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Mike Pearson (he)

I'm an ex maths teacher, 65, working in the university maths dept on risk and evidence communication & maths education making data vis and web tools in Clojure/js/HTML/CSS/git. Happy to help in those areas. Also in python. I'd be a beginner there too.

David Halewood (him)

Having been a coach, mentor and educator for over 10 years I have a wealth of experience helping others achieve their goals. With my new found knowledge of best practice coding principles I feel that I can offer a lot to new coders

Maya Rosecrance (she)

I'd love to mentor other women in tech!

Oliver Skånberg-Tippen (he/him/they)

I want to help people learn what can be such a gratifying skill!

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Tahseen Malik

I am a full stack developer with over 3 years of experience. I am passionate about everything web and that includes all the code that goes into creating it. These days I write most of my code in javascript and it is my preferred programming language.

Richard Kirsch

CTO of London-based startup Pass The Keys, full-stack developer, self-taught but wish I'd had more help! Python and Django are my first coding loves, and remain so. Enthusiastic about almost everything else.

Skills: python django

Edward Hartwell Goose

I've been a software engineer for about 7 years now, now head of engineering at a startup. I'm hoping to share some of my skills with others!

Skills: JS php Git

Andrew Dowell (he/him/his)

Makers Academy graduate now working at SpringerNature. Got a few side projects written in Kotlin - an app to arrange events. Want to learn more about Kotlin and also share my knowledge of Java/Scala/Ruby/NodeJS/JavaScript/HTML/CSS

stella h

Working on something creative to improve my skills & hope to help others along the way.

Aram Simonian

I have ~20 years' experience as a VBA programmer and I'm currently attending Makers Academy, a coding boot camp (Sept-Dec 2017). I have some knowledge of SQL, Ruby, JavaScript and PowerShell. I enjoy mentoring and this is a good way to do it!

Skills: Visual Basic for Applications SQL ruby javascript PowerShell html

David Edwards (he/him/his)

I'm a professional engineer who would love to mentor people in Java, Javascript, Ruby, or general code practices!

Chris Power (he/him/they)

JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, C, C++, Java

Rob Aldred (he/him)

I have around 15 years experience working with a wide variety of languages and all manor of projects from games to large websites. I love code and really want to help improve the diversity in tech.

Ben Parsons

Currently a Partner Engineer at Facebook. Developer for 10+ years. Mostly web, front-end/backend, some Android.

Maciej Nowakowski (he)

Self-taught web developer. I love teaching people React and Meteor. From time to time I organise the coding bootcamps in Canary Islands .

Imran Sulemanji

JavaScript, React and React Native engineer at Formidable Labs. General Assembly instructor and Bootcamp alumni.

Skills: javascript React React Native ruby

Oliver Smart (he, his)

I am a scientific programmer who now develops in Python (but in many other languages in the past). Helping people who want to learn is always fun.

Skills: python data science Jupyter Notebooks git and GitHub/GitLab

Alex Foster

Keen frontend developer working with ReactJS. I like to use lots of Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Edward Haigh (he/him)

I'm a self-taught developer who, after several years of self study, landed a back-end developer role - I'm eager to pass on what I learnt, the mistakes I made, and how I'd do it differently if I had the chance.

Skills: c# python html

Ned Howley

Web, C#, Java, SQL

Jan Saganowski (he)

Signing up to be a coach. Have 5 years industrial experience as a software developer using Java, C++ and Python

Steven Shingler

I'm a software development manager for the Alexa Knowledge Graph team in Cambridge.

Anirudh Apparaju

I have worked for 4 years as a software development engineer at Amazon. I have worked on anti fraud systems and natural language processing systems (Alexa). I like to use C++ but can work with scripting and other languages.

Andrew Potter (He)

I currently work at United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre as a Web Developer and want to help minority groups to learn how to code.

Sabina Bejasa-Dimmock (she)

I've presented at WWC ruby workshop, I have dev experience in ruby and python, I've worked at three startups and larger VFX houses as a developer.

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