hackathons every year.

Diana Aspillera (she/her)

I'm interested in learning how to teach. I have been making websites since the 90's and want to share my skills and experience with others.

Ana Burman (Mrs)

I am an entrepreneur passionate and about health and wellbeing. I am also an Information Systems researcher. My latest venture is a platform to improve welfare and wellbeing amongst Universities students using secure messaging and AI.

Jake Wright (he/him)

Computer Science graduate and Software Developer at graze.

Elise Boyd (she/her)

I'm an Australian Product Designer with some front-end coding skills, mainly HTML/CSS. I'd love to learn more JS and command line, and meet some nice folk in Berlin! :)

Skills: html css Product Design

Temitope O. Ajileye (He)

I have a year of experience in a software company in oxford. (C#, JavaScript, Sql ) I'd like to help as coach if needed.

Luis G. Valle

Android Developer @ Novoda

Skills: Android java

Joseph Wynn (he/him)

I'm a developer at BBC News, and I'd like to share my experience and encourage people to have fun coding!

Skills: javascript ruby Git React

Funmi Adewodu (She/Her)

I'm a graduate of Makers Academy and former student at Codebar. I currently work as an iOS developer at Starling Bank. I'm passionate about coding and helping others get into Tech.

Skills: ruby javascript html iOS Swift Android java CSS.

Kavita Kalaichelvan (she/her)

Product Developer. Experience with Ruby, JS and Elixir.

Nicholas Lydon

I'm a brummie living in London. I work as a .NET developer for a financial company

Abhi Chugh (he)

Full-stack software developer working in finance - although more familiar with server-side/back-end work than UI/front-end.

Skills: c# java SQL ASP.NET javascript AngularJS WPF WCF WebAPI OWIN .NET

Henrik Gyllensvärd

Got a master's degree in Computer Science 2014 at from Lund University and have worked as an Android Engineer since.

Skills: Android

Bernat Orell

Hi, I am a Front End developer and I am interested in mentor here because a friend told me that it is a very nice environment where I can help people to grow and have a sense of community.

Dan Pelensky (he/him)

Lead Software Crafter at 8th Light

Jack Kelly

I am currently enrolled at Makers Academy software developers bootcamp.

Skills: TDD OOD ruby

Tom Natt

I was a developer for many years before moving into development management. I was in charge of software engineering at GDS and now I work for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Skills: ruby technical strategy automation devops html googling

Derik Evangelista (he, him)

I'm a software engineer at Pivotal, with previous experience as a computer science teacher.

Raphael Leung

data scientist/engineer in games 🎮 woo woo woo

Ka Lan Leung (he)

improve on mentoring,

Alkesh Vaghmaria

Ruby developer, currently at Friday ( 8 years experience in Ruby, and I'm still loving it.

Skills: ruby TDD html java SQL vim Git rails

Libby Odai (she/her)

Improve my programming skills, through teaching other and being taught myself.

Jakub Kadlubiec (he)

I would love to coach students in the following areas: .NET development (C#, F#), JavaScript development (Node.js and browser), database design and querying, Python scripting, Cloud (Azure, AWS)

Skills: .NET javascript SQL Cloud backend REST

Bryony Watson (she/her)

I'm a web developer at Thriva, a health tech company. Since learning to code at Makers, I've worked at Parliamentary Digital Service, a fin tech company called Cleo, and now at Thriva. I mainly code in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Vue and sometimes Python

Oscar Barlow (he/him)

I'm a recent Makers grad, looking for a job, and in the meantime wanting to spread the joy of coding to beginners.

Tom Fuller (he/him)

I am a Makers Academy graduate, with some experience in Ruby, Rails, Rspec, JavaScript, Jasmine, C#, Unity, I want to help beginners get through the hardest part of their coding journey, the beginning!

Eduardo Urso

I want to be part of something that can have good impact in people's lives as well as dedicate myself to learn more about coaching and influencing people to do what can change their lives.

Erika Nitsch (she/her)

I used to be an academic archaeologist, but I taught myself R because I loved programming and statistics. I'm now a data scientist at a Cambridge startup using Python. I want to help people learn programming and/or become more quantitatively skilled!

Till Schneidereit (he/him)

I work for Mozilla Research, doing some C++, JS, and Rust on the SpiderMonkey JS engine and web embedding concepts.

Skills: c++ JS Rust (some) css html

Sergio Garcez (he/him)

I'm a python developer and would like to teach python.

Dominik Kundel (he/him)

I'm a web developer and currently a developer evangelist at Twilio. In the past I taught a variety of workshops for all levels of coding expertise. I'm passionate to teach people new things whenever I can.

Terrence Wong (He/Him)

I'm working on a project to make a command line version of flashcards. My idea is that I want to run it as a githook so I can practice Spanish while I work. I work as a frontend developer so if someone needs help in that area I'm happy to help!

Cy Iurinic (they/them)

Front-end Developer and Designer with more than 5 years of experience with Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, SASS.

Anda Popovici (she/her)

I am a software developer at Scott Logic in Edinburgh. I'd like to volunteer as a coach or to help with running the workshops in general. I've done mostly Java but also some frontend work like JS and HTML/CSS.

Skills: java javascript frontend html css Git SQL

Scott Fitzsimmons (He)

JavaScript developer +10 years I build mini games in my full time job

Khaterine Castellano (She)

I am mobile developer with 4 years knowledge in Objective-C and Swift (iOS) and Java (Android)

Anushree Subramani

I'm a budding developer interested in learning and teaching coding

Skills: React nodejs

Paul Walczewski

React / Startup / Javascript / Node

Siwei Kang

I am a software engineer at Skyscanner. I am passionate about coding and get more people excited about coding as well.

Caroline Hatwell (she/her)

I am a Software Engineer at AND Digital. I've worked with a few stacks now, but I am mostly a Javascript/Python developer. I became an engineer after attending a bootcamp in 2017, and I love encouraging other new programmers

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